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Horse Norns 2022 (Click to enlarge)
Horse Norns 2022   Art   Liil | 12/31/2021  6 comments  6  log in to like post  8

A project to bring back the basic C1 breeds in a modern look.
Hoth and Cinnamon (Click to enlarge)
Hoth and Cinnamon   Art   PastelBat | 12/8/2021  3 comments  3  log in to like post  4

Hoth, by all definitions of the word, is a true gentleman. He's chivalrous, polite, considerate, and most importantly, quick as a whip. Cinnamon is considered by many as a wild child of sorts. She's carefree to the point of recklessness, a bit brash, and dives into trouble head first. But luckily, she'll always have Hoth to fall back on when the going gets rough.

Me and my husband discovered something as I was working on this. Deathclaws and Grendels kind of have similar physiology, just one is more cutesy looking than the other. So, I grendelfied a deathclaw lol. I also liked the idea of maybe a romantic relationship between a norn and a grendel.
Snowball (Click to enlarge)
Snowball   Art   PastelBat | 12/8/2021  comment  log in to like post  3

Snowball has always been a bit of an oddball. First, there's the fact that she's the largest norn in of her tribe. Second, her bright, iridescent fur sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the browns and greens of her fellow tribe members. She's never been one to consider what might be normal for norns and enjoys standing out. She's bright, optimistic, and always ready to make a new friend.

Opalescent fur is hard. Next one is my grendel, Hoth!
Angler Teen Preview (Click to enlarge)
Angler Teen Preview   Art   cyborg | 12/7/2021  comment  log in to like post  3

Female Angler Grendel.
Arnhelm (Click to enlarge)
Arnhelm   Art   PastelBat | 12/7/2021  comment  log in to like post  3

There's no norn in Briarwood forest that's as tough or as brave as Arnhelm. Having been orphaned at a young age, Arnhelm grew up alone, fighting to survive in the mountains. Eventually, he was found by Hoth, a grendel who trained the young norn in the ways of gentlemanly pugilism. Hoth annd Arnhelm promised to be friends until the very end, even as they went their separate ways.

Arnhelm, upon traveling to Briarwood forest, met Ayae. She was happy to show him around and very easily befriended him. She found that despite Arnhelm's gruff attitude and appearance, he had a really soft heart. They fell in love and eventually had children of their own, Derek and Pippin.

Part 5! I got only a few more to go.
Mr. Butters (Click to enlarge)
Mr. Butters   Art   PastelBat | 12/6/2021  2 comments  2  log in to like post  3

The oldest child of Arpeggio and Acantha. Mr. Butters, in comparison to his sister, is a bit of a "stick in the mud." He's organized, serious, and obsessed with cleanliness. He nearly wept when his sister jokingly told him that his favorite pond the he bathed in had the highest pee to water ratio in comparison to the other ponds near their home.

Part 4! Arnhelm and Snowball are next in line.
Ayae (Click to enlarge)
Ayae   Art   PastelBat | 12/4/2021  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

Part 3 in my long line of norn characters I made. I've posted about this one before, along with a hardman norn named Arnhelm. He's coming later lol. Now here's a brief description of Ayae.

Ayae is a norn of many talents. She's a wonderful chef, a mischievous prankster, and the best flute player Briarwood has ever seen. She's had some difficulties with her new role as a mother and pillar of her community, but she faces everyday with incredible enthusiasm and optimism!
Granny Acantha (Click to enlarge)
Granny Acantha   Art   PastelBat | 12/3/2021  2 comments  2  log in to like post  5

Another one of my series of norns. This here is Granny Acantha, Arpeggio's wife and the mother of Ayae and Mr. Butters. Here's her short description:

Acantha used to be the sassiest and stubborn of all the norns in Briarwood. She didn't take guff from anyone, whether it be norn, ettin, grendel, or Shee. The polar opposite to her quiet, treehugging husband!

Old Arpeggio (Click to enlarge)
Old Arpeggio   Art   PastelBat | 12/2/2021  4 comments  4  log in to like post  4

Here's a cute little norn character I made, Old Arpeggio! I kind of enjoy taking artistic liberty with norn designs as you can tell. I'm hoping to keep up this amount of motivation to continue with designing norns and writing the little story idea I had for them. For now, have a little information on dear Old Arpeggio.

Old Arpeggio is an ancient Treehugger norn and is the wisest norn in Briarwood. Like all Treehuggers, he enjoys his alone time. He mostly uses that time to nap these days.
Old Arpeggio, in his younger years, fell in love with a Fallow Norn named Acantha. They had two kids, Ayae and Mr. Butters.
Baby male grendel preview? (Click to enlarge)
Baby male grendel preview?   Art   cyborg | 11/26/2021  3 comments  3  log in to like post  3

I really had to make this different from my original concept art. The jelly casing that baby anglerfish IRL had wouldn't work how the engine displays sprites. So as a compromise, I made the main material sort of jelly-like. Do you have any suggestions?
Male Angler grendel preview (Click to enlarge)
Male Angler grendel preview   Art   cyborg | 11/3/2021  comment  log in to like post  6

I have been sitting on this preview for a while now. I think it's perfect for a late Halloween.
Master Shee Remake (Click to enlarge)
Master Shee Remake   Art   C-Rex | 9/26/2021  2 comments  2  log in to like post  3

Decided to remake Creatures Online's Master Shee to make him more appealing from a character design perspective. I think he looks a lot friendlier now.
Sprite edits: Moo (Click to enlarge)
Sprite edits: Moo   Art   cyborg | 8/20/2021  1 comment  1  log in to like post  4

Another edit of Civet norns because I hated my first edit of these norns. I wasn't satisfied with their appearance, so I redid it. I'm much happier with this second edit.
Sprite edits: Wild (Click to enlarge)
Sprite edits: Wild   Art   cyborg | 8/6/2021  2 comments  2  log in to like post  6

Another set of sprite edits. This time featuring Fallow and Bengal norns.
Sprite edits: Domestic (Click to enlarge)
Sprite edits: Domestic   Art   cyborg | 8/2/2021  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

I drew these to take my mind off lockdown as well as the vaccine shot I got.

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