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Creatures 0: Lost Prototype Found!   Malkin | 7/23/2021discuss  log in to like post  8

Creatures 0: Lost Prototype Found!Long before Creatures 1 came out, creator Steve Grand, had an idea for what he called digital ewoks. Beginning in 1992, the project we know now as C1 would begin to take shape for the MS-DOS. The original concept was far more goal oriented. Called Small Furry Creatures, the objective of this early concept is to train and navigate a creature through the map to the 'end' where a boat was waiting to end the game.

We never got a final version of this. Outside of a blurry screenshot from a magazine dated 1994, these early versions were shelved, and lost. Eventually the more sandbox oriented version was created for windows.

Luckily, Lacota over at Eemfoo (, has had a lucky strike and has recovered a working prototype of the early DOS build. The prototype, nicknamed C0, will be released for CCSF 2021.

The prototype, while working, is far from complete. The graphics for this version are entirely unique to the prototype but many similarities can be seen.

The prototype features two Norns and a Grendel. The camera is locked to one of the Norns until you can get close enough to swap. The map, while over half empty, would have been larger than even C2. It contains two regions, the 'home' and a desert.

There are a few basic toys and food. Norns don't seem to die, and only have a very small vocabulary.

Work has been done to extract the assets from it, and more information will be provided as things progress.
BaffleBlend | 9/19/2021  log in to like post  2

I wonder how long it'll take between the C0 public release and a porting of the proto-norns into the other games.
Civvi | 7/28/2021  log in to like post  2

How exciting! Can't wait to see this for the CCSF 2021 :D
Lacota | 7/25/2021  log in to like post  1

From what I gather, it was a backup of a backup of a backup of a ... you get the idea, and like many good onion skin backups, you can find kernels of yummy if you dig deep enough.
Alyssa | 7/25/2021  log in to like post  2

Oh my GOODNESS! That is so cool, what a find! Just looking at this screenshot, you can really trace the visual evolution of the concepts. I'm obsessed with that proto-norn in the lift, it looks like a furry velociraptor?!
FieryBirdyThing | 7/24/2021  log in to like post  1

This is really neat. It's always interesting to see the early designs of games, and how things evolved and developed. [ngrin]
Doringo | 7/24/2021  log in to like post  2

From what I know, Francis Irving had it for some reason. I'm not sure how, given that he only joined CreatureLabs in 1999 and this build is from early 1994 (it's older than the two screenshots I have of the late 1994 windows build.)
FlyingEttiNorn | 7/23/2021  log in to like post  1

YOOOO this is sick! How was it discovered, did Steve have it somewhere?
Lacota | 7/23/2021  log in to like post  2

This was an awesome find, It's perfect to release for the 25th! Hard to believe C1's been out that long.

The proto works fine in Dosbox.

just goes to show you, to pass along your backups! Can't find treasure without your help.

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