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Junglenorn Face Rework Concept (Click to enlarge)
Junglenorn Face Rework Concept   Art   Jabber | 7/3/2020  log in to like post  4

Have you ever noticed that the Junglenorns look kinda... you know?

This is a simple mockup of Junglenorns with a more typical Norn muzzle, as well as other minor facial edits, using the Junglenorn family promo image as a base with the smile from the female Aquanorn promo. Inspired by an exchange in CAOS Coding Caves.
Civvi | 7/18/2020  log in to like post

Yeah it's something that bugged me before too. This edit seems to be an improvement in that manner.
Lacota | 7/7/2020  log in to like post  1

I have to say I don't see the resemblance, the profile is completely different, Marsupilami has a long tail and more doglike in expression. with a large black nose. It doesn't have the strange black-face-y lips, nor the stereotypical red nose.

Unfortunately, intent doesn't mean they can't be racist. The CC is not the most diverse community, and things like this can often be over looked. While the Jungle Norns aren't the only racist breed, they are the most (unintentionally) overt.
Jabber | 7/7/2020  log in to like post

Marsupilami rings a bell for me, too. It's a pretty Norn-y character design, although I gotta say its influence on the Junglenorns is not particularly visible. Maybe making them look more like Marsupilami would be a good way to go.

Re: never coming to mind, I think that's the problem. The Creatures community is overwhelmingly white, or at least not black, and non-black people can be not-conscious of the problems black people face in a way that black people cannot. It's not hard to see how two (presumably) non-black people, Tomtschek and Alien, could have failed to see the racially-charged alternate interpretation of what they made, or for others to feel that their lack of intent is enough to dismiss that.
Arnout | 7/7/2020  log in to like post  1

Interesting take! The Jungle Norns were inspired by this comic book character, and their colors were inversed in the process, which explains why they're black or black with yellow spots. I don't remember which Creatures webpage it was, but I have a very clear memory of a Jungle Norn next to an image of that character.

I'm not sure about the lips. They've always reminded me of apes, like orangutans. Racial stereotypes have never really come to mind.
Lacota | 7/4/2020  log in to like post  1

Well, answer this, How are they "Jungle"? Your edits are on the right track. I think the red nose isn't doing them any favors in that department either.
tabbykit | 7/3/2020  log in to like post  1

OOF yes, yes I have noticed that. Good call trying to remedy it.
Jabber | 7/3/2020  log in to like post  3

This concept only sort of fixes the problem. My first idea was to just make the adults' lips black, but I couldn't get it to look good. I currently have no plans to make new or edited sprites for Junglenorns, but I'd like to revisit the idea of reworking these guys sometime in the future. I really do like them despite the glaring oversight in their design.

I am, of course, not implying it was Tomtschek's intent to create blackface Norns. There's a lot of space between doing something like that on purpose and just ending up there without realizing it.

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