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A Whole New Kind of Creature   evolnemesis | 2/8/2015discuss  log in to like post  11

A Whole New Kind of CreatureThere's a new kind of Norn on the block. The Evo Norns. What's so special about them? They are a result of months of work by multiple people fixing many problems with the base C3/DS creatures genomes and any genomes based on them... the CFF genome (see this thread for more details)... They have many fixes and nearly 50 new genes, including a new drive regulation organ that fixes creatures tendency to starve while preoccupied with other drives, and a new brain lobe that regulates their hunger so they will not overeat.

I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions about these Norns, as I think that CFF is just about ready to roll out on all the official Norn breeds (the Evo are based on ChiChis). If anyone can think of any other fixes I can add to them or changes to make them better (keep in mind these should be generic fixes that could apply to all breeds) please let me know in reply here or in the dev thread.
Doringo | 3/14/2015  log in to like post

For me, they get stuck like ordinary norns do but they don't spend their entire lifetime like that, and they usually sort themselves out after 1-2 minutes.

Edit: Are they mean't to continously push flower? Also mine tend to go to the corners of their metarooms and just live alone.
evolnemesis | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

Working on applying these fixes (at least whichever are applicable) to grendels and ettins next.
kezune | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

That got me thinking, I would love to see Grendels modeled from this genome. :)
KittyTikara | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

For C3/DS Norns, they are pretty interesting to watch. I had a wolfling run with them and some other Creatures in it and all of the Norns had different things they liked to play with. One liked bugs more and another liked to push Grendels. Most still liked toys though.

A few Norns even started a Norn plushie cult where all they wanted to do was "push gadget." The only thing that ended their cult was a Grendel attack. Only one Norn survived and that's only because he found pushing Grendels fun. He's actually still alive.
kezune | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

I just can't wait for my current DS project to be done so I can play with a group of these. :)
evolnemesis | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

Walking in a direction they can't progress in is actually due to a broken script that never sends them a stim to know they are hitting a wall. Check out this script download. That script update includes a fix vampess proposed to stop them from expressing like/dislike so much and getting into loops, but if you look in the comments, I detail a fix for the wallbonking stim, and it was also put in that updated script.

So you can either get the updated script with all the fixes, or just follow my instructions for the line to add to fix the wallbonking stim in the comments for the script if you just want that change.

There's not much of a way they can know what's in food if it's nonstandard, but these norns have a good idea of a lot of things they can eat in a pinch.. for starch: seeds, fruit, or leaf.. for protein: fruit, food, or bugs... for fat: food, seeds, or critters. There's overlap too, and dispensers if those are around... The less common things are weaker instincts, so it won't be their first choices, but they should think of it eventually, and if they ever get hungry for fat and eat a critter they will probably figure out it's good for protein too. They should be pretty good about not pigging out on everything though.
Jesseth | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

Oh I've been waiting for these! c:

also in terms of feedback or fixes, I don't know if their existing tweaks will already cover this, but one of the biggest issues I've ever had with norns, is them walking in a direction that they can't actually progress in! Things like force-fields, stopper pots and obstacles that they either can't see or think they can walk past, and so you end up with clusters of norns basically walking in one spot and going nowhere! Perhaps a timer to make them change priority, or something that tells them if they're trying to travel in a direction but not progressing?

Also again this might have been considered already, but something I've noticed especially with 3rd party food, is that norns will be starving for a food, let's say, starch: They know starch comes from seeds, but the food on hand that supplies starch does not classify as a seed. You can tell them to 'eat food/ect ' but perhaps something that tells them if they can't find a specific food type past a certain point of hunger or starvation, to try and eat other kinds?

Keep up the good work and hope that maybe that was helpful and not annoying or anything! c:
ham5ter | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

Cool, this is Groundbreaking Genome Sience!

Creatures that are able to prioritize the Need to Eat higher, then the Need to push that damn elevator!

That is Awesome!

I will download these and unleash them into my DS!
evolnemesis | 2/8/2015  log in to like post  1

Yeah, for sure... Remember that once everyone thinks the CFF 1.0 genome is ready, I will also be releasing a CFF converted version of each of the standard and mall breeds. You may like one of those more. Personally, I can't wait to make a CFF version of the Hardman Norns and see how they get along.
the1whoscreams | 2/8/2015  log in to like post

If it's okay with you,I am totally using that as a base genome for Pixel Norns and their variants if they ever get finished.

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