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Most Popular Breeds
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Hircine Norn   C3DS   Karithina | 1/15/2024  comment  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics + Sprites
These were inspired by the Creatures 2 Goat Norns by Angela Allan. They aren't an exact conversion, but I have taken from the original Goat Norns in spirit particularly the male colour and curved horns, and then inspired by the Frog Norns I have added goat-like horizontal pupils for pano-vision.

The Hircine Norns were made in Geneforge with custom shaped hoof-paws, horns, resized ears, and custom textures. The curved horns were supplied very kindly by SpaceSR.

They use Grendel Slot E, include TWB (True Warm Blood), CFE (Creatures Full of Edits) and Stock ChiChi (ex47) genetics, and have complete sprites for growing horns and sexual dimorphism.


Version 1 was released for CCSF 2023.

Version 2 (this one) includes:
- refined textures
- additional genomes (CFE and ChiChi instead of just TWB)
- fixed tail sprites (they were stuck just the low saturation version originally)
- reslotted from Grendel T to Grendel E (so should now clash with Micro Grendels instead of the C2toDS Bulbous Grendels)


Ping me if anything else is odd, this is my first breed :)

Nurse Bots 2.25   C3DS   Vermidia | 12/28/2023  comment  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics + Sprites
A big update to Nurse Bots, big enough that their sprite files have been completely rearranged, and anyone using version before this must use an updater for Nurse Bots in those worlds to function properly.

Nurse Bots 2.25 has bugfixes and small tweaks, but it also comes with rotation and swap support, that can be passed down from breeding and can mutate in. Nurse Bots also have slightly different cloaks depending on their variant. I've given them more vocab changes too.

Added to this version is also the Nurse Doozy, a little machine that when played with can teach creatures Nurse Bot vocab. Like the creature it's cosplaying as, it can also rescue Nurse Bots who have seemed to vanish, fallen through the world so to speak.
Nurse Bots   C3DS   Vermidia | 12/18/2023  5 comments  5  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics + Sprites
Nurse Bots are biomechanical beings likely left behind by the Shee. They're quite similar to creatures on the capillitia and ark, except very small, and gadget-like, meant to care for the creatures aboard. You can hatch some with the included dispenser.

Nurse Bots are best raised with other creatures to care for, but can be raised by themselves.

Nurse Bots use CRAG to function, and do not use up a breed slot. Creatures view them as gadgets.

Nurse Bots use a TWB genome, but are very internally resistant to hot and cold temperatures, and can't die of low energy, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about them.
CRAG Gaia   C3DS   Vermidia | 12/18/2023  comment  log in to like post  3

typeGenetics + Sprites
It's Gaia, but through the power of CRAG, she no longer uses up a breed slot and keeps her original voice without overwriting female gaiuses.

There is a few tweaks but she should work generally the same.

Creatures will still view her as a geat, so beware of the wasteland glitch if running other geats.


Original Gaia by Lis Morris

Geat bibble from Gaius + other stuff originally by Ghosthande

Gaia DS by NeoDement
Eclectus Parrot Norns   C1   ylukyun | 11/23/2023  comment  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics Only
authorylukyun, Slink, FlyingEttiNorn, Vermidia
These are based on the American Cardinal Norns, but have a few differences.

The first is that the females are red and the males are green, hence the name. The second is that their blue pigment genes have also been made sexually dimorphic - males and females each get two blue pigment genes.

The third difference? They have two sexually dimorphic pigment bleed genes, one for males and one for females, effecting subtle changes to their coloration.

For more information on pigment bleed genes in C1, see this forum thread:

Included is a GEN file (don't use the official genetics kit to inject it) and the two Norns in the picture.

I've kept the red and green color scheme of the original American Cardinal Norns, and used Horse Norn sprites, but you can use the GEN file as a starting point if you want, for example, purple males and blue females, or colorful Purple Mountain Norns. You'll need a hex editor, a willingness to experiment, and some patience!
Multibleed Grendels   C1   ylukyun | 11/23/2023  comment  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics Only
authorylukyun, Slink, FlyingEttiNorn, Vermidia
These Grendels have had three of their pigment genes replaced by pigment bleed genes, giving them vibrant and somewhat iridescent coloration! For more information on pigment bleed genes in C1, see here:

Seven GEN files are provided, based on Slink's Many Colored/Multicolored Grendel genome. These are:

* GPUR = Green and purple coloration.
* BPUR = Blue and purple coloration.
* GBLU = Green and blue coloration.
* DIMO = Males are green and blue, while females are pink and blue. This is owing to variation in sprites, not genes.
* REYE = Dark red eyes. Females have a pinkish purplish all-over color, while males have a more subtle tinge.
* DULL = A dull, slightly bluish green.
* GRED = The tweaking of regular pigment genes, in combination with pigment bleed genes, gives these Grendels red and green coloration.

You will need a way to inject these files. The official genetics kit WON'T work! Using a cheat mode and replacing TEST.GEN with the desired file, then creating a "Norn" from the testing menu, is the method I used.

The Grendels in the picture, Blake (DIMO variant) and Blanche (GRED variant), are also included.

Which is your favorite? Maybe you can create new variants of your own! :) You'll need a hex editor if you want to do so. Have a look at the forum thread linked above for more info.
Slugcats   C3DS   Vermidia | 11/2/2023  2 comments  2  log in to like post  6

typeGenetics + Sprites
Slugcats from the game Rainworld!

They have a few special poses, but are otherwise genetically an average norn.

Comes with CFE and TWB variants.

The posted egg agents are broken, so click the link or the website to go to the eemfoo download link.

Download here

Version 1.2 Canny Eggs   C2   poljik2 | 4/2/2023  3 comments  3  log in to like post  3

typeGenetics Only
authorpoljik2, JayD
This is simply the Canny Norns from Chris Double's website found here, just converted into .egg files so that they can be hatched from the hatchery.

Includes male, female, and random egg sexes.

- Temporarily have included a link to the external download until I can edit the breed file! -
TWB Amanora Breed Conversions   C3DS   Dragoler | 3/26/2023  2 comments  2  log in to like post  11

typeGenetics Only
Conversions of the Butterfly, Flora and Dream Norns using an updated version of TWB. They include the extended pigment genes of the originals, but implemented in a way that shouldn't result in sliders. Dream Norns are extra resistant to the cold, and Butterfly Norns are capable of drinking nectar from flowers (no flower scent agent needed, they can still eat fruit and seeds for their starch needs if no flowers are around)
No sprites are included.


- Fixed lifespan, re-balanced nectar drinking, improved genetic compatibility of Butterfly Norns, minor fixes.

Unfortunately I can't update the download link here, so a link to the updated files is provided below.
Instinctless Creatures   C3DS   poljik2 | 3/10/2023  2 comments  2  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics Only
This is a genome modification for all the vanilla/mall breeds featured in Creatures 3 and Docking Station (Steam/GOG). It removes as many non-essential instincts from norns/grendels/ettins as possible while still allowing creatures to travel effectively and sleep when tired.

NOTE that the base genome used for this modification is TWB & TCB V3.0, which means setting up your game for TWBs may be necessary to prevent death by freezing/overheating.
Mojo Norn Pack   C3DS   Arnout | 2/25/2023  4 comments  4  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics + Sprites
So it's been a while since I made one of these. :)

If I had to tell you very briefly what these are, I would say: C3DS style Norns meet the trolls of Warcraft.

I've been wanting to make another light blue Norn breed for a while now. Like the trolls, Mojo Norns grow little tusks as they age. Pictured are two adolescents, but I've included some more images in the zip file in case you want a better look.

These Norns are quite chill, and their genomes make use of variant genes to give some individual personality to each of them.

They come with four agents and an upgrade to the C3 Knowledge Stones (which you can also inject into undocked DS worlds). If I may say so myself, the agents are a little bonkers. :P

There's a text file with some more information and tips to care for them.

And this has nothing to do with the trolls, but these Norns are super allergic to the DS lemons.
Angler Grendel v1.0   C3DS   cyborg | 12/30/2022  1 comment  1  log in to like post  14

typeGenetics + Sprites
This breed is inspired by anglerfish.
The smaller male Angler grendel is reliant on female grendels for nutrients. This is based by some anglerfish species' sexual parasitism.
The female Angler grendel feeds on critters and bugs, make sure they have plenty of edible prey.
Angler Grendels can synthesize their own Vitamin C.
They look best in the Deep Abyss metaroom.
Life span ~ 3 - 4 hrs 30min with babysitting.

I think the breed is good enough to be released in this state. Tell me if you have any issues. Happy New Year everyone.

FYI the glitchy egg gender glyphs are on purpose for lore reasons.
Sweetheart Norns   C3DS   Grox | 12/12/2022  comment  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only
A relatively simple genetic breed I created just to mess around with things.

Sweetheart Norns are a short-lived, Fast-breeding breed of norn that are highly social and prefer to stick together in groups. Due to how quickly they breed, Their colors mutate incredibly quickly. Sweetheart norns are very docile and typically won't hit or get mad at other norns.

They require Butterfly norn and Chichi norn sprites to display properly!
BorgNorn   C3DS   Annex | 12/3/2022  13 comments  13  log in to like post  10

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorAlex P. Twigg
For 20 years I have returned again and again to the BorgNorn.

At first volunteering for Uncovered Development to test things for the BorgNorn in C2, then helping with the coding and some sprite work for the original DS release, and later to release a code based 'Lite' version of the breed, I have finally got to the point where I feel I have met my goals.

I wanted to release the BorgNorn in a state of equal quality to the original graphics and code in C3 and DS. I have developed from an amateur hobbyist, to a professional in the VFX industry, largely thanks to the thirst the BorgNorn gave me for improving as an artist and a coder.

And here it is! A true labour of love.

The BorgNorn will appear in your egg layers as a standard breed, and you can treat them as such if that is what you wish. However, to unlock their true potential, inject the BorgNorn agents from the injector.

You will be given a control panel to turn features on and off. Most are self explanatory, but of note is the 'Evolving Genome'.

Every time a BorgNorn assimilates a creature, the genes of the assimilator are merged into an ever evolving genome that will develop with your Hive. Turning this off will fall back on the core genetics of the breed.
Moonsphinx Norns   C3DS   Grox | 10/2/2022  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics Only
My first breed! It's nothing much, But I hope everyone will enjoy it nonetheless.

Based on a particularly prolific family of norns I had in a save game.

They are the typical sphinx color at birth, But will become a lovely shade of purple as adults!

Requires Moonlight norn and Sphinx norn sprites to show up correctly, If you have anything else in those slots they may not look at pictured.

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