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Fraggles Need Your Help!   Pez | 2/10/2003  comment  log in to like post

Yup, that's right! I need help with making my Fraggle Norn Breed... I need people for body data as well as people for genetics. If you're interested, then please click here for more information.

** Please note that the old archived site may include broken images and links. This project is not mentioned on the archived site. **
New Intervew: EC and Me!   Rascii | 2/8/2003  comment  log in to like post

Dan of the excellent Egg Central has been kind enough to interview me about the community and Creatures Caves! The article can be found on Egg Central and is all about this website, views on the community, and the past. Interested? Click here to read it today!
Sneak Peek Of Creatures Inc!!   Rascii | 2/4/2003  comment  log in to like post

Interested in what's to come in the new Creatures Incorporated revamp? Well, we've got just what you've been looking for! Here at Creatures Caves, we have an exclusive article and screenshot of the new website layout. There are some detailed descriptions of what's new and what will be coming later on, so check out this week's extra article to find out more!
The Mall... Gone For Good   Rascii | 2/4/2003  comment  log in to like post

Are you still thinking about purchasing an item at the Creature Labs Mall? Well, you're too late now! The mall is now closed permanently. As the folks at CL nicely put it, "The mall closed at around 15:30 GMT on the 4th of February, 2003. From now on, any remaining mall or purchase related queries will continue to be dealt with by our Support representative. So if you have an existing query, there is no need to be concerned by the closure of the mall -- your queries will be answered..."
Extra & Tetrinet   Rascii | 2/3/2003  comment  log in to like post

The latest Extra article is now rather old, so we're in need of a new one! If you know of a really huge project in the community and you'd like everyone to find out about it, please be sure to let me know!

On another note, the community Tetrinet server is back, along with its page here at Creatures Caves. If you're interested in playing be sure to check out this page. Have any questions? Email me!
Need A Freezer?   MNB | 2/3/2003  comment  log in to like post

Whoo! A new agent has just hit the streets! It's called the deep freezer and if you can't guess what it does from the name then I'll tell you, it freezes stuff! The deep freezer will freeze your agents so that they don't go old and mold, or so Morns can't get them. There are loads of ways to use the deep freezer. Go to Creatures Mainframe and download it today!

** Please note that the old archived site may include broken images and links. **
Get More Info!   Rascii | 2/2/2003  comment  log in to like post

Ever wonder why someone hasn't been posting much, or is never listed as online? Maybe it's because they are gagged or banned. I've added a new "status" listing in profiles so that you can see who has been gagged or banned. I'll be making it so that users can see how long someone is gagged for, but until then, this should do.
The Latest On Creatures Inc!!   Rascii | 1/31/2003  comment  log in to like post

Recently, nornmaster500 provided us with a very nice surprise: An interview with Sharon of Creatures Inc! In the article, nornmaster500 asks Sharon questions about the past, present, and future of her website. Interested? Head on over to the "Misc" section of articles!
JRChat Logs Galore!   Rascii | 1/27/2003  comment  log in to like post

I've recently posted around 20 funny and interested logs from JRChat (which used to be on Creatures Creations - thanks Tim!). To check them out, simply click on "Misc" under the articles section in the menu.
Portable Eggs?   MNB | 1/27/2003  comment  log in to like post

No not portable eggs but a portable egg layer and Genome injector in one! This new agent allows you to make eggs where ever you please and make genomes from your genetics file into eggs in your game! No longer will you have to pray and egg or play around with things to test it out. Click here to go to the Creatures MainFrame and download it.

** Please note that the old archived site may include broken images and links. **
SmartNorn Closes For Revamp   Lanky | 1/24/2003  comment  log in to like post

SmartNorn is going down for revamp for a while! The layout is going to be completely changed and any comments, suggestions, etc. for the new site should be e-mailed or messaged to Lanky. Thanks!
CANA... Back Again!?   Rascii | 1/24/2003  comment  log in to like post

Unfortunately, due to problems not in my control, Creatures Caves had to discontinue hosting Creatures Against Norn Abuse. But on a happier note, it's already back! You can now check out the all new CANA and its new home by clicking here. Be sure to take a look!
Staff Scripts Complete!   Rascii | 1/23/2003  comment  log in to like post

When I posted the news about staff a few days ago I didn't realize that all of the staff scripts weren't done, so I finished them up tonight. Anyone who's interested in becoming staff should send me (or a manager) a private message. If anyone (member, staff, moderator, manager) has problems with ANY posting script, let me know! I went through them very quickly making changes tonight. Users Astrobot, dreamer, flip8, Gabriel, and GryphonNorn have already been made staff.
Empty Guestbook   Rascii | 1/22/2003  comment  log in to like post

There's a nice little guestbook here at Creatures Caves but there aren't too many signatures in it! If you'd like to give your opinion of this site please feel free to post it in the guestbook. Feedback is always welcome!
Improve Your Strategy?!   MNB | 1/20/2003  comment  log in to like post

Ahh! Things in the CL Mall are selling out fast! Another product, the Creatures 1 Strategy Guide book, is now gone forever! Click here to go to the CL mall! Buy what you need before it's gone forever!

** Please note that the old archived site may include broken images and links. The Creature Labs Mall officially closed on February 4, 2003. **

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