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Ivrogne Akamai Canny Norns   C2   TheDrunkenNorn | 10/29/2016  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only

(Installation instructions may be found within the readme)


The Ivrogne Canny Norn is a variant of the Akamai Canny Norn (Lis Morris, Chris Double), and as such it should breed normally with other Akamai Canny variants such as the Flora Norn. However, it includes some changes from the base breed...

1. Ivrogne Canny Norns have JayD's Anti-Wallbonking edits built into them.

2. Ivrogne Canny Norns do not get punished for increases to hunger, boredom, NFP, sleepiness, or tiredness.

3. Both Male and Female Ivrogne Norns seek mates when they are sexually matured (Instead of only males searching).

4. Ivrogne Canny Norns have been designed to be better breeders than their Akamai Canny counterparts.

5. Ivrogne Canny Norns' needs accumulate more slowly, meaning that they are physically more capable than most other Norns at survival.

6. Ivrogne Canny Norns are fed faster, and they are much better at digestion than Akamai Canny Norns.

7. Ivrogne Canny Norns have more effective rests than Akamai Canny Norns, needing to sleep less often.

Ivrogne Canny Norns do not come equipped with new sprites, however their skin is colored red (Deep red for males, light red for females).


Lis Morris and Chris Double (Akamai Canny Norn)
Grendel_Man (Improved Akamai Canny Norn)
JayD (Anti-wallbonking Edits)
Venithil (Instruction and guidance)
TheDrunkenNorn (Ivrogne Canny Norn)

Special thanks to Venithil. Without his guidance, I could have never figured out how to make this breed the way I desired.

Extra Note: If you prefer the base sprites, don't worry! They've been included as well.

ylukyun | 6/12/2017  log in to like post

Just guessing, but it might be that condition where a sleeping creature stands up and spins around. When this happens their brain doesn't process instincts the way it normally would during sleep, and the tiredness/sleepiness drives won't go down, making them either unable to wake up or messing with their brain in some way when they do. I'm pretty sure that only happens in C1 and C2 - whatever caused it has been fixed in C3/DS.
Lurhstaap | 6/12/2017  log in to like post

What is lunacy? I've never heard of this term before.
Venithil | 12/8/2016  log in to like post

There's only so many things that target specific organs and so many genes that can mutate to alter these organs, so I wouldn't know everything related to that just yet...

Although from what I know Ivrognes are just a reworking of instincts and drive-related reactions as well as food-related reactions, so unless a similar issue already appears in basic Akamai Cannies / Grendel Man's improved A.Cannies, it may be a population issue.

Do upload the uterus-ruined and one of the brain-damaged Norns somewhere, otherwise you'll be the only person able to tell if you delve into genetics!
Brynn | 12/7/2016  log in to like post

So, I loaded up my Wolfling Run world, and it doesn't seem like there are many uterus-destroyed females left except for one 8 hour lady. Maybe it is not a breed-related issue but an early mutation that has been slowly weeding itself out? I have little experience closely monitoring populations, so I might have been too hasty claiming it was a problem with the breed.

However, a pretty large portion of adult Norns have significant damage to one or more Lobes (Receptor Lobe seemed to be a common target.) Again, probably a population issue rather than a breed issue, but I can upload them if that's worth studying.
Venithil | 12/5/2016  log in to like post

Once I have the time late this year / early next year I may take a look at Ivrogne Norns and try to do small improvements in the areas you suggested, Brynn, then check if these improvements actually apply to an Akamai Canny brain (since they're essentially that).

Norn lunacy issues is a complicated and multi-faceted problem that relates to the game engine not always properly recognizing a Norn is trying to sleep and more so the C2's Norns extreme sociability (and lack of ability to select which drives are survival-essential, it seems...), even in large groups (and Wolfling runs usually end up creating large groups over a smallish terrain, it seems). All Norns are subject to it to some extent under certain circumstances. It appears the best bet is stocking up instincts that reward sleep in some fashion, and introducing an altered sleeping stimuli when a Norn is older

(Kannova Venterra 2.0 are IMMENSELY better at sleeping compared to the original ones after I gave them punishment for approaching creatures when sleepy, ability to decrease sadness / need for pleasure by sleeping through instinct, additional instinct that tells them to rest if both tired and sleepy, and finally a second resting stimuli that immediately rewards them for sleeping activating at later and later life stages. I made a second Canny-based breed that should be available at the CCSF with a very similar approach and they were amongst the best sleepers I've had in C2, so it should work.)

Also the head issue was some problem my game has with Hebe Norns, not an Ivrogne problem.

If you'd like, I also uploaded some Ivrogne / K.V.2.0 crossbreeds to the Creatures Repository. They may be better sleepers or not; I didn't fully study their genetics. One is Kannova, two are A.Canny.

If you have an account, Brynn, try to upload one of your uterus-ruined Ivrogne's to the Creatures Repository so someone can study the genetics (me, if I have the time). Of course, Creatures' Caves adoption section is perfectly fine, too. Fat is supposed to affect the *heart* organ, so the uterus getting blown to smittereens might be a mutation in that gene.
TheDrunkenNorn | 12/3/2016  log in to like post

That is correct, the default is red-tinted H Norns. I added all of the sprites just in case you got bored with that, though.
Brynn | 11/28/2016  log in to like post

I'm about 9 hours into a Wolfling Run with these guys and can say the following:

Almost every single one of the Ivrogne in my world experienced lunacy at some point. Some of them appear to be able to stir out of "lunatic" sleep and actually sleep, even, but only if other Norns aren't distracting them. Their improved rests are a big improvement over other Cannies (but only if they, you know, actually sleep).

They seem to have the "fat destroys the uterus" genetic bug. And since Norns love being around the Island of Love, a few females killed their uterus by eating too many "coconuts"...

Also, are the red-tinted Ivrogne eggs all supposed to be H-slot Norns? I hatched all 10 of them and was drowning in Hebes.
Venithil | 11/19/2016  log in to like post

1) Ivrogne Norns are occasionally born with a misplaced head in my worlds, a.k.a they don't seem to have a molded head and torso. I don't know why that's the case but it doesn't seem to happen with great frequency.

2) They don't wallbonk, appear to be decent at eating, and gain sex drive like crazy.

3) Because they're very close in terms of gene assortment to regular Akamai Cannies, those were the only A.Canny breed that I managed to crossbreed with Kannova Venterra version 2 (after improving their instincts, that is) without any bugs.

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