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CCSF 2014 Day 6: A Musical Interlude!   KittyTikara | 12/3/2014discuss  log in to like post  4

A musical interlude!The music in the Creatures games has always been sort of forgettable for me. I don't really remember the music from C1 or C3, though I do like the music when I'm playing them. The music in Docking Station is either terrible or okay. The hub music sounds like whale songs, and it's the main reason I play DS with the music turned off. The only song I like from it is the one that plays in the Meso. Creatures 2 has the best music from the main games, and I love it. Strangly enough, I like the music from the PS1 games the best, and I often listen to it when playing around with genetics.

Today's releases aren't very musical, but they are very cute! There's one pack of Norns from Mea, which are from the same run as yesterday. The second pack is from Allekha and the Norn in it are generation 240! The last release for today is a Chocolate Rose patch plant from Kezune and TrellyDawn!

Ron has been enjoying some Creatures 2 music today, and he also has the third verse to the Sheemas song:
"On the third day of Sheemas Master Shee sent to me
Three Musicolas
Two Clapping Hands
and Some Ettins from Old Albia!"

The music got him thinking about different things like musical Norns and singing cheese. So today's question is: Was there ever a musical Creature? (Feel free to submit answers from past questions! The last day to submit all of the answers is December 12th.)

A pack of tough, old Norns from Mea!
A pack of Wolflings from Allekha!
Some yummy Chocolate Roses from TrellyDawn and Kezune!
KittyTikara | 12/10/2014  log in to like post

The Neko mix is most likely from Mea's pack. Most of the pictures are of Creatures from that day's release. Also I couldn't really think of a nice theme for day 6, so I just went with music. It's more fitting for one of today's releases though.
Norngirl | 12/10/2014  log in to like post

Bit puzzled how the music title is tied to that days release as its nothing about music o.o

Oh well, I wonder if that pretty pink with green stripe pearlmaid neko mix that's hiding behind the lift button is included in one of the packs,she looks so pretty *.*
SplicerTheDicer | 12/4/2014  log in to like post

I've adored the music in all the games since I was a child. I guess since I grew up playing the games it had more of an impact on me!
KittyTikara | 12/4/2014  log in to like post

The snowy Norn Terrarium is this agent here and I found it from an old list Christmas agents list. I wish I had used it sooner. It's quite pretty.

I honestly don't remember any of the music from Creatures Village. With C1 and C3 I can remember one or two songs, or whatever those happy noises are in C1. Though to be fair it's because I've never gotten the music to work in my game, and not because it's bad. I like the main theme a lot, but I don't really remember any other song.
exiledcole | 12/4/2014  log in to like post

Is that snow in the C3 Norn Terrarium? What awesome agent is that?
ylukyun | 12/4/2014  log in to like post

How do you feel about the Creatures Village music?

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