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old summer sale recommendations!   


  6/24/2013  10


what it is:This is a list of what I think are the best titles to get while the summer sale is on. Others are welcomed to post their own recommendations below! :)

How it works: the point is to give a good idea of the game/bundle while trying to avoid spoilers. A link should be included for each game, to allow people to go watch the presentation videos, read more about the games and hopefully, purchase some amazing games for a lovely low price! [heart]

Format to use:
[green ][b ]Category[/b ][/green ]
[b ]Title:[/b ]
[url ]http://[title ]Site Title[/url ](Link to page)

Note: Keep in mind that these are just some of my favorites. I try to enjoy all types of games for what they have to offer, and there are very few types that I flat out can't enjoy, so my favorites might seem odd compared to one another at times.

Here is my master-list:

Virtual life:
Creatures series:
It had to be at least mentioned, didn't it? :) If you're on this site, you probably know all about the series, but here it is anyway: The creatures series is the best artificial life/virtual pet game ever made. it includes creatures that can learn to speak simple human language, how awesome is that? mutations can happen over generations, resulting in different appearances, personalities and behaviors! If you like pet games, or laid back games, it's definitely worth a try!
Creatures series

Reus puts you in the position of...well, a planet! Sort of... You are given a barren planet and elemental titans to work with. Each environment they produce can attract a different type of human settlement, which you want! Or do you...? Spoil them too much and the humans will become greedy and go to war; ignore a settlement for too long and they will stop believing in the titans, attacking them on sight! the goal seems to be to advance the humans civilization from scratch, and diversify your ecosystem as you go. You can unlock the titans' powers as you progress. Different powers used on the same thing can result in different options. For example, with different attributes from the titans, a berry bush might become a rare plant that produces one resource, or a tree that produces another!
Reus is a very laid back game where the level can end, but you can't -really- lose. It's sort of like a zen version of Black&White. Tend to your people anyway you like.

Educational Games
Evoland is a game about the history of adventure games. Starting right from the giant pixels of black and white days and moving all the way into smooth 3d, Evoland has it all. It's a fairly short game, but it is fun to relive these era and for the price, it's more then worth a look.

Time Management games
Theme Hospital:
One of the greatest and funniest time management games of all times; Theme hospital has no gore, no ugly open wounds, but plenty of hilarious diseases to cure! Like inflated head or invisibility! The diseases keep getting sillier the more you play. [heart] The causes for the illnesses are often just as humorous, and even failure to cure a patient can be funny to watch! Hire doctors, nurses, other staff and build your very own hospital! Accept emergencies for big money, or refuse them to keep face if you're ill-equipped to treat them; and watch out for machinery destroying earth quakes later in the game! It's a barrel of fun, so if you like management games, don't miss out! [heart]
Theme Hospital

Dungeon Keeper 2:
One of the greatest management games I've ever played; Dungeon Keeper 2 is almost like a dungeon simulator, but with a twist... YOU build it! Forget crawling through slime. Here, you can actually build your very own dungeon and become its all mighty keeper! use your magically created work-imps to dig out corridors and rooms deep in the earth, then build rooms to attract monsters of all kinds, which become yours to command! Each type possesses their own strength, characteristics, and mentality! Train them into a mighty army to destroy the 'goodly heroes' that invade your dungeon! Why, you ask ? Why, to conquer the land, of course~~ So, keeper, are you ready to rule the underworld...? Sometimes, it's good to be bad~~
(Note: The narrator's voice alone is worth the price! I love that man! [heart])
Dungeon Keeper 2

Point n click
Blackwell Bundle:
I can't say too much with out giving the plot away here, but this bundle is a short series of games about a psychic who solves crimes and helps ghost move on, with the help of her smart-mouth spirit guide ghost. If you like mysteries, and...ghosts? this is a good game for you. It's no epic, but the premise is interesting, the 2d pixel art is pretty good and the game is fully voiced!
Blackwell Bundle

Puzzle Games
The book of unwritten tales:
A wonderful tale full of humor, quests and puzzles; with interesting characters to boot! The book of unwritten tales is fully voice acted and in beautiful 3d. It's an adventure, but still a calm problem solving game. Perfect when you're bored but not necessarily up for a thrill-ride. :) the best part of any story driven game is the plot, so I don't want to give too much away on that end. I'll just say, it's a grand adventure worthy of any JRPG, with out the grinding, and with a healthy dose of character, humor and wit. If you like a good puzzle game, this game is right for you!
Book of Unwritten Tales
BoUt: Critter Chronicles (Sequel)

Living in trash has never looked soooo good~~ or so he would say! Follow the adventures of the overly confident, self-admiring, -and down right dangerous at times- Rufus!, on his quest to escape Deponia, a(n inhabited) trash planet, for the idealistic world of Elisium! Help our selective-hearing 'hero' along the way, picking up and tinkering objects and solving puzzles! There's something endearing about Rufus... kind of like a burning building... you just can't take your eyes away~~ He's a beautiful, beautiful train wreck. In slow motion. With epic music in the background. And fireworks. Because that's how Rufus rolls!
Deponia 2: Chaos on Deponia

Legacy of Kain
Legacy of Kain series:
I wasn't sure how to categories this series.
The legacy of Kain is one of the best game series I have ever played, right up there with the Zelda and Mario series. Only differences being that these games are darker, the stakes are higher and the storyline is deep, intricate and carries over from one game to the next.
Also, demons, badass vampires, dark gifts, magic powers, paladins, fratricide- EVERYTHING! 8D
Honestly, I truly feel that anyone who doesn't know of this series is really missing out on one of the great achievements of gaming. It might not be for everyone, as i know some people don't like story-driven games, or badass vampires, or beating the living daylights out of stuff- but this almost Shakespearean Epic, was so well thought out, written and voice acted with such talent, effort and commitment, that it deserves to at least be looked at and acknowledged. If you're not weak-kneed at the thought of non-sparkly vampires or killing enemies, and enjoy a good story; then I can't recommend this series enough.
Nosgoth needs a hero... but who...?

One warning: These games take a lot of time to play through, and if you're like me, once you get sucked into the story, you're not gonna want to stop. They are more then worth it, but if you don't have a lot of free time to spend, you might want to buy it and set it aside until you do have the time to watch this epic unfold.
In correct order:
LoK:Soul Reaver
LoK:Soul Reaver 2
LoK: Defiance

More?: does not have the first game of the series available. It is not necessary to play it to understand the story of the other 3 games, but it can help further understand the context, where Kain is coming from and his motivations. This game is literally about the origin of the all powerful Kain and the game that spawned this great series; so it's definitely worth checking out. It is much shorter then it's offsprings, too, so while the controls and visuals style are different, it's the perfect place to start.
It has been abandon-ware for years and can be found here
Blood Omen

Note: I played all the games on console(s) and the controls were fine, so if you stink with a keyboard as much as i do, use a controler! :) (And for those wondering since I'm recommending buys here: yes, despite owning the console based games, I repurchased them on to support the industry of good games and effort. I loved this series so much that I own 3 of official figurines for it. FF9 only got 2. It's just. that. good.)

----end note-----

Well, I'm a bit dizzy now, low blood pressure getting to me today, but I think those are all the best games I've ever played in my entire life -that are currently available on

If you're interested by other non games, I recommand the mario series for platformers, and zelda series for adventure. FF9 cannot be recommended enough for JRPGs, as well as Mario RPG; and for relaxed games, check out the harvestmoon series (no favorites, just, the whole thing.)
For hand held: Mario and Luigi: Bower's inside story.

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Everyone is welcomed to share their favorite games, to help others discover new exciting 'old-timey' games! :D

I love trying new games every now and again so I hope everyone pitches in! We have until July 5th to take advantage of the major summer sales, so let's make the most of it! [heart]

EDIT: My list ended up way longer then I meant it to... I hope nobody feels too intimidated by it...
Everyone can recommend any number of games they want, Or second a recommendation if their favorites have already been listed! :)

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I don't know if I could clarify this one as "old-timey". But I recently bought a game called Legend of Grimrock

Legend Of Grimrock
Legend of Grimrock is pretty much a dungeon crawler game with the old school gameplay (real-time combat, grid based movement). Did I mention you can also make your OWN dungeons?!

In general, the 'story' is open enough for you to have some roleplaying elements along with it.

The graphics are beautiful and my laptop with an integrated graphics card (Intel Chipset case you didn't know..that is AWFUL) can handle it on high.

Anyhow, so far I am in love with it. It took a time getting used to, but it made me feel nostalgic despite it being a newer game. So, if you are the fan of old fashion dungeon crawlers, I would recommend it!

For Science!



Theme Hospital scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a kid. I had some of the strangest fears... [nlaugh]


FPS?, western RPG
I haven't played System Shock 2 or Planescape: Torment myself, but the gamers I know regard them very highly.



  6/24/2013  1

@InsanityPrelude: Maybe you should give it another try now that you're not a little kid anymore? XD Hmm, I've heard that Planescape exist but i don't know anyone who plays it personally. might be worth looking into :)

@Draggy: Legend Of Grimrock sounds interesting...!

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 visit eprillios's website:
  6/24/2013  2

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe:
Along with Creatures, one of the games I grew up with. :) The goal of this game is to create successful theme parks. You've got several scenarios with different goals and challenges, which just makes this game fun. Before you get more scenarios and parks, you need to finish the other scenarios. I just loved the fact that you could place anything in your theme park and see what the simulation does. I've never finished all scenarios though, but the game still entertains me. There are several sequels and expansion packs, and this version contains the first game plus all expansion packs for this game.
RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe

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I totally forgot about that one, it really is a fun building game series though!

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