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Shee: Under Cover   LuciaInFurs | 4/19/2003  comment  log in to like post

There is a new website for both Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 called Under Cover Shee! The site has adoption, photos, and links. Make sure you click here to check it out today!
Jungle Updates!   Rascii | 4/18/2003  comment  log in to like post

There's a nice new update over at the Creatures Jungle from April 8th... It's so nice to see great websites updated every once in a while! Apparently the owner of the site is slowing moving on to The Sims community, though the website itself is still there and as excellent as ever!
Breed In The Making   Rascii | 4/18/2003  comment  log in to like post

I stumbled upon an awesome looking new Creatures 3 breed today! They're nicknamed the Aquatic Grendel Demons, as mentioned over at Volt11's new site. There's a picture of them at this URL if you're interested, though it sounds like they need someone to do the CAOS for them! Let's all hope they're complete soon.
RaptorNorn Is Alive   Karias | 4/12/2003  comment  log in to like post

That's right, the new site RaptorNorn, made by Karias is here! You can check it out here, or post your comments here. RaptorNorn is not fully finished, and will be constantly changing, so don't be surprised. ;)
Thanks to all who have helped out making it! :)
Aah! New Clowns Are Here!   Lanky | 4/12/2003  comment  log in to like post

I've finally got around to finishing those stupid Harlequin norns! They have updated life and gait genes to change the way they move and live. This esecially shows when they're "frisky" ;)
Thanks to Chani for making Edynn, which I used for the testing process and the 30 odd deformed norns that are currently wandering around my worlds... the ones that can wander that is!

Get them at SmartNorn now!
Submit some feedback
Quick Reminder   Rascii | 4/10/2003  comment  log in to like post

I know I've told everyone millions of times, but I just wanted to post a friendly remind that multiple accounts are strictly prohibited! If you forget your password then use the lost password page. If for some reason you can't check the email that it sends your password to then drop a message in my mailbox and I'll help sort out the problem! If you create two accounts both of them will be banned for good!
Return of River & Petal!   TreeSprite | 4/10/2003  comment  log in to like post

River & Petal have a nice new display available on TreeSprite's Creatures Grove Forums! You don't need to join to view the comic strips, but it'd be ever so nice if you did since we'd all love the company of friends!

River & Petal - Creature Labs (Cyberlife) June 1997
River & Petal - Creature Labs (Cyberlife) July 1997
River & Petal - Creature Labs (Cyberlife) October 1997

GNP forum?   xan | 4/9/2003  comment  log in to like post

After searching for a long time to find a free forum with a managable amount of ads, I finally got one! It isn't exactly the most advanced forum (and would never compare to this site's forum ;)) and isn't very fancy, but it works. Anyway, why don't you drop by GryphonNorn's Perch and post on it today!
Official Patches   Don | 4/9/2003  comment  log in to like post

If you were caught unawares by Creature Labs' sites going offline and are in need of the update patches you can find them at Broderbund's Support Center. Broderbund were the publishers for Creatures at some point. Don't forget to keep checking DS-Aftermath to see when CL's mirror site will come online.
80 New Bonny Norns!   Rascii | 4/8/2003  comment  log in to like post

Phil over at Creatures Unlimited has recently notifed us that over the past couple of days over eighty Bonny Norns have been posted! The Bonnies are for Creatures 3 and Docking Station and are based on the Treehugger genome. Some new features have been added, however, such as 2 hour life limit, colors, and only one color for all of the life of the norn. At the moment you can download Bengal, Civet, ChiChi, Magma and Fallow Bonnies. Download some Bonny Norns for your game today!
New Valentines Norns!   Sharon | 4/7/2003  comment  log in to like post

Woo! There are some new cool Valentines Norns for Creatures 2 over at Mummy's Creatures. These norns are a must have for any C2 player they're very cute. So hurry up and go get them here.
Previous Update   Rascii | 4/6/2003  comment  log in to like post

I noticed today that there was an error on the 2002 layout archive! It was just a tiny little problem and I was able to easily fix it. So you may want to check out how Creatures Caves used to be by clicking this link today!
SmartNorn Returns!   Lanky | 4/6/2003  comment  log in to like post

No, your eyes aren't decieving you, it is back! After a horribly long time revamping, I decided to scrap all the features that didn't work and go for it. It is probrably still a bit buggy, but I'm confident things are mostly ironed out.

The Features:
*It has a working delete script!
*It has a micro tiny (and rather useless) staff site.
*It has the beautiful Pez to help keep the site in order.
*It has a genome: The Harlequins, though they won't be available until later this today or tomorrow... Sorry!

Hmm, it doesn't look too good from this angle does it? :P. But I promise more people, more!
So please please have a look at SmartNorn. and submit your comments to my guestbook.
New DS Login Disabler   Don | 4/5/2003  comment  log in to like post

MNB has released a fantastic new version of his Docking Station log-in disabler. Thanks to his work you can now start new worlds again.
Just after you select to create a world and have entered a name, the game asks you to register it online (which is no-longer possible) or exit, so MNB has added an extra 'continue anyway' button. Have a look at the screeenshot and then download it from the DS Agents section of Creatures MainFrame.
Egg-Central Stops Updates   Miff | 4/4/2003  comment  log in to like post

It's been a while since I've posted news, a couple of years in fact. It's always best to start with familiar ground, thank goodness for 'The Simpsons'.."Hi! I'm Miff, you may remember me from such places as HomeCreatures or JR Chat, but tonight I'm here to talk to you about A-Norn."

At this point no doubt some of you are no doubt thinking "hey bruv, just who iz A-Norn?", or perhaps "Miff who?", maybe "What am I gonna have for dinner?"

These days, A-Norn is better known as Egg-Central webmaster 'Dan'. I've been lucky enough to know Dan for a few years now, when I first met him he lurked under the name A-Norn. It was perhaps a name which did not best reflect the later imagination that A-n would pump into his websites!

Egg-Central, a thriving beast of a web site, and Dan, who according to Sharon is an equally thriving beast of a man, have recently decided to shut shop. It is the latest in a collection of bad news to hit the community. I could easily sit here and take up room on Creatures Caves talking about Dan, his history, his positive points, but I felt a few thought out sentences would perhaps be more appreciated, the idea being you guys will e-mail Dan or leave your comments on the forum, full of nice things to say...! Thus providing news and that fuzzy warm feeling inside, what more could you ask for?! ;-)

Perhaps the first thing that struck me about him when we met was his extreme excitement over his web site Millennium Creatures. I don't recall if it was the new logo, or the domain name, but something had set Dan on over boil and the guy was hyper for about a week! It's this thrive and love of creation that was to mark out him as an individual who would without doubt go on to create huge sites and take extreme satisfaction and pleasure from seeing his hard work rightly adored by many. This is a trait that no doubt he'll be taking to wherever he decides to go next, and one that will serve him very well. This energy for work was only complimented by the amount of time he had for community members, always listening to find out what people wanted and trying to involve everyone in projects. He was a great help on lots of aspects of projects in the community, I benefited from his skills when I had a site and I'm not alone in being thankful! Those who spoke to Dan will also mention his ability to give mature, well thought reasoning to situations. It's no doubt this particular talent is the reason he rapidly became a chat room operator in JR Chat.

I'll wrap this up by saying thanks to Dan, you've been a good friend and I remember our nightly chats on ICQ around the time of websites and before life took us separate ways. I trust that the closure of E-C will not mean the loss of contact with the established friends you have here and wish you the very best of luck with the future.

To the original (and only?) Atomic Kitten fan - adios!

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