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C1toDS run - 27 generations in   


  6/25/2021  1

I've been running a monitored wolfling run in the background recently, using C12DS and TWB/TCBs. I have been interacting with norns now and again,
checking up on them periodically, rescuing the occasional invalid etc. I'm using Frimlin's Words of Bibble to modify the vocabulary to make it more C1/C2-like, just because that's what I prefer.

I started with about 8 norns, using different genetic breeds. At about gen 20, I started having a lot of deaths, so I added in about 20% new hatchery stock.

I, while writing this, have also had an outbreak of antibody 5 bacteria, which has resulted in the deaths of almost half of my female norns, so I'm going to have to add a few more hatchery stock as the population has dropped from about 35 to 22.

I also had a colony of grendels and one of ettins on the ship, with travel unrestricted.

Some observations:

Norns like to cluster. Norns freak out when they get crowded.

I found "go east" and "go west" quite reliable commands in breaking the Crowdedness Bubble that forms when norns cluster. After a while, norns start recommending it to each other, which means that over times your generations will clump less.

C1toDS cluster points include the sunflowers, the lemons and the grendel jungle. The sunflowers are a source of starch (seeds) and other nutrients (food from carrots). The lemons are obviously fruit and supply vitamin C, which TWBs need.

There is often a smaller cluster near the fridge, and, well yeah I get it. They tend to move on after childhood.

The grendel jungle has a source of seeds (not sure if this was the case in C1, my memory says no but it was years ago), but is also the furthest point east they can travel before they hit a wall.

Norns seem reluctant to use lifts, teleporters and movers. Telling "push teleporter" often results in them pushing it repeatedly, with a 50% chance of leaving them where they started.

The same norns often cluster in the same places - maybe some just really like going east?

Survival instincts are still quite strong regarding weeds/badplants - most creatures really don't touch them.

TWB ettins and TCB grendels are a pain in the arse to keep alive without a luxurious source of food and the Shee ship is just too cold for a lot of them. If someone could make a garden room pack for CA emitters (or something like it) I think that would really help them. Colonising the desert with plants from the DS Food Vendor helped a lot.

Grendels seemed to fare much better, usually hitting about gen 4 before going quietly into the long dark. I don't think I ever saw a population of ettins get above gen 2.

Grendels love to travel, which I didn't expect. It wasn't unusual to see them in the Capillata or the Meso. I think this aided them gradually dying off - often, they weren't bright enough to get back.

Anyway, I'm enjoying dipping in and out of this run. Dragoler's TWB's are a fantastic addition to the game.



  6/25/2021  1

As a follow up: I've had a near total colony failure at around gen 27/28. Part of this was a bacterial outbreak, but I think I also had behavioural problems to deal with. Using the autopsy agent, a lot of them were dying due to low ATP as well as the problems with the antigen 5 breakout.

I used the Remote Control cob to see what was going on and norns were stuck in a "push norn" loop. Basically, they were having an orgy and forgot to eat.

Lots of "no"-ing snapped them out of it, but by that stage the damage was done. What once was about 35 norns got to the low teens.

I'm going to restart tomorrow with the same genome batch and create some new norns and then spend some time building up good eating and playing habits before I release them into the wild. I'll probably edit the appearance genes a bit and use this batch as a "seed" batch for the next batch, as was sort of my plan anyway, but it's still a shame to have so many just die off so quickly.



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  6/26/2021  1

I'm sorry about what happened to your Norns in this run. Is it sad/immature that I giggled at 'they were having an orgy and forgot to eat'?

Hope things go better on the next run. [nsmile]

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Wolfing runs, man. You never know how the Norns may or may not die!

Grendels aren't so bad, but I love Ettins! They're adorable! The complexity of creatures is quite amazing.


  9/16/2021  2

Push teleporter tends to cause norns to use it repeatedly because unlike navigation agents(which remove a drive the engine causes to spike to encourage using lifts and such to get to a location with alot of an agent's smell) it just reduces a ton of drives on them. To norns it doesn't matter where they end up, they just know pushing the portal is good when they're bored/crowded/etc.

Since food base game is quite smelly, norns will always navigate to it when hungry. Once they get to food there's not really a reason for them to leave unless they have another need that corresponds with a smelly object they have to follow elsewhere.

And yeah, fast agers/prolific breeds tend to take over a population if they can over a long period of time.

You know...wait...nevermind... later...

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