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Fruits (Click to enlarge)
Fruits   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/2/2015  comment  log in to like post

Just some Garden Box fruits I threw together in about ten minutes. It explains the quality. Feel free to add to these if you ever decide to do something with them.
Pollinating Insects (Click to enlarge)
Pollinating Insects   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 12/31/2014  2 comments  2  log in to like post

These little guys are meant to be used with the plants I posted, and they've got a lot of quirks. Since they are based on real-life bees, I will assume that they are all female.

I may as well cover the five variations. The one with yellow antennae, eyes and stinger is the Queen. She only comes out and gathers nectar if all the bugs belonging to her hive are dead as a last-ditch attempt to keep the colony alive. Her sprite does not change when gathering, because her stinger is already yellow.

The blue and green bug with a green stinger is a typical bug. She can just be flying around aimlessly near her hive and return after some time, but she can also be a gatherer. They gather nectar from anything classified as flower, so don't expect plants that depend on them to produce fruit or seeds very quickly if you grow them in the Norn Meso without getting rid of the Bramboo first.

The blue and green bug with happy eyes and a golden stinger, with nectar dripping out of the end, is a gatherer heading back to her hive to convert the nectar she has collected into honey. She will not attack until she gets her nectar to its destination, and even then, only if the hive is attacked by a Norn. Gatherers enter this state after they've gathered from three flowers. When they make honey, they revert back to a normal bug and randomly choose one of two states to be in as a normal bug.

Now, about that orange one. Gatherers that do not have honey will enter this state if another bug is attacked. Only ones that are outside the hive will attack if it is just another gatherer attacked,but not killed. However, if the queen of that particular hive is attacked, or a normal bug is eaten or killed in some other way, every single bug in the hive she belongs to will come out and attack. When gatherers with nectar make honey, they will immediately come out and attack the creature or Hand that did something that causes the entire hive to attack. Something worth noting is the giant stinger of death.

The sad, grey bug is the state any bug will enter if she is hit. She can now be eaten, and she will also be killed if she is hit once again.

Sometimes the hives will swarm, and they will release a Queen and three to five gatherers, that will follow her wherever she goes. If any of the bugs in a swarm are injured or killed, the surviving gatherers will sting with all their might at whatever attacked, whether it's a creature or the Hand. If the Hand is stung, the same thing will happen as what happens when a stinger stings it. Hives will only swarm if there are no other hives near them, and wandering Queens will only make hives if the same requirements needed for a hive to swarm are met in that area. They only start hives if there are flowers nearby, because if there are no flowers, the hive can't do anything, and if the hive can't do anything, it's completely useless.

Hives form on ceilings. If wandering Queens detect at least four flowers in an area, they will fly up and make a hive on the ceiling directly above them.

The yellow crystal that is at its natural pixel size is a honey crystal. Gatherers with honey drop this when hit, and if the hive itself is on a ceiling low enough for a Norn to be able to reach it, it will drop four to five crystals with each hit.

When a bug stings a creature, it will be injected with very small amounts of toxins, possibly five of each toxin the person who makes this into an agent wants it to have. Again, no guaranteed death toxins. If several bugs sting in rapid succession, the toxins can and will become a problem.

The hives have a finite amount of bugs in each one, and gatherers with honey stay in the hive for about a minute when they put it in the hive. If two minutes go by without any bugs from a hive entering a hostile or injured state, a new bug will be born from the hive.

Note for Developers: Call these whatever you want, and about the flowers without pollination scripts, the bugs should be ejected from the flower in a random direction after they have gathered from it to prevent them from gathering from the same flower several times in a row.
Plant Sprites (Click to enlarge)
Plant Sprites   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 12/31/2014  2 comments  2  log in to like post  3

You can call this plant whatever you want if you decide to code it, but I have something in mind for what it does. The top sprites are the plant growth stages.

The sprites underneath the final stages of growth are the fruit sprites. Rotten fruit at the moldy stage and beyond contains different types of toxins, specifically whatever you want other than the standard pain and glycotoxin, but no toxins or amounts of toxins that are guaranteed to kill a standard Norn if it doesn't get medical attention from just one moldy fruit. The fruit will leave behind two seeds as an anti-extinction measure if it successfully disappears through rotting, and only one if the fruit is eaten.

I want these things to be compatible with Wolfing Runs, because they could potentially be used to prevent creatures with mutations that cause them to enjoy eating detritus from getting their genes into the main population with the added toxins in moldy fruit. The just rotten and half-rotten stages give the normal toxins, but only half for the half-rotten fruit.

The fruit won't give very much protein, because it's literally 65% hard, inedible seed. Seriously ,look at the size of that thing. Okay, onto the growth stages and other sprites.

I will upload sprites for an insect that pollinates the flowers, because it can only progress past the flowering stage if the insect has pollinated it. After that, the flower will wither and fall off. The sprite for the withered flower by itself is underneath the plant with the withered flower attached to it.

The reason why the full-sized fruit attached to the plant sprite has no leaves is because the leaves are eventually forced off by the large fruit. The sprites for the leaves by themselves are underneath the fruit sprites. With no way to get energy from the sun after all its leaves fall off, the plant dies. That last sprite is used after the fruit is picked, and then it disappears.

So, although I don't know crap about coding anything that isn't food or toys, I can make half-decent pixelated sprites and (hopefully) original ideas for what they do when placed into the game with all the CAOS in place, even if they look like they came directly out of a Gameboy Color and an Atari 7800 fused into one.

P.S. These sprites are several times their original size, because at their original size, if they were any smaller, Nano Norns could eat the fruit without breaking the laws of physics.
The Mossy Shee's Tree (Click to enlarge)
The Mossy Shee's Tree   Sprites   Jesseth | 12/23/2014  7 comments  7  log in to like post  5

I've half an idea to make a set of various soft-coloured, alien looking plants inspired by a Shee character of mine. Too bad I'm not much of a coder, but at least I can make hypothetical prototype sprites! c:

Also this is the very first time I've posted to the gallery here, so let me know if anything is amiss and I'll try and fix it.
Little Bow (Click to enlarge)
Little Bow   Sprites   c1anddsaddict | 12/19/2014  comment  log in to like post  2

Want or need a little bow for your agent/Bibble Bauble? Feel free to use this as a base.
Dragon Balls and an Apricorn (Click to enlarge)
Dragon Balls and an Apricorn   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 11/19/2014  comment  log in to like post  1

I found these while cleaning out my pictures folder. They actually look decent for something made in Microsoft Paint, but they could still use some improvements if you want to make something out of them. They were the only things in two files, and they were just floating in white space. The dragon balls were in "Random" and the apricorn was in a file called "Sprites". I just trimmed down the white, pasted them into one file, and here they are.
Crappy Metaroom is Crappy #1 (Click to enlarge)
Crappy Metaroom is Crappy #1   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 11/19/2014  comment  log in to like post

I decided I may as well post this, because I don't really want it to go to waste, even though it gets put to shame by almost every other room in existence. There will be more sprites with the crappy theme to go along with it.

I'm sure if you added a few touches, such as giving it some real shading or making the grass blades thinner, it wouldn't look as horrible, but it's in no condition to be made into a real room like this. I just kind of posted this thing as a base for something that actually looks decent. If you plan on using my bad sprites as a base, make sure to give credit. I honestly have no idea whether it belongs in the Sprites or the Art gallery.
Bioenergy Container (Click to enlarge)
Bioenergy Container   Sprites   Doringo | 10/25/2014  comment  log in to like post

An old sprite I made back in April 2014. I never made anything out of it since and it's just been floating around in My Documents. Converted from bitmap to upload.
Pokeball (Click to enlarge)
Pokeball   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 7/30/2014  3 comments  3  log in to like post  2

So, how did I do? I plan on giving more frames to this and turning it into an agent capable of capturing creatures.
Lollipop Vendor (Click to enlarge)
Lollipop Vendor   Sprites   Trell | 4/28/2014  comment  log in to like post  1

Looks like someone left a sack of lollies behind... Yum!
Roses (Click to enlarge)
Roses   Sprites   Trell | 4/28/2014  5 comments  5  log in to like post  3

Here they are, finished and ready to go! Full sprites for each colour of rose (plus two extra) posted earlier, just like the red roses used in Laura's patch plant. As foretold, I shall indeed drown you in roses. [evil]

Leaved versions available on request.
Nyan Cat (Click to enlarge)
Nyan Cat   Sprites   Espeon_DS | 3/6/2014  10 comments  10  log in to like post

A basic Nyan Cat sprite for anyone wanting to put Nyan Cat into their game.
Plain Egg Base (Click to enlarge)
Plain Egg Base   Sprites   mea | 2/25/2014  comment  log in to like post

Here's the first egg base for the Creatures Caves Easter Eggstravaganza!

Shaded Egg Base (Click to enlarge)
Shaded Egg Base   Sprites   mea | 2/25/2014  6 comments  6  log in to like post

Here's the second egg for the Creatures Caves Easter Eggstravaganza!

Water Lilies: Part 2 (Click to enlarge)
Water Lilies: Part 2   Sprites   mea | 2/21/2014  4 comments  4  log in to like post  4

Here are the sprites for the dying & decaying water lilies.

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