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CCSF 2013 Day 2: Zombies and Iceshrooms; Oh My!   Jessica | 11/2/2013discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

Zombies and Iceshrooms; Oh My!The Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2013 is in full swing! Halloween may have ended a couple of days ago, but a few leftover minions were found wandering the corridors of C3/DS. Dare to give them a try! We also have several other goodies today, including a new sprite set and userbar. Don't forget to check out the coloring pages, too! Most of all, enjoy the CCSF and have a blast downloading the newest releases throughout the middle of November! Plenty of more surprises are in store...

Chester's Remarks: "Goodness gracious! Zombies give me a start even when they're not so scary. I think I have a new personal high jump record..."


- Zombie Creatures by Mea: Seven unusual C3/DS Creatures from one of Mea's feral runs. Their organs are all dead, but they refuse to die. Perhaps a genetic analysis is in order... For those who dare!

- CCSF 2013 Coloring Pages by DarbyDoo: Eight awesome Creatures images just begging to be colored in! Remember to print using the "Fit" or "Fit to page" setting.

- Iceshroom Sprites by Mea: A unique set of sprites showing off the Iceshroom, an icy cold mushroom.

- Toxic Norn Userbar by Eprillios: A userbar with a very Toxic appearance!

- Ask Laura Column by Laura: Make sure to check in and find a new piece of Creatures advice each day from our very talented advice specialist, Laura!

- Metaroom Idea by LoverIan: Stop by LoverIan's blog daily to find a new metaroom idea!
CCSF 2013 Day 1: Contests and Giveaways   Jessica | 11/1/2013discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

Looking for another way to get involved with the CCSF 2013? Take a look at the list of contests! These include an art contest, handmade contest, poetry contest, and screenshot contest. There is a wide range of options available, hopefully so that everyone has a chance to participate! Prizes should be quite fun this year, as Ghosthande put in a lot of effort to create some unique C3/DS agents. Perhaps we'll see a preview of those in a few days to entice more people to enter the contests...

We also have three Creatures giveaways that began today! Looking to play a Creatures game, but don't actually have it? Browse through the following topics for more information about the giveaways:

Creatures: The Albian Years | Creatures Exodus | Creatures Village

What else is there to do during the CCSF 2013? Plenty, of course! Why not try one or more of the following ideas? There's always something brewing in the community!

- Adopt and care for a Creatchi
- Chat with other Creatures fans in CC Chat
- Post something to the gallery
- Upload a download
- Participate in CreatureLink

That's only on Creatures Caves! There are many active blogs around the community that will likely have a lot of new content during the festival. Additionally, some great releases were posted prior to the CCSF over the last few months. Keep an eye out for an overview of these during the festival!
CCSF 2013 Day 1: A Delicious Opening   Jessica | 11/1/2013discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  9

A Delicious OpeningWelcome to the first day of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2013! We have a great lineup this year, all scheduled to be released between November 1-14. Make sure to check out the brand new CCSF section, which will contain all news posts and a handy list of releases! Some may have noticed a peculiar being in the recently released CCSF buttons. A rabbit, named Chester, to be exact. He'll be making regular appearances and commentary for each day's releases! So let's jump in!

Chester's Remarks: "Shh, I'm hiding from that rather menacing looking Shee! Who knows if roast rabbit is next on the menu after the Roast Mock Ettin? I only risked a quick peek today!"


- Roast Mock Ettin by Ylukyun: A Creatures 2 COB that seems to have been a leftover from the Halloween spookiness! Never fear: This is merely a mock Ettin, made out of textured vegetable protein.

- CCSF 2013 Activities by Jessica: Enjoy one or all of the unique activities for the festival! These PDFs feature a printable logic puzzle, maze, word search, and word unscramble. Can you finish them all?

- Old Article Submitted by Malkin: Re-discover a blast from the past with an article titled Creatures! The full citation is "Creatures". Next Generation: 91–92. May 1997.

- Water Lilies Sprites by Mea: A set of beautiful sprites depicting water lilies and their flowers.

- Creatures Caves Userbar by Eprillios: A userbar sure to show off your love of Creatures Caves!

- Ask Laura Column by Laura: Make sure to check in and find a new piece of Creatures advice each day from our very talented advice specialist, Laura!

- Metaroom Idea by LoverIan: Make sure to stop by LoverIan's blog daily to find a new metaroom idea!

* Check back for another announcement regarding ways you can get involved and win later today! *
Ask Laura at CCSF 2013!   Laura | 10/27/2013discuss  4 comments  4  log in to like post  6

For all you Ask Laura fans, I am happy to announce that I've reopened the advice column to celebrate this year's Creatures Community Spirit Festival!

Please make sure to submit your questions by November 1st in order to take part. I am excited to read your letters and will be posting my replies throughout the festival for everyone to enjoy!
CCSF 2013 Buttons   Jessica | 10/18/2013discuss  comment  log in to like post  7

The Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2013 is just around the corner! Scheduled for November 1-14, it will be hosted right here at Creatures Caves. Make sure to mark those calendars and prepare for two weeks of celebrations centered around our favorite series!

Show off your community spirit with one of these eight CCSF 2013 buttons! Feel free to link to the main Creatures Caves site, as there will be a new section unveiled right around the start of the festival. Whether you use a button in your signature, web site, or anywhere else, be sure to spread the word and make sure that everyone knows about the tenth CCSF this autumn!

** Please upload to your own server: Do not hot link. Thank you! **

CCSF 2013 Submissions Now Open!   Jessica | 9/6/2013discuss  comment  log in to like post  2

With November creeping up on us, the CCSF 2013 is just around the corner! Luckily, the first step is well underway: Submissions are now open! Everything Creatures-related is accepted for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival. The goal is to celebrate our beloved Creatures games, all while appreciating and enjoying the various talents of our community members. Every year has offered some excellent releases and excitement.

Whether this is your first year contributing or your tenth, don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a huge celebration! Mark those calendars: Submissions are due by October 28th. Hope to see lots of submissions for 2013!
CCSF 2013 Theme Survey Results   Jessica | 6/30/2013discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

We had a successful second round of surveys for the CCSF 2013! Although there wasn't a clear winner, the breakdown of the 48 responses is as follows:

Ecology: 46%
Classic Creatures: 19%
Steampunk: 15%
Sphericus: 15%
Genetics: 6%

More information and news about the CCSF 2013 will be coming soon, likely from the main coordinator (Darby) herself! Keep an eye out for submission information and the like. November will be here before we know it!
CCSF 2013 Theme Survey   Jessica | 6/6/2013discuss  comment  log in to like post  2

With the results tabulated from the first CCSF 2013 poll, it's time for another survey! The CCSF 2013 Theme Survey seeks to get an idea of the main overarching theme, while giving respondents a chance to suggest a single, specific theme. Make sure to vote! Every opinion counts and helps out. Depending on the responses, this might be the final survey... Or we might need one more to break a tie. Vote today!

This survey will close on about June 30th.
Survey Says...   Jessica | 6/4/2013discuss  comment  log in to like post  5

The results are in for the first CCSF 2013 survey! With 50 responses, we had a lot of great input from the community. Take a look at the results and keep an eye out for the announcement of a second survey later this week! November might seem like it's a long ways off, but early planning never hurts when putting together such a big event. CCSF 2013, here we come!
The CCSF 2013 Survey   Jessica | 5/18/2013discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  2

The conversation about the CCSF 2013 recently started, and it's just about that time of year to host the CCSF 2013 Survey! Together with LilyNorn (now known as DarbyDoo), this preliminary set of questions seeks to get an idea of what the community would like for this year's festival. The timing, theme, coordination team, and site structure are the main points of this survey. Read through the CCSF 2013 Discussion to get an idea of what's been mentioned thus far. Voice your opinion!

This survey will close on about June 1st.
CCSF 2012 Day 14: Thank You & Survey   Jessica | 11/14/2012discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  5

And so we close the book on the CCSF 2012, though all of the posts and downloads will be available into the future! Visit the site for one last post: A Final Thanks & Survey. Everyone deserves a huge round of applause for the effort they put into the releases, art, writing, concepts, ideas, activity entries, and participation! This quick survey will be used to help make next year's festival even better. See you all at the CCSF 2013! (And around the community until that celebration begins!)

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