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Unusual DS academic paper discovered   Doringo | 8/13/2018discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  7

Unusual DS academic paper discoveredRecently an academic case study which made use of Docking Station (as well as custom-made agents and metarooms!) has been unearthed. The study split up creatures into two different species known as "Explorers", which were portrayed as ettins and "Natives", which were portrayed as a norn mix with large heads and angry expressions.

More information can be found here. I also invite everyone who is interested in this recent find to the ongoing discussion in the forum thread.
CCSF 2018 Poll Results   Layla | 7/5/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the last poll!
Click HERE to view the full results page!

The coordinator who received the most votes was actually myself (Layla) and I'm very happy to accept this role! This will be my first year coordinating, so once I figure out exactly how much work is involved, I may ask for help from those who volunteered.

The theme that got the most votes was Revival, Renewal, and Reclamation. As such, I'm going to showcase any submissions on my YouTube channel, and I encourage all of you to do the same on whatever social media platforms you prefer!

In the meantime, please send your submissions to !
Basilisk Norns Released   Dragoler | 7/1/2018discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  9

Basilisk Norns ReleasedA new breed of reptilian Creatures are now available for download!

As well as brand new sprites the Basilisks boast many odd quirks in their genomes, and as a natural continuation from my TWB genomes, they are fully cold blooded!

They can be downloaded HERE
CCSF Poll #3   Layla | 6/25/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post

CCSF Poll #3The results of the previous poll are in, and it seems the CCSF will take place in November! Now it's time to vote on coordinator and theme:

Click here to go to the survey!
CCSF Poll #2   Layla | 5/19/2018discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

CCSF Poll #2Hey guys! The most popular organization methods from the last poll were:
- Coordinator Pair/Team
- Committee led by a coordinator

So, either way, we're definitely going to have at least one coordinator, who can decide from there what sort of team they would like.

In the meantime, the next poll is ready! This one is accepting volunteers and nominations, as well as data regarding date and theme.

Click here to go to the survey!
CCSF 2018 Organization Poll   Layla | 5/12/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

CCSF 2018 Organization PollHey guys! It seems like things in the community have stagnated since the initial polling for the CCSF 2018, so I've decided to try and get the ball re-rolling with a quick poll! If you'd be so kind as to fill out this survey, it'd be much appreciated! :D

Click here to fill out the survey!
Better Albia 1.5 Released   GimmeCat | 4/26/2018discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  7

That was quick! And it's a big update, too. So big, that I couldn't wait to deliver it into your hands.

Although there are a small number of template fixes this time, they're pretty important ones, so I definitely recommend updating your game if you've previously installed BA 1.4. The best thing about Better Albia is that updating from previous versions is super easy! Just open the Room Editor and upload the new template to your existing world.

There's two new fixes you really need to hear about: The Wallbonk fix and the World Wrap fix! These finally address two of C2's most longstanding and infuriating problems, and should be installed together for the full effect.

You can grab those seperately, but I really recommend BA as a whole package. Show your game some TLC. :)

Better Albia 1.4 Released   GimmeCat | 4/8/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  5

Better Albia 1.4 ReleasedGood news for Creatures 2 fans: The newest update to the Better Albia set of room fixes is live!

New to version 1.4 are over 20 edits of problematic rooms, aimed at smoothing out steep floors, further widening narrow elevator shafts and sanitizing room neighbours.

This update arrives with many thanks to Yme and Elegnaim, whose valuable feedback inspired another round of in-depth bug-hunting and fixing.

Additionally, BA 1.4 now comes with a brand new 'Extras' COB, containing a series of compatability patches that make BA play nicely with several popular Bridge packs, including JayD's Ocean Bridges v1.1 and Helen and NornGOD's Bridge & Barrier pack (both highly recommended!)

Better Albia requires installation of the Room Editor application. Check out the download page for more information.
AlbiaSquared V.1 Update   Laura | 4/4/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  5

AlbiaSquared V.1 Update!AlbiaSquared, a new Creatures 1 world being developed by GirlySatan, has received a brand-new update this week! This project has been several years in the making so far, and GirlySatan would really appreciate any volunteers willing to test the updated beta and provide feedback on what they find.

Visit her blog, GirlySatan's Adventures to download the beta and find all the information you need on the new update, and please feel free to leave any feedback or comments in the forum topic.

Thank you! :)
Happy Easter 2018!   Laura | 4/1/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  3

Happy Easter!Happy Bunny Day, everyone! However you're spending this Easter, may it be an egg-cellent one, filled with fun, happiness and more chocolate eggs than you can manage to cram into your mouth! :D

There are also plenty of cracking Easter-themed downloads available at Creatures Caves to help you celebrate! Be sure to check out Malkin's egg-ceptional Easter Addons resource article, as it has everything you need to enjoy the Easter holiday with your Norns and spans all the games in the series! Perhaps an Easter egg hunt in the Norn Meso with the Eggstravaganza Patch Plant (DS), or the Easter Egg Pack (C3/DS)?

If you've decorated your worlds egg-specially for Easter, then feel free to share them with us in the Screenshots Gallery, we'd love to see them! And if you've managed to read through this news post without cringing at my shameless puns, well done. No more bad yolks here, I promise. ;)
Albian Command v0.1.1 for Creatures 2   skerit | 3/12/2018discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  8

Albian Command v0.1.1 for Creatures 2The next version of my wolfling run monitor for C2 is available and I'm looking for people to test it.

Some features are: game speed adjustment, creature observation, auto-naming, egg overview, pregnancy actions, import/export control and also an early implementation of a peer-to-peer "warp".

You can check the release notes or report issues on the Albian Command github page.
Userbars Available at Request!   Doringo | 3/8/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  2

I am now taking requests for custom userbars! Please see the forum thread for more details. Here are some examples:

As an added bonus, anyone who receives a completed userbar from their request will have their name added to a norn name lottery. During the Adventure Run which I am running over at Observing Albia, if your name is randomly chosen from the list when a norn is born you will have that norn named after you!
Observing Albia   Doringo | 3/3/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

Observing AlbiaHello Creatures fans! Four days ago I launched my new blog, Observing Albia. Observing Albia is a Creatures blog designed after the popular Creatures blogs dating from around 2010 to roughly 2012 and is dedicated towards no specific game in the series in particular, but rather the series in general.

At the moment I am mid-way into playing an Adventure Run, which is a new concept of run which I originally wrote up around November 2017. Simply put, in an adventure run you start in one world, such as the default Albia in Creatures 1 and you have a user-defined objective to achieve, such as reaching a certain generation or getting a certain amount of natural norn eggs. Once you reach that goal, you send a few norns to the next world. Typically the user can only send natural norns born in the current world into the next world, but the main point of this concept is that the user is able to define their own experience.

I hope to see you there and most importantly I hope you will enjoy Observing Albia!
Civvi's CCSF 2018 Gift!   Laura | 2/27/2018discuss  comment  log in to like post  5

Civvi's CCSF 2018 Gift!In anticipation of the upcoming CCSF 2018, Civvi has had the great idea of offering a custom icon to anyone who wants to help plan it or take part, drawn to order:

"So I wasn’t really sure what I could contribute to CCSF 2018 but now I think I do. Any admins/mods from CC here, or people helping to put together CCSF this year, can reach out to me here and I will draw a custom icon for you for use anywhere! It can be of a norn or anything really, I can guarantee I’ll try my best. :) Some of my work is already in the art section here, or on Tumblr at CivviTheCivilian, if you want to know what my stuff looks like. ❤️ I’ll put a limit at ten to start with and see where to go from there!"

If that isn't an incentive to get involved, then I don't know what is! ;)
CCSF Preliminary Discussion Forum   ylukyun | 2/23/2018discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  5

CCSF Preliminary Discussion ForumThe CCSF Preliminary Discussion Forum has been launched. This is a place for Creatures Community members to gather and help plan the upcoming festival. If you'd like to have your say, it only takes a few moments to register. It's a little more in-depth than a survey or poll, and my hope is that if we get everyone's input, we can make this year's CCSF the best ever!

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