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Rules & Consequences   Website   Rascii | 8/17/2012  log in to like post  3

The rules of Creatures Caves, and consequences of breaking those rules.

General Rules

No Scrolling - Scrolling is when you post lines and lines of senseless text. Posts that contain scrolling will either be edited or removed.

No Shouting - Shouting is when you TYPE IN ALL CAPS. It can get annoying very quickly which is why it's not allowed here.

No Swearing - All words that are considered to be swear words are filtered from viewing, but the posts will be edited or deleted anyhow. Do not discuss anything that would be inappropriate for children under 13. Any post deemed inappropriate by a moderator will be removed.

Respect Mods - Do not question the judgment of a moderator in public forums. If you do truthfully feel that one has done something wrong, contact an administrator by private message or email. I repeat - Do not discuss it in the forums!

Be Nice - Please don't wreak havoc among fellow website members. This includes threatening, harassing, or verbally attacking others. This is to be a place where everyone can come and post without being insulted.

No Multiple Accounts - You may only join the Creatures Caves website one time. Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. If you forget your password, then use the lost password page to retrieve it. If you can't receive the email that the page sends you for whatever reason, then contact an administrator. If a user creates two or more accounts then all of them will be permanently banned.

Forum-Specific Rules

No Illegal Activity - Links to illegal activities of any kind, including pornography and piracy (of software, movies, music, or anything else), will not be tolerated at all. Links to these things will be deleted immediately. On a similar note, using the forums to ask for, or to offer to share the Mall-only Norn Packs, is strictly prohibited. In accordance with Gameware's wishes, the sharing of the Norn Packs may be discussed in private, via private message or e-mail, but not publicly on any forum, nor may they be posted online in any form.

Keep It Clean - Users of all ages are welcome at Creatures Caves, so keep subject matter appropriate for people under the age of 13. This includes the use of inappropriate language as well.

No Backseat Moderating - When a member of the community is misbehaving, please leave it to a moderator to scold them. You can provide a link to this article if you must, but all other moderating should be done by the moderators. You can always send one of them a message if you feel that they need to step in somewhere.

No Large Images or Banners in Signatures - Please avoid posting large images or banners in your forum signature, as doing so can slow down the page loading times and also distract other users from reading the actual content of the forums.

No Flashing Animations - For health and comfort reasons, please do not post flashing animations anywhere on the site and forums, including your icon or signature.

Don't Double Post Needlessly - Double posting is frowned upon if a user is seen to be spamming, having a conversation with themselves or being impatient. However, double posting is acceptable if you have a lot to say in a discussion, have changed your mind about something, need more assistance in the Help and Development forums, or are posting additional information.

Title Topics Accurately - Please give your topics descriptive titles relative to their actual subject matter.

Keep Posts on Topic - While side discussions are allowed, it is generally considered poor manners to disrupt or completely hijack another user's topic with your own subject. If you feel your post is worth posting, why not just start a new topic? Also, please keep topics in their respective forums. Don't, for example, start a game in the Help forum.

Let Dead Topics Lie - Please do not post in particularly old topics unless you have something valuable to contribute to them.

Attempt to Make Posts Legible - No one is expecting posts to be of college-level grammar, but please try to keep things readable. The occasional typo is perfectly fine, but try to avoid writing in entirely abbreviated netspeak. We know that the Creatures Community is an international one, so it is highly likely that the native language of many users is not English, and that it may be difficult to type in. However, do not feel bad if a moderator edits your post to clarify something.


Editing - When a post isn't entirely inappropriate, it may be altered by a moderator, manager, or administrator. The author of the post may also be contacted by private message.

Deleting - When a post is completely inappropriate it will be removed from the website or forum where it is found. The author of the post will also be contacted by private message.

Gagging - When a user, after warning, continues to break the rules, he or she may be gagged by a moderator, manager, or administrator. A gag revokes a user's privilege to post for a set amount of time. Once the time is up, the user may post freely again.

Banning - If a user constantly breaks the rules after being warned and gagged, he or she may be permanently banned from the Creatures Caves website and forums by a manager or administrator. A banned user cannot log in which means that none of the member features (including posting) may be used.


Updated by Rascii on 8/17/2012 - Added links to the rules section.
Updated by Laura on 8/23/2012 - Added forum rules.
Updated by Laura on 11/10/2013 - tweaked the \'Keep It Clean\' rule.

Trell | 7/5/2013  log in to like post

Well said, Malkin!
Malkin | 7/5/2013  log in to like post  3

We'd rather not create 'a list of topics that aren't appropriate', because that has the effect of focusing attention on those topics. Please use your common sense and best judgement as to what's appropriate for people under the age of 13. :)
NimhsLab | 7/5/2013  log in to like post

Hmm, ok. I'm not sure that would be any more harmful than mildly embarrassing the parents, but I respect your opinion, DarbyDoo.
Trell | 7/5/2013  log in to like post

I'd save that discussion for a different site, myself. Not something you'd want little kiddies seeing and asking their parents about, eh?
NimhsLab | 7/5/2013  log in to like post

Query, is talk of mammary gland restraint devices pg-13, or not?
Trell | 7/5/2013  log in to like post  1

I suppose it all depends on how you word it, and the purpose behind it. Just saying such a thing as that for the sake of saying it, then it's probably not a good idea.

The first thing you want to ask yourself is, "Is it necessary to say?" If not, it's better left unsaid. If it is necessary, (e.g. in a discussion of tea practices and such, suppose they ask for an opinion) then a good way to go about it would be in the form of constructive criticism, with a suggestion for improvement. Maybe... "Perhaps tea making isn't your strongest suit. Have you tried X?"

And of course, when in doubt, use the sandwich method (if relevant). Sincere compliment, criticism, sincere compliment.

Hope this helps!
Laura | 7/5/2013  log in to like post

I'm a bit confused, C-Rex... Why do you ask?
C-Rex | 7/5/2013  log in to like post  3

Could saying someone is bad at making tea be considered an insult?
Norndom | 5/13/2013  log in to like post

Rules to live by indeed

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