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Creator Policies   Development   Ghosthande | 4/2/2015  log in to like post  5

A list of policies for Creatures developers past and present, detailing the conditions of filesharing and/or rehosting their works.

This information comes from readme files and other documentation provided by the creators, but the policies listed below cannot be guaranteed to be true for all of that creator's works. Collaborative projects in particular are likely to be subject to different conditions.

If you are looking to rehost or otherwise redistribute a creator's work, you are encouraged to consult any documentation that may have come with it to ensure that you are looking at their most current and relevant policy.

Creator Policy Reference Updated
Amaikokonut Filesharing is accepted. Please do not rehost agents while they are still available elsewhere. Naturing :: Nurturing Apr 6, 2015
Don Please do not redistribute. Remastered Patch Apr 2, 2015
ElasticMuffin Works may be redistributed or modified with credit. Stated in comments below Apr 4, 2015
Ghosthande Filesharing encouraged. Do not rehost while Breeders Beware is still online. All works Apr 2, 2015
Grendel Man May fileshare. Do not rehost while The Realm is still online. The Realm Feb 28, 2018
Hausmouse Do not rehost without permission. Trumpet Seed Launcher Apr 2, 2015
Helen Do not redistribute without permission. C3/DS Radio (collab) Apr 2, 2015
Kezune May fileshare. No rehosting unless Designer Genes and Creatures Caves are both gone. GB Shelf Mushrooms Apr 2, 2015
Laura May redistribute as long as credit is given. Petz Treat Pack Apr 2, 2015
Mea May redistribute as long as credit is given. Stinger Honeycomb (collab) Apr 2, 2015
Moe Do not rehost without permission. Tuba Seeder Apr 2, 2015
Monika May redistribute as long as credit is given. Ammonite Toy (collab) Apr 2, 2015
Norngirl Ask permission first before doing anything. Do not rehost while Norngirl's Temporary Storage Place is still online. Norngirl's Temporary Storage Place May 5, 2018
Random Do not redistribute without permission. C3/DS Radio (collab) Apr 2, 2015
RProgrammer 3-clause BSD license or an attribution, no non-commercial, no share-alike Creative Commons license. statement on Creatures Caves Oct 8, 2014
TwilightCat May redistribute as long as credit is given. Ammonite Toy (collab) Apr 2, 2015
Ylukyun May fileshare and rehost as long as credit is given. Stated on Creatures Caves Apr 2, 2015
Liam May fileshare, alter and rehost as long as credit is given. Stated on Creatures Caves Aug 22, 2015
C-Rex May redistribute as long as credit is given. Stated on Creatures Caves Jan 9, 2018
CosmiSynth Current Terms of Service Stated on Creatures Caves Jun 29, 2018

Methods of redistribution fall into two categories. Filesharing is here defined as the act of sharing a work (such as an agent, breed or metaroom) with specific people, usually via email. Rehosting is the act of uploading a work to make it publically available on another web site.

Assuming that an author is open to having their work shared or rehosted, it is considered basic etiquette to ensure that any documentation (such as readme files) that were provided with the work remain packaged with it if at all possible. Proper credit should also be given to ensure that any recipients are aware of the work's origin.


Updated by Malkin on 4/20/2015 - updating with statement from RProgrammer.
Updated by ylukyun on 8/22/2015 - Updating to reflect Liam's statement.
Updated by ylukyun on 1/9/2018 - Updating to reflect C-Rex's statement... how did I miss that?.
Updated by ylukyun on 1/9/2018 - Dates.
Updated by Grendel_Man on 2/28/2018 - Updated own policy.
Updated by Grendel_Man on 5/6/2018 - Updated with Norngirl's new policies..
Updated by Laura on 7/5/2018 - added CosmiSynth's policy.

Ghosthande | 4/6/2015  log in to like post

I'm not going to delete what I said about Amaikokonut just because Jessica disagrees it. Amaikokonut did vanish for well over a year. We did try to contact her while she was gone and those attempts failed. So, yes, my original statement was correct and the conditions she described had been at one point in time. It's more useful in my mind to mention that than to just sweep it all under the rug. The site staff isn't required to alter resources simply because one member doesn't like how we worded something.

The policies listed here come straight from the creators' own readme files included with their agents. I will edit the article to be clearer on where the information is coming from, but I see no need for that kind of compromise simply because Jessica dislikes how we're doing things. This is the format agreed upon by the site staff, and it is going to stay the way it is unless the moderators agree on something else that will work better, or Rascii specifically tells me otherwise.
kezune | 4/6/2015  log in to like post  1

Another compromise could be to say "unverified" or "needs confirmation". An idea of their previous policy might be more helpful for people trying to find the policies and might be incentive to get more people involved in contacting these developers. The more help the better, y'know? I didn't even know some of these developers existed, so a list of names is still helpful.
Jessica | 4/6/2015  log in to like post  1

Well said, Kezune. I would be completely fine with this list if everything was verified by the creators. Judging by the names on this list, that's nearly everyone. It's just the few who weren't contacted for an official stance that could create the confusion. Maybe only include those policies that have been verified by their creators?
kezune | 4/6/2015  log in to like post  1

Perhaps the best way to look at this list is as a work in progress. With so many developers currently inactive and difficult to get a hold of, it would be difficult to get a fully detailed, comprehensive list of all policies over all agents ever made by any developer.
Jessica | 4/6/2015  log in to like post

... What happened to my comment here about Amaikokonut? It was deleted and the policy is still incorrectly interpreted. I think that ElasticMuffin brings up some good points: This is presented as a definitive list of creator policies, and there is already a great deal of confusion. The individual creator should be the one to provide an official stance on his/her policy. If said creator can't be reached, then having others interpret license language can lead to confusion or, even worse, a wrongly stated policy.
ElasticMuffin | 4/6/2015  log in to like post

The problem there is that this gives the appearance of a definitive list of per-person policies right now, when some of these people might have different policies for some of their stuff. For example, you have on here now that I allow all my works to be freely distributed and modified - while your assumption was correct, I never said that - I only applied that to stuff available on Eem Labs.

I know this sounds pedantic and obnoxious, but my point is that this stuff is tricky, and trying to interpret people's vaguely-defined licenses in a broad way like this may cause more problems than it solves.

Ghosthande wrote:
... the site staff was in agreement that knowing at least some of a creator's preferences was more useful than nothing.

I'd argue that unless you make what you've stated here more clear in the article (this is just an interpretation of some of their preferences, not a definitive listing), then it's actually more misleading than helpful.
Ghosthande | 4/4/2015  log in to like post  2

ElasticMuffin: There's no reason why multiple policies would not be mentioned if we came across them--hence why the table lists reference agents already. In this case, the site staff was in agreement that knowing at least some of a creator's preferences was more useful than nothing.

Laura: Yes! :) Anyone who wants their policy added, or knows of useful information not yet posted here, is welcome to post a reply.
ElasticMuffin | 4/3/2015  log in to like post  1

Policy by creator seems like it might be over-generalizing things a bit? Unless the author has specified a blanket policy somewhere, it's probably a per-item deal. Also if you're intending to make a list like this it might be worthwhile to reach out to people like Helen and see what their current stance on this is.

It is unfortunate that the CC didn't develop during the age of Github and open-source - might have made it much easier to find all this stuff for download years later and might have made it possible for more people to learn CAOS coding.

For what it's worth, anything on Eem Labs (not just my stuff - I checked) may be freely distributed and modified, with credit.
Laura | 4/2/2015  log in to like post

And people can comment here to have their policies added, right? :)

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