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My name is Blitz, my Hand is Handy and this... THIS... is MY infinite carrot! Don't believe the rumours, I'm an honest Norn I swear! The "noble" Shee who claims to own this carrot is in fact a liar and, quite frankly, a smellypants. He always laughed when I would walk off that dastardly cliff (he probably had a floor-opening button), but who's laughing now huh? **maniacal laughter**

Handy, on the other hand ([nlaugh]), is a good friend. He told me to press the forbidden button to leave the Shee lab once and for all. Well, the good news is there's no more smellypants Shee, but after being sucked through a big flash of light, here I am in some weird metal place with no light outside except for the shiny boops everywhere, with nothing but this infinite carrot and my trusty water pistol.

- Rascii



Entry #1: Not Alone

I managed to find a lobby after wondering around for a while, there were other creatures there.. even grendels! Thankfully they seemed calm, unlike the grendels I'm used to.

The other creatures all seemed pretty confused. I decided to say hello and offer them some of my carrot as a gesture of good will. As I approached however, we were all was suddenly surrounded by strange blue bubbles and disappeared. When my bubble popped me out, I was in this room.. alone again.

After a few minutes, a hologram of a Hand appeared and began speaking to me. It said its name was H.A.N.D (it's obviously the creative type). He yammered on for a while, I wasn't really listening but my ears perked up when it mentioned that there was food around here somewhere.

I just heard a noise outside, time for an adventure! I'll speak to you soon, Journal. Don't go anywhere.




Entry #2: Deliciously Orange

I went out into the corridor to find out where that noise was coming from. I didn't have to go far though, the thingy was waiting there for me! It was very funny looking, like a glowing orange jelly doozer.. except bigger! It was standing sideways on the wall, smiling at me and pointing.

It smelled delicious, and it had a look in its eye that pretty much said "taste this finger!". So I did, and boy was it delicious! The thingy got slightly smaller after that, but its finger grew back!

After a few seconds, I had a fit of the giggles. I don't know what I was laughing at, but the doozer thingy was laughing with me so it must have been something good! A few minutes after that everything started glowing in bright colours, and the doozer started looking all funny.. like when I snuck into the hooch cavern back home.

After a few more seconds, its laugh started getting creepy.. going very high pitched then very low. Its eyes were growing and shrinking at the same time, and on top of all this I was even more hungry!!

I tried to explain to it that I had to go find some real food, but I wasn't sure it understood my language.

I walked off at that point, he was changing shapes and bouncing off the walls.. I had no time for that silly business! Off down the hall I went. I saw one of the other creatures from earlier getting into some sort of space pod as I turned the first bend. Before I had time to shout out to them, they had launched off.

The hallway was still swirling and changing colours; I'm pretty sure I was walking on the roof at one stage.. Anyway, I made my way towards the pods. No way was I going to be left behind if the others were going on an adventure!

As I arrived at the pod, my stomach was growling something fierce. I took a bite out of my infinite carrot, and all of a sudden things went back to normal! No more swirling, no more colours. That crazy Shee must have infused it with medicine. It regenerated itself slowly, as it always does.

I'm now sitting in the pod, about to launch. Wish me luck Journal! I'll see you on the other side!



  8/23/2013  1

Entry #3: The Planet

Journal! It feels like forever since I've spoken with you, how you been? Me? I'm doing fantastically well. My trip down to this planet went surprisingly smooth considering the pod looked a little rusty from the outside.

The inside of the pod was awesome! It had a recliner seat, a computer with funny videos about these crazy creatures running around on some unknown planet, and even cup-holders! Although, it didn't provide me with any cups to put in them :(

Anyway, the landing was pretty smooth.. a parachute launched not long after I entered the atmosphere and landed me nice and gently near a massive lake. There is a huge forest right next to it, which should make for some good adventuring!

First thing is first though, time to find some shelter. It's starting to get dark and I'm sure not going to sit in that pod (as comfy as it was) for the rest of my trip!


The forest is very pretty, some of the trees have blue and purple leaves which give the place a nice ambience. I haven't been walking for long but I have the feeling of being crowded, not sure why!

It's been a few minutes but now I hear some giggling, a lot of chattering noises are starting to come from all over the place too. The sounds are familiar...

After what's felt like an hour, the chattering and giggling surrounding me suddenly stopped. I've found a beautiful clearing with a small pool of water in the middle. The clearing is perfectly circular and the moonlight reflecting off the water lights up this place gloriously.

I'll have to get back to you soon, it's taken a few seconds for me to see it, but right in front of me next to the pool is the strangest Norn I've ever seen...




Entry #4: Chibi Norns

I was short by most Nornish standards, but this guy was half my size! He had a rich blue coat with purple patches on it that blended pretty well with his surroundings. He had huge green eyes, a leafy headdress and a twig in his hand (although it was probably a staff to him, given his size).

As I looked around, I noticed more and more of these mini norns all staring at me. I approached the one in the headdress and stuck my hand out to greet him, "Blitz!" I said. He sniffed my hand, poked it a few times then giggled! Apparently he didn't know what a handshake was! I was surprised when he started speaking a language I seemed to understand. The first few words were hazy, but then it started coming back to me.

It was the language I used to speak before I met Handy and the Computer back home. He said his name was Flurp and he was chief of the Chibi tribe. He motioned for me to follow, and we soon arrived at the biggest tree I'd ever seen! As I looked up, I could see little lights coming out of it in random spots, and eventually I noticed bridges sprawling over the entire top of the forest. They all seemed to lead back to this tree though.

Flurp leads me up the tree on a spiral staircase swirling around it. We walked around and around for probably a good 10mins before we reached the top, but the room at the top was just amazing! There were toys everywhere, some jazz music, and hootch .. so many hootch distillers everywhere!! The chibi norns in there already were dancing and stumbling all over the place, clearly they'd had a cup or 3.

Time to get my party on.. speak to you soon Journal!




Entry #5: Back to the Pod

Well, that was some party! It's been 3 days since I went up that tree. Thank the Shee for this infinite carrot or my hangover would be tremendous right about now! It turns out they were celebrating a victory over some thieving critters in the area, and the hootch distillers were the spoils of war!

They said they usually don't allow strangers into their homes, but the fact that I stumbled along right as they finished saying a prayer at their sacred waterhole was a sign from the Shee of Old that I should be looked after.

I'd been receiving messages from H.A.N.D for the last few hours trying to make me go back to the pod, so I finally headed back. You don't want to annoy a foreign hand too much after all.. never know what they might do!

As I was strolling back to the pod, I started to hear some rustling in the forest around me. At first I thought it was the norns following me on my way back, but the rustling was soon accompanied by grunting and hideous laughter. I stepped up my pace, I didn't want to risk waiting to see if it was friendly.

I've reached the pool where I'd met Flurp and the chibi norns a few days earlier, the rustling and grunting stopped a while ago so I thought I'd take a quick break and fill you in, journal. I've had a sip of water from the pool and filled up my water pistol, just in case.

There's a loud crashing sound headed toward me from where I've come from. I'm not hanging around to find out what it is...




Entry #6: Grendel?

I sprinted as fast as I could in the direction of the pod. I'd cleared the forest, but there was a good 50 meters between me and the pod! I looked back, and just as I did a massive orange and green splotched grendel came tumbling out of the forest behind me.. It was at least 2 meters tall! I couldn't believe my eyes, but I turned back towards the pod and kept running!

It was gaining on me, as it got closer I reached for my water pistol. I couldn't remember it ever saving me from a grendel but I figured if I could land a decent shot it might startle it at the very least.. At this rate it was going to catch me before I got to the pod.

I came skidding to a halt only 10 meters from the pod and turned to face the ugly bugger.. It was taken aback slightly by my sudden stop, and its charge faltered. I took the opportunity and shot him right in the eye! He roared in what sounded like pain, and I took the opportunity to quickly jump into the pod and start the launch sequence.

I looked out the window while the pod started up, it had taken the grendel a good 20 seconds to realize that it was, in fact, unharmed.. It was only water after all! Well, they were never the brightest creatures where I was from anyway!!

By this time the pod had launched, and as I looked back the beast was shaking it's fat fist at me.. as if warning me never to come back. I didn't plan to, but I never planned to be in this strange place either, so who knows what will happen!

Until next time journal, I'm going to enjoy the rest of the ride back up to the station.




Entry #7: The Ship

Hey Journal, hope you've been well. H.A.N.D has been buzzing in my ear since getting back from the planet about making a map of the ship so I haven't had time to give you an update.. I don't know why, you'd think the hand of all things would know what its own ship looks like! Anyway, I've been off exploring since then trying to map it out.

It's a pretty interesting place, we'd heard stories when I was a baby of great ships built by the Shee which used to float with the stars. We used to get told that if we behaved ourselves we would be chosen one day to go on adventures in them. The crazy Shee back home said I could never even dream of being chosen though.. I sure showed him!

The ship itself isn't that big, but some of the rooms attached are massive. It has a bunch of small identical rooms (12) along the hallway where my room is, 3 average sized rooms and then 4 ginormous rooms which were labelled as "Terrariums".

The 11 other small 'bedrooms' were empty when I checked them out, mostly the same as mine, sparse.. but a few were downright messy! Some of the other creatures on the ship sure need to work on their tidiness! Speaking of which, I haven't seen any of them since I first got teleported here...

The 3 average sized rooms were labelled as Med Bay, Jettison Area and Splice & Control Centre. The Med Bay is surrounded by all the space pods. I peeked through the rooms' glass doors but didn't bother going into any of them, they looked pretty boring. Although the Splice room seemed to have splotches of bright orange goo all over it, I might take a second look at it now that I've finished this map.

The 4 ginormous rooms were something else entirely though, I'd never seen anything like them. I couldn't enter any as the hand said I needed to finish the map first, but I took a look through their glass doors anyway. They were labelled as Volcanic Terrarium, Arctic Terrarium, Woodland Terrarium and Beach Terrarium.

They were so big that I couldn't even see the back of them, and they all seemed to have their own sky! I'm going to go explore them now, I'll update you on what I find!

Oh, here is a copy of my map of the ship. Just in case you wanted to take a squizz!




Entry #7: D.O.M.E Part 1

Today I ventured into the Splice & Control Centre. Now that H.A.N.D was off my back about the silly map, I could finally get to exploring! The place looked pretty boring at a glance, there was a large work bench in the middle of the room and all sorts of machines and contraptions along the walls. A lot of this was covered in the orange goo I mentioned last time we spoke.

There were a whole bunch of gadgets and gizmos on the table in the middle. I poked something that looked like a squishy metal square, and suddenly had the strangest tingling sensation run through my finger. Another looked like a normal medicine bottle but as I got closer it seemed to start turning into a mushroom, as I backed away it turned back into the medicine bottle. The more I looked around, the more interesting this room seemed to become.

There were schematics and drawing scattered all over the room. It was as if someone was looking for an answer, but I didn't know the question. I left the work bench and started inspecting the machines along the walls, a lot of which had the orange goo slobbered over the buttons. The largest machine however, was covered completely in the goo. I got a rag and wiped off as much as I could. It was labelled "CAUTION: SPLICER"...

Right next to the splicer was a cork pinboard, with just one schematic pinned to it. The only one in the entire place that was perfectly clean, as if preserved. It was titled D.O.M.E. Suddenly, there was a small clang of metal behind me. Something had come in through the vents, and left a trail of orange goo drops along its path.

I slowly followed the goo drops, and finally I saw what it was. It looked like the orange goo-doozer that I met when I first arrived all those weeks ago, except it looked like it had some ettin features this time. It was acting completely different too, nowhere near as friendly as before. It seemed cautious, almost scared.. It seemed a lot more fragile in this place.

"Eem Blitz, I'm a friend! What's your name?" I lowered myself to its level and gave my biggest smile. "Eem Dom. This Dom house. why here?"




Entry #8: D.O.M.E Part 2

I sat with Dom and explained how I got here and what had happened since, he seemed to have no recollection of our previous interaction. He didn't really say much though. I asked him about the schematic on the pinboard titled D.O.M.E and his expression saddened greatly.

I went over and inspected the schematic again and noticed that the E was scratched on more recently than the rest. The schematic had arrows and scribbles all over it but it seemed to be an experiment with 4 objects. The first was a doozer, similar to what we had back home, and it was labelled as germinator. The second was an orange but it was labelled as medicine, and the third was a mushroom that was also labelled as medicine. The fourth, just like the E, looks like it was added on after the rest. It was an Ettin...

I asked Dom about it, but he was very hesitant to talk at first. I offered him a bit of my infinite carrot and made a few jokes, he seemed to relax a fair bit.. I even got a giggle out of him! He brought over two cans of hooch, and we sat and talked some more. He finally opened up and began explain what D.O.M.E was and how he came to be the way he is.

Apparently the Shee crew aboard this ship used to travel from planet to planet, creating life and populating the habitable ones. After arriving on the planet this ship was orbiting, one of the crew had been stung by a native bug on the surface. It didn't seem to have any effect on him at first, but after the world was populated and the crew were ready to leave he began to develop strange symptoms, eventually leading to paralysis. No matter what the medical team did they couldn't stop the symptoms developing, and eventually the disease spread to other crew members and deaths began to occur.

The Shee believed that the solution they were looking for was too simple for their expansive minds to comprehend, so they developed and raised Dom as an intelligent yet less evolved life form to try and tackle the problem. He was raised in the Volcanic Terrarium aboard the ship in order to give him as strong an immune system as possible.

The Shee developed the Terrariums by spreading seeds and atmosphere they found on their journeys into the giant domes aboard to see how they developed. They were never able to enter the Volcanic Terrarium though as it had developed into a toxic environment completely different to what they were expecting.

Dom believed he had developed the solution after examining most of the life within the terrarium, but it all went horribly wrong...




Entry #9: D.O.M.E Part 3

Dom had found some extremely interesting flora and fauna within the Volcanic Terrarium. He had found 3 in particular which he thought would be useful. The first was a Doozer that seemed completely immune to the toxins in the environment. It somehow filtered the toxic materials it ate or breathed in and expelled mists with healing properties through small pores all over its body.

The second was an orange with extremely potent healing properties, however its natural temperature was about the same as the lava in the zone. The third was a mysterious gelatinous mushroom with extreme regenerative properties. It had hallucinogenic effects when consumed, yet proved to neutralize many toxins produced by bugs in the terrarium.

Dom uploaded all this data to the computer for the Shee to review. The plan was to splice all three together, and if the Splicer was calibrated correctly the end product would be a jelly doozer that could be partially eaten for instant cures, regenerate itself and still roam the ship and cleanse the toxin in the air that was spreading to the crew.

All seemed to go well after the experiment was done, the crew were getting healed and the ship was eventually cleansed of the toxin. However, after some time the crew who had been infected and ate some of the doozer began to change and deform. They were turning into jelly, and seemed to be losing their minds! Crew members were turning on each other and carnage ensued.

After much bloodshed, H.A.N.D determined that the only logical solution to maintain the integrity of the ship was to jettison the crew. H.A.N.D unlocked the terrarium door for Dom after this had occurred and made him investigate what had gone wrong.

It turns out his calibrations for the Splicer had been all wrong. He had underestimated how strong the effects of the mushroom were, and the regenerative and hallucinogenic properties had taken over the crew's bodies during digestion and multiplied itself from within, taking over the body and driving the mind insane.

He had just finished investigating the solution when suddenly the 12 of us appeared on the ship. H.A.N.D had chosen us from the closest planets to take over as the ships crew, but it seemed that H.A.N.D had somehow been corrupted during all the carnage as Creatures were definitely not capable of running such a ship.

The solution Dom found was to splice himself with the jelly doozer. His immense immune system would neutralize the hallucinogen and his size would ensure the regenerative properties were lowered enough to digest correctly. Although it was all useless now, since there was nobody left to cure.

H.A.N.D however had different plans...




Entry #10: D.O.M.E Final

Once H.A.N.D's new 'crew' had come aboard Dom locked himself up in the Control Centre, he didn't want to interact with these strange Creatures that had appeared to just 'replace' his masters. However, once they began travelling down to the planet, H.A.N.D decided to complete Dom's final alterations to project D.O.M.E. It couldn't risk another outbreak.

So, during our adventure down on the planet poor Dom was forcefully spliced with the doozer in order to create the perfect healing agent. He's been staying out of sight ever since, scampering through the vents, but he wasn't ready to interact with anyone, ashamed of how he let his masters down.

I asked if he liked his new form, and he said he was always in pain from all the toxins being consumed. How horrible, to be forced into that situation by a malfunctioning hand. I was determined to help him out any way I could and I asked him if there was a way to reverse the process, but he said there wasn't.

He was very curious about my infinite carrot though, he said when he took a bite earlier that the pain subsided briefly. Time to do some research! we did all kinds of tests on the carrot, from throwing it to chopping it up to eating it over and over. We were running out of options, when Dom wanted to try one last thing.

He got out an old juicer from a cupboard. We put the carrot through a couple of times making sure to leave the top in tact until we had a nice glass full of the juice. Drinking it had the same effect as eating it, but it seemed to last a bit longer. It was getting late, and I stretched and yawned accidentally knocking it all over Dom. Then, the most bizarre thing happened.. The orange goo seemed to shy away from the carrot juice, and Dom's ettin form became visible then went back to normal after the juice dripped off.

I had a plan, I showed him my water pistol and told him that we could try and splice the carrot with the pistol, to get infinite juice to spray out of it and try and wash the jelly doozer off him. He calibrated the splicer, and we gave it a shot.. The end product looked good, now to test it.

We started with his legs and worked our way up. Slowly but surely, the jelly doozer was falling into a pile to the side and Dom's original ettin form was showing again. It had worked! We finally finished spraying him down, and the goo formed a doozer again, while Dom the Ettin was standing in front of me. His fur was a deep red colour, his eyes were crystal blue and he had the biggest smile on his face!

He remembered at that point that H.A.N.D might not like what just happened and decided to tinker with it's programming to return it to normal operations. We talked for a long while and he decided that he would love to start a life down on the planet below, he knew that the Shee had created other ettins down there already.

The remnants of the jelly doozer were jettisoned into space, and after I saw Dom off I came back to the room to tell you about it all Journal. I think I might go exploring the terrariums now, I could use a change of scenery!




Entry #11: Fun in the Sun

Good morning journal! Hope you've been well, I've been doing some cleaning up in the Control Centre since the ordeal with Dom the Ettin. I figured out how to contact him and asked him to come up for a day in the (artificial) sun in the beach terrarium to celebrate his new life and freedom.

I also accidentally stumbled across a console that gave me access to the journals of the other creatures aboard the ship. Some of them have come up with a theory that this ship may have some sort of multi-layered dimension system in place, which would explain why I haven't managed to see any of them since that very first day. And why their descriptions of the ship are completely different to mine.

Dom arrived early yesterday morning and he took me back over to the control room. He showed me how to use one of the machines which he called an agent injector, which let us create all sorts of items to take with us on our trip. We generated some beach balls, towels, food and even some grape hooch!

We walked the corridors towards the terrarium, when we got there we asked H.A.N.D what the status of the terrarium was at the moment. It advised that the weather was fine, UV levels were acceptable, water condition was calm and no dangerous critters were present close to shore. Perfect for some relaxing fun! We went in and had a look around, it was truly amazing that the Shee could set up such a place. You couldn't see any walls when inside the terrarium, just white sand and blue sea as far as the eye could see. Perhaps these terrariums were also part of this multi-layered dimension thing that the other creatures mentioned in their journals. I asked Dom about it, but he didn't know anything about such a system.

We set up our beach towels and a big umbrella close to the shore and went for a swim, punching around a beach ball all the while. So much fun! After a few hours we went and sat under the umbrella for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks to boot. As we watched the ocean swell, we saw a pod of kyutai whales swimming past not too far from the shore slowly and gracefully. It seems they were enjoying the day as much as we were.

We hung out for a few more hours. Dom told me that he had met the local ettins on the planet and they seemed pretty friendly. They were of similar size and shape to him but with blue and green colours that seemed to match the environment they were living in. After a while we headed back to the pods so that I could see him off. It was nice to have a peaceful day for a change after all the craziness that has happened over the past few weeks.

Well that's it from me for now Journal. I'll speak to you soon hopefully. The other creatures spoke about some sort of contest or voting process that was kicking people of the ship. No idea what that's about, but I'm going to plan my next trips to the other terrariums.

- Blitz

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