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CCSF 2014 Contests!   

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  10/28/2014  1

Welcome to this year's official contest thread! It's opening early this year to give people more time to work on their entries. There's a variety to choose from and the rules are below each contest. If your confused by a rule, or have any questions, please post below. There's also a small calender for the deadline and when voting starts. Most contests are just for fun, but a few have prizes!

Contest Calender
Contests open: October 28th
Contests deadline: December 10h
Contest voting starts: December 101h
Contest voting ends: December 12th
Contest results: December 12th

Form for contest entries(if the contest calls for it)
Contest name:
Your username:
Your entry:

Either pm your entry to KittyTikara or email it to:

List of contests(Press control + f to find a certain one):
Best Agent Idea
Creatchi Fur Patterns
Creatures Evolution Contest
Grendel Beauty Pageant
Grendel Man's Genetic Breed Contest
Metaroom Decoration
Ron's Reference Rampage/Ron's Trivia

Grendel Man's Genetic Breed Contest
Grendel Man puts it better then I can. So check out his contest here!

Best Agent Idea
Agents are one of the best things about the Creatures series, but not everyone can make them. Ever have an agent idea and realize you don't have the skills to make it? Then submit it to this contest and it will,hopefully, be made! I can't make it myself, but I will try my hardest to get it made. For that reason, this contest is a bit limited. For example, toys, plants, and critters are all fine, but metarooms are not.

Guidelines and rules:
* Complex agents like metarooms aren't allowed
* Submit your most interesting idea to CCSF email or pm it to KittyTikara.
* Winner will be voted on by the community and get their idea made into a real agent

Creatchi Fur Patterns
Creatchi is loved by the community, but there's only one fur pattern, the stripes. So here's a contest to design some new ones! There will be a template for each Creatchi species soon, but in the meantime start thinking of a design! The winner will be voted on by the community. There's a tentative prize of getting their fur pattern added to Creatchi, but I'm making no promises that it will actually happen.

Guidelines and rules:
* Templates for the Ettinchis can be found here, Nornchis can be found here, and the Grendelchis can be found here.
* Design a new fur pattern for each species using the template
* Either upload it to the gallery or pm it to KittyTikara
* Winner will be voted on by the community

Creatures Evolution Contest
Evolution is one of this year's themes and this contest is all about evolution. Think of what one of the Creatures breeds might evolve to in the future, or how certain situations might effect a specific breed. For example, the Treehugger Norn might evolve into a completely arboreal Norn, or the Ettins might have learned how to buy machines instead of just hoarding them. The winner, as voted on by the community, will get their idea turned into a genetic breed. I can't promise things like machine-building Ettins though!

Guidelines and rules:
* Choose any breed and imagine an evolved form of it
* PM your evolution idea it KittyTikara, or email it to the CCSF email
* Winner will be chosen by me and gets their idea turned into a genetic breed
* Winner will be judged on uniqueness and backstory, if you have one.
* Keep in mind not everything is possible in-game

Grendel Beauty Pageant
Grendels aren't your typical beauty queens(or kings), but they are the stars of this contest! Draw your favorite Grendel or Grendelchi and post it to the gallery here at Creature Caves. Your entry will be judged by a highly trained art critic, Balmora the Grendel! Wait, she doesn't know anything about art... Maybe it's better if the community decides.

Guidelines and rules:
* Draw your favorite Grendel or Grendelchi
* Submit it to gallery
* Winner is voted on by the community

Metaroom Decoration
Enjoy decorating metarooms? Then take a screenshot of a metaroom you've decorated it and upload it to CCaves. A winner will be voted on by the community.

Guidelines and rules:
* Make sure to say your screenshot is for the contest in the screenshot's description
* You can also send a PM to me and tell me if you want your screenshot in the contest
* Winner will be voted on by the community

Ron's Reference Rampage/Ron's Trivia
Ron, our dear CCSF Mascot, can't read and he needs your help throughout this year's CCSF! Each day a new question will be revealed and it's up to you to search the Great Shee Library(tm) and come up with an answer. If you answer all of the questions right, you get to take home this year's mascot!

Guidelines and rules:
* Please don't post the answers on the forum or in comments
* All answers can be found on the Creatures Wiki, though maybe not in the most obvious place
* PM your answers to KittyTikara on the last day of the CCSF

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I'm definitely opting for Ron's Reference Rampage! What a neat idea. :) I'm also looking forward to seeing how people furnish their worlds in the Metaroom Decoration contest! I'd join in with that one, but I haven't got computer access currently.



Has the CCSF ground to a halt or something? It seems to have stopped at day 3.

What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?


Senior Wrangler



Waiting on the downloads section being fixed, following the hosting company's move to PHP5.



Ah, I see.

What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?



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