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Terra: Reborn Updated (Click to enlarge)
Terra: Reborn Updated   DS   Allekha | 5/28/2022  6 comments  6  log in to like post  6

authorLiger, MKid112, MNB, Moe, Allekha
zip file[download]
This is an unofficial updated version of Terra Reborn by Liger, MKid112, and MNB (and updated by Moe). While it's a lovely room, it had several issues and was not up to current development standards, so I have updated it.

A full list of changes is included in the readme. The main changes are:
·Changed the image filenames so that they don't clash with other agents
·Added CA links and a new favorite places icon
·Removed bad stims and chemical additions and added more possible behaviors to some objects in line with CDS suggestions
·Fixed the second banana plant never fruiting and the spikotous being unable to progress in its lifecycle

These changes are bundled with the original room, so it should be injected instead of the original Terra Reborn, not after it.

Please let me know if you have other issues with the room which I missed (or may have inadvertently added).
Yggdrasil (Click to enlarge)
Yggdrasil   C1   MuppetBoy | 2/10/2022  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

authorMuppetboy & Malkin
zip file[download]
Temple Cave v2.2
Juicy Apples v2
Upstairs Temple v2

Compliments The Treehouse by updating the lower portion of the Grendel Tree.

Includes an updated Distiller (uses sprite by Malkin)


The Macro Gregoid (which needs Micro v2 and Macro grendel breeds)
The Roofgarden v4 (Click to enlarge)
The Roofgarden v4   C1   MuppetBoy | 2/10/2022  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

authorMuppetboy, Stefan Kuske, Freya, Allekha, EttinGirl
zip file[download]
This massive renovation of upper Geatville bridges the gap using a sprite made for Freya's Bridge

It contains much new food:
Grape Vine - by Stefan Kuske
Sun Flowers - by Freya
The Little Nut Tree - by Allekha

Update: added an extension to the east using the Garden Treehouse, including Magic Fairy flowers by EttinGirl
Island Food v2 (Click to enlarge)
Island Food v2   C1   MuppetBoy | 2/10/2022  comment  log in to like post  1

authorMuppetboy, Brood, Darcie, Jessica
zip file[download]
After installing this cob, there will be a lot of food available in all rooms of the island, and so the island can support many creatures.

Also visible in the picture is The Rope Bridge & Tulip.

Version 1:
Apple tree, strawberry patch, mushrooms - Brood
Parsnips - Darcie
Coconut Palm - mine

Version 2:
Bilumea Plant - Jessica
Island Basket Lift - mine

I also edited the lowest room to reduce the chance of creatures getting stuck down there due to the cart
Evo Ship (Click to enlarge)
Evo Ship   C3DS   Liil | 1/29/2022  2 comments  2  log in to like post  6

zip file[download]
Evo Ship is a massive burger-like shaped metaroom that is build to be suitable with large population wolfling runs. It is also created to match the current native resolution of most modern pcs and don’t let the environment appear too small.

It features 4 giant terrariums with their own environments. Desert, Jungle, Temperate Forest and Boreal Landscape.

In contrast to the most other metarooms, it does not have much height difference, platforms or caves. This makes it easier for creatures to travel trough the metaroom and build colonies, but also to ensure group/species contact.
The terrariums are not connected. This prevents plants and animals to spread between them. But you can use the Elevines, Instalift, The Archway or C1 Teleporters to connect the rooms for your creatures. There are elevator shafts in every terrarium to support this idea optically.
You can use all rooms and decorate them with agents and The Garden Box, or you only choose one room of your preference for your creatures.
Albia Lost Places  (Click to enlarge)
Albia Lost Places   C3DS   Liil | 1/29/2022  3 comments  3  log in to like post  5

zip file[download]
Originally released for the CCSF 2020 without an agent, this oldschool metaroom in Creatures 1 style is now available as an agent.

The room does not contain any agents, you can populate the temperated and TWB friendly landscape with animals and plants from various agents and the Garden Box.

Garden Treehouse (Click to enlarge)
Garden Treehouse   C1   MuppetBoy | 12/15/2021  comment  log in to like post  2

authorLiz (Ettingirl)
zip file[download]
Creates a room above the garden. It has a rail and edible Magical Fairy Flowers.

I believe one is supposed to use Slinks's lifts to add a lift to it's right hand side where there is a gap.

Thanks I think go to GirlySatan who emailed it to me a while ago, apologies if I'm giving the wrong credit!

I think this was the inspiration for my Ikle Treehouse, and subsequent The Treehouse room cobs, so it's great to see it and I am happy to share it.

***re-released for CCSF2021***
The Undercanopy v2.3 (Click to enlarge)
The Undercanopy v2.3   C1   MuppetBoy | 12/15/2021  comment  log in to like post  1

authorMuppetboy, Steve Dismukes, Cyberlife, et al
zip file[download]
Adds a variety of life to the jungle area and includes the following:

The Fig Tree & Wasp Nest by Steve Dismukes
Spider Web by Stefan Kuske
Yellow Idae by Dr §mile
Cave Flies by Cyberlife
The Pear Tree by Daniel Smallman
Blue Fruit Tree, Banana Plant and Fern by Muppetboy.

v2.3 The main addition is the Banana Plant
I also compiled the readme file and moved a few things around.

(Also included in the image are The Upstairs Temple, Muddy Swamp Carrots & The Juicy Apples, a Rainbow Shee, a Feliz Grendel and a Blond v2 Norn)

***Released for CCSF2021***
Temple Cave v2 (Click to enlarge)
Temple Cave v2   C1   MuppetBoy | 3/13/2021  comment  log in to like post  5

zip file[download]
Combines an updated version of the Temple Cave with an updated Macro Gregoid that makes both Macro and Micro grendels when clicked on.

It also moves and updates the Distiller to make it more interactive, it makes both regular alcohol and Dancing alcohol, with Purple Mountain Hooch by Malkin.

If you click on the Distiller, it gathers up all the cups flung around by your creatures.
The Treehouse (Click to enlarge)
The Treehouse   C1   MuppetBoy | 3/7/2021  2 comments  2  log in to like post  3

zip file[download]
Using sprites from C2 I have created a further two floors to the wooden platforms in the Grendel Tree, the main one reaches across to the Treehouse Tree.

Three basket lifts take norns to/from and between these new floors.

The topmost floor is a small structure existing above the Grendel Tree part of the main platform. It also allows the Grendel Tree to sprout another branch of Juicy Apples within reach of this new area.

Sprites from Dr§mile's Kumquats were used to spread a bounty of fruit on the treehouse tree.

Two extra basket lifts can be installed. One of which allows passage to the Rope Bridge from the Treehouse, this will only work properly if this cob is already installed. The second one is installed on the desert island. This picture also shows The Platform
The Learning Room v2 (Click to enlarge)
The Learning Room v2   C1   MuppetBoy | 3/7/2021  comment  log in to like post  3

zip file[download]
This cob expands the computer room to the left into a cave, and to the right across a bridge to a small treehouse.

Combines the Ikle Treehouse and The Shief v2

Version 2 adds my Super Norn Cloner and Stefan Kuske's Strawberry Milkshake Vendor to the mix.

This creates a bigger space for your creatures to learn words, with food, and another lift to get them in there.
Betaship (Click to enlarge)
Betaship   DS   Pilla | 12/9/2017  comment  log in to like post  5

authorPilla & contributors
The Betaship is an underwater base for all of your creatures to roam. There is a seasonal and a day/night cycle in place, and the light and heat emitters will adjust accordingly, as does the favourite place icon.

The images being used are mostly placeholders, everyone is encouraged to make prettier images and maybe spiffier code too.

Desert Hideout (Click to enlarge)
Desert Hideout   DS   Pilla | 11/27/2017  comment  log in to like post  8

authorthe Banshee Ark team
CCSF 2017 release

Check out the CCSF post with this metaroom here!

This is the Desert Hideout, one of the linked metarooms in the Banshee Ark. It's a warm and cosy place where your creatures can hang out.

This room features custom plants and animals.

If you inject the Grendel Meso together with this metaroom, there will appear a door to this metaroom inside the Grendel Meso. If you inject this standalone, there will be a teleporter which can bring your creatures to the Desert Hideout.

This is just one part of the Banshee Ark. There are 3 more metarooms to be discovered.

Banshee Ark Meso (Click to enlarge)
Banshee Ark Meso   DS   Pilla | 11/26/2017  1 comment  1  log in to like post  8

authorthe Banshee Ark team
CCSF 2017 release

Check out the CCSF post with this metaroom here!

This is the Grendel Meso, the main linking metaroom of the Banshee Ark.

It features custom plants, animals and even a genetic Grendel breed: the Dart Grendels.

The door to the Grendel Meso is positioned in the Capillata, which has been extended for this purpose. The lower part of the capillata can now be flooded or used for storage or living space. This extension is not compatible with the Blobby Core so you'll want to make sure you don't have the Blobby Core installed in your world.

The Meso comes with the Dustdevil grendel agent pre-installed. This breed clashes with the Tiger Grendels and takes up Grendel slot X.

This is just one part of the Banshee Ark, there are 3 more areas to be discovered.

Nerinath Updated - C2 World (Click to enlarge)
Nerinath Updated - C2 World   C2   TheDrunkenNorn | 9/28/2017  4 comments  4  log in to like post  2

authorTheDrunkenNorn, Geat_Masta and Verm
zip file[download]
Update 1.01: Added some missing files due to pre-release injection of COBs. I didn't realize that I had to include the files manually, as .COBs can have files "hidden" inside of them that are only added after injection.

Update 1.02: Fixed a wallbonking glitch where Norns would wallbonk into nothing halfway through the world. Now your Norns can travel Nerinath freely, wallbonking prohibited!

Update 2.00: MAJOR UPDATE. Verm has updated Nerinath to be less buggy/crashy. This was the main problem with Nerinath, so it's basically now perfect. Thank you Verm! NOTE: I am not removing the original Nerinath. The reason for this is simple: Nerinath 1.0 has 3 rooms, while Nerinath 2.0 has 19. You have the option to choose. However, it is fairly clear that this version is much more stable.

Welcome to the Albian Arctic.

Away from the cluttered equator of Albia lies an arctic wasteland tucked away at the southern side of the world: Nerinath. Tired of the constant hazards and pitfalls associated with the main world (The land that the Shee inhabited), this hand has decided to take their Norns out into the cold, dead wastes, where safety and utility go hand-in-hand.

Nerinath is for a hand that has already seen the mysteries of the shee, traveled to the swamps of the Ettins, the great Tree of Yggdrasil, and the volcano of the Grendels. When the grandiose world of Albia becomes a chore to navigate, with constant elevators, oceans, and Norn traps, Nerinath awaits.

This land is empty, waiting to be filled by the hand. (The game's COB injector will serve you well, as this is a world that may be customized to your liking). Nerinath only comes with the essentials: Food, Water, and Toys. Norns rejoice, as wall-bonking is a thing of the past! Rejoice, as the great danger of the ocean poses no threat to Norns here!

Nerinath is a simplistic Creatures 2 world that takes away all of the hassle of playing the game in a non-explorative fashion. What I mean by that is that Creatures 2 is largely an exploration game, where a large part of the game is exploring the world and collecting power ups and items. Wolfling Runs and such typically avoid such gameplay, and focus on the important part: the Norns. At risk of creating a desolate and dull world, I've created an empty flat-plane world for other users to use. It comes complete with a hatchery, a highly advanced learning computer (Better than the base game), food sources, and water sources, but not much else. Despite the cold appearance, Nerinath is well-suited for Norns (We can assume their fur and hardy nature comes in handy here). The world is completely flat, and single leveled. This means that there is no risk of environmental danger or wall-bonking, which in turn makes Wolfling Runs far more objective than they were previously. If you wish to compare it to scientific philosophy, there are far less variables to deal with. I made it with Wolfling Runs in mind, but it is also useful as a place where those who want to play the game with generations of Norns legitemately can play without having to worry about crazy environmental hazards like drowning, being murdered by grendels, et cetera.

I am by no means a Creatures 2 content creator. I made this world with the help of two CreaturesCaves users, Geat_Masta (The lead designer of a fan-based game called Kreatures) and GimmeCat (The best Creatures 2 COB creator), in addition to following a nearly unreadable German walkthrough. It's more of... they did it, really. I just put all of their instructions together (Similar with the Ivrogne Canny Norns that I also “designed”, with that word in quotes for good reason as Venithil made it off of my instructions).

Nerinath is empty because it is intended to be that way. A player's customization of the world lies entirely in the COBs that they choose to inject into the world (Note that not all COBs are compatable with an empty world; typically, the best COBs to use are the ones that add items that can be moved by the hand and thusly placed in particular locations. COBs like the “All-Seeing Eye” will not look very good in Nerinath, while “Meat Vine” will look fine).

Installation of Nerinath:
Copy and paste the “Nath.SFC” file into your Documents > Creatures > Creatures 2 folder.

Copy every other file into your game's directory (A.k.a. The file folder that you access when you right click + “Open file location” on the game's shortcut). Be sure to allow the folders to merge with your game's folders. Do not worry; this will not mess up your old worlds.

Having more than 1 Nerinath world:
Copy another Nath.SFC from the Nerinath installation and change the name when you put it into your Documents > Creatures 2 Folder. It will be a fresh, blank Nerinath world. Don't overwrite the old one!

You can find the news post for this world here. Any updates to the world will be posted about here.

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