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new to these games, have some questions   


  6/2/2022  1

recently saw the creatures games were released on steam, and since as as kid i had the first game but couldn't play it due to the disc being too scratched {it was my sister's game}, i was kind of interested and wanted to look into them! especially since i also love the old petz games and these seem vaguely similar.
i have several questions, though, that i'm sure someone here could help me with!

1. is there any version of these games that people consider the best option for playing these nowadays? the steam versions are a lot more convenient for me, so i intend to buy Creatures: The Albian Years + 3/DS on steam, but if there's some reason i shouldn't get these games on steam, i'd like to know!
{if it's important to know for this info, since i know some old games run very poorly on modern pcs: my computer uses windows 10}

1a. can the steam versions be modded? i figure it can, but if it can't, i'd obviously prefer to be pointed towards a version that can be!

2. are there any other popular sites for these games' community? any guides or info that would be useful to someone new?

3. any key differences between creatures 1, 2, and 3/DS? this is probably something I could look into myself, but I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me!
{also, i think while clicking around on random links, i saw something about a program that puts mechanics from 1 into 3/DS? what's that about?}

3a. while I didn't look at many of the steam reviews - i saw someone mentioning that DS' servers were long dead. while i don't understand how that impacts gameplay just yet, i know communities of games like this often make projects that revive stuff like that, so I'm curious if there's a replacement

i'd also appreciate any general other tips for newbies. sorry if there's some kind of newbie guide already present on the forum - i must've missed it if there is! thank you to anyone who helps!

edit: also, does anyone know if it's normal for the site to be having some kind of.... what i presume are php errors? i keep occasionally getting them

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Hey there, nice to see a new face around! I'll try my best to answer these questions. However, take some of these answers with a grain of salt, as I never played C1 or C2 myself, only C3 and DS.

1. If you are already on steam, that should be a good bet for you to use. Those are the versions that have been put out the most recently, and should require the least fiddling around to run. also offers Exodus (= C3+DS) and Albian Years, however even those require some extra handiwork before they function on a brand new OS.
If for some reason you are using a retro system, like, say, Windows XP for example, I'd say the GoG version is probably preferable, though.

1a. I mean, "modding" these games works slightly differently than for other games. The games have their own script languages and file formats that you can use to make custom objects and drop them in. The steam version should allow for that, as you had to pretty much rework the whole engine to get rid of it. However, just keep in mind that this is a manual process, where you download and install the files from a website of choice such as our local download section or Eem Foo's Archive. You will not be able to swap out e.g. the core engine parts or use the steam workshop, as with e.g. Skyrim or Fallout.

2. I have to admit that our community is somewhat small these days. CCaves here is pretty much the main hub forum-wise. There's always the IRC Room if you want some live chat ( #creatures if you have a dedicated client) and there's a couple Discords around.
As for a general knowledge base, we have our own wiki. Please refrain from using the one provided by Wikia/Fandom, as the majority of the community renounced that site over some legal disputes.

3. The creatures in C3/DS are a lot more independent. With the right setup, you can leave them to their own devices for many generations. C1 creatures need to be nannied a lot more. However, that also means that you form a closer bond each one. Not sure where C2 creatures stand.
There are also some minor differences. C3/DS has a basic physics engine for objects for example. And there are some quirks in the vocabulary, such as the word "eat" not existing in C1. Creatures have to "push" their food to consume it.
Overall you're well served with any PC version of the games, though. It's usually the console ports that are a tad, uhm, anemic.
As for "adding C1 to C3/DS" you are thinking of the C1toDS project. The gist of it is that you can add custom rooms to C3/DS and someone decided to make huuuuge ones that recreate the entire C1. It's not a perfect 1:1 recreation due to differences in the engine and such, but it's pretty good.

3a. The original purpose of DS was to add online functions to C3. That way you could swap out creatures with other people right there in the game. You could also have a simple chat running from within the game. DS also has a slightly updated engine that fixes a few (though by far not all) quirks of the original C3. DS itself is playable on it's own, so it doubled as a free demo as well.
Even though the servers are down, you can still profit from the newer engine and some of the objects that DS comes with, like the hoverdoc, so there is little reason not to play docked, unless you have an older PC that struggles under the entirety of the C3 world.
As for custom server replacements/alternatives, Albian Warp is probably the most developed solution we currently have.

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Architect wrote:
edit: also, does anyone know if it's normal for the site to be having some kind of.... what i presume are php errors? i keep occasionally getting them

This is normal, yes, and the webmaster is aware of them. They seem to be more a minor nuisance than anything, but if you come across any that are worse, there was a bug-report thread somewhere on the forums, but I can't seem to find it right now. [ndoh]

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I do not own the games on Steam myself, but I gather that Creatures 2 still has a lot of issues on Steam. Creatures 1 has fewer issues. C3/DS has the least issues.

Yes, the Steam versions can be modded.

Other popular, active, websites include, and the Discord servers. (A list of Discord servers can be found on the

The core gameplay revolves around caring for the creatures. The interfaces change a bit in different entries in the series.

For the DS servers, you can either play offline using a patch, or join the Albian Warp.

The hosting company for Creatures Caves updated the PHP version that we're using. Lingering PHP errors can be reported by the use of the contact form on the website.

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thank you three very much for the help! :D i appreciate it

as for the php errors, most of them aren't too intrusive! {the only time they are seems to be if i have a few too many tabs of this site open, which is easy for me to avoid anyways}


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