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Agent Pack Big and Tiny   C3DS   Vermidia | 3/16/2019  log in to like post  9

Contains agents and cos files with big changes, and tiny agents that are useful. This pack has:

Activate 1 & 2 Separation: Makes pulling become tickling when used on another creature. Includes updated pushing and pulling scripts that work on all creatures.

Bacteria Revamp-Dish: Replaces DS bacteria with bacteria that will prosper in certain conditions not based on metaroom but based on CAs. Comes with a sprite file with new shapes for bacteria.

Bacteria Options: Allows you to change Bacteria Revamp-Dish bacteria to be helpful, harmful, a mix, or harmless. Also allows you to change minimum, maximum, and visibility. Comes with a nifty reset button.

Bacteria Checker: Shows its current room's conditions for bacteria from Bacteria Revamp-Dish.

Detritus Smell: Uses the smell of flowers and turns it into the smell of Detritus instead.

Sensorimotor Input & Lobe: Adds a new input agent that will send outputs to a new lobe you can add to creature breeds. Allows for many new things to be sensed.

Peripheral Input & Lobe: Adds a new input agent that will send outputs to a new lobe you can add to creature breeds. Allows for many nearby creature things to be sensed.

Tiny Auto-vendors: Small auto-vendors that spawn with 4 varieties, and can be duplicated or deleted with shift clicking and control clicking.

Used classifiers: 2 32 23(Bacteria) 1 1 5689 (Bacteria Options) 3 3 5664 (Bacteria Checker) 1 1 5679(Detritus Smell) 1 2 5679(Detritus Smell Auto-Recovery) 1 1 5615(Sensorimotor Lobe Input) 2 23 [5680-5683](Tiny Auto-vendors) and 2 [1,3,8, & 15] 5680(Tiny Auto-Vendors Output)

1.00: Initial Release
1.01: Sensorimotor lobe neurons 31-41 detect room type
1.015: Fixed Sensorimotor Input auto-killing
1.02: Added smells to tiny auto-vendors
1.03: Fixed a bug where healthy only bacteria couldn't get the "toxin" dehydronase. Added alternative files that change ATP decoupler and Cynide to Alcohol, and Medicine One and Sodium Thiosulphite into Dehydronase.
1.04: Fixed a bug where the seed autovendor would make food vendors when cloning
1.045: Added hit, push, and pull scripts to the meat autovendor
1.05: Fixed stuff, added variant neurons to sens lobe
1.06: Fixed healthy bacteria being unable to emit toxins properly, made more editable variables and a new caos file containing these things for Bacteria Revampdish
1.61: Didn't fix a bug breaking bacteria. For them to work, ject the file. Idk why it does this, maybe add a Z to it so it loads last or something
1.07: Seems to have fixed the bacteria, let me know if it still has issues
1.071: Made it so the doneto override does not change all doneto scripts, only the pushed and pulled ones
1.08: Changed/Added some neurons to sensorimotor, fixed crossbreeding not working
1.09: Fixed a neuron not clearing in sensorimotor
1.10: Added Crea I see is Fertile and Crea I see is Pregnant Neurons
1.11: New Peripheral Lobe + the Brain catalogue included
1.12: Added 2 Sensorimotor Neurons to match Peripheral Neurons
1.13: Fixed Peripheral not calculating distance properly
1.131: Peripheral is moved to the real new agent location(for...consistency I guess?)
1.14: Fixed longstanding Bacteria Revampdish bug(The mutation script crashed >_>;)
1.15: Fixed Activate 1 & 2 autokilling creatures that tried to push/pull disappearing creatures
1.16: Fixed fruit/seed/food not being able to be picked up by creatures(tiny auto vendors)
1.17: Include a missing catalogue for Sensorimotor/Peripheral (credit to Aiko for the original file)
Vermidia | 6/19/2022  log in to like post

Most should work by JECTing yeah, though activate 1 and 2 won't inject if any norns are pushing eachother.
kittie887 | 6/19/2022  log in to like post

Do I need to start a new world for this to work? Or do I need to inject any cos codes for it to work in an already made world?
Vermidia | 3/7/2022  log in to like post

Nowhere, it's just for your convience
GrayDragonEmily | 2/26/2022  log in to like post

Also, where do I put the text document called "Neurons?"
Vermidia | 2/23/2022  log in to like post  1

Make sure to put the brain catalogue in both c3 and ds, or else they'll clash
GrayDragonEmily | 2/21/2022  log in to like post

"Catalogue Error: CLE0019: Two tags with the same name "Brain Lobe Quads" but different contents at item 7"
Vermidia | 9/12/2019  log in to like post

It works for me. Bacteria will normally spawn in the muco or on norns if there isn't alot, so you might be looking in the wrong place.
Scatty | 9/12/2019  log in to like post

The setting to make bacteria visible doesn't seem to be working
Vermidia | 3/27/2019  log in to like post

There is a random norn with the lobe in the download, but having a lobe with tissue id 15 with no updates and initialization not always running with all the rules for both updates and initialization being stop, with a total lobe size of 64 neurons. The agent should then be able to communicate with the lobe.
Lurhstaap | 3/26/2019  log in to like post

Are there instructions for adding the sensorimotor lobe anywhere?

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