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Dappled Velvet Norns Released!   Malkin | 5/25/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

Dappled Velvet NornsHey Everyone!

I think some people have already spotted, but for the less eagle eyed, I released the Dappled Velvet Norns today.

I had wanted to include a plant, a critter and a toy in the pack, but the coding on the plant ended up eating lots of my dev time so the critter got left on the cutting room floor.

My goal was to create something with a hint of C2 norn breeds in them, but still fit the visual quality and aesthetic of C3/DS.

The designs for the seed dispenser and the teddy were done by my four year old daughter, I then modelled and rendered them. I am happy to say that she has a growing love for Norns, but she just can't help herself from making eggs until she hits the breed limit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to throw any comments or questions my way.

Thanks all!


It is worth noting that I have only been able to test the agents and creatures in the environment they were developed in. If there are any bugs or missing files, please give me a shout!

Kae's Metaroom Survey 2020   Malkin | 5/14/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  2

Hi there!

I'm Kae (previously Knux Econa or Kaelis Ra) an ooooold school metaroom developer, and gengineer: I was involved with the creation of Mermaid Caves (MMC) and Aquatilis Caverna, as well as the Akatora Norns waaay back when.

I'd like to get some information about people's priorities for metarooms, metaroom themes and features, along with some basic info about what operating system people are using, how much ram they have, and what sort of CPU they have. (Just for some basic information to help with working out what to look at regarding performance requirements, etc)

I'm also working on a metaroom background for the first time in many many years, utilizing blender, so this information will be very helpful. I also plan to make the results available to the community for other metaroom creators as well!

Anyways, here's the link!

CCSF 2020 | Announcement 3   Layla | 5/5/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  3

Click HERE to vote on date and theme! Subtitles available for the hearing-impaired!
Creatures on iPad/iPhone/Android devices   Malkin | 4/20/2020discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  8

Tutorials are now available at for running Docking Station on Android and iOS devices!
A familiar desert...   Vermidia | 4/20/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

A familiar desert...Might have just gotten a bit of an overhaul, improving the sustainability of the ecosystem and adding new features to some older critters...
CCSF 2020 | Announcement 2   Layla | 4/14/2020discuss  5 comments  5  log in to like post  4

Click HERE to enter a norn for the run! Subtitles available for the hearing-impaired!
CCSF 2020 | Announcement   Layla | 3/24/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

Thank you so much for voting for me once again! I'll do my best to do a good job this year!
Click HERE to fill out the first Wolfling Run poll!

If the embedded video doesn't work, click HERE to watch it. There are subtitles for the hearing-impaired!
CCSF 2020   Layla | 3/9/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

CCSF 2020Coordinator Election, Theme, and Event Ideas

Alrighty, the nominations poll has been up for two weeks, so now it's time for the official coordinator vote! In addition, you can suggest theme and event ideas! Take the survey here!

If you already have submissions, send them in to !
NOTE: This does not mean the festival will necessarily be held in November. All that means is and were both taken, and the last two festivals were in November.
Community Pages Fixed   Rascii | 3/5/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

The pages in the Community section have been repaired. You can now post links, polls and resource articles, and also edit resource articles.

Please let me know if you still encounter any issues. I'm hoping to make more progress around the rest of the site this month.

Thanks for your patience. :)
CCSF 2020   Layla | 2/26/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

CCSF 2020Nominations & Volunteers

Well, it seems like planning for this year's festival's come just after the last one ended! I'm still waiting on some of the art prizes, but once I get the rest of those, I'll post a CCSF 2019 conclusions video. In the meantime, you can nominate someone to coordinate or volunteer yourself here! And remember, start getting your submissions together early - we can't do it without you!
Creatures Caves is Hiring!   Yomegami | 2/23/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  3

For a while now, Creatures Caves has been running on a skeleton crew of staff. We'd really appreciate an extra set of hands.

If you're interested, PM any of the active staff.
Fanlore Needs Your Fandom History!   Malkin | 1/19/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post  1

Fanlore is a wiki for fandom, created by those who made AO3. That is to say... Fanlore is meant to archiving and preserving the comings and goings of people like you! Patchlamb made a Creatures Community Fanlore page. You can help Patchlamb fill in the info by either joining the website and editing the page directly or answering some questions on the forum thread.
CCSF Wolfling Run Finale!   mea | 1/2/2020discuss  comment  log in to like post

Here it is everyone! The final episode of the CCSF Wolfling Run!
CCSF Wolfling Run, Day 17   mea | 12/26/2019discuss  comment  log in to like post

Yay! After such a long delay, here's the next episode of the Wolfling Run!

CCSF : Wolfling run – Day 17
Happy Holidays   ylukyun | 12/25/2019discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

Happy HolidaysOn behalf of the Creatures Caves staff, we'd like to wish you all a Happy Holidays! If you feel like decking the halls in-game, check out this list of festive addons for C1, C2 and C3/DS. [nsanta]

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