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CCSF Events   Allekha | 10/25/2016discuss  log in to like post  6

For this year's CCSF, we're planning several fun events - here are two to get everyone started!

Creepy & Cute Creature Contest
Do you have an ettin that is so adorable they make you smile every time you see them? A grendel that definitely looks more friend than foe? A norn that stands out from their many cute brethren? Or, conversely, do you have a creature that is so off, so odd-looking, so creepy, it makes you want to look away - when you're not staring in strange fascination?

Then submit it to the Creepy & Cute Creature Contest! Please make your submission to the ccsf email (ccsf.2016 (at) with the following format:
Subject line: Creepy Creature or Cute Creature
In the body: The name of your creature and, optionally, a short (one or two sentence) description. Either link or attach one or two screenshots of your creature.

The contest is open to all species (including mixes) of creatures from any game.

Blog Carnival
A blog carnival is an event where the host puts out a topic or prompt, and participants write on that topic and send the link to their post to the host. The host then compiles a list of links to all of these posts, and sometimes participants link to each other as well.

The CCSF will be hosting a Creatures-themed blog carnival this year! A new prompt will be posted every day, and at the end of the day, a post will go up linking to what everyone has written. To participate, please sign up (link below) ahead of time so we don't miss your posts. You don't need to post every day if you aren't feeling inspired by the prompt or don't have time.

Even if you don't want to participate in the blog carnival, if you have a blog and think you might post to it during the CCSF, we'd love to link to you - there's a ticky for that on the form as well.

To sign up for the blog carnival and/or to make sure your blog is on our radar for community round-ups, please fill out this very short form!

Because there will be a question a day for this blog carnival, here are the prompts ahead of time so you can get started on writing. Remember, you don't have to write something for a day if you don't like that prompt, and they're meant to inspire, not confine - if your post gets off track, that's okay, too!
1. How did you get into Creatures in the first place? What game did you start with? What intrigued you about it or was the most fun? Do you have any special or fond memories?
2. How would you describe your playing style? Do you have lots of worlds, or a few? Do you have strict wolfling runs or do you individually nurture your creatures, or both? Any particular habits or quirks?
3. How has the way you play Creatures changed since you started? What has stayed the same? Do you play a different game more, have you picked up a different play style, have you thrown out one species and embraced another?
4. What COBs/agents/breeds/metarooms/etc do you use the most? What would you like to see more of? Less of? What pet peeves do you have with add-ons? What do you love to see?
5. Do you create content for Creatures? If so, what sorts? What do you use to make things, and what would you like to make in the future? If not, what would you like to make if you could?
6. What do you think of the mythology and backstory of creatures? Do you have any favorite background details in the world? Any pet theories or thoughts, or questions you would like answered?
7. Why do you like Creatures? If your interest in it has come and gone and come again, what brings you back? Despite how hard it can be to run on modern machines and the total lack of official support now, why do you play?

And finally, remember to make submissions to ccsf.2016 (at) - the CCSF is a community effort, and it can't be successful without your help!

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