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Kappsune's Journal | Survivor: Space   
Caves Dweller

United States  

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I'm your average everyday Forest Norn. When somebody told me there were sign-ups for a game show, I rushed over.

I'm not totally sure what I'm supposed to do, but I'm sure they'll explain it to me soon. So far, the only thing they've told me is to bring a personal item and a weapon. I don't know what the weapon is for, I'm just hoping this doesn't turn out to be the Eem Hungry Games.

I recently looked this game show up on Nornipedia, so at least I know a little of what to expect. According to past games, they're probably going to dump me on a tropical island with a bunch of coconut trees and maybe a nice jungle or something, so my food is pretty much covered. But what about my opponents? Maybe I can form an alliance with a couple of them, I am a pretty likable Norn, if I do say so my self.

- Rascii


  8/18/2013  1

Week 1, Day 1

I woke up in this small room, where am I? I started to relay simple facts in my mind to help me remember.

My name is Kappsune. I am a Norn. I live on Albia. There is a game show called Survivor. I signed up for Survivor. They sent me here through a shimmering blue portal along with others.

Okay, I remember where I am now. Sort of.

I remember why I'm here, and that I'm in a small comfy(ish) room, but where is this room? It's not like there are windows or anything for me to look out of (thanks a lot, Survivor game-making Creatures!)

Alright, I guess I'm going to have to go looking for a window.

Wait, there's a voice coming from the speakers, be right back, journal.


Well, this is pretty boring so far. It's just the captain and some other guy introducing themselves, journal. I'm gonna keep looking for a window. Wait a minute, captain? Ship? I'm on a boat! Oh, I hate boats, I get sick so easily.

Wait, something's happening to the recording.


That was very strange, the recording cut off and something called "The H.A.N.D." who introduced itself earlier started talking. Oh, and it gave me a hint on where I am, it said "Survivor: Galactic".

Galactic?! That mean space, right? I hate space! Even more then I hate boats! It's too... big. You could get lost and no one would ever find you.

Great, now I have to live in space for up to six weeks. Oh well, I might as well make the best of it, think of a space vacation, a spacecation!

The H.A.N.D. also said something about filling out a form. Meh, I'll do that after I find a window.

Until tomorrow, journal!




Week 1, Day 1 (again)

Okay journal, I lied. I'm writing in you today, not tomorrow.

During my heroic journey to find a window (seriously, who built this ship?!) I almost stepped in a strange puddle of orange goo coming from the air vent, gross! I don't know what it was, but it was very sticky.

Right now I'm walking through the many corridors of this ship, which probably isn't the best thing to do while writing, I've smacked into the wall twice already. Anyway, this ship is hu- wait, what is that? Could it be? A window!

The HAND was right, we are in space. And space is much bigger than I imagined, which was pretty big already. And if I look really close I think I can almost see Albia.

Oh Albia, I miss it already, but I need to focus on surviving right now, and survival doesn't include missing home every second. I need something to take my mind off of home, and my beautiful garden, and those delicious carrots, and- I'm getting off track. Maybe pushing something will distract me.

Eem push gadget

What was that sound? It almost sounded like something switching on... Wait, no no no no no no no! The door closed behind me and I'm starting to move! Help!

I'm moving faster now, and I can see something up ahead, it looks like... a planet? How did I not notice this before? There's no time to think about it now, the ground is quickly coming into sight, I'm gonna crash! I have no idea how to fly a-a-whatever this is! In movies they always yell to pull up, so I'm trying that, it's better than slamming into the ground at full speed! I'm pulling as hard as I c-

The next few pages are muddy and torn, rendering them unreadable




Week 1, Day 2, Entry 1

Ah, finally, a page I can actually write on! It's been about a day since the crash, I haven't been able to write in you, journal, because I've been busy exploring this odd planet. What's that? You're wondering what happened? Well, I'll tell you.

Upon further examination it seems the thing I was inside was some kind of escape pod. Anyway, I was pulling upwards as hard as I could, like they do in the movies. It didn't completely prevent the crash, but it did make a difference. The pod slid a good 15 feet on the ground, and the windshield shattered on impact, so I got a few pieces of glass in me, but other than that I seem to be alright, once I managed to crawl out of the wreckage, that is.

This planet seems to be a big grassland, nothing very exciting except for a big forest over yonder, and guess what? It has oxygen! Unless I died in the crash and I'm a ghost who no longer needs to breath... Oh well.

Blech, I'm bored now. I guess I'll find something to do, maybe find some food, I really haven't eaten in two days. I guess I have to go into the forest now. Blah.

A lot of boring, tedious walking later...

Ugh, this planet is too hot. Wait, what's that? It looks like that orange goo on the ship, but it's in a trail now. Should I follow it? Of course!

The trail is going deeper and deeper into the woods... Oh, I think I finally found the end of it, it's going into a little den. It's probably dangerous to go in there... Oh well!

There's nothing exciting in here except for a slight buzzing sound, I'm gonna go look for it's source.

Moss, various fungi, stalagmites, jar of Stingers, nothing in here that could- wait... Jar of Stingers? Yeah, here it is right here, I forgot I even brought this! Whatever left the orange goo must have taken it from the ship and brought it here with a bunch of other strange items that belong to the other contestants, I guess. Wait, what was that sound? It's getting louder now. I should probably leave...

Eem retreat beast!




Week 1, Day 2, Entry 2

Just let me... catch... my breath.

Ugh, I've never done that much running in my life, but luckily I got away from that thing. Sadly, I didn't get a good look at it though, I tend to not stop and turn around for five seconds while I'm running from something. What I do know about it, though, is that it was big, fast and roared very loud. I only got away because I released a few of my stingers on it, but I suffered a few stings myself, and let me tell you, they HURT!

I'm now searching the forest for some food and something that will help my pain. I heard there's a leaf that when mashed up will help stinger stings. (or maybe that was for tracker jackers...)

I'm finally starting to get hungry, and fast. I should have brought my ice cream machine from the ship, it was sitting there on the desk and I completely ignored it! I only wish I could find a nice carrot patch, or a lemon tree, or a bouncing plum tree, or a tomato plant, or...

The list fills the rest of the page

...Or maybe I could become an insectivore and find some Albian carrot beetles. Oh no, I'm trailing off again, I think the hunger is getting to me. I need to find some food fast.

Oh, there's something deeper in the woods. I can't tell what it is, but it looks like food to me!

Eem eat Norn

Blah! This food is furry! Who would make a food that's furry?! I have brown fur all in my mouth now, blech!

Ouch! This food is fighting back! Wait, now that I can see it up close, this isn't food at all, it's a Siamese Norn!

Ow, ow! It's hitting me with a staff, ow! I back away, yelling "I'm sorry I tried to eat you, I'm sorry I tried to eat you!" But I'm ready to release the remaining stingers if it keeps hitting me. Ow!




Week 1, Day 2, Entry 3

Alright, that's it. I'm releasing the stingers. I open the jar and dash out of there, I think I'm heading for the field, but I'm so hungry and dehydrated I can't fully tell.

The sun is going down now, and I don't want to see what horrible creatures come out at night on this planet, so I'm making my way to the crashed escape pod. It's only a couple dozen feet up ahead, unless the hunger and thirst are making me see things.

The pod has stopped sparking and it hasn't burst into flames (yet), so that's a good sign. I made a little bed out of the seat cushions, and it's actually pretty comfortable. But there's something under one of the seats, it a... survival kit! How convenient. Let's open it up and see what's in here.

Hm, a very thin blanket, good, but it's not very cold, a water skin, useful, some matches, again, it's not cold, oh and a box labeled Food, great! Let's see what's in here. A small amount of crackers, a strip of some kind of meat jerky, a few pieces of dried fruit, there's not very much food, but it's better than nothing, I guess.

I ate some of the food, now it's time to sleep, goodnight.

Week 1, Day 3, Entry 1

I slept quite good last night, well as good as you can sleep on an alien planet in a broken escape pod, I guess. I'm still hungry though, that wasn't the most filling meal ever last night. I'm gonna go and see if I can't find a nice river or a lake to get water from and maybe catch a few fish.

Oh great, it's raining now, no, it's pouring, and right when I'm probably a mile away from the pod. Luckily I brought the survival kit with me so I pull out the blanket and drape it over myself. It doesn't offer much protection, but it's better than nothing until I get back.

I'm back to the pod now. I set the water skin outside and huddle up into the only corner of the pod that has a roof covering it. I'll write in you more, journal, when the rain lets up a bit, so long!




Week 1, Day 3, Entry 2

The rain has stopped for now so I went back to the forest to continue my search for food. I also am going to need some firewood so I can purify the water I got during the storm.

I just walked past that Siamese again, I don't think it noticed me, but I sure noticed it. It was talking out loud while writing in it's journal, and it called me a male Ron Norn. I will tell you that I am a female Forest Norn! Do I look anything like those fox-faced creeps? If anything I should be calling you a Ron, you... Ron!

I've found no food so far, but I've collected quite a few loose branches, it's gonna take a while for them to dry, though. Maybe I'll just trap some food. I don't know how to make a trap, but I guess I'll have to figure it out or I'm not eating.

I lay the soaking wet blanket on the ground, tie some vines to each end that are still attached to a tree, and hope for the best. Honestly, I have no idea how this is going to work, but I'll come back in a couple of hours to see if I caught anything anyway.




Week 1, Day 3, Entry 3

Time to go check on that trap I set! I better hurry, the sun will be starting to go down soon.

Now, where did I put that trap, hmm. Oh there it is, wait, it looks like I caught something, journal!

Aww, that's adorable! The trap didn't go off, but there's the cutest animal sleeping on the blanket! How can I eat this thing? Maybe I'll keep it as a pet, I need some company, but after I figure out whether it's a Meerk, a Hoppity, a Zander Fish, or all three. This planet sure does have some weird critters...

I walk towards it very slowly, not to wake it up, bend down, then grab that thing, holding it as tight as I can! It squirms and squeals for a while, but eventually calms down. I won't eat it, but if it can live around here then there has to be some kind of food.

What's that over there? It can't be... food! It is food! It's a bush with a bunch of chalky purple colored berries. They don't look dangerous, but you never know. I guess the only way to find out is to try one myself.


I'm not dead! Yay! The only problem is now that I have to carry around Michelle (that's what I named the Meerk/Hoppity/Zander Fish) I have no hands to carry all of these berries in. Leave the berries or leave Michelle? Neither, I'll just take trips, bring Michelle back to the pod and then come back for the food.

That walk seemed longer now that I have to carry ten pounds of alien, oh well. I carefully set the sleeping body of Michelle in my bed made of cushions and head back to the woods to pick up those berries.

When I got back it looks like the hot sun has dried the wood out, good, I'm so thirsty. Well, time to have an evening campfire, see you tomorrow, journal!




Week 1, Day 3, Entry 4

Well, I wasn't planning on writing any more today, since it's the middle of the night so it's going to be short, but I thought this is worth writing about. So this is what happened:

I was woken up by the call of nature, and noticed Michelle was gone. I decided to go looking for her in the night, she can't be too far, can she?

As I'm searching the plains there's no sign of my wayward alien friend, then suddenly I see something up ahead, a pod! I couldn't decide whether to run to it or run away from it, since I've learned from my last encounter that I'm not so good with other creatures. I was all ready to give up on my search for Michelle and head back to my pod when I heard a noise, I know that noise, it's Michelle's squealing! Is she hurt? It was coming from that other pod, I dash over there for the sake of my adorable pet and guess what I see comforting her.

A Hardman.

Great, a Hardman. I've heard about these things, they're brutal, angry jungle dwellers. But who knows, I've learned not to judge a book by it's cover since I tried to eat that Siamese. I guess the only way I'm getting Michelle back is introducing myself to it, though, so I calmly walk up to the Hardman, which I have now determined is a girl, and say "Hello, my name is Kappsune, what's yours?" After she answers I say "It seems that you found Michelle, my Meerkizandity"




Week 1, Day 3, Entry 5

The Hardman, whose name I have now learned is Josey, looked puzzled at the name for Michelle's species that I made up. I noticed that her pod looks undamaged and it might be able to get me back to the ship, so I tell her how mine crashed and that if I could stay in her pod for the night since mine is so far away. "I have a fair amount of food we could share" I tell her.

Week 1, Day 4, Entry 1

Ah, it's so much better sleeping with an actual roof over your head. By the time I made it back with the food I promised I would share Josey still hasn't returned. This morning she told me she was going into the woods, I can't remember what for, I was half asleep when I was informed.

After another hour of her tardiness I decided that there has to be something wrong for her to be gone this long so I went into the forest after her.

Still no sign of Josey, but in the meantime I have converted the empty stinger jar into a jar for carrying berries. My waterskin is almost empty so I also need to find another source of water, but right now I'm focusing on the main thing: finding my friend.

Hm, I never thought of her as a friend until now, I only thought we were neutral to each other.

As I'm walking I notice the den that the orange goo was leading into all that time ago, the den where I was almost killed. She couldn't be in there, could she?




Week 1, Day 4, Entry 2

I can't see very far into the den, and I'm not going in there again so I yell "Josey!" into it as loud as I can until my throat can't take anymore. I'm ready to give up when I her some rustling in the forest a few yards away. Oh, it's another Norn! I approach her and before I could open my mouth she says "Hi! I'm Malkin!"

We talk for a few minutes, she seems nice, we're about to leave when we're attacked!

Oh, it's just Josey hugging us... Josey! I thought I would never find her! Malkin seems to know her too since she hugs back. Our reunion is broken apart when a strange animal comes running up behind Josey. It looks almost lie a grazer but with a long nose and tusks. Josey says it's her new pet, and that his name is Pear. Before we all leave the woods Malkin asks me if I know of a safe place to stay. I tell her that Josey's pod is the safest area I know, but that it probably won't fit three bodies. We all walk away together back to the pod to retrieve our items (and Michelle), and head off to find a decent shelter.




Week 1, Day 5, Entry 1

Michelle and Pear seem to get along very well, when we stopped to get water from out of all things, a tree, they played tag with each other, it was so adorable! But now Michelle is getting tired so I pick her up and carry her the rest of the way. That was a mistake, she's probably half my weight but she already fell asleep so it's too late to set her back down.

The group begins to get tired but we haven't found any sort of shelter yet. I suggest climbing trees but Josey says we should get back to the ship. I don't know how safe it is compared to down here, but she insists we have to because there's some kind of event going on up there. I don't know why she didn't tell us this when we were already at the pod, oh well, I guess it's time to go back to where we started.

The trip seemed farther on the way back, but we finally made it. I'm not sure how all five of us fit, but we did. Before I know it we're on our way back up to the ship that's constantly looming over this hot planet.

It's a long trip when you're not crashing into the ground at full speed, so long that Michelle began to get bored and started making the oddest sound. I have determined that she is a baby, so I'm kind of scared to see how big she'll get at adulthood, In the couple of days that I've had her she's already grown about a pound.

When the pod finally landed back on the ship we all jump out and stretch our legs and decide where to go to next. Malkin votes for a terrarium, I want to go to the pilot's quarters to see who's flying this thing, Josey thinks we should go back to our rooms and prepare for the "event" but ultimately we decide on the showers to wash this orange goop off of everything, including Josey.



  8/24/2013  1

Week 1, Day 6, Entry 1

Hello, journal, I haven't written in you in almost a day! Today's just been so busy since we're resettling on the ship. I had about an hour to relax in my room, then Josey suggested we all have lunch together. It was a nice lunch, I think it was the first formal meal I've had since I got on this constantly orbiting chunk of space junk. Seriously, almost none of the appliances work, and everything is covered in that annoying slime.

I guess it could be worse, though. I could be starving alone on that planet below, with out even Michelle to comfort me.

Oh, that reminds me, I never described Michelle to you, journal. If somebody's going to read this in the future then I guess they deserve to know what she looks like. Well, she has the basic body shape of a hoppity, strong back legs and all, but a little more bulky than a hoppity. Her head is shaped of that of a hoofed animal, but it also has a bit of rodent in there, and the cutest nose that looks like a meerk's. She has hooves on her front legs, which seems a bit strange to me, but there's nothing I can do about it. She has a large tail, with tufts of longer fur lining the top that goes all the way to her head, almost like a big fin, which is what reminds me so much of a zander fish. All of this may sound weird when being read, but she is quite awkward in person, also. I think she's an herbivore, but I've never tried feeding her meat.

After lunch we all went back to our rooms. It took me a while, but I finally figured out why my computer was making a beeping sound. It said I had a message from the H.A.N.D., the message read:

Congratulations Kappsune for staying in the game. You have received 0 votes to leave the space ship. A Grendel named Akuryu and [unknown] have been voted off today and will be sent home. Thank you for participating.

Voting? I didn't know there were going to be votes, actually I never gave it much thought of how we would be sent home. Maybe this was the event Josey was talking about.



  8/25/2013  1

Week 2, Day 1, Entry 1

Has it really been two weeks already? It feels like no time at all, but I guess that's because I have friends to survive with. Speaking of friends, Malkin has been acting weird lately, but not bad weird, happy weird. Like she just found out that she she has six months to live and wants to make the best of them.

Today I found the H.A.N.D. and asked it a few questions. Mainly questions about voting, but a few on other subjects like if the ship is going anywhere. It told me that every week, two players were voted off the ship and sent home by the viewers. I asked about the viewers, and it told me that our adventures on the space ship are being televised all over Albia. Creepy, every move I make is being watched by millions of Creatures. Then I asked it about why the message on my computer said only one player went home, it took the thing a while to answer, but then it finally said "In the rare event that there is a tie for second place, only one player will be sent home. However, the game will be extended by one week."

I then started asking it less important questions, such as "How big is the ship?" and "Can you give me locations of all food sources?" and "What is the orange goo all over?"

It didn't answer any of them until I asked "What is the point of Survivor?"

"Survivor was created for the enjoyment of the audience and to give Creatures a chance to obtain fame and riches."

"But why would you put innocent Albians in real danger simply for entertainment?" I asked. "You could always choose a less deadly game show, like the Wheel of Fortune."

"Who owns survivor?" I asked after a long period of silence from the H.A.N.D.

It began to shake and spark, then it started slapping me! I ran but it chased me through the hallway. I finally made it back to my room and slammed the door, causing it to crash and fall to the ground outside my room. I eventually heard it get up and leave. Apparently it hadn't liked that question I asked.




Week 2, Day 2, Entry 1

I couldn't sleep last night, I was up the entire time thinking about why the H.A.N.D. didn't want to answer that question. I came up with many theories, but the most logical one was that this was more than a game show, but I can't go into much detail about it until I'm sure nobody else reads this journal.

I needed somebody to talk to about this, so I went to Josey's room. After a few seconds of her not answering, I knocked again, this time slightly harder. Again, nothing. This time I almost put a hole in the door from knocking so hard, she still didn't answer. I decided there was something wrong so I opened the door just enough to peek my head through. I was surprised with what I saw, one of the floorboards had completely flipped vertically so there was now a gaping hole lying in the room.

"Josey!" I yelled into the pit, but with no answer. I climbed down slowly, but only realized how deep it was when I was hanging into the hole. It was too late to climb back up, so I forced my fingers off the edge and fell.

I was right, it was deep. I sprained my ankle from the fall, and it hurts, but I need to find Josey. If she didn't know that drop was there and landed unprepared, she could be seriously hurt. The problem is, it's pitch black in here, I can't even see my own paws in front of me.

After walking for a few minutes, I run into a wall (it was more like slamming into a wall.) I've decided it would be easier to find Josey if I knew how big this place was, so I start walking the perimeter of the room.

I've been walking for a while now, and no sign of Josey. I'm starting to get worried that there will be no sign of Kappsune soon, either. Hey, what's that up there? It's glowing... Does Josey have a light? Is it even Josey? I run up to it anyway, and what I found was surprising...




Week 1, Day 5, Entry 2

Well, more like day 2 still, but I haven't gotten a chance to write down what happened in that dark room until now.

It was Pear, and he was glowing in the dark! Then I noticed something else, Pear had multiplied into a bunch of mini Pears, weird. And guess what? Josey was there too! She noticed my ankle and gave me some bandages, good.

As I was playing with all of the mini Pears, I heard a familiar squealing sound, "Michelle!" I cried after her, as she must have come down here looking for me. I'm now worried about her, because if that fall caused me to sprain my ankle, how hurt can she be? I wait a few minutes until running into the darkness after her. I ask Josey if I can borrow a mini Pear for light and she agrees, good now I can see.

After about ten minutes of yelling her name with no response I kick something and it yelps. It was Michelle! She's hurt, it doesn't look like she can walk, so I pick her up and carry her back to the sound of Josey's voice.

Upon further examination, I can see that her right front leg is broken, and her left one is at least swollen. She must have hit the ground hard.

Josey notices that I'm carrying something besides Michelle. "This thing? I found it when I first came down here," I tell her. "I can't tell what it is really, it just looks like a small piece of metal, it's old, though"

She tells me about a door that she saw earlier, and that it had a large keyhole. I guess this is the key, then. She leads me over to the door and we unlock it.

The light! It burns! Ah- wait, is this a bathroom? I think it is. Josey says this is her room, good! I tell her that I should get back to my room to tend to me and Michelle's wounds. I walk through the door connecting both of our rooms (good thing we have rooms right next to each others') and pry the mini Pears off of my legs.

Back in my room I think about what to do with Michelle's leg. I don't know how to fix a break! I finally decide that I can't do anything to help with what I have in these small, bland living quarters so I find a map of the ship on my computer. Terrarium, no, kitchen, no, aha! The medical bay! I pick up Michelle, head out the door, and guess who I find waiting there. The H.A.N.D.




While frantically flipping through the pages trying to find out what happens next, a photograph falls out.

It must have been taken while still on the planet.




Week 3, Day 1, Entry 1

The H.A.N.D.?! I had thought it was gone. I don't even bother to close the door, then I run straight to Josie's room through the side connecting door, then to the room connected to her's, then another room, and come to a dead end when I reach Malkin's room. There's not much in here, so I grab the first thing I see: a pillow.

Now, you may think a pillow isn't going to be very useful against a vicious, blood-thirsty limb, and I thought that at first, too, but I had no time to grab something else, so I throw the pillow out of the way and hold up the pillowcase and the H.A.N.D. flies right into it. I tie a knot in the top and throw the thing as far down the hall as I can.

I'm safe for now, but I don't think for very long. I was all ready to grab Michelle and run to a terrarium, but then I noticed something: there was a message on Malkin's computer screen. I felt guilty about reading it, but I did anyway.

Attention Malkin. I regret to inform you that you have been voted off of the spaceship, along with Ziggy. You and your belongings will both be teleported back to the Survivor: Space travel hub in five minutes where you may then choose your method of transportation. Thank you for participating.

Malkin's gone? But I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye, I was too busy exploring the dark room below Josie's. I hope she's doing alright back at her home.




Week 3, Day 3, Entry 1

Ugh, it's so hot in this desert. What? Oh, I must have forgotten to write what happened. Well, I was making a second attempt to bring Michelle to the medical bay, then I was grabbed.

I guess the H.A.N.D. was faster than I thought. I dropped Michelle when it picked me up, for her own safety. I was struggling for it to let me go, smacking it with my paws, yelling, screaming, just plain squirming, eventually it dropped me here, in this boiling desert.

This is only a terrarium, but it was made to be realistic, plus the H.A.N.D. locked the door, it just plain doesn't like me. There's not a tree in sight, and I think I'm starting to see things, 'cause it looks like there's a huge temple up there. Eh, I might as well walk towards it, maybe my brain is trying to tell me something.

Ouch! The temple was real, I just ran straight into it! Well, it's good that this thing is real, right? Y'know, shade! But something doesn't feel right about this place.

I'm just about to go deeper when I step on something, oops! Uh-oh, it's making a weird humming sound, this doesn't look good. Then something really weird happens, I hear somebody yell "Hey, you" I look up and guess who it was, that Siemese I met on the planet.

"You alright? You act like you've never been carried by a hand before." It says. Before I even get a chance to answer that thing I've been standing on activates, and I'm teleported inside the temple.




Week 3, Day 3, Entry 2

It's very dark in this pyramid, but there are a few torches here and there, so that's a good thing. I would like to grab off the wall so I could have constant light, but they're all too high for a short Norn to reach, maybe this artificial temple was based off of a real one made for Shee.

As I'm wandering about, trying to make out these symbols on the wall, I hear a voice. It sounds like it's coming from a speaker in the desert, which is good since that means I'm not too far down. It's pretty muffled, but I can make out most of the message.

ATTENTION: I would like to call a fleeing of all contents stance still onboard the car spit Survivor. It will be held in the Press Hall

That makes no sense at all. A "fleeing of all contents stance?" The "car spit Survivor?" I don't even know what a car is! Whoever just said all that stuff must be crazy, or maybe they've had a run-in with the orange goo, I don't know, I'm just going to keep trying to find a way out of here.




Week 3, Day 4, Entry 1

It seems like I've been exploring this temple forever, and it's dark so I'm sure I've gone in a circle a few times. Oh wait, are those stairs? Good, now I have another floor to walk in circles on.

I'm sorry, I'm being bitter. Honestly, I haven't eaten anything in a couple of days.

Ew, what did I just step in? It's all powdery and black, gross! Oh, it seems to be going in a trail. Maybe following it will lead me out of this place. It's so dark in here that I have to stare very intently into the ground to make sure I follow the trail, which probably wasn't a good idea since I just slammed into something. Ouch! Hey, it's Josey! I ask what she's doing, and after I get an answer I tell her "Alright. Well I'm going to keep trying to find an exit, have you seen one?" She gives me directions and I follow as closely as I can in the darkness.

Gah, what's that noise? It sounds like... barking? No, more high pitched, almost like, yapping. What could be making this horrid sound? "Hello?" I ask the shape standing in front of me, which seems to be the source of the noise. It's shaped like a Norn, but why would a Norn be barking? It steps a little closer and I can tell it's that Siemese again. I take a step back, fearing it might clomp me on the head with it's staff. It's saying something, but I can't understand it over all this noise. "What?" I yell.

"What are you doing down here?" It yells back, sounding annoyed. "I don't really know, I think I was teleported," I say once the noise finally dies down. I don't mention what happened in the forest, hopefully they've forgotten.

"What are you doing?" I ask. The Norn doesn't answer, was it out of annoyance or it just didn't hear me, I don't know, so I plainly say "Okay, I'm just going to find a way out of here, bye." I walk off, I can't tell if I am feeling rude or awkward for walking away so soon, but personally, I'm a little bit scared of that Norn.

Daylight! Sweet, sweet daylight! Well, technically it's artificial light, but I don't really care, I'm just glad to be out of there. Before I take another step I grab a large brick, because I'm sure I'll be meeting with the H.A.N.D. again.

Ack, the door is still locked. Oh wait, I forgot, I'm carrying a brick! What do you do if you can't get through a door? Brick! (it's an inside joke) When the sparks stop flying through the air, I get up, grab my brick, and head off into the hallway.

I don't know what I want to do now, maybe I'll find a safer terrarium and plan how I'm going to get past the H.A.N.D. and find out the secrets of this gameshow.




Week 4, Day 1, Entry 1

Sigh, those doughnuts Josey gave me weren't very sustaining. I guess I'll have to go back to my room and get some food before I go into hiding.

Halfway through the hall my wristwatch message-receiving-device-thingy starts blinking and making a... a... well, I can't really describe the sound it's making, but it's really annoying. The thing is telling me I have a message, so of course, I read it.

Congratulations Kappsune for staying in the game. You have received 0 votes to leave the space ship. A Grendel named Daisy and a Norn named Jeremiah J. Irons have been voted off today and will be sent home. Thank you for participating.

Huh, it seems to be the same message as before, but with the names edited. I shouldn't be surprised though, it's not like I expected the H.A.N.D. to do much besides try to kill me.

I wonder where Michelle went, I'm pretty sure this is where I dropped her, and I don't think she would have gone far with a broken front leg. Maybe I shouldn't have taken her up here, I've domesticated her and I don't think I'll be able to take her home with me, so when she's placed back on the planet I don't think she'll be able to survive for very long.

Survive. It seems like a totally different concept when I'm talking about Michelle in the wild. But when you think about it, it's the same thing. The prey (me) running and hiding from the predators (the H.A.N.D.), having no way to defend themselves. All they do is run, and most of the time they don't even get away. They say it's the circle of life, but doesn't it seem boring to you? Eating, running, and breeding, only so their offspring can do the same. Well not for me, I should be the predator and the H.A.N.D. should be the prey, not the other way around.

I know what I'm going to do. I'm gonna go into a terrarium, build a shelter, and hide out for a couple of days until I'm ready, ready to overthrow the H.A.N.D. and expose everything it has done here to all the other contestants, because this simple little gameshow is more than it seems.

Back in my room I find Michelle lying in my bed with her legs wrapped up and taken care of. Then I notice Josey, that Norn sure can move fast, can't she? I tell her my plan and ask if she wants to join me.




Week 4, Day 3, Entry 1

Alright, I think I've got everything I need for living in that terrarium, my ice ream machine, my brick (which has been stuffed in a pillowcase and turned into a weapon), my empty stinger jar, Michelle, the thin blanket from my bed, and I guess a mini pear, since it won't detach itself from my leg.

I managed to bring up a map of the ship on my computer and try to memorize it, because I'm not bringing my wrist device with me, I think the H.A.N.D. may be tracking it. So go north from my room, turn left, turn right, and I should be in the medical bay. From there I take the passage on the right, turn right again, and that should bring me to the woodland terrarium... Or maybe I should go to the arctic, hmm... I guess the forest would be best, this blanket isn't very warm. Well, time to go! Josey said she would think about coming, and if she decides to come she would catch up with me. She better hurry though, once I get to that terrarium I'm hiding and I don't want her calling to give me away.

Gee, this place is more of a swamp than a woodland! At least I can eat these fish... I think. I've never seen a fish with whiskers before. But I don't really need food right now, my first priority is a shelter, but in the trees or on the ground? I guess the trees would be best if I'm trying to hide, but the H.A.N.D. can fly. The ground wouldn't be any better though, it's nothing but muck!

I decided on the trees after all, I don't want to know what kind of creatures crawl along the ground at night. Before I go house hunting I put some mud under my eyes, for dramatic effect. Now, which tree? That one's too low, that one's too flimsy, I guess it would be better to get a look from higher up, everything looks pretty much the same from down here. I pick the highest tree I can find and scale it in only ten seconds!

Wait, what do you mean "How can a Norn climb that fast?" I'm a Forest Norn, remember? I was built to climb! Plus, Forests come from Purple Mountains, which are also good climbers.

Anyway, I can see everything from up here, it's beautiful! (But the lack of an atmosphere makes it a little less appealing.) Oh, that tree over there looks good, and that one, that one too! Would it be best to pick one near the back of the terrarium, or deep in the center, where it might be harder to be found? Ah, I'll think about it, right now I have bigger problems, I just dropped my brick-pillowcase on a bird, oops!




Week 4, Day 4, Entry 1

Oh, that poor bird! When I climb down the tree to retrieve it, it seems that Michelle beat me to it! She's... eating it! I thought she was an herbivore. Poor thing, I've been feeding her plants, fruit, and nuts (all in ice cream form) this whole time, I've been depriving her of much needed... whatever meat has in it!

Now that Michelle's done eating, I'm bored. I should probably build a shelter.

I few sticks, some leaves, and maybe some algae to seal it from the rain, and I now have a roof in my tree! Well, almost, there's still a large hole, but I need more materials to fill it, time to go to the ground again.

Hey, what's that noise? It sounds like somebody yelling my name... They've found me! The H.A.N.D. and it's little minions, they've fou- oh wait, it's just Josey. "Josey, I'm over here!" I yell as quietly as I can.

"So you've decided to join me?" I say when she sees me. "Yup. What are you doing?" She asks.

"Collecting supplies."

"For what?"

"A shelter"

"Oh, where is it?"

"Up there" I point towards the tree and she acts like she's never seen a plant in her life. "What, you don't want to live in a tree?" I say, almost sounding sarcastic.

"Well, it's just... I'm sort of afraid of heights..." She says hesitantly. "Oh, well, maybe you could stay on the ground and I could be up here?" She nods in agreement, but her face suggests a hint of "Okay, but I feel left out."




Week 4, Day 7, Entry 1

Sorry I haven't written in you much, Journal. I sort of lost a fight over you with a bird and had to track you down... Well, you're back now, that's good.

Josey's little shelter is looking pretty nice, who knew she was this good of an architect? Mine however is looking... like a shelter, that's all. A roof and a little wall that keeps me from falling out of the tree when I sleep, nothing special. Her's though, is amazing! Four walls, a triangular roof, even a shelf where she can put her things, and all made out of loose branches she found! Maybe once she's finished making a door she can help make mine look decent.

Everything's been surprisingly peaceful lately, the H.A.N.D. hasn't bothered us at all since we got to this terrarium. I'm beginning to get suspicious, though. Josey says my idea worked, and the H.A.N.D. can't find us, but I have other ideas. Maybe it's preparing itself, maybe it's getting an area ready to put us where we'll never escape, maybe, maybe...

As you can tell I've had too much time to think. It would probably be best to trust what Josey says, so I can do something productive besides worrying and- Oh no, the bird's back. I'll write more la-




Week 5, Day 1, Entry 1

Alright, that bird better not come back, or else I may have to let Michelle deal with it.

My little treetop shelter is looking pretty good since Josey had a whack at it. She sealed up the roof (inside and out), made me a little bed, and even took the time to get the soft insides out of tree bark to make a mattress! How great is she?

I haven't been able to try the bed out, though. The little mini-Pear and Michelle have it occupied currently.

They've been playing a lot together lately, but they're getting rougher, and Michelle is so much bigger than the little Pearlet (as Josey calls them). I don't want any of them to get hurt. It would be best to give my leg-loving mini Pear back to its mom, but I've tried and it just whines until I bring it back up into the tree. Maybe I could- Beep, beep, beep What's that sound?

Beep, beep, beep

There it is again! Is it coming from down there? I climb down the tree and ask Josey if she hears it.

"Oh yeah, that's my wrist device, I guess I have an alert"

"Your wrist device? You need to get rid of that, the H.A.N.D. could be tracking it!"

"Well, I think we should at least read the message before destroying it."

Congratulations Kappsune for staying in the game. You have received 0 votes to leave the space ship. An Ettin named LoverIan and an Ettin named Coolpikaaa Error code 000111010010101...

The numbers go on for quite a while...

Whoa, something seems to have happened with that thing, it's buzzing along with throwing a huge error!

Eh, I'll investigate it more and write about what happened, 'till then!




Week 5, Day 4, Entry 1

I feel so strange writing "Week 5". It feels like just a couple of days ago I was starving in that forest, and now I'm living happily off of fish and ice cream in well, a forest.

I have accomplished my goal, which was to not be voted off the first week. What I don't know though, is why. I mean, I'm not exactly the strongest player ever, are they keeping me around because they think it will be easy going against me in the final week, or do they actually like me?

Oh yes, you're probably wondering what happened to the wrist device, right journal? Well, I really didn't accomplish much with it, after a few minutes it started buzzing again and I kind of threw it in the lake. Hehe.

But, I did manage to see the current votes! They're not looking too good though, if they keep going the way they are, it's going to be me and Josey in the finals. Now, as much as I want either of us to win, I know we both can't (unless we figure out a way that both of us can. Oh, but then it might turn into the Eem Hungry Games and the Capitol would get really mad at us and try to kill us and eventually start a war.) and one of us must go home, I just don't want it to end with us fighting each other in the final week.

Well, we're drifting behind the planet now, so it's starting to get dark. Josey's little campfire (which I told her not to start) is going out anyway, so now's the best time to go to sleep.


Well, journal, I can't sleep, and it sounds like all of my movement has woken Josey.


After a pretty short conversation with her, she suggested to look at the stars, so that's what I'm doing now. I don't find it as interesting as she does, though. To me it's nothing but lights, lights and a small blue box drifting in space, probably just space junk.

Michelle is snoring beside me. I finally persuaded that little mini-Pear to go back to its mother, so it's a bit more lonely up here.

Hey, what's that sound? There's something coming quickly through the trees towards us!




Week 5, Day 5, Entry 1

Oh, hello again, journal. That thing coming towards us? Yeah, it was only a frog... I wanted to eat it, as I've heard frogs make a good meal, but Josey said it was too cute to eat and made me let it free.

That's just another example of how boring it's been lately. I was really expecting the H.A.N.D. to find us by now, who knows maybe it's not even looking?

I guess it does make more sense that it wouldn't be looking, it has an entire ship to run, why would it care about two little Norns?

For a couple of minutes now I've been being overly-dramatic about my boredom hoping Josey might notice, she always has good suggestions.

Oh good, she finally noticed.

During our conversation she mentions something about us not being in the same place and we're just holograms to each other. (I think she's lost it.) I ask what she's talking about and she tells me that the Siamese sent a message to her on her wrist device (before I threw it in the lake) telling about it. I tell Josey that that Norn has been crazy the entire competition but then she says "Well, there's only one way to find out." We both reach out our hands towards each other, and she ends up jabbing me on the nose.

"I guess they were wrong," I say.

"Yeah, I guess so."



  9/21/2013  1

Week 6, Day 1, Entry 1

I can't believe I've made it this far. It feels like just yesterday I was a regular Forest Norn working in an Albian garden, and today I'm a finalist in Survivor.

Finalist? Oh no, that means, as long as there wasn't a tie, it's down to me and Josey. Allies battling for the prize, I can't let it end up like that. Though, the only solution I can think of is us breaking the alliance, and our friendship.

No, I can't do that to Josey.

I'm ready to leave now, I have my ice cream machine, my empty jar, my brick-pillow, my journal (obviously), and I'm leaving Michelle with Josey, I don't want her to get lonely since she had to release the Pear family.

Have I not told you about that? Well, we had to release Pear and the mini-Pears yesterday, they were getting too aggressive and unpredictable. It was quite sad, letting them go, we went deep into the forest and left them. The worst part though was when they didn't look back, not a single one, they just pranced off, happy to finally be free.

Anyway, I'm going to miss that little Norn. She sure has grown in confidence over the weeks that I've known her. But it will be better this way. I'll leave her a note written on a torn-out journal page saying goodbye while she sleeps, and silently make my way back to the main part of the ship.

Now out of the terrarium, I don't know where I'll go next. Maybe back to my room, but maybe not. I think the viewers are beginning to get bored with me, I know I am. I have to do something to keep them entertained, make good television.

I know, I'll finally go to the Caption's quarters and find out what the H.A.N.D. is hiding, they'll love that, and I'll find something out that I've wanted to this entire game.




Week 6, Day 2, Entry 1

I spent the night in the medical bay, as it's much closer than going back to my room. According to the statistics screen in the lobby, only Blitz was voted off last week. So that means I could have stayed with Josey, our alliance could have worked, two against one. Maybe I should...

No. It's too late to go back. I've determined what I'm going to do this final week, I'll find the Caption's quarters, stay there and investigate for a while, then do some big exiting finale before I'm voted off.

I've figured out the reason for my opponents to ignore me the entire game and keep me around, because they think I'll be easy to defeat in the end. But they're right, I came into this competition not knowing a single thing about survival, but just like Josey's confidence, I too have grown over six weeks of battling the H.A.N.D., starvation, monsters, and the wanting to go home and give up.

I have also recently learned that the H.A.N.D. was nothing more than a robot controlled by somebody far away, only wanting to, like I said before, make good television. Nothing on TV is real, not even Survivor. I wouldn't be surprised if there are plastic corpses waiting for me in the Caption's quarters, or if the orange goo monster was nothing more than a dog trained to chase after us.

But I've learned a few other things, too. Things about how to make good television, how to get the audience to love you, maybe even make T-shirts with your face on them (some Creatures can be very obsessive).

Oh no, what ever shall I do? I had to leave my best friend to go off and face the opponent. Now I'm lost in the medical bay with no food, gasp!




Week 6, Day 3, Entry 1

I was wrong. It's all real.

I was wandering all over the ship, searching for the Caption's quarters, when an alarm sounded. It was only then when I remembered that I forgot to fill out the form the H.A.N.D. had given me the first week, so all of the security systems thought I was some kind of foreign element that they must destroy, great.

At this point of course, I still thought everything was fake so I wasn't afraid of the security machine shooting a death-ray at me or something. This was when I started to lose my belief that it was all fake.

Instead of happily watching me die, like what I thought the H.A.N.D. wanted, it flew in, turned off the machine, and scooped me up.

Was it actually rescuing me? Have I been wrong about it this whole time?


It dropped me in a small, dark room. This is probably some kind of storage room, maybe a cargo bay. It smells of fuel and I can't see a thing, all I know is that it's about 8'x10' and there are boxes lining the walls, thus reducing the size even more.

I've been in this prison for about 4 hours now. I miss Josey. I should have never broken our alliance. She has no idea I'm in here, so who will rescue me? I can't escape myself, the only way out of here is a locked trap door above my head. Maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll get voted off before I starve to death. Sadly that seems unlikely, today I wrote day 3 in the title of this entry. 4 days to go, I haven't drank any water today, and I know the average Norn can only go 3 days with nothing to drink, I'll probably die in this stupid hole.

That was only the least of my problems. There's something else in this room, and I don't like what I think it is. I recognize the sound it's making, the growling that's impossible to forget, it's the orange goo monster.




Week 6, Day 5, Entry 1

I've been in this dumb hole for two days now. I'm surprised the goo monster hasn't eaten me for breakfast yet. It came after me once, but I think it was as scared as I am, because only a knock on the shoulder with my pillow-brick kept it away. I suppose it doesn't belong here, either.

It's much smaller than I remember it to be, I guess things seem bigger and scarier when they're chasing you. When standing its head only reaches my shoulders. I'm not even sure if it was the source of the orange goo, there's none of that slimy stuff here at all.

I've kept my distance from it, and it has kept its from me. Just because it's scared doesn't give me a reason that I shouldn't be careful around the thing.

With no food or water for almost three days, my energy has obviously depleted. Just when I was about to lose hope, a light shone in my face. I thought that was the end, I was going towards the light. But then I heard a voice. Josey! It was Josey's voice!

I stack a couple of crates (which I do not want to know what's causing the smell inside them) up to the low ceiling and Josey grabs my arm, pulling me through the trapdoor. "Wait!" I exclaim. "That creature down there, it's half starved. It deserves to come up here too." She doesn't argue and I climb back down and grab the not-so-monster-like monster. It backs away and growls at first, but I get a good grip and pull it up. It scratches and bites most of the way up, but I can handle it if it means saving the life of this animal. As soon as I have it up it runs off into the hallway.

Back with Josey, we go get some food from a vendor. When our lunch is over, I head off to my room that I haven't been in for so long, and Josey leaves, saying something about a note.




Week 6, Day 6, Entry 1

Today I woke up to the sound of beeping. I was confused at first, waking up in a bed I'm not used to, but then I remembered what had happened when I noticed the beeping was coming from the computer. There was a message.

Attention all remaining players. Because of the lack of able crew members, you are all required to head down to the planet below and collect samples of flora and fauna for examination. All specimens are expected to be brought to the medical bay by tomorrow for dissection. Good luck.

Wait, are they really telling me to go down to the planet, grab some cute baby animal, and bring it back so they can rip out its guts and study them? I guess I have to if I want any chance to win this thing... Maybe I can grab a bug or something, that counts as fauna, right?

Now, where were those pods... oh there they are! Maybe I can not crash this time.


Ah, the air is so fresh down here, in you know, an atmosphere. I seem to have (safely) landed in a more dusty area than before, I can only barely see the forest on the horizon. The weather looks nice today, apart from a few clouds and... oh, it looks like a thunderstorm might be coming on, those clouds over there are pretty black.

A shrub, a beetle, a lizard, I think I have enough to bring back to the ship. Time to head back to the p- Is that cloud getting closer? Gee, this weather sure is weird down... here... Wait, I recognize that kind of cloud, I've seen it once before in the Albian desert. It's a sandstorm.

Instinctively, I start running in the opposite direction of the storm, which happens to be away from my pod that the storm has already swallowed up. It's coming fast, I need to find somewhere safe, but all there is is a few boulders and shrubs, all of which are too small to protect me.

Time is running out. This may be my last journal entry. The storm is now so close that I can see rocks flying in the dust. Unless I can find shelter right this second, I think this is goodbye, journal.

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