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Felis Norns   C3DS   Ghosthande | 11/3/2013  log in to like post  19

typeGenetics Only
I was a little sad that Siamese Norns didn't have a unique genome of their own, so I made one. The Felis Norns are CFE Gizmo-based, carnivorous (they can fall back on food for their protein needs if they need to, but they really prefer meat!), scared of water, and like to "play hunt" when bored. They use the Siamese Norn sprites.

Created by InsanityPrelude for the CCSF 2013
Wingheart | 10/3/2016  log in to like post

Lurhstaap | 3/10/2016  log in to like post

Where can I get the Siamese Norn sprites if I don't already have them?
Jessica | 11/17/2013  log in to like post

You can either import the pair included with the download, or use the Genetics Kit to inject an egg based on the .gen file included. However, the Readme includes this information, so I assume you're having another issue?

Note that there is no egg agent included with this download.
LoverIan | 11/17/2013  log in to like post

So then how do I get Felis Norns?
EDIT: I mean, without renaming the proper Siamese file....
I mean, am I supposed to see a Felis Norn Species?
RisenAngel | 11/16/2013  log in to like post

No. You'll need to rename the genetics files so that they overwrite the originals if you want that to happen.
LoverIan | 11/16/2013  log in to like post

Will every Siamese Norn I hatch have these genetics once I put the genetics files in?
InsanityPrelude | 11/9/2013  log in to like post

I didn't know that about Toxics. Makes sense though, since one of the antigens produces wounded.
RisenAngel | 11/8/2013  log in to like post

The yellow bugs in Terra (which are called Spikous Bacterium, by the way) are fatal because they pump any creature who eats them full of wounded (chem 90), aka the same chemical that gets generated when a creature is slapped. Toxics are very resistant, if not outright immune, to dying of wounded, which is why they can eat them without issue.

And no, advice is not hardcoded; it depends on the individual creature's instincts and experiences.

I haven't given these guys a go yet, though I probably will sometime in the future once I can consistently make a world without going OCD and deleting it halfway into the setup process.

And I'm ninja'd.
NoxTheNorn | 11/8/2013  log in to like post

@InsanityPrelude -- When I first began to notice that otherwise perfectly healthy norns would on occasion abruptly drop dead in the part of Terra where the yellow bugs are, I found the download page for it here on CC and left a message asking about them since they were the only possible catalyst as far as I could tell. Although Malkin is not one of the creators of Terra, she wrote back informing me that the yellow insects are indeed highly poisonous although she didn't specify in what way (but in any case, this probably explains why Toxic Norns are evidently able to eat them without suffering any ill effects).

On a side note, according to the Creatures Wiki, the yellow bugs are officially called Spikous Bacterium and described as being lethally dangerous since eating just one can deliver up to 50% of the level of damage needed to kill an adult norn.
InsanityPrelude | 11/8/2013  log in to like post

I'm not sure what the deal is with the yellow bugs. My Toxics eat them without trouble. I just fed a newly hatched normal Norn one and he died instantly, which would make me suspect ATP Decoupler, except nothing's showing up on either the medical monitor or hoverdoc- which ATPD normally does.

@Nox Felis Norns have instincts to eat bugs and critters (and no instinct to eat fruit!) Most Norns don't (although Bondis do, when they're hungry for fat.)

@Doringo It's hardcoded? I've noticed Norns giving each other all kinds of advice for other things, including behavior I know wasn't coded by their instincts ("eem bored" "maybe approach norn";).

ETA: Tried having a Toxic push the bugs' nest, which supposedly "causes an allergic sneezing reaction". Nothing. When he started eating the bugs, histamines and antigen 5 appeared on the medical monitor very briefly, but 1) that's not normally instant death and 2) it didn't happen in the normal one. So, still no answers really, except that possibly the nest and bug effects got mixed up.

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