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newbie needs help   


  2/19/2022  1

I've wanted to get into Creatures for years but I never manage to get the hang of it, so here are some questions.

- Is it ok if I mostly just leave the game running and see how they do? I enjoy just watching them :P

- Is there some kind of genetics guide? I'd love to eventually breed them to get some cute Norns but I have no idea what their genes are or how to get the ones I'd like.

- There's a bunch of cheese and honey as well as some carrots near the starting area. Should I be looking for other foods or do I just feed them these?

I've looked at the help section in-game and at the manual but I still feel pretty lost. Also, is Creatures 1 even the best choice? I picked it because it seems simpler and I like the graphics.

Thank you!




You can let the game run and just see what happens. But in Creatures 1 the norns need a little learning advice to be able to survive. They can manage to grow adult and breed, but it is easier for norns that have been trained to do the basic things like learning how to eat, play and socialize.

In Creatures 2 norns will likely not survive without your help, too many dangers like drowning or entering an area without food.

In Creatures 3 grendels can kill your norns and they likeley will do it, only Hardman Norns and a few other breeds can defeat grendels.

In Docking Station, in an undocked world your norns will be safe. The most metarooms(Additional little worlds made by the community) are safe for norns.
The norns in Creatures 3 and Docking Station have advanced survival skills and can live without your help, if they have enough food sources and no natural enemies (Grendels)

Norns are not able to change their appearance by genetics. The only things that they can change is the way they walk and act (Pose and Gait genes) and their color (Pigment genes) They cannot develop bigger eyes, smaller ears or a second pair of arms. You can cross different norn breeds, and their offspring will get mixed body parts from their parents.
What mutations can change is their whole metabolism and their behavior.

In Creatures 1 cheese and carrots are the main food source for norns. Honey is a kind of treat, they can get addicted to it ;)

In Creatures 3 + Docking Station they need 3 food sources. Seeds, Fruit and Fat. For example cheese, apples and tree seeds.

In Creatures 2, ah I don’t know anymore, too long ago :)

Which game to choose depends on what you like. When it comes to play time, I played Docking Station the longest part of my life. That is because it has so many breeds, agents(Additional Objects made by the community) and so much additional features. It has the best foundation for creativity and your personal experiments. You can also play C1toDS which is a conversion of the Creatures 1 world to the Docking Station Engine. There is also a C2toDS. Both can be downloaded from the Internet. The original Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 breeds are available for Docking Station too. It does not feel the same with the conversions, because it is a different engine, different genetics and behavior of norns, some features are missing, but it is still a cool experience.

The second most I played Creatures 1, because it was the first creatures game and I played it over 2 years until the release of Creatures 2. It has a nice art style, wonderful norns that feel so alive and cute. But it has some limitations like no real gravity, no metarooms/very few new worlds and some bugs.

Creatures 2 I played the less, because it was very hard to play and buggy at the beginning. The world is very dangerous and the norns can easily die. It has nice graphics too, a huge world but frustrating. The game can get extremely laggy and I don’t know if it is playable on Windows 10 + 11 anymore.



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  2/19/2022  1


Muppetboy has an extensive genetics guide for C1, and the wiki also has some information - however, all that info is probably too detailed if you're just starting out. A lot of mutations are not easily observed, but if you really want to know, there's third party programs that will compare children to their parents and tell you the mutations. If you mainly want cute norns, breeding the ones whose appearance you like should do you just fine :)

The lemons are the most nutritious food for creatures, though the ones that come with the game cause a tiny amount of pain, which is confusing for them (there's a mod for that). The carrots and cheese are also good, and the honey is more like junk food for them. Unfortunately, the default C1 world is a little lacking in food sources - but there's a lot of mods for that if you want to add more.

C1 isn't a bad choice! C3/DS is the most popular because it's the most stable on modern computers, the creatures tend to be more self-sufficient, the interface and player abilities are more convenient, etc, but C1 is also well-liked. C2, while beautiful, is unfortunately the most buggy, though there's a lot of fan-made fixes that help, and also tends to be the hardest to get working on modern machines.



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Thanks for linking my site.

The best simplest advice for food is get the Carrot Variety Pack, and Jessica's Carrot and Lemon Updates. Get more if you like, but these will be enough for much of your needs.

C1 is by far easiest to mod, and has the most resources out there.

C3 is pretty good too, and has far wider scope of updates, but can be more confusing to install for new players.

C2 I wouldn't recommend for new players, it needs lots of patching to make playable.

An easy genetic breed (different behaviour and biochemistry) for C1 is my Rainbow Feliz as they contain all official Cyberlife genes, wide colour range and minimal editing.

For C1, on my site there are lots of sprite breeds (look different) if you want to increase the diversity of appearance of your creatures. I'd especially recommend Pedigree Norns v2, Spectrum Grendels and Spore Ettins as these come in three easy to install packs.

For C3 there are far more sprite sets, but personally I agree that the style of C1 is more natural and less plastic-looking. Although that said I love the ecology of C3.

Check out my site for C1, I have pretty much everything for C1 including links to the many websites. As well as here on the Caves, is great for downloads for all of the games.

If you want any more specific advice for C1 ask me!




Thanks to everyone who replied! I'm sorry for vanishing.

Are there any basic tutorial guides? I always feel like there's stuff I'm missing because I don't entirely understand what I'm supposed to be doing or how things work. I just feel so overwhelmed!

After reading these posts, it sounds like C1 might be a good starting point for a beginner. I don't mind if there's fewer downloads, I just want to finally understand these games!

Patient Pirate



  10/30/2022  1

Start with C1. Read through the startup tips if you haven't already. You can find some video tutorials and other interesting videos here:


  10/30/2022  1

ylukyun wrote:
Start with C1. Read through the startup tips if you haven't already. You can find some video tutorials and other interesting videos here:

Thank you! I think I'm getting the hang of it :D


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