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Springrain's Banana Legacy   


  7/5/2022  3

Hi and welcome to my Creatures 1 Banana Norn photo story. :)

I've gotten back into all of the Creatures series recently. I had some trouble with my vintage CDs of the games. Getting them to install on my new laptop just wasn't working, so I had to go to Steam and buy Creatures; The Albian Years (which gives you C1 and C2) and then buy Docking Station and C3 off Steam as well. I'm glad they were so reasonably priced! And I'm happy I can still use a truckload of downloads as well, ha ha. I've crashed my game with those a lot already.

Anyway, instead of doing my C1 blog on Blogger, I'm doing it here. I figure it will be a way to keep active on the forum and Creatures Caves, plus it should be a lot of fun to share the stories of my Norns and my world with others.

This story is a bit all over the place to begin with. But I'll document it as it happened. So here we start with a female Banana/Mouse Norn that I hatched from the Hatchery. I taught her with the computer in a vanilla word, no CoBs (Creatures Objects) injected yet. I played for some hours with her until she was an adult.

This is Alice. I've decided to name all the generations a different letter of the alphabet. So we start with A names. I figured it would help me keep track of each generation. Offspring of the A Norns will have names starting with B. Simple enough. Last time, I aimed to make it to gen 100 with the Horse Norns. But that may have been too ambitious. So I'll just see how far I can go. I hatched the remaining eggs in the hatchery, looking for a male Banana Norn, but alas, didn't have any luck. I got one Horse with Banana legs, one female Horse, A PMN male, two Fluffies, and one Banana female, which is Alice. I played with the others for a while, teaching and naming them all, then exporting them once I solidified that I really did want to use Banana Norns this time around. I don't know why but I like the idea of 'purebred' Norns. Where you take one breed and see how they can mutate over time. I especially love pretty colours even though they are only aesthetic most of the time.

Here's another shot of a happy Alice exploring Albia with a very overprotective Mummy (me!). It's so much easier to keep Norns happy and healthy when they're by themselves, getting all the attention. Put them with other Norns and they forget to eat, rest or play. Some Norns have evolved and adapted beyond this but we're still in early generations here so no adaptations yet.

So, I ran into a problem. I started adding some of the many downloads to the world (I still have CoB addiction lol), and got a bit carried away. Unfortunately, this crashed the game multiple times for different things (mostly because you can't put every download into the game all at once or it causes conflicts). I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall the game. I then realised I had no male Banana Norns and only 1 female. I would need more than that.So I went to good old Creatures Caves in search of Norns for download. I found Jane, Nani and Blueberry for the girls. I also found Cheechee, Harry, Banana, Smooth and Samwise for the boys. Most of them were babies, which meant I had to teach and raise them. Here we have Banana, the first of the boys to be placed in the world. I decided to try raising a few at a time.

I started with Banana, teaching him words and letting him explore once he got the hang of eating and playing and became a child. Banana seemed fine down in the cellar with a ton of cheese and a banjo, so I brought in the next boy, a Norn named Cheechee, which is an adorable name, I must say. ^^ The only problem with Cheechee, and something I completely forgot later on, was that at one point he was a terribly poor eater. You know those Norns who'll look at the food but forget how to 'push' it and will do everything but? And if they do pick it up, it's only to walk around complaining how they need food, dropping it and picking it up again. Yeah, he was one of those. He was otherwise very sweet and playful. I'm not sure where I went wrong. Perhaps it was unavoidable. Seems to happen to all C1 Norns from time to time. Anyway, he was still a child and it was early days so I didn't give up on him yet, thinking he might outgrow it or could be retaught how to push food/eat later.

Banana meanwhile, was perfectly happy hanging out in the cellar and helping himself to copious amounts of cheese. Lol. He made me laugh whenever he picked up and played the banjo and he was pretty safe and content down there so I wasn't too worried about him. He was being a perfect angel behaviour-wise for the time being.

Checking back on Cheechee, I was mildly shocked to see he'd aged to an adult rather quickly and unexpectedly. I didn't mind it since fast agers don't bother me. By this time, I'd been injecting (and removing) CoBs like crazy, wanting to use all the ones I had when I was doing my Horse Norn challenge. That didn't work out the way I'd hoped. Either because I didn't inject exactly the items I had last time or because some of the items had issues with this version of Creatures. I REALLY miss the updated version of the injector. I don't like this older version where you have to browse through your files and manually select them. I was spoiled by the luxury of the updated injector with my CD-version of C1. Being able to scroll through the images with ease and inject and remove with even greater ease. At least this old one lets me remove things after downloading the update from Amber Creatures. I think that's what the website was called. Anyway, the Super Speech Toy was amazingly, one of the CoBs that would work for me, so I brought that in and used it to teach first Cheechee, then Banana. This is a brilliant thing because it teaches Norns words that I have no idea how you'd teach them to them otherwise. For instance, hot, cold, afraid, etc. It's much better than just the learning computer alone. However, I believe there's an issue with it crashing your game if it's in use when the game auto-saves. That happened to me a couple of times. It adds a little bit of a thrill, kind of like Russian roulette, not knowing when that one click might cause a game crash.

Here's Cheechee wearing a cheeky smile! I love the smiley faces of my Creatures. It makes me happy to see them happy. They are just so cute. >w< Anyway, he was happy because he was eating fine now, and had been entertained with the Super Speech Toy and a ball. The SST is that red box with buttons. And you may have noticed a few plush toys laying around; Garfield, Winnie the Pooh...these are from a toy vendor object I injected. One thing I noticed is we never have enough food or enough toys. So I'm always looking for more good food and toys to entertain and satisfy my Norns. The plushies are cute but they don't grab a Norn's attention the same way moving toys do. When pushed, they greatly reduce boredom but I found it's a bit tricky to get the Norn to pick up or push the toy without lots of prompting. Another toy that I love because it entertains everyone amazingly well, is the wooden choo choo train. I started with one and had to keep adding more. Bonus feature when the creature uses 'push' on it, they'll say 'choo choo' - adorable and funny!

Number 8 is titled 'Cheechee loves bees. They don't love him' because well, he was absolutely fascinated by the bees from I think the Safe Bees and Hive upgrade CoB. I also used the Shee Seed Launcher to add flowers for them to pollinate but they seem to also enjoy weeds and plants. Well, Norns have to learn the hard way sometimes, it seems. Cheechee would not leave the bees alone. They stung him. Repeatedly. And he just kept coming back for more. I know Norns have the capacity to learn but there must be something irresistable about 'animal' type critters in Albia because Norns will touch bees on other occasions, even if they've been stung before. You can't see it here but Cheechee has a bee in his PAW right now and is being stung. Also, that black toy is called a boom box CoB. At first, I thought it was broken and was dismayed 'cause it has no rcb (remove) file. But it turns out it's just not clickable by the Hand. Norns can push it and it'll play a short snippet from Kokomo by The Beach Boys.

Cheechee was returned to the learning computer via the teleporter machine because I didn't want him to keep touching bees. He played and ate some more and was in a really happy mood. I can't resist taking pictures of those big, happy smiles so here's a shot of Cheechee playing hide n seek with me. Peek-a-boo Mummy! I was behind the chimney.

With Banana and Cheechee both aging up nicely and being happy fellows, it was time to bring in another of the baby boys to grow up. This time I brought in Samwise. He came into the world knowing some words already and he was adventuresome and eager to explore. He didn't want to stay in one place and started heading through the garden at a fast pace. Sam grew to a child around the 20 minute mark, which I think is fairly normal and he continued exploring the world at his own pace.

Here is silly Samwise running away from the bigtoy - that odd bouncing toy in the cave under the piano. I'm not sure why he was running from it, but it made me laugh. He seemed to be in a silly mood. He didn't seem to be afraid of it so I'm not sure what was going on in his furry noggin. Perhaps he just felt mischievous.

Siiiiiiiigh! Now HERE we have a problem. Cheechee's fussy side is coming out again. Here he is, staring at his cheese, being a fussy eater and not eating it. Telling him to push it didn't help much. I think I eventually got him eating again but it is frustrating to see your Norns unhappy and know that they're the ones responsible for their own misery and everything they need is lying around them literally inches from reach. Sometimes I just say 'food' and they know what to do with it. But when even 'push food' doesn't work, I really can't do much.

I don't remember how I did it. Maybe by telling him 'food' and nothing else. But we managed to get Cheechee eating and playing again and he's feeling much better and so am I. If only he'd continue to remember how to function when I'm not there or when he's been around other Norns. I'm a mollycoddling type of player and it's really hard to watch my Norns suffer and know there's nothing you can really do to help. They have to help themselves. Of course, the syringe in the science kit (or is it the health kit?) is there as a last resort but this has its downside as sometimes Creatures who are injected with energy to keep them alive completely forget how to eat normally. I found this out the hard way with one of the female Norns later on. XP

Speaking of other Norns, I thought it would be nice to introduce Samwise and Cheechee to each other. I wasn't confident about my creatures living in a group with other Norns, since they often forget to eat, play and when they do sleep, get woken by their friends, but I also didn't want Cheechee and Samwise to get lonely. I thought they'd be good company for each other at least for a little while, and I could seperate them to take care of their needs once they'd had some quality time. It's hard to tell the Banana Norns apart just by looking but in this photo Cheechee's the adult and Sammy's the child.

I've titled this 'Cheechee and Banana are good Norns' so all must be going well in paradise. I think I had exported Banana once he became an adult (so he didn't age too much from the others) and I'm pretty sure this is the adult Banana imported back into the game. Both of the boys are behaving very good for me with their eating, playtime and sleeping and when Norns are good and happy, I'm happy. If only they could stay that way! Banana's eating cheese and playing with the spinning top to reduce his needs. What more could you ask for? Now, Smooth and Harry haven't been shown and I think it's because I had some trouble with them. Smooth wouldn't eat and ended up becoming miserable so I exported him to see if I could rehabilitate him later. And I can't remember what happened with Harry. But I think the issue was that I didn't want fussy Norns with bad behaviour traits to breed and pass those on to the next generation.

With Cheechee, Banana and Samwise all grown to adults, I decided I'd better get a start on aging up the females too. So I exported some of the boys from what I recall and brought in the first of our girls. Yes, this is Blueberry and she's a dream come true! She has a beautiful blue colouring that I love and when I first brought her in, she ate, played and slept consistently. She seems very intelligent and keeps herself happy more often than not. Blueberry is an absolute delight! I'm grateful to whoever uploaded her to Creatures Caves. I'm thinking I'd like to breed her to get pretty blue Norns but I'm not sure if she'll age past baby. Her info did say she's a slow ager but it's been about 4 hours in game and she's still a baby so I'm not really sure when or if that will change. Either way, she made me smile, laugh and brightened my Albian days so even if she's not breeder material (unless I find a way to age her up), she's still nice to have around.

See how cute she is! Here's baby Blueberry with her 'shower' - Eeyore. For some reason these objects are named shower instead of toy so I guess it's a little confusing for bored Norns to make the distinction. But she picked it up and pushed it easily enough, reducing her boredom greatly. She also loved the toy ball and the spinning top, would play with just about anything. She's one of the few Norns that will 'push' even unmoving objects which is good when you want her to not be distracted from her needs (eat, sleep), with something as attention grabbing as the bouncy ball.
Like all the boys, Blueberry was also taught all her words by the Super Speech toy. Marvelous little device it is.

Here's a nice large image of Cheechee up near the beehives and Blueberry down at the learning computer. You can see their colour differences pretty well. :) Cheechee's never learned his lesson about touching bees so of course, he's getting stung fairly often up there. But he's also playing and eating well at this point so I'm all right with him being a silly dumb dumb and getting his paws stung. No one's FORCING you to touch the bees, Cheechee - you're doing that all to yourself. If you don't want to be hurt, then stop touching the bees! Meanwhile...I'm still so thrilled with delightful Blueberry that I've become a bit overprotective of her. I just keep her nice and safe at the learning computer and fulfil her every need. She doesn't seem to want to go anywhere and never tries to leave, so I'm happy for her to stay here where a tiny baby is safe and content.

Happy Blueberry with a carrot. I don't know if she'd tasted one before but she seemed to like them. It might have been her info that said she loved carrots; I know one of them did. I was so excited to find pure Banana Norns to download for free that I didn't take the time to record the uploader's names and the Norn's info. But it's all here on Creatures Caves in the adoptions section for C1 Norns. Anyway...the way I take screenshots is I pause the game, trying to capture the image at a perfect moment. Sometimes this is harder than it seems. I got a picture of her lovely smile but as luck would have it, she blinked when I paused it and went to use the Snipping Tool on my computer to crop the image. She still looks cute. But I'll try to get a smiley face when her eyes are open too.

Ta-da! I did it! Also, I'd like to point out that's it's been several hours of gameplay and Blue hasn't yet aged to a child, reminding me that she is indeed a 'slow-ager' as they're called. I decided to continue to keep her in the world out of curiosity and anticipation that she MIGHT age, eventually. But also I just adore this sweet girl. With all the other Norns, bar Cheechee's fast aging act (I think that was him), the other boys and girls aged to child around the 20 minute mark.

I don't think I exported Banana, or if I did, I must have brought him back in. But I started to have trouble with Banana's behaviour after some hours. He began to not eat, toss and turn while sleeping without ever reducing his sleep drive (I hate when that happens), and complain of being bored and hungry but not satisfying the needs. I wondered if this was similar to the thing that happens in Creatures 2 to most Norns after a couple of hours. They become stupid for seemingly no reason, forgetting everything they were taught and ignoring commands from the hand. Also, I've been adding and removing CoBs occasionally too, so I think I had a few crashes between all these goings on. But I don't think that affects Norn behaviour. And it still seems like there's never enough food and toys. So I'm still adding in food vendors and toys as I explore Albia with my Norns. They respond excellently to the choo choo train most out of all the toys and the cheese vendors don't crash my game so we have a few more of those now too.

Aww, look at the pitiful little face. Nothing to worry about though - this is Blue we're talking about here. She just wore herself out playing. She was eventually so tired that she fell asleep standing up. But she has a good rest and got her sleep and tiredness down so I didn't mind one bit. Something else Blueberry does that I really really love is when she gets tired, she will pause and take time out to just curl up on the floor and rest. I've tried telling other Norns to 'sleep' (rest) when they're tired but not sleepy and it doesn't have much effect. But Blueberry seems to know to do this automatically to make herself feel better. Honestly can't sing her praises enough, lol.

And here we have - a musical Cheechee! It was wonderful to capture his bright smile. He really adored the music room, playing with the drum and harp, as well as a banjo and sometimes the trumpet. Musical toys are great. If you push the drum and harp yourself, it decreases a Norn's boredom. And if they see you do it, they'll often go push the drum and harp as well, further entertaining themselves. I kept Cheechee topped up with endless cheese from the cheese cellar CoB injection and some honey and he was happy as a lark in there. I just wish he'd stayed like this. Obedient and well behaved. What makes a Norn change? Is it something the Hand does or is it learned behaviour? Or do they really forget what they've been taught and have to relearn it?

Coffeeeeee! Yes, Blueberry discovered the wonders and magical properties of coffee, a delicious drink many people can't do without. The coffee really helped make her tiredness drive go down with seeminly no bad side effects, so I encouraged her to drink it whenever she was tired but had most of the other needs met. Boom, a happy Norn again after many gulps of coffee. She drank it like it was going out of fashion. Perhaps able to link the decrease in tiredness with the action of pushing the coffee. All I had to tell her was 'drink'.

Okay, I always keep three things open while I have a creature selected. Creature's eye view, the observation kit for everyone and the health kit, to view their needs. So, I'm not sure if this is the fault of a CoB I injected or an issue Banana has but he went to the island. On the island I had injected some mushrooms and some coconuts (some which didnt' seem to fulfil hunger when eaten so I removed them again). But I also had the donut vendor (which has a clip of Homer Simpson's voice going 'Mmmm, doughnuts...'). I kept giving Banana doughnuts and giggling when they made him say 'Mmmm, doughnuts' but for some reason his hunger drive wasn't decreasing. I gave him mushrooms too and it still wouldn't go down. I was confused and perplexed by this since I'm not sure of the cause. But I removed the donut vendor and left the mushrooms. Partly because something else caused a glitch with the vendor when the hand dropped a picked up item so I had to take it back outta the world. I wish I could just inject whatever I wanted all together.

Sooo...I think I exported Banana to try and sort him out later. And in the meantime, Blueberry still hadn't aged. So I thought it'd be best to try my luck with raising another of the female Norns. This time, I brought in Nani. She's a beautiful shade of green! :D My gosh, do I love pretty colours. I want to see if I can breed coloured Norns and get different colours along with the genetic mutations. So I was excited about this green baby as well.

Blueberry and Nani are both so teeny tiny and cute! I just had to take a picture so you can compare their colours together. Blue is happy as a clam as usual, and Nani kind of wants to ride the lift up to meet her. But I didn't want her to distract Blueberry and ruin her perfect behaviour so I kept Nani downstairs and taught her with the Super Speech toy. She learned to eat and play pretty well and I was fairly happy with her progress. Most of the Norns I import somehow start out really well and then later on, they have problems with sleep and eating, or being bored but not playing. Usually when they are adults but in the future, our first generation 2 Norn has troubles with sleeping right off the bat. But I'll let you see later in the post.

Nani seemed to grow up too fast for my liking! She was already a child at around 20 minutes. It seemed to happen so fast. I barely even noticed the time moving. I guess I got used to Blueberry being a baby for longer and it was slightly jarring to have my other girl age so quickly in comparison. She maintained her beautiful green colouring and was still doing pretty well.

A sleeping Nani, worn out from playing and eating and being overly warm near the fireplace. She looks so peaceful. She's a good sleeper and had a deep, satisfying sleep with the proper snoring sound effects. I noticed with Norns who have trouble sleeping who toss and turn while asleep, they don't have the snoring sound effects, the Zz's are just silent. They also respond when spoken to, usually waking up after a 'what' or a series of 'what's and some tickles. I don't slap sleeping Norns to wake them because I don't want them to feel like they're being punished for sleeping or that sleeping is doing something wrong. Norns who don't rest and sleep always look miserable and complain of being tired, even when all their other needs are filled. And this means no smiley face photos. Boo. >.>

So, I don't know if these are heliotrope butterflies or cloud butterflies, because I have both. But this made for a perfect picture. Nani wants that butterfly! She's doing a bit more exploring now and venturing away from the heat and safety of the incubator area. If she could have grabbed this butterfly, she would have. She was standing on her tippy toes and reaching out for it. She might have tried eating it if she could hold it. Norns are said to be about as intelligent as human toddlers so I figure putting things straight in their mouths would be typical for them.

Oh dear, where can Nani be?! I can't see her amongst all this green foliage! Just kidding. That sweet smile gave her away. She made me laugh when she pushed the boombox and Kokomo played. I don't know why I find musical toys so funny but they just tickle my funny bone. Anyway, her explorations had led her far away from the nice garden with all its carrots, honey, lemons and toys. And now she was in the jungle/forest area near the submarine bay cave under the grendel tree. I watched over her carefully here and brought her food and toys because this area was still very barren and I hadn't managed to provide enough food vendors or attention-grabbing toys for Creatures that strayed this far from the nest. At one point I injected the cave flies but soon found out what a mistake that was and removed them. Luckily, Nani didn't have to deal with those.

I guided Nani back to the garden eventually because she put herself in danger and started to have trouble meeting her needs. So it was just easier to persuade her to go back to the peaceful and plentiful area where I could keep an eye on her. She had copious food options as well as beloved choo choo train. This thing is almost magical. It reduces boredom and makes a cute choo choo noise when it runs around in a circle. Nani LOVED it. Like, it was her favourite toy of all. Watching her go 'choo choo' when pushing it made me giggle. I dunno why but I am easily amused by Norns saying little things that they don't normally say. Like it adds something to their character.

Nani was heading back towards the jungle area after a while and I didn't want her to get into trouble so I pressed the lift button to transport her up to the bridge. She hung out very happily there and pushed the train toy a lot, eating when she took breaks from it. This is around the point where she kind of got obsessed with this train. Out of all the Norns I'd had so far, Nani seemed to love it the most and interact with it the most. This thing is seriously so good at absolutely destroying boredom! It moves and makes sound and it's just the best toy ever~ ^_^ Please, any creators out there who feel inspired, please make more of these kinds of noisy, moving, boredom busting toys! Lol.

Okay, so, I do not know why this happened or how this happened but with both Nani AND Blueberry, while playing with the choo choo and having every one of their needs met, leaving them happy, they would announce that they were angry. With a big smile on their face. I don't really know why they were angry or how they could fix it (a hidden need? The health kit must not show them all). But they seemed all right apart from doing ...well, I tried to capture it on camera but a screenshot doesn't do it justice. Nani, several times over, did this hilarious angry 'choo choo dance' to express and show her anger. It made me laugh 'cause she's already obsessed with this toy and now she's doing a choo choo dance to go with it. Blueberry never did this, only Nani. Blue just said when she felt angry. Nani became the choo choo Norn out of my creatures.

Blueberry was still a baby at 2 and a half hours of living. I just wanted to document that she hadn't become a child yet. However, I did finally relent and let her explore the world some more, feeling she could take excellent care of herself and wouldn't get into any trouble she couldn't handle. She'd been at the learning computer for a long time by now so I thought it would be fair to let her have some freedom, but I could bring her back to safety if things went pear shaped. Now, yes, choo choo trains are being put everywhere. They just work so great.

Oh my gosh, guys! Nani became an adult! It's breeding time!!! >:DDD Without wasting any time, I brought one of our prepped and ready fully grown males in to hang out with Nani and hopefully put an egg in her. Nani was happy to have the company of another Norn for a change, and she really enjoyed interacting with Cheechee. Now, at this point, he was eating, playing and sleeping really good, so I wanted him to pass on his genes. This would change later (when he has huge problems with eating food), but for this honeymoon period, he did really well. Him and Nani loved being together and there was lots of kissing and tickles going on.

At first glance, I didn't even see Nani in this picture! Thought it was a shot just of Cheechee, lol. But upon closer inspection, Nani's right there. I moved her back to the bridge cause she was happy up there with her choo choo, honey and other food. So I brought Cheechee up there to hopefully get some breeding happening. There was a big kisspop a couple of times now but still no pregnancy, so I figured I'd let them be around each other till the magic happened. They both have to be fertile and ready to breed and it can be a bit tricky. So instead of rushing them I just thought it would be easier to keep them together and give them ample time to conceive.

Ohhh my patience finally paid off - Nani is pregnant!!! I was so excited. I'm always excited about pregnancies but for some reason it feels extra special in C1 and C2. I guess because there's a challenge in getting them to breed, and there's a challenge in taking care of the mother while she's pregnant and after the laying, and caring for the father as well, helping him sleep off the exhaustion of kisspopping and giving another Norn all his attention. Feeding him, playing with him and tending to his needs to get him feeling happy again after doing his duty. Heehee. At this point, Cheechee was still behaving fabulously so I was really confident about having him breed with Nani. I thought their baby would adopt Nani and Blueberry's good traits but I would have to wait and see.

As a treat, here's a sneaky view of Nani at number four progression. I'm not sure what the progression stands for, really. Apart from being some sort of exciting countdown to the moment when the Norn mommy will lay her eggy. Once it gets to number 8, that eggy is due and the observation kit will show an egg symbol next to the name of the one pregnant. I wanted Nani to be in a safe place to lay her egg so I brought her down to the cellar area where the hooch distiller is (but all the hooch cups out of reach in the waterfall pond. Alcohol's bad for pregnant mothers!). There was still tons of cheese and some good toys down there so I knew she'd be able to keep her needs down and get some rest and quiet time before laying.

"Owww, Mummy, that egg hurt!" is what I imagined her saying as she looked at the camera with a frowny face. She laid a pretty little red and yellow egg, and it hurt her a fair bit. Pushing eggs out is no walk in the park! If you've ever seen a chicken lay one, you know it can be a bit painful. Thankfully though, the eggs start off small, so it's not too difficult. Nani was fine once the thing causing her pain was over. I turned my care and attention on her some more during this period, wanting to make sure she rested, ate and played to get her back in her usual good spirits.

Being pregnant and laying eggs wears you out. It took Nani a lot of energy. She soon collapsed into a deep, restorative sleep while her little treasure sat nearby her. When the baby hatches, they're going to have so much cheese they won't know what to do with it. At least they won't go hungry. I think this was a good and rather peaceful place for a baby Norn to hatch out.

Not much time passes and the egg grows a bit bigger. I can't help wanting to document every moment. You can see the design on it better now. Who is inside. At this point I was wondering if it was a girl or a boy. And whether it would have Nani's green colouring.

No matter how many years it's been and how much I've played these games, seen these things over and over, it's always still so special and exciting to me. Here now the egg is getting ready to hatch and you can see the shadow of the baby Norn moving inside! The egg is pretty huge now, almost as tall as Nani is, and I can't imagine a Norn being able to push that honking big thing out. Just reminds me of the funny instance of a fully grown Santa Norn hatching from an egg this size during my Night Norns (Horse Norns) legacy challenge. I named him Crimson and kept him around. But I have no idea how that even happened. Must have been so cramped in there. Probably used some of Santa's magic to magically make himself fit inside, the same way he does to come down chimneys. Nani crouches nearby, watching her egg; a proud mother. She was actually very interested in it, with no prompting from me, wanting to look at and touch her egg. It looked like she was waiting for it to hatch along with me.

It's time, you guys! Crackling noises have started and this egg is going to hatch! Nani celebrates hatching time with some choo choo time as well, a big smile on her face as we await the arrival of her newborn together. While this is going on, I am pretty sure things are going wrong with Cheechee. He's unlearning how to eat and making himself miserable while I care for Nani. Blueberry is exploring around the place and I keep checking on her to see that she's okay.

Hurray! Hurray! The egg has finally hatched! And it's a little boy - yay! I was so happy to see this little guy pop out, despite him not having his mum's green hue. He was tiny and precious and moments out of his pretty eggshell. Nani was right nearby to witness the moment her son was born and it took them a few seconds to start interacting with kisses and tickles. I clicked the birth announcement on the toolbar bottom right and tried to register the birth after coming up with a nice gen 2 name - Bambino. The birth certificate showed I hadn't actually registered my Norns in this world so his parents didn't show on it at first. But once I registered everyone's certs, Nani and Cheechee's names appeared on his certificate. Bambino didn't eat straight away even though he was surrounded by food. He was too distracted with attention from Nani. And she was enthralled with him, because Norns are usually like that with other Norns. But I like to imagine she knew he was her baby somehow. Do Norns have a certain smell that tells them which is their baby? That'd be cute.

Remember how I said that Blue was exploring? Well, yep - here's Blueberry on a tropical island vacation! Lol. Everything seemed to be going nicely. She had everlasting honey pots and plenty of toys. But something was very wrong, something you couldn't tell from a screenshot...

Blueberry got seriously sick during her travels around Albia. I didn't take screenshots because I panicked at how fast her health rate was dropping in the observation kit and rushed over to try and save her, leaving Nani and Bambino to get to know each other for the meantime. I tried getting Nani to eat and rest, but she was fading fast. She got some nasty illness from bacteria, perhaps from the Grendel on the island or just because it was floating around. The poor girl didn't deserve something so horrible but viruses and bacteria don't discriminate. Blueberry, for the first time in ever, was having behavioural problems. She wouldn't eat, rest or play. She was miserable. When I thought I might lose her, because she wasn't eating to keep up her life force, I gave in and rushed to the syringe in the science kit. I injected her with some hearty doses of energy, cough syrup, pain killer and a few other things. Everything that I thought would help her come back from the brink of death. worked. You can see it shows she is healthy now in the observation kit. Healthy and her life force is now going up instead of down. It's still not great, but it was improving. I was so relieved. Because Blueberry is so special to me and brings my world so much joy.

Finally, Blueberry slept...she really needed it. It was a good, deep sleep as she slept off all the meds I pumped her full of. Her sleepiness and tiredness decreased to nothing and she awoke feeling back to her normal self. Or so I thought...alas, disaster stuck again. Nani...having been fed through a needle with had seemingly forgotten how to eat! I was so dismayed because before this incident she was the best eater, rester and player out of them all. Now she was acting like a usual Norn. She refused to eat for so long, even with me telling her to push food or just saying 'food' to draw her attention to it. All she would do was complain she needed food, look at it, pick it up and drop it, everything but eat the darn stuff. Her life force was going down AGAIN and I didn't know what to do. I dreaded having her be one of those Norns that's always miserable and needs fed with a syringe for every meal.

However, time passed, Blueberry came closer to death...and then, miraculously, at last, she seemed to have a change of heart.

But before I show you Blue, I wanted to go check on Bambino. He was only a baby after all. I had led him away from his mum to get some rest, play and food. He turned out to be a choo choo lover like his mum! Much to my amusement. It was so fitting. Lol. And another thing he surprised me with is that he aged to child very quickly. Unless I just lost track of those 20 minutes real quick. He's now a child...but not such a healthy one. Dear little Bambino has a problem with sleeping. He's never gotten a good solid rest. He falls asleep after complaining of being sleepy or tired all the time...but then he just tosses and turns, snoring silent Zs sometimes, other times noisy ones. But never having his sleepiness decreased. Even if it goes down a little, it doesn't go down all the way. I kept having to go back and talk to him to wake him up, usually repeating 'what' and some tickles to get his attention. He wakes, but is just as tired as before...eats a little, gets entertained by me pressing the train...and falls back into restless slumber. It's pretty sad and disappointing and I'm hoping there's a cure for it, or some kind of fix. I have a bed CoB but creatures haven't stayed asleep in it so far. They fall asleep when they push it but seem to wake up after only moments. Is there an item that can force a creature to stay asleep?

Back to Blueberry - hurray~! Confetti and fireworks everyone because she FINALLY friggin' ate after nearly dying from not eating! A problem I thought this Norn could never have. She now is a bit more finicky and fussy than her early hours of life but I'm hoping with careful treatment and perhaps coddling her back in the learning computer area, she'll restore to her pre-illness days.

And that's image number 50, you guys. XD I feel like I didn't take enough photos and yet still, that's a lot. Throughout this time there were some more game crashes from me using CoBs that disagreed with the game or other CoBs. And I think I didn't capture every single thing that happened. But I managed to document important chunks.

It seems like many hours of gameplay and lots of screenshots. And yet, I've only got one gen 2 Norn (with sleeping issues) and some other male and female Norns with their own problems. I'm not so confident for the next generation. I figure I'd export any Norns who don't age once they reach the 10 hour mark, or whatever hour marks when the Norns reach elderly stage. I'll be saving them in folders and backing them up as well.

Let's see how things go from here...

I'm back after 11 years. Holy dooley!



Oh man, guys! I have played the game nonstop lately! I've got the Creatures Crazies lol! I just can't stop playing with these Norns.

I have taken so many more 'photos' of my Creatures that I'm now in the triple digits, 'cause I number every picture to keep them in order. I look forward to sharing more of the story from my Albia with you all.

Please feel free to leave comments, give feedback and advice or even upload Norns to share with me! Banana/Fox/Mouse (whatever other name they go by) ONLY. I'm a little OCD about 'purebreds' that look like they're all the same family but become more and more different as generations get longer.

I'm back after 11 years. Holy dooley!


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That was a sweet set of photos. It's really nice seeing all these Norns having fun and adventures. I look forward to seeing more. [nsmile]

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Thanks, FieryBirdyThing, I'm glad someone is enjoying my Creatures stories. :D I have a fun time writing them. I have more in store - never fear! Lol. 80 more screenshots from more hours of play. Dear Gods. Imgur is gonna be even fuller of Norn photos. XD

Okay so let's go back to see how Nani is coping after she watched her son, Bambino, enter the world and I exported him.

So, Nani is having some issues with getting her tiredness and sleepiness reduced when sleeping, doing the restless tossing and turning then waking up just as exhausted as before. She's also being difficult about eating but other than those two things, she seems fairly happy. (Maybe she's just in protest of me taking away her son).

Fun fact: in her download info, it says that Nani doesn't need to eat to stay alive (but does to feel comfortable) and that she probably won't go elder or die from old age. These things don't bother me though. I've decided I'll just export the first generation Norns after enough time has elapsed, then bring in gen 2 for their time in the limelight, and repeat the exportation when they've lived a good 10 hours or so. This should speed up the proces a bit. It's nice to let Norns live out their full lives and pass from old age but I'll be here forever if I do that, especially because some of them are immortal, like Nani! XD So I'm just going to do it the switcharoo way this time.

Here is Blueberry on the mend back at the learning computer, where she's being coddled and spoiled to get her back into her usual good mood and show us that adorable grin. It didn't take long to get her happy again and she was eating, sleeping and playing like nothing ever happened. I hope she stays that way.

Over time, it seemed that all of my Norns went through phases of refusing or forgetting how to eat, which is the most frustrating thing because you can't do anything to help the silly things. I don't want to have to listen to them complain over and over while keeping them alive with energy from a syringe. That's not a good life at all. Fortunately, many of them recovered their normal healthy eating habits once given their own space and plenty of food, toys and attention. And maybe the occasional bit of encouragement from me ('push food', 'push toy', waving objects in their faces etc.).

They also seemed to forget how to push toys and sleep but I blame that on being around other Norns and getting overcrowded. They're so enthralled with each other that they'll wake a sleeping Norn from its slumber with a slap or talking and the Norns who get woken up like this constantly, seem to adopt a sleeping pattern where they'll drop off from exhaustion but wake half a second later to tell me how tired they are. Arrgh! I got a bed CoB but it doesn't seem to help much. Norns fight sleep when they don't want to sleep, forcing themselves awake after the bed puts them to snooze mode. I know these are all common frustrations that have seasoned Creatures wranglers tearing out their hair, but it's especially so for those of us who are mollycoddlers. Lol. XD

Anyway, I had great relief that Blue was fine and back to normal. I think I'll bring her and Nani in sometimes between groups of generations just to play with them and take pictures of their pretty colours.

Now that Blueberry is doing good and Nani is...well, being frustrating, I needed to take a break so I checked on another Norn. I jump all over the island checking on everybody again and again, it's the only way to keep your sanity with fussy Norns, ha ha. Taking turns watching different ones.

But yes, here's another Norn that was giving me grief. It's Cheechee! He stopped eating, as many do, and we were making slow progress on getting him eating again. He'd pick up food, carry it around, mention it, look at it, but then drop it again. He just wouldn't do that final step of the satisfying lick or crunch sound that tells me he's eaten something. I was exasperated because on and off, he'd been a great eater, player and sleeper but I had forgotten the couple times in the past that he went on hunger strikes. It's not something new for him, and my notes and screenshots showed me that. I went "Oh." Since I really should have noticed the pattern while raising him thus lowering my expectations. Lol. Oh well, lesson learned the hard way. There were so many other Norns vying for help and attention that it was easy to lose track of who does what. I'm just glad there are Norns like Cheechee who'll snap out of their fussy phase and get back to normal, putting their Hand's worries and fears to rest.

What can I say? Blueberry's photogenic and perma babies are perma cute! Here's another snap of Blueberry's bright smile with all being right in her world again. She's got a full belly, she's getting tickles from Mummy, she's thoroughly entertained and she's not sleepy. Life is fantastic for her!

Happy, happy Blue! And sad Nani and Cheechee. Nani's the green one if that helps you remember her. The other ones are impossible to tell names with faces since they all look the same as adults. All except Jane, who I'll bring in later, because she's the only other breedable adult female I had been able to download.

I have a hunch that Cheechee and Nani were out of sorts because I'd been putting them together, trying to get them to breed. They seemed to love each other's company but they also had the occasional slap fight and were distracted from their bodily needs by each other. I did lead one away from the other to give them breaks and get them happy again before once again putting them together. But it soon turned out the same. I found myself wishing that their needs didn't decay so gosh darn quickly. Real animals don't get hungry again five minutes after eating.

We've got a runner! This is Samwise in his adult stage and he's running away after being hit by another Norn. I don't blame him for that. He's actually very happy otherwise, which is why he has this big, goofy grin on his face. It made me laugh 'cause he'd look at the camera while running away.

When Nani and Cheechee kept kisspopping (breeding) but failing to conceive, I got impatient after some time and said 'stuff it, I'm going to bring all the other Norns in!', thinking that would increase the chances of breeding gen 2 and maybe speed up the process. I also liked the idea of letting the first group of Norns live together.

I knew it would stress all of them out at times, but I thought I could just seperate anyone who needed a break and some alone time, get them feeling better then let them go back to doing whatever they wanted. It's kind of a tough situation because it seems like Norns weren't made to be alone or lonely and need other Norns for company. BUT at the same time, they're terrible at looking after themselves and each other when they're together, despite being absolutely thrilled by interacting with another like themselves. Norns are complicated and simple at the same time, really.

I DO want to look after them but I also want them to not be stupid. Is that so much to ask? Ha ha. And yet, when compared to C3 and DS Norns, those guys are almost TOO easy and independant. If only the C1 Norns were all like Blueberry. Except for the non-aging part. I mean it says slow ager but I'm beginning to expect it's more no-ager.

Our other new adult Norn that's aged up along with Samwise is Harry, the one at the back there. Harry and Samwise are both pretty good Norns, not needing much intervention. Smooth, however, is the one running in front and he's a terrible eater in my world. I don't know why but he always has been. He just has issues. So now, all the male Norns are in the world together and they're hanging out and exploring freely. There's a fair bit of slapping going on that I'm not sure how to dissuade. But it's kinda nice to see the world full of activity and see their antics. It's also a lot noisier with all of them chattering away. At this point, I decided I definitely want Harry and Samwise to breed, because they have such good temperaments and are rather nice fellows all round. Even if they haven't learned that slapping is bad. I don't know if they do it to see what will happen, are confused and trying to 'pull Norn' or just do it because they like the reaction. I mean, obviously they like tickles and kisses because that's pleasureable. But slapping...are they just hitting back because they were hit? What a mystery!!

This is Banana (I know they all look alike, tell me about it!), and he's doing some sort of funny Marching dance. I think it's because he has a bee that he's holding in his paw and it's stinging him and he's going "Banana hurt". Well, if you don't want to be hurt, stop touching bees! It's simple. You'd think they'd learn after the first dozen times of being stung by bees. Norns are meant to have the capacity to learn. I don't think it's a very big capacity.

Anyway, so now for the boys we've got: Cheechee, Banana, Harry, Samwise and Smooth. Banana and Smooth are the worst behaved Norns, constantly making themselves miserable. Whereas Harry, Samwise and Cheechee are only miserable SOME of the time. Even though it's still their own fault, for the most part.

For our girls, on the other hand, we have Nani here who is still not eating, playing or sleeping. I keep her boredom down (everyone's boredom really) with the wooden choo choo train she so loved in her youth but apart from that she stubbornly refuses to 'push' the food I try getting her to eat, gets stung by bees and doesn't sleep either. I was rather despairing because she'd been such an angel up til that point. I just prayed I could get her turned around back to good health and happiness again.

There was no way of breeding Nani when she was like that, so I brought in another female adult Banana Norn named Jane, also downloaded off Creatures Caves with the rest of them. I lamented that I couldn't breed Blueberry but perhaps she can be aged up manually if not on her own after many hours. Anywho, I got Jane moved away from the other three boys in the garden and brought her up to the rope bridge. Cheechee was up there and doing better than he was, so I thought it might be good to try to get them together. They were gleefully alternating between slapping, kissing and tickling each other. There were even kiss-pops! But they kept ending with no results. So I thought, well, I can't rush them; I've just got to give them time. Maybe if I left them alone to see to other Norns, they'd surprise me with a pregnancy. It was worth a shot.

More Norns means more jumping all over the place, finding what everyone's up to. Here's Samwise showing how much of a sweetheart he is while Smooth hides behind him. I was trying to get Smooth to maybe pick up some of Sam's good habits but it wasn't really working. I wasn't really sure what to do with Smooth but I left him in world in case he had a chance of being a father. It didn't seem fair to exclude him for something he couldn't help. So Smooth got to stay.

Here is a better look at all the Norns I have in the world at present. Cheechee's life force is still low because he was just recovering from not eating, and then I brought Jane in to hang with him and neither Jane nor him were eating much or at all while together, focusing only on each other. Banana and Nani seem to reach 100% life force at times, which I think means they're immortal or something. Smooth is still horrible at taking care of his needs so it explains his low life force. Harry just needs a chance to break away from the other Norns so he can eat in peace and rest. And Samwise is now on his own in the learning computer and doing really well.

Here's Harry! And I've labelled him a delightful fellow (along with Samwise, they seem like brothers). He's much happier now that he got some space and therefore food, playtime and rest. I kid you not, after playing the games nonstop for days, I saw these grinning Norn faces when I closed my eyes or just lingering in my subconscious. It made me laugh.

Well, breeding didn't work out with Cheechee and Jane. I had to seperate them and let them refresh their stats. Jane was moved over to the island with her own supply of food, wooden train (of course! It's like, the BEST toy ever!) and a few sleeps. I can't remember where the Grendel, ung, was at the time but he might have been down in the viewing cave with the cave mushrooms and a ball, you know, the viewing bubble on the lower right side of the island. I added the Grendel Friendly CoB so now he could interact with others without only hitting them. But I still keep Norns on their own when they need time out to get their needs back in order. My Norns haven't ever said they're lonely. And with this many in the world at once, it starts to feel too small. It's impossible to be lonely with Norns travelling everywhere, constantly bumping into each other. "Oh, it's you again! Didn't I just see you over there?"

Anyway, yes! Breeding! I wanted Jane to BREED. SO I put one of my best mates with her: Harry! They both had pleasant temperaments, good behaviour, nice, normal sounding names. We got a romantic island setting with plenty of food and toys. Why not give them a go? Unfortunately I didn't realise how much that 'good behaviour' thing would change for Jane later on. But for most of her life when she was living in my world, she was really good! A star example of what to do, that others could look up to. Like Nani had been. And would be again. Nani's sort of 'off again, on again' with her eating and such. I still hate it when she turns fussy though. But I don't panic too much 'cause I hope she'll recover from her stubborn phases each time. Sometime you just leave them to it and they sort themselves out. (Warning: this does not work with every Norn).

Guys, guys, guys! - Harry got Jane pregnant, Harry got Jane pregnant -HARRY GOT JANE PREGNANT!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!

I was literally SO elated by this after what seemed like forever waiting and watching, being encouraging, many kiss-pops with no results, and waning hope. But AT LAST - the miracle happened. We were gonna have a new gen 2 Norn. The parents kinda suffered for it since Norns are silly together. But the deed was done and now Harry and Jane could go their seperate ways for a while so they'd rest up and recover. Eating, playing and sleeping was what they each needed. Jane was a lot older than Harry but I didn't care about that. It might have increased risk of problems with pregnancy but she wasn't a senior yet so I prayed that wasn't too much of a risk. I transported dear, wonderful Harry off the island and set about pampering and spoiling Jane throughout her pregnancy, zooming off to check and care for other Norns periodically but always coming back to her.

Jane didn't want to stay on the island, however. She travelled over on the boat and hung around on the dock for a while, playing ball and slurping on honey. Those everlasting honeypot CoBs are a godsend, ha ha. Didn't have to worry about running all over Albia finding food to bring back to her. She could just eat as much as she wanted. She was happy while pregnant, in good health with all her needs met. A smooth, stress free pregnancy. She was usually like that, it only got interrupted due to spending time with Harry. But they both were good before and after that.

See, I'm not lying; there's the smile to prove it! Jane really IS happy right now. She's having a wonderful life.
I briefly worried what the effects to her pregnancy would be if she ate the ugly tomato but she didn't take any interest in it. The ball hogged her attention span and when I took it away, she ate and slept.

Don't worry, I was taking care of Dad, too. Harry was on the lighthouse area, playing, eating and sleeping. He'd be back to normal in no time. Norns call the cannon 'bang' and they either love it, or are scared of it. Lol. Always funny to see them run away, and funny to see the ones who enjoy firing it off too. Harry played with that a bit, had his fill of honey and cheese, playing with the choo choo and then conked out for a proper, solid rest.

Back to Jane and she's still doing fabulous. She's THIS close to laying an egg and I got a little overexcited to capture the big moment. My game suffers many pauses and snipping tools. Oh Jane, I wish you could have stayed as happy as this for all of your life. But hey, at least you had some happy, exciting moments to cherish before the stuff that happened later, happened.

"Ahem!" I have labelled this one: EGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Sooo cute, looks like she's trying to hug her little egg. That weird bouncy toy is also a firm fave of hers.

Poor Jane. Laying eggs takes such a toll on the body. She collapsed into a deep sleep soon after it was out, snoring under the stripy tent. I was glad because not all Norns will do this, even when they really need it after what they went through. It was nice to see her get some proper rest. At this point, she was still my star for good traits so I felt very chuffed about securing an offspring from her and Harry both. Good parents means a higher chance of a well behaved baby. That was my line of thinking here.

Harry and Jane's egg grew. Their baby secure inside. It's a good thing Norns can't fall into the water in C1, or this would be a really dangerous place for a baby to hatch. They'd toddle off into the sea. I've had it happen in C2. Horrible! Not to mention my Super Speech Toy is all the way back at the incubator area. And the baby could ride the boat or the submarine over to the island and encounter the Grendel. And while ung is a pretty nice chap, he's also probably crawling with bacteria. Either way, this stuff didn't matter because I was gonna export the baby as soon as I named it. I wondered with excitement whether it was going to be a boy or a girl.

It's peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly ti- wait a second, no it's not! It's HATCHING TIME! Let's all cheer the egg on and do a special dance to welcome the baby into the world. Wriggle harder, baby, it's time for you to come out!

She is here! Yes, folks, it's a little tiny girl! This is the daughter of Jane and Harry and she will be needed a B name to mark her as part of generation 2. much has happened already and we're not even on gen 2 yet...haaa...that's kind of exhausting. Phew~ Isn't it lovely that her mum stuck around to meet her? :3 That warmed the cockles of my heart anyway. But that was also a crappy photo. You can't see her past the egg shell.

Everyone, I'd like you to meet...Bekka! She's standing on her own two tiny feet, she's barely bigger than the jumping toy, and she's got a big happy smile for us. Oh Bekka, you dear little thing. I hope you've got a good chance at a great life. When it's your turn. It's not your hours to shine yet. I exported her into the safety of my Creatures file folder. -pat pat-

Now it's time to check and see how the others are doing. It's been a wee while since I paid close attention to them. Brief checkups yes, but intense caretaking no. All that was on Jane and then Bekka. As you can see, Harry is still doing fantastic on his own, loving his free time. He's easy breezy to care for and therefore, enjoyable to watch and be around, not one to complain and fuss. Nani up there is with Smooth. I thought they might be able to breed, though I wasn't too thrilled about Smooth becoming a father, since he, well, he's just not good at caring for himself and complains a lot. Before this, he'd been living in the cellar with copious pieces of cheese strung from the ceiling. He had toys down there, (a train, musical instruments), and was doing as well as he could do for himself. But he still wasn't great. Doesn't make me very confident for any potential children he sires. Buuuuut, with only two adult breeding females, you take what you can get. If she wouldn't breed with Cheechee, we had to try literally anyone else who was willing. Nani wasn't a big fan of Smooth, either.

Harry and Nani...Nani needed a break from the other guys to get her back in tip top shape. Once she was happy and rested, I saw that Harry was nearby, just a short trip over the water, past the waterfall. And I thought, why not give him a try? It didn't work with Cheechee so let's see if it works with Harry. Harry's a good boy. Almost looks like Nani's waiting for that raft to bring over her sleeping beauty.

I depart to give them some privacy. And zoom over to check on the other Norns again. It turns out that Banana and Jane are kiss-popping and smooching but nothing is really coming of their efforts. And poor Samwise is worn out from the other males and has fallen into a restless tossing and turning, not having a good sleep at all. When Norns get like this, their sleep and tiredness don't go down but their other needs keep rising. So I tend to go say 'what' and/or tickle them to wake them up. With other Norns so nearby though, one of those guys would probably do it for me, with a slap most likely. Samwise is just as fit and fine as Harry. He just needed some time to himself to get himself back in order. Sigh...why are they like this? Can we breed that self neglect out of them? Some Norns, you could put them together and they'll still eat, sleep, and play all on their own. I've seen it happen! with Cheechee and Ung, the Grendel, no less. Yep! Cheechee. The one who sometimes has eating problems. When he's good, he's REALLY good. He could take care of himself in the undersea island dome with Ung for ages. I didn't have to worry about him. Brief welfare checks were all that was needed.

Don't let her frowny face fool you; she's just tired. This picture is a cause for celebration. Because Nani took up eating again! Suddenly, randomly, thankfully - she began to eat like she never forgot how. I was so happy and relieved. This meant Nani's quality of life and comfort would go up. And my stress levels would go down. Haaaa. So nice. She had food, toys and tickles. She was doing much better. And I'm not sure where Harry is right now because I forget.

What did I tell you about Cheechee? The guy also started eating again! Hallelujah! -cheers and applause- He's back to his good eating habits. I thought he'd end up dying from stubborn starvation and he rallied around when things were getting grim (low life force). Cheechee, you're a good boy. Don't scare me like that again. Stop being stupid. See how much nicer it is to be happier?

Now back to Nani, who has travelled quite a ways from where she was earler. She is so pretty in that shade of green and with that nice backdrop, it was a good opportunity for a photo. She's still not the best eater but she is EAT-ing, which is a vast improvement. I liked the pose she struck here. Almost looks like she's gonna start dancing a jig.

This picture is titled 'Jane and Samwise please breed!'. Yes, Mummy hand is at it again. Trying to get more Norns for generation 2. Right now, they are thin on the ground. Less than a handful. And Jane had success with Harry, so maybe she'll have success with Samwise too - a fine, upstanding fellow he be. She's fallen asleep after they've been kisspopping and I think Samwise is about to conk out too. Well, it had to happen some day. Cheechee is old. I can't remember what time stamp most Norns become elderly at but I think Cheechee's been one of the first to reach it. And with old age comes this funny sitting pose. I noticed other elder Norns doing it too. He's now got silvery grey decorating his ear rims and eyebrows and lashes. But he's still chugging along fairly well. Every Norn needs time out to recover and replenish sometimes, so it's Cheechee's turn in the learning computer area. I'm kind of thinking though...after a while, I might export the Norns and bring in one of the Creatures 1 worlds that people have made. Does anyone know of a good one? I have some downloaded and saved from years back but it's been so long that I forget what I have. I think it will spice things up a bit to swap worlds halfway through this legacy. Give something new for Norns to explore with their Hands and viewers to see.

Harry and Nani, along with Jane and Samwise, are all on this island for the purposes of breeding! They're healthy, young, fit and there's double the chance of a pair making me another baby, so why not? I really want more of Nani's pretty colouring to spread through the second generation but she's actually very hard to breed in my world. Kisspops happen but they're always empty. It's not for lack of trying. Maybe she's just not the most fertile Norn in my world. Either that or she has a problem with all these males. Trying to get babies from her has been like trying to get water from a stone. But I have not given up. My hopes go on a roller coaster ride every time there's a kisspop! Lol. Oh and you may have noticed something else - there's silver gracing Jane's ears and eyelashes now. Yes, she has become old. But, she's still fertile (I checked XD) so I'm not gonna give up yet. Older Norns probably have riskier pregnancies but come on, we're desperate here. Babies aren't exactly pouring out in droves.

It finally happened! Jane's old but she's pregnant! And Samwise is the father. Congratulations you little winner, I knew that you could do it! Nani, get on that. You're losing to the competition. Breed with SOMEONE...ANYONE...please?!?!

Here's Jane and Samwise's little gem. A tiny blue egg just like Jane's first one. But this time does it contain another daughter or a son? We need a son. Did we have Bambino in the last post? So that's Bambino, Bekky and...oh SHOOT....I was just looking through my files and I realised that Bekky's is missing. It's not in there! I checked my Creatures folder and then my Downloads for all my games, and she wasn't in either of them. I think I know what happened though. I bet that she was in the world when I injected a CoB and the game crashed. She probably got deleted. But...this leaves me with only three Norns instead of four. :( I'm so bummed out about that. It was a mistake I didn't mean to happen. If anyone wants to send me their own purebred generation 2 Banana Norns that would help a lot. But if no one does, this is gonna be...ha ha, a challenge, to say the least. I'm sorry Bekky. I loved ya. RIP. You didn't deserve that fate.

Anyway, with that heartache still fresh in mind, I still get to celebrate the new life that's been created. The elderly Jane stays nearby and waits for her baby to hatch. You can see evidence of my desperation for more gen 2s by all the tomatoes laying around, ha ha. XD I was starting to pull out all the stops. This legacy gonna be real short if they won't give me more babies. Also, I really hope the young hatchee doesn't have a taste for weeds. I forget what that weed does and only know that it's not good.

Exhausted from her hard work bringing that treasure into being, Jane finally takes a good rest. The egg is growing bigger. She needs to be well rested to be awake to greet her second baby. Jane has bred now with Harry and Samwise, my two best bois. I'm stoked they both got to pass their genetics along. Good work, guys. Thank you. Oh, and Jane, you did a great job too. Couldn't have happened without you, actually. The boys are just lucky they aren't the ones having to push eggs out of their hoohas. XD

It's getting ready to hatch. The shadow wiggles inside and soon, there are crackling noises. Don't worry, Jane hasn't passed to the cyber afterlife. She's still just sleeping deeply to recover. The Grendel and any other creatures are being kept safely away. I want Jane to bounce back from this and she doesn't need more attention and distraction from fulfilling her needs. Those guys are causing me headaches too. So many have started not eating. Like they formed a union and decided to protest or something.

Aw, yeah! Jane's woken up in time to get to watch the hatching. She's all fed, entertained and slept up. She's SO ready. She's watching the egg. And so am I. Come on, baby! We're waiting for you~! <3

Voila! It's a little girl. Hello happy baby! Nice to see you come out of the egg smiling. I know Bambino sure didn't. He had a frowny face. But you, you've started life happy. And I hope that's a good sign for things to come. Jane is eating, sleeping and playing really well and I hope she's setting a good example of what to do and how to live well. I better get to naming you, sweetie. This is Belinda, everyone. Let's wish her a good happy life and lots of babies in future.

And...gahhh, gosh dang it! D: I just realised I can't find Bambino's file in my game folder either. We've lost TWO baby Norns due to my stupidity. And lack of forethought. I dunno how, all I can think is they accidentally got deleted during world crashes. So we were meant to have 5 babies now...when you're all caught up to current like I am, but instead we have...3. I'm pretty sure it's two girls and one boy. If you wanna take pity on me and send me some Norns, I'd love you for that. Otherwise I have to try to breed Nani some more and OMG, it's soooo hard. D: She's a tough cookie.

Anyway, with that disappointing revelation, I think I'll leave it here for now. I have more pics and progress, but I'm too tired to keep posting tonight. I'll keep you all updated with the remaining photos before I play the game some more. I might try doing updates in smaller batches to get them out faster. It's nearly 11:40pm here. And I gotta take my meds and catch some Zs.

Thanks for reading, and please look forward to another update and then the start of my Creatures 3 and DS blog story, coming soon~! <333

I'm back after 11 years. Holy dooley!


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Poor Bekka and Bambino. I am curious about Alice from the very beginning of the first post; did she suffer a similar fate, or are you holding onto her for later?

The elderly Norns look so sweet. Old Cheechee looked like he was reminiscing about something. [nsmile]

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  7/8/2022  1

I know, it really sucks! I think I got tired playing and I didn't even realise what happened till later. I really have to be more careful with injecting CoBs. And make back ups of my creatures. I planned to but didn't get around to it yet. XP And yes, that's what happened to Alice as well. That's why I had to go looking on Creatures Caves for Banana Norns to download lol. If I'd made copies of Bambino and Bekka's files, I would have been able to re-import them. I just went and copied the three baby Norn files I have now and then saved them to my D drive. So it shouldn't happen again.

Oh yes, now that you mention it, he does look like that! X3

Well, I have 39 more screenshots and progress, so I'll add them now. :)

After I named Belinda and exported her, Jane got the rest of my attention. She was feeling happy and doing well. The sunshine of the island probably warmed her bones and the sea breeze invigorated her. So I like to imagine. I'm always for making creative stories with my Norns. ^_^ I brought over the coffee because at one point, Blueberry was drinking it whenever she was tired and it helped her feel much better. So I tried encouraging my other Norns to drink when tired because sleeping is nigh on impossible when they're around other Norns, who wake them up. But no one really took to the coffee the way Blue did.

So, I had been trying to get Nani to breed again for hours and it got really frustrating when it just wasn't happening, plus my Norns would get stressed being together. So I threw my hands in the air and went to have dinner, leaving the game running in hopes of something happening. Well, when I came back, I saw this! I was over the moon about it! This will be Nani's second child in the world. Her first was Bambino with Cheechee, I am pretty sure. I realised I needed to keep better track of the family tree, so I started to make one on MS Paint like with my Horse Norn legacy. I'll tell you what I ended up with in the end of this post. Anyway, Nani was pregnant again at last, and we really needed more gen 2 Norns so it was a big help. As you can see by the life forces, everyone was doing really well, apart from the occasional fussy eaters. I didn't leave them for long. But I needed a break. Lol.

Here's Nani's second egg, growing quickly already! Unfortunately, I've put father not known in the caption to this image because I couldn't be sure who the father was since I was eating at my kitchen table when the magic moment happened, lol. I have a suspicion that it might be Harry but I'm not 100% sure. And I don't know how to check either. I noticed an issue that I didn't have when playing the game off the CD on my old laptop. If I export a Norn, they somehow are reset to 'unregistered' in the info card kit when I bring them back in. So I was counting on the birth certificate to show me but it just stated Nani and unregistered. The mystery thickens! We'll be able to make whipped cream with it soon. Also, did anyone notice this is our third blue egg in a row?

The eggy will hatch soon! Here it is, getting ready. And I think it was laid in a really good place. Downstairs is the cellar with all the cheese and plenty of toys and a shower. The little one should be safe there, or I can bring them food easily once they hatch out. This place isn't too crowded at the time so it's relatively peaceful. Norns seem to do well living in the music room or cellar. It's fun to reduce their boredom in the music room by playing the instruments. And it's always funny when the Norns hit the drum, play the harp or blow on the trumpet. They also have some boom boxes and a banjo with sound effects that can only be pushed by Norns. Every Norn I've kept in the music room has done quite well and enjoyed their time there. They only encounter woe if they go upstairs and poke the bees. They love the cellar as well. I put all the hooch in the pond under the waterfall since I didn't want my Norns getting drunk off it lol. I'm sure that teaches them bad habits. Instead, I replaced it with tons of cheese, the banjo, a wooden train (of course!) and sometimes other things.

Look guys, it's a mini greenie! The egg revealed a little girl. I'm not sure if it's only her head that's green or if that tint is on the rest of her body as well. But I was excited to get a colourful Norn from the breeding, even if I still don't know who the father is. I deliberated over a good name to call her before finally settling on the name Banani. Ha ha. It contain's her breed type and her mother's name. I thought I was clever. XD Sadly, Banani has a frowny face upon her entry to Albia. Much like Bambino when he came out of his eggshell. Perhaps Nani's children are just unhappy at life to begin with. I do hope I can change that and get them living happy and healthy.

More gameplay and my Norns are getting older. I took a pic of the observation kit so you can see all of their ages. The oldest one is Cheechee by far. Then Jane, who was already an adult several hours old when I downloaded her. Next is Nani and Banana. Then we have Samwise, Smooth and Harry being the youngest. Again some of the life forces have dipped a bit due to Norns hanging out together and neglecting their needs, or being fussy eaters. I do zoom around the island trying to help everyone though. But sometimes there's not much I can do.

Nani needed some TLC after going through the rigmarole of being with other Norns, getting pregnant and laying an egg. So I took her back to the learning computer room for some much needed alone time to recover and replenish herself. It's so nice to see her big happy smile! That's the old Nani I know and love! She's back to feeling like herself again. I imported the oven CoBs that I liked so much, so now we have extra food. We also have a fridge downstairs in the kitchen if I haven't mentioned that yet. I think I need to be careful injecting CoBs though. So I might just copy Nani and the others' saved exported files just in case I cause another crash. It's not fair having so many wonderful shiny CoBs and not being able to use whichever you want. It does make me appreciate C3 and DS that much more. But Creatures 1 has plenty of charm too.

Great. Here is some horrible news. Samwise got sick while exploring the world. Not only that but I checked and he seems to have caught antigen 1, which is quite aggressive from the rate his life force is dropping. Also, you can see that Jane's life force is dropping too. However, she is not sick. She is just suffering from not eating. I've been trying to get her to eat any way I know how but she just won't do that final 'push' action on the food items. I didn't know what to do with her so I just kept trying and hoped she would snap out of the fussy stage like the other Norns eventually do.

MORE bad news - the sickness is spreading! It spread from Samwise to Banana and I thought it would get Harry too because the three boys were hanging out on the rope bridge together. I went to try and move them away from each other but they kept grouping back together and it was taking longer than I anticipated. I managed to get Banana to go left on the cable car and hang out with the bees and honey. But Harry and Samwise were still mingling on the bridge.

Here's poor Samwise doing the sick spinning dance, turning round in circles with a honey pot in his paw. Every time he would go to eat or play, he'd sneeze or cough, which sent him spinning back in circles again. He was standing there because Banana had just been shipped across in the cable car and this was where they were grouped together. I DID manage to get Harry away from him before he could catch the illness though, so I was relieved about that. I was sad that Samwise caught such a nasty bug though because he's been a very good Norn. But at least, alone and peaceful on the bridge, he could rest up and try to eat a bit.

By the way, I really love those koi windsocks on the treehouse. I actually bought a similar red one from Daiso Japan, which is a store in Australia that sells Japanese goods. The koi hangs on the ceiling of my bedroom on a hook and when the fan is on, it dances in the wind currents. It's winter here now though, so the fans are all off because it's been cold. It rained for about a week, day and night, and it had been freezing those four days. I love the cold but don't usually feel it. It's hot and humid for 8-9 months of the year here and I don't have many warm clothes due to that. So I was curled up in bed under multiple blankets. Anyway, speaking of weather - rain! I found a CoB who knows where, that puts rain into Albia. But I have to try it out carefully because I dunno if it'll make my game crash when I try putting it in the game.

While I was tending to Samwise, (I believe I gave him shots of medicine from the science kit syringe), I went back to see how Nani was doing and she had found her way down into the garden with Harry. I of course was hoping they'd breed but my hopes were not much. Lol. So I just let them be for a while. They seemed happy enough. I did want Nani to stay by the learning computer but I can't keep her cooped up there forever. And there's that bed CoB I mentioned earlier. Norns push it and it makes them sleep, but they fight the effects and force themselves back awake! Naughty creatures. XD Getting Norns to sleep or eat are two of the biggest challenges in the game, I think. Along with breeding and trying to seperate them from each other.

Samwise is really, really sick. Look at his life force! It's just dropping like crazy. Jane meanwhile, is still on her dang hunger strike, so her health keeps dropping too. And even more bad news; Smooth caught the illness from Banana! Remember how I said I sent him across on the cable car? Well, Smooth was down in the cellar being fine and dandy but he must have caught the lift up to the top because he was with Banana when I went back to check on them. Banana and Smooth are both terrible at taking care of themselves. They've never been good at eating, playing or sleeping. So I wasn't gonna be that cut up if they passed from antigen 1, as mean as that sounds. But I was definitely upset about lovely Samwise contracting it because I got quite the attachment to both him and Harry.

Here in the science kit, it shows how Samwise is doing. His body is making antibody 1 to fight the bacteria. But it's happening too slowly. That purple line is the illness and the green one is the antibody. This kit is how I know which bacteria my Norn got infected with and what it's doing inside his body. I injected him again with more shots from the science kit; pain killer, energy, cough medicine and a couple of others.

I just heard a death whimper. Man, I hate that pitiful sound!! It's scary and worrying. And Samwise's health dropped to 7%. That's when I realised this was a losing battle. And I was not happy about it. If someone was gonna die, why couldn't it take one of the troublesome Norns instead? That's not nice to them, I know. But they cause me a lot of frustration and there's no real way to help them because they hear but they don't act. You can say 'push food' or 'sleep' as many times as you like, their reactions are just the same. They sort of glitch out and stand there flinching as they hesitate over picking up a piece of food, rethinking it over and over. Or they completely ignore the command to sleep and continue complaining of being sleepy and tired. I don't dislike them for it, since well, they can't help it. They're computer pets. But I gotta say I get more attached to the ones who have reasonable and decent behaviour most of the time, Lol. XD

AHHHHH! Gravestones next to your Norn's names is never a good thing! At this point, I knew Samwise was gonna die. And Smooth wasn't faring so well either. But Banana...what the heck? How in the world is he better when I haven't injected him with anything or really fussed over him at all? He probably just ate and rested, which the other Norns wouldn't do. Jane is STILL wasting away, much to my dismay because she'd been a stellar creature until this stubborn non eating thing. And now frickin' Harry caught the sickness as well. XP

Welp, that's it, guys. Samwise lost his battle with antigen 1. Rest in peace, little buddy. I'm sorry you had to go out that way. At least you had a good life while it lasted. And you even had a kid! You did well. Now I gotta go look after Harry to make sure the same fate doesn't happen to him. I'm sorry, Smooth, but you're already so far gone and I wanna try to save Harry if I can. If it's between you and him, I'm gonna pick him. Sorry!

Oh well isn't this just lovely? Sick and Dead. Both things you never want to see on your creatures world. Smooth is VERY likely gonna go join Samwise in cyber heaven soon. Harry's dropped to 60% in a matter of minutes. So I'm zooming over there to aggressively pump him full of injections. I should have been more intense with them on Samwise. I don't like putting them in pain or perhaps ruining their eating skills but I think if I just sat and kept injecting Sam, he would have made it. I have to do it even better with Harry! This stupid antigen 1 isn't taking my two favourite gen 1 boys.

Everyone, I believe Smooth has passed in this photo. He's the one down in the cellar. It was inevitable, really. He was at only 10% moments earlier. I hope he's having a better afterlife than he did in Albian life. Somewhere out there in imagination land. XD I did wonder about Smooth's name actually. Was he named after a banana smoothie? Being a Banana Norn and all that? He wasn't exactly a bad Norn, he was just a very stubborn and frustrating one. There were a couple times he smiled in life but those were few and far between. He was constantly complaining along with Banana.

As for Harry - he ate some honey, he might survive! Samwise wouldn't eat or sleep and I think that's what helped him go downhill so quickly. I'm pumping Harry full of shots like crazy at this point. I'm also entertaining him with the harp and drum, to keep his boredom down. And he's resting when he needs to. We are doing everything right.

Smooth and Samwise are gone. But Harry...he made it!!!! He was still sick but his health began to climb instead of plummet and I could not be happier! I checked in the science kit and I saw his antibody 1 levels were steadily rising and had almost reached the line of the antigen 1. Jane was still NOT eating, much to my exasperation. I just kept telling her to eat and shaking food in her line of vision in the Norn's Eye View bubble but even if she looked at it or took it, she wouldn't eat it. She was already elderly and I didn't want to keep her living in discomfort by energy shots, so I tried not to stress over it. We already got some babies from her. Although now that she developed this eating issue, I'm worried about the same problem happening to them later in life. Anyhow, I was REALLY agressive with that injections page. Harry must have felt like a pincushion. But it was working and he was recovering. So we kept fighting forwards.

Jane, Jane,'re only miserable because you won't eat. You're doing this to yourself. Just put some food in your mouth and eat it! I want her to take a bite so badly but I can't MAKE her and it's driving me nuts. Jane is gonna die because she's starving herself to heck. How did she turn from a star example to this sorry sight? It's sad and awful but it happens, I guess. I played with her and she tried to sleep a bit but she was in a bad state, with lots of complaining. Maybe that last pregnancy prematurely aged her and this was too much for her little Norny brain to handle. I'm not really sure what flipped that switch from 'push food' to 'think about pushing food but never do it'. It really made me think about Blueberry and wish that I could breed a whole lot of Norns with her traits. She was created in a genetics kit, I believe. I wonder if Jane would have this same issue happen if I imported a copy of her again? I don't really want to try it. Having to watch another Jane go through this would suck double the amount.

As for Harry, I think he's gonna be okay. He's going to make it. His antibody line has almost reached the antigen line. He's happy, he's eating, he's sleeping. I just have to keep him alive long enough to beat the infection.

Oh yeah, oh yeah! We did it! We did it! Harry is free from his illness! He kicked that bacteria right in the butt! Good job, Harry. The antigen is going, going and soon to be gone. I hope this gave you some immunity to it. We're down by two Norns and probably going to be down by 3 because of Jane. But we still have a good handful left.

Here's an overview of the health of all of my Norns. Their names have shuffled around because I exported and imported some of them again rather than trying to coax them to where I wanted them (and we lost Smooth and Samwise). Jane's still on her way out but everyone else is doing peachy. It's really nice for a change. And with less Norns in the world, that means more space and peace for the ones in the world to care for their needs better. Although Cheechee has been with the Grendel this entire time, and he's been eating and playing with no help from me! What a little champion. I was so impressed because he'd had some of those non eating periods too but he's just bounced back amazingly! Makes me even more mad at myself for losing Bambino, son of Cheechee and Nani. I should probably bring Nani, Cheechee and a few others back from retirement to try to get a few more babies out of them.

Harry had been complaining of being hot ever since he got sick and all through his illness. So when he was feeling better, we headed down to the cellar and he went and took a nice, cool shower. He seemed to enjoy it and he stopped saying he was hot afterwards so maybe it worked? I don't know if the shower has a cooling property but it would make sense if it does. Funnily enough, I don't like when Creatures leave the shower running and walk away. It's a waste of water! So I always turn it off when someone's not using it XD Ha ha.

Here is evidence to prove my claims about Cheechee! He eats super well now, plays with the ball and with Ung, the Grendel, and even sleeps when he needs to. Ung and Cheechee get along really well. I haven't heard them slapping each other. I think they're just great mates. Elders seem to have these funny poses that younger Norns don't have. Here he is doing that odd pose again. He was looking at the lift, I think... Also, Ung seems to take really good care of himself too. Eats well, sleeps, plays. I guess he taught Cheechee how to live life to the fullest.

Oh and speaking of odd poses, there are also odd gaits. When some of my creatures are walking, they do it strangely. I'm not sure how to describe it but they are kind of leaning back a bit while walking forwards, just in a bit of a weird way. It's not something they did as young kits, so I dunno where they learned it, or why. It's funny to witness but I think it's harmless and rather amusing. It'll be interesting to see if any of their children adopt the gaits too.

It's been a while since we've seen any happy faces so here's a happy Nani to brighten your day! I think she had an empty speech bubble here. Sometimes they just look at the camera and say nothing. But they say it with a speech bubble, lol! Am not sure whether it's a side effect of the Super Speech Toy or just something Norns randomly do from time to time. They are so silly. It's fun to be surprised with things like this. And it's nice that Nani can recover fairly well from being with other Norns. I like how flexible she is.

Remember how I said Jane was starving to death? Well, I brought her from the island to the incubator room and garden by exporting then importing her. She wasn't going to follow me back there and I didn't want her to make an arduous journey while suffering, so that was the quickest and easiest way to do it. She didn't stay put in the kitchen area for long though. There was a ton of food around and I kept trying to get her to eat but it was the same song and dance. She'll say Jane Food a hundred times but never push food. I even taught her the word push again but that didn't seem to help either. Anyway, Jane shouldn't die alone on an island so I was glad to see her have company. Harry is here and he's happy to hang out with the cute elderly Jane. More than happy in fact, because there was a big kiss-pop and Jane was suddenly pregnant again! I know, I know...she's not in the best condition for another pregnancy and if she dies before laying then we lose the egg. But it happened, so I determined to keep her alive until she laid, at least.

With Jane pregnant, I thought why not try our luck with Nani and Harry again? So I teleported him via the mover in the garden and he appeared, ready to hang out with Nani at the learning computer. I hope Harry can pass on his good genes to both Jane and Nani's children.

A senior Norn with her egg. Thank goodness. She was able to stick around long enough to lay. Although she was still deteriorating with a steady surety. I hate that she looks sad at what should be a happy moment. But she was able to lay her baby in time. Knowing there's nothing I can really do to force her to change her behaviour, I just tried to make her as comfortable as possible, playing with toys and coaxing her to rest.

It's Hatchy Hatchy Time for Jane and Harry's egg! Who could be inside? What are their genes like? Are they a boy or a girl? Some of these questions will be answered shortly. And I noticed that yet again - it's a blue one! What's with this trend in blue eggs? Is that the in colour this season or something?

It's a boy! And he's a smiley little chap too! Everyone, meet Benjamin. Jane's last gift to this Albia. And a very much needed boy for the future gen 2. So we had Bambino, Bekka, (which I stupidly lost) and then Belinda, Banani and now Benjamin. Of those five, we only have the last three names. Actually, I kind of recall importing one of the generation 2 Norns into my current Albia. So maybe Bekka or Bambino is still alive. But I'll have to wait till I boot up the game again to find out.

Well, I wanted to keep Jane in the garden and kitchen areas but she found her way back to the island after laying, heading right and riding in the submarine. Cheechee and Ung were there so she wasn't going to be alone. I just hadn't been letting them near her because I wanted to keep her on her own so she could hopefully bounce back from her starvation issue. But it just wasn't happening. So I said, to heck with it, let her be among friends. And so here she is hanging out with Ung, and Cheechee a bit later. Kinda hoped she'd learn about eating and stuff from Ung's great examples. Oh and Nani's also on this island somewhere!

And now Nani is OFF the island because I didn't like her being there with Jane, Ung and Cheechee. I was still aiming to get her back in a happy state to breed with Harry. Can anyone spot the sleepy Nani? She's camouflaged pretty well among all those green leaves! :D I think she's having a restless sleep, which is not so good.

As I said - yep. I'm trying to get Nani and Harry to breed. It's like pulling teeth. Or trying to get water from stones. It's painful! So many empty kiss-pops and no pregnancies. My hopes are dashed over and over again. I want to try tomatoes or mugug fruit CoBs but I don't want to crash the world either. And I had no luck trying to get my Norns to eat the tomatoes last time. They were just simply too absorbed with each other to look at and do other activities. Harry and Jane slapped each other a few times too, which did not help matters. Kisses and tickles were good but slaps made Harry run away from Jane, and that's the opposite of what he's supposed to be doing. It is cute seeing them in this little treehouse room with the clock. Nose to nose. Almost looks like Harry is thinking about holding Nani's hand.

MORE sad news...Jane has died. She's hidden behind the mushrooms and Cheechee there, but this is where she spent her last moments, in nice company. She wasn't alone and she had a good life for the most part. It was just the end where things went pear shaped. If I could have gotten her eating again, she might have lived longer. But it is what it is. Say hi to Samwise and Smooth for me when you reach cyber heaven, Janey.

Here is a happy, cheeky Nani, who loves running around and making things difficult for Mummy hand. At least she's having fun. I can always send her down the lift for some alone time to play, eat and rest up before putting her back with Harry. And I think I did do that a couple of times. She has the bouncing toy on the dock to the right, and then tons of cheese and more toys down in the jungle area. There's still no baby but that's not for lack of trying. Harry is doing his best.

Speaking of our nice, fit, young Norn, Harry has just gotten old! Noooo! It's too soon. You can't be an elder yet. Then again, the fact that he's lived until reaching this life stage is a good thing. Samwise should be here sporting the silver grey highlights as well. Harry's eating honey and playing with the jack in the box, and the train, so he's doing great. Nani is at the other end of the bridge while Harry takes a break from her.

With Harry aging up and Nani not getting pregnant, I decided I needed a change of pace. So I exported the remaining gen 1 Norns and decided to play with one of the gen 2s in order to age them up one by one. This is where I found a surprise for you! I have Bambino! I believe he's the son of Nani and Cheechee, the first gen 2 that was born. I wonder if any of his descendents will get his mother's green colouring? Or some other colour? I had played the game for a while and he was now an adult. He's enjoying having the whole of Albia to himself, happily eating carrots and poking bees.

I didn't want him to go too far yet so I teleported him back to the learning computer. He's really happy and seems to be doing well. I'm not talking to him much because I wondered if telling Norns to do things makes them get glitched out somehow, like with Jane forgetting how to eat, refusing to push food. So instead, I sometimes just draw his attention to items by naming them. But that's all. I let the creature decide what to do with the item themselves. I'm hoping with this strategy, I can prevent more fussy eating sessions and other such things with the generation 2s.

Anyway, this is the end of this update for now, because I've run out of screenshots and I need to play the game more. But what we have is basically, Bambino (son of Cheechee and Nani), Banani (Nani and Unknown), Belinda (Samwise and Jane) and Benjamin (Harry and Jane). That's 2 girls and 2 boys. With a mix of genetics from different gen 1 Norns. I can't wait to see how Banani looks growing up! That green head is going to look so funny if that's the only part that's green, ha ha. XD

The Norns who didn't breed in gen 1 are: Banana, Smooth and of course, baby Blueberry. But we got genes from Harry, Samwise, Cheechee and Jane, plus an Unknown father figure. I think what I'll do is, I'll probably bring the gen 1 Norns back into the world for some play with them between generations. And then it'll be mainly focusing on the gen 2s from there on out.

Thank you for reading! Comments, creatures, advice and info are always appreciated.

I'm back after 11 years. Holy dooley!



Guys I've got an update for you and also a bummer downdate! Lol.

So, I was just panicking and worrying over losing two of the baby Norns, right? Well, silly, SILLY me had actually just imported Bambino and Bekka into the world after exporting all the adults from gen1.

Bambino and Bekka are alive and well! I just spent some hours raising Bekka, Belinda, Bambino and last of all, a very special guy, Benjamin aka Benji. You'll see why he's special in my next story update.

Now for the major downer. I can't get Banani the greenie head Norn to import! When I click her, nothing happens. I made a saved copy of her file but it's the same as the file I had exported so Idk what to do to get it working or why she won't import back into the game. :( If anyone can be of help, I'd muchly appreciate it. I really was looking forward to seeing Miss Greenie Head in the game too.


I'm back after 11 years. Holy dooley!


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I'm glad Bambino and Bekka are still alive. [ngrin]

Poor Samwise, Smooth, and Jane, though. [nsad] At least you were able to save some of the gen 1 pack.

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I'm really enjoying your story, SpringRain! Have you considered adding Cameron to the mix? He's got some unique genes. :)

My TCR Norns


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Gosh I am so excited for more of this.



It's you! Welcome back here, hope you've been doing well. And what a wholesome topic. :)

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