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Home Sweet Albia  via sg_the_bee on 10/15/2022 | comment
SG's Creatures fan work, including downloads, guides, and tools for C1 and C3DS. Home of Spritist, Roomie, the Succulent Bridge, and much more.  [visit this site]
Norns of the Round Table  via Malkin on 7/16/2021 | comment | 4 likes
Norns of the Round Table is a blog covering Creatures 1, 2, and 3/DS, focusing on both Norns and Grendels. The blog has journal posts that record the lives and antics of the creatures, but also dives deep into genetics, CAOS, and other details of the games' inner workings. The site also has a section dedicated to providing downloads of the various breeds, COBs/agents, and other addons Alex has made.  [visit this site]
Abacus & Ettinus  via Doringo on 5/18/2021 | 1 comment
Abacus & EttinusA trilogy-focused site for me to display and show off projects that I have completed as well as collaborations that I have contributed to.

Neocities unfortunately does not let me host downloads, so the site primarily acts as a directory for where they can be downloaded.

Updates to the site (including new add-ons and other content) will be announced via the blog.  [visit this site]
Muppetboy's Geatville  via MuppetBoy on 3/24/2020 | 4 comments | 4 likes
Muppetboy's GeatvilleA comprehensive website devoted entirely to the original Creatures game.

Contains the vast majority of the cobs, utility programs, breeds, worlds and a large source of information about the game.
  [visit this site]
Creatures Zipper  via Malkin on 3/5/2020 | comment | 2 likes
Compiles addons into easy to install zip files.   [visit this site]
The Imbecile's Guide to C2  via ylukyun on 8/20/2018 | 1 comment | 1 like
A detailed guide to the various areas of post-eruption Albia and the objects they contain. Full name is The Imbecile's Guide to Creatures 2.  [visit this site]
MuppetBoy's Geatville  via MuppetBoy on 7/12/2018 | comment | 3 likes
Devoted entirely to the first game. Hosts breeds both genetic and sprite for all species. Has a vault of all known cobs. Has all known programs and many pages of information. Finally has a link page directing you to all pages and archives of sites also about this game.

Enjoy :-)  [visit this site]
From the Creatures Wiki  via Laura on 4/1/2018 | comment | 1 like
The Creatures Wiki newsletter.  [visit this site]
Alkagen Creatures  via Alkalide on 3/1/2018 | 1 comment
My official Creatures-related blog, covering both my gameplay and development for Creatures Exodus.  [visit this site]
Observing Albia  via Doringo on 2/28/2018 | comment | 2 likes
A blog dedicated to the Creatures games. Expect to see and enjoy a variety of gameplay-related content!  [visit this site]
CCSF 2018 Discussion Forum  via Laura on 2/26/2018 | comment
A place for Creatures Community members to gather and help plan the upcoming CCSF 2018.  [visit this site]
xan's C3/DS Breed List  via Laura on 2/20/2018 | comment | 2 likes
A comprehensive list of Creatures 3/Docking Station breeds, compiled and updated by xan.  [visit this site]
The Lift  via ylukyun on 12/29/2017 | comment
A Creatures 1 resource by Ukoku, currently featuring a blog.  [visit this site]
Pilla's DS Agents  via Pilla on 12/3/2017 | comment
A collection of the agents Pilla created, as wel as some blogging about Creatures development.  [visit this site]
Caos Coding Cave  via Pilla on 12/3/2017 | 1 comment
This is a development Discord server set-up by Pilla for all programmers, spriters and gengineers in the Creatures community.  [visit this site]

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