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The Lifandi Project   



The Wiki Page.

Is the Lifandi Project still alive? It seems to be a very interesting idea, with some intriguing concepts behind it. I started to draw some concept art, but then I stopped and wondered if it was still going strong. I'm not holding my breath on this (I was disappointed enough when "C4" wasn't going to come out), but I would love to know if it's running.

Any news at all?



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I think its still alive,cos embri's much around and last i saw it seem it still under project,but i leave that to embir,cos i guess she's behind that project ^^


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Yes, Lifandi is alive and well, we just haven't updated the front page all that recently. Most of the development work is behind the scenes and hasn't been advancing that much for the last month or so mostly due to College/Uni finals.

fuzzie was going to try and put together an openC2e release for the CCSF, no promises though.

Most of Lifandi is stuck being design/theoretical since we need a complete and functional engine for it to run on (openC2e).

I'm probably the most vocal member (forum wise) of the team but I'm certainly not in charge, hah! I just make the pretty pictures, the coders (like fuzzie, nornagon, ElasticMuffin, and company) do the real magic.

~Flaris Norns!~




Wow, I found out about this the same day I downloaded DS. It's a brilliant idea.

I don't know a thing about development yet. If I can earn myself some skills I'm going to HAVE to volunteer.

It would be enough of a privilege to be involved in creating something so amazing. The fact it's going to be free to everyone just makes it more fantastic.





Don't kill me for reviving this! I just have a question...

On this page, it claims that it would be interesting to have some species in the world of Lifandi be based off the Western and Chinese Zodiac, with the possibility of some Egyptian-based creatures as well. Would these creatures become whole new species or just sub-species off the Kirin?

If sub-species, then I probably have a few concept sketches I could post up. >_>'

In other news, is it still active? I dearly hope it is. I mean, this topic on Creatures Caves went inactive... and the one on Creaturetopia was even longer inactive.

*looks up* This post is a grammar nightmare. :$ *hides*

Prodigal Sock


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If they're talking about the actual zodiac and not mythology in general, I'd expect they mean subspecies/breeds, since the zodiac has mostly mundane animals like bulls, rats, snakes, etc., which would make for rather boring species on their own.

Except for the Egyptian creatures, because I'm not sure if the Egyptians even had a zodiac, they just had full-blown mythological critters.




Hmm... you're probably right on the Zodiac bit. I just double-checked and by the way it's worded, it sounds a bit more like breed ideas off of the Kirin.


Speaking of "Kirin", I think that the 'cute furry creature' should have a different name. It's not that I have anything against it; it's just that a "Kirin" is a very defined mythological creature with a next-to-precise image that goes with it. The reason that the Creatures games used Norn, Grendel, and Ettin as the head species is because there are very VAGUE ideas of what they look like. It could get people upset to find the Kirin be almost completely redesigned like this.

People could get upset at the game for "messing up" the hard-set image of the Kirin in their head. Wouldn't you be peeved if they had a picture of Creatures-related Norn fanart that didn't look anything like a Norn?

Prodigal Sock


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No, not really. I probably would be a little peeved because they'd be "messing up" a Norn, if they were claiming that it was a Creatures-type Norn... but Kirin are a little different. A mythological creature isn't an ownable, patentable concept, it belongs to everybody. As a result there can't be a "right" Kirin. There's a traditional version, which is close, but even that is a derivative of something else (the Qilin).

As it is, there are already many different Kirin-ish things out there (as you can see from a quick search on Deviantart), so I don't think one more will hurt anything. It's not like Lifandi would be claiming that they have "the" Kirin--it's just based on the concept, like the umpteen different varieties of dragons people have come up with.




*stares at last post* Wow... I must have sounded like a total ass last night. I guess anything seems to make sense right before bed.

To tell you the truth, my art tutors (all of whom in their early twenties) and several of my mythological friends thought the design itself was cute, but the instant I told them what it was called they looked a little irritated. One or two of them (including my main art tutor) went right out and said that they loved the critter itself, but the side of them that knows what the name is supposed to be was having difficulty registering the idea that this was called a Kirin.

In truth, before bed, my last post was MEANT to be more of a warning of how some people may take it rather than a rant, but it was just before bedtime. x_x

...I have to learn to keep my big mouth shut. I guess now I'll go and angst with the other teenagers.




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The Kirin are Embri's babies, she's had the idea for them rattling around in her head years before Lifandi. They're her interpretation of the legend. Perhaps your friends have a less "cute" interpretation of the legend...

Although Ghosthande's example of "Norn" is interesting... because, as we all know, the Norns are three women, Urd (past), Verdandi (present) and Skuld (future), who spin the threads of life for all mortals, and even the Gods too. They're not ant-brained, chubby, furry little creatures.... I think Steve Grand said something once where once he mentioned Norse mythology in connection with the game, everyone immediately thought they were working on an RPG. I believe he said his thought was something like, there are a few symbols evident in the games that are familiar to us, (the Grendel tree is Yggsdrasil, which holds up the heavens from earth) and so we feel closer to the game. Something like that. Also, one of the reasons he chose Norse mythology is that it is obscure... no-one's going to get their knickers in a twist that Bifrost has been reduced to background scenery.

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I find that quite fascinating. I had forgotten about the tree being a part of it, too.

Don't worry, Dream, no one's angry with you. I make illogical posts myself, sometimes. Once I did on another forum and someone thought I was being sarcastic when I really wasn't and that was because I was tired at the time. These things happen. *hugs*

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