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Random Stuff (Click to enlarge)
Random Stuff   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 2/17/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

These are just a bunch of doodles of drinks and confections that I made when I was bored.
Complete Pixel Norn Heads #2 (Click to enlarge)
Complete Pixel Norn Heads #2   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 2/1/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post

Here are the rest of the Pixel Norn expressions.

Sleepy/Hungry: Pixel Norns usually get to sleep before their tiredness gets high enough for this expression, but if they are woken up from their sleep before they would have awakened on their own. They will automatically use this expression, regardless of the tiredness, as long as the hand remains nearby. Once they start using this expression, they will not go back to sleep, or stop staring at the Hand, until it leaves.

Angry: This expression can be triggered with normal methods, but if a Pixel Norn's drives are very high, they will go up to the Hand with this expression and repeatedly hit it until it gets what it wants. Although you can't tell if the Norn is looking up or down in side view with this expression, it shouldn't be much of a problem unless a breed has this head and is angered easily, or if you're a terrible breeder.

Scared: This expression's conditions are unaltered.
Complete Pixel Norn Heads #1 (Click to enlarge)
Complete Pixel Norn Heads #1   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 2/1/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post

I'm going to go over the various expressions the Pixel Norns can use and any differences they may have. If there are any missing frames for any of the expressions (if you turn the complete set of sprites into a real breed at any point) you can use the next highest or lowest head 'looking' sprite in that set. You can't tell which direction a Pixel Norn is looking, other than if it's looking left or right, when it blinks. This shouldn't be a problem though, because Norns blink for a split second.

Happy: This expression's conditions are unaltered.

Neutral: This expression's conditions are unaltered.

Sad: Pixel Norns only use this expression when they have high amounts of punishment, and even then, only if the Hand is in their line of sight. So, even though you can't tell if the head is looking up or down, when the Norn's head is using a side view sprite, it shouldn't be a major problem unless your Norns are very disobedient.

About the sloppy placement of sprites for expressions beyond the first two: I realized that there were no 'facing left' sprites for any of the expressions beyond the first two as I was about to choose the image, so they were thrown together at the last second.
Norn Heads (Click to enlarge)
Norn Heads   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/28/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

As she looked upon the world she had created, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing... So, the Pixel Norns were born.

These are the first head sprites for a breed I'll be working on. These are a big improvement over my other breed for a number of reasons. The sprites are easier to work with due to their size, and there isn't nearly as much empty space in the head. They're also adorable.
Polluted Bananas (Click to enlarge)
Polluted Bananas   Sprites   Snails | 1/27/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  5

Sprites for a unhealthy banana patch plant that would be for toxic. I was in an arty mood, and said "Why not?" thus, producing more toxic foods, since there isn't enough.

My first sprite for creatures!
Pixel Aqua Teleporter (Click to enlarge)
Pixel Aqua Teleporter   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/23/2015  comment  log in to like post  1

This is the teleporter that leads to Pixel Aqua. At first, it cannot be used, but dropping an Bio Aqua Sphere on it consumes the sphere. It will cause it to play an animation consisting of the first three frames, then play the same animation backwards and go back to its original state. If you give it twenty five Bio Aqua Spheres, it will play its full animation at a slower rate and then take you to Pixel Aqua.

If you go back to the teleporter that took you to Pixel Aqua, it will no longer take Bio Aqua Spheres, and it will repeatedly go through frames 5-7 and back. Norns can now use the teleporter, but the elevator to get there is disabled by default, so that land creatures don't kill themselves with the teleporter by using it and then being mesmerized at their surroundings.
A Prototype Aquarium (Click to enlarge)
A Prototype Aquarium   Sprites   Jesseth | 1/23/2015  5 comments  5  log in to like post  13

One of the things high up on my list of stuff I'd make if I could, is little fish tank/aquariums that count as fresh or saltwater on the inside, that you could put aquatic plants and critters in and carry around [and possibly small aquatic creatures! Tetra Ettin tank? c:].

Alas I cannot, but I can make graphics for fun! The black pixel pattern should in theory render the glass of the tank with transparency in those areas, for a semi-transparent pixel look.
Bio Converter (Click to enlarge)
Bio Converter   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/22/2015  comment  log in to like post  1

While this may look simple and box like, it is the most important thing in the pixel worlds. Unlike the Bio Generators, it is portable. If the Hand places critters and seeds from Pixel World into this machine and then clicks it, it will close, shake for a bit and open again. When it opens, Bio Spheres of the appropriate type will be in the place of the critters and seeds.
Bio Spheres (Click to enlarge)
Bio Spheres   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/22/2015  comment  log in to like post  1

These are used to power the appropriate type of Bio Generator. You can obtain these by putting a plant seed or a live critter into the Bio Converter and then using it. You get Bio Spheres depending on the environment the plant or critter lives in. You can get Bio Aqua Spheres in Pixel Terra by putting freshwater organisms into the Bio Converter.
Bio Generators (Click to enlarge)
Bio Generators   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/22/2015  comment  log in to like post  1

These are intended for use in Pixel Aqua (blue) and Pixel Terra (green). Pixel Aqua and Pixel Terra are both completely barren of all life, except for the first plants and pollinators ever created for them to get you started. They will only run after you insert the appropriate type of Bio Sphere. More on those in the next thing I make. Each different life form costs one Bio Sphere, but you can also use them for other things. These appear embedded in the very top of the dome in their metaroom.
Pixel Aqua Favorite Place (Click to enlarge)
Pixel Aqua Favorite Place   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/22/2015  comment  log in to like post  2

Here's the Pixel Aqua favorite place icon. As you can probably tell by the plants depicted on the icons, the plant on the icon is the first plant I've made for that particular style.
Pixel Terra Favorite Place (Click to enlarge)
Pixel Terra Favorite Place   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/22/2015  comment  log in to like post  1

So, the plants have their own metaroom sprites. I'll go into detail on these on the page for their actual metaroom. The other metaroom in this series is called Pixel Aqua. I'm calling them Pixel Aqua and Pixel Terra, because Terra Terrarium sounds stupid.
Giant Cheese Plant (Click to enlarge)
Giant Cheese Plant   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/20/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post  2

This plant is awesome. It grows like a weed, multiplies like a weed, and it gives your Norns cheese wedges the size of their heads. The plant can be pushed while in the flowering stage for some delicious nectar to act as a substitute for the plant's seeds. The fruit itself is classed as food, and the seeds are inside the holes. They'll only be able to come out if the fruit can rot on its own. This isn't much of a problem, because most creatures will be filled up after the first giant piece they hack off with their faces. If a cheese wedge is half-eaten when it rots, it will produce one seed. If it's whole, you'll get three.

The cheese is so heavy that the plant droops to the side, and there's also a size comparison with an adolescent Astro Norn to show just how ginormous it is.
Midnight Berries (Click to enlarge)
Midnight Berries   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/19/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

These things are weeds. Like, weeds as in "They grow all over the place,and you never seem to completely eradicate them."

The top sprites are the berry, seed, and flower sprites, and just below them is a cute little bottle of Midnight-B-Gone that kills all Midnight Bushes touching it when used and only Midnight Bushes. It won't kill anything else from the bushes. When you hear about what the plants do, you might actually want it.

The berries contain moderate amounts of sleep toxin,and are classed as "weed," just like the bush. They also contain punishment, because they taste bad, and can be used as training weeds for Norns in C12DS with weakened instincts for that reason. Berries spit out one to three seeds when eaten, and three to five seeds when they rot.

The bush itself is also a weed, and it contains even more sleep toxin than the berry. Adult bushes take three bites to finish off,and with each bite taken out of a bush, the chances of it surviving decrease, just like the seaweed.

When a mature bush is eaten twice, if it survives, it will regrow one bite at a time. The bush contains enough sleep toxin to knock out most Norns, and enough punishment to make Norns think twice about taking a bite out of a weed next time.

Unlike all other parts of the plant, the seeds are actually semi-healthy. They contain the least sleep toxin out of all the parts of the plant, and they have a decent amount of starch for their size. They do not contain punishment, because that would make Norns stop eating seeds.

Like all my other plants, the flowers on these need to be pollinated.
Spiky Mites (Click to enlarge)
Spiky Mites   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/19/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post

These little guys swim around in aquatic areas and do almost exactly the same thing as the water mites, but instead of fleeing from a predator, they reveal their gigantic spikes of death until it goes away. If a creature tries to eat one while its spikes are out, it will receive some pain, wounded, and punishment instead of the usual stimulus. They are classed as beasts, so that you won't come back to a pile of stardust, because the creatures' first instinct was to eat these if you do an aquatic/carnivorous Wolfling Run with them around.

The Spiky Mites are supersized like normal. The gigantic death spikes deter most fish, so there isn't a reason to make it physically possible for a fishy to eat one. These are also Sabertooth-compatible, but they won't provide much sustenance, alive or dead, because most of their bodies are composed of hollow spaces the spikes retract into and bug guts that taste horrible. The dead bugs don't give pain and wounded, but they still give punishment because of bad taste.

Hitting these is pretty much killing them and ripping their spikes out and creatures receive pain and wounded from that, because ripping spikes out of something they're firmly attached to hurts.

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