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TWB/TCB Version 2.5   C3DS   Dragoler | 1/20/2019  log in to like post  7

typeGenetics + Sprites
Bug fixes, improvements, re-balancing!

So what are the TWB/TCB genomes?
The TWB/TCB genomes aim to expand upon the biology of Creatures by adding an internal body temperature, better sensitivity to the environment and a number of other additions including an overhauled immune system, fixed hunger system and breath holding ability. More in-depth information can be found here and here.

What has changed in version 2.5?
* The genomes are now more expressive. Creatures will look sad when they start to starve, allowing players to tell at a glance if their Norns need any help from them.
* Creatures will regain their confidence after going through a door, so no more door spamming when fleeing from Grendels (this sadly will not prevent full Norn stupidity.)
* Improved resilience! All Creatures get a small improvement to their wound healing abilities, but aggressive breeds such as Hardman Norns and Banshee Grendels get a particularly large boost.
* Portal pushing instincts have been strengthened, ready for use with the Albian Warp.
* More tweaks to reduce the annoying clumping behavior.
* A small brain edit has been added which reduces the aversion Creatures feel towards eating things that they cannot smell. Creatures should now have no problem eating things such as potions, manky, bugs, critters, animal eggs and detritus, though they will still favor more stimulating meals.
* In addition to the above edit, the Toxic Norns have been re-balanced to require detritus in their diets, as they should now continue to eat it throughout their lives.
* General bug fixes.

Included in this pack are all official breeds plus:
- Basilisk Norns
- Uglee Grendels
- Carna Norns (sprites and concept by Papubuntu)
- TWB Coffee Norns
- Honey Badger Norns
- Thistlefern Norns
- Urchin Ettins
kirtai | 5/13/2020  log in to like post

Will the version 3 be uploaded here?
Dark_Author | 1/24/2020  log in to like post

I really enjoy using these! Thank you!
Dragoler | 10/2/2019  log in to like post

The balancing is different between the two, but as far as features go from what I can remember the 2017s have cropped down feeding instincts, and looking over the list there's also a change to the fear overwhelm organ to exclude hunger drives and a few extra instincts added.

Imo these changes aren't very beneficial (though good arguments can be made for the overwhelm organ change in certain cases), and the cropped feeding instincts may even be detrimental, but that's just my thoughts on it.

Thistleferns and Basilisks are the most gimmicky TWB/TCB breeds out there :p
FlyingEttiNorn | 10/2/2019  log in to like post  1

anything that 2017 has that these guys DON'T have? (i've only played with thistleferns and basilisks so far but they have been very fun to watch!)
Dragoler | 10/1/2019  log in to like post

The TWB/TCB genome bases are built upon CFF 1.1, the 2017 genome base is also built upon CFF 1.1 but incorporates the hunger fixes from TWB V1. This version has many more features than both, you can find more information in the development thread.
FlyingEttiNorn | 10/1/2019  log in to like post  1

do these dudes use the 2017 genome or CFF? the only reason i'm still using 2017 is because they're "more complete" than the CFF genome, otherwise i'd use these ones all the ime
ylukyun | 3/4/2019  log in to like post  2

It might be nice to have a separate entry for the Carma Norns, so people can see what they look like and what slot they use, and find them more easily. :)
Dragoler | 3/3/2019  log in to like post

Only two that come with packaged sprites; Carna Norns and Basilisk Norns.
ylukyun | 3/3/2019  log in to like post

How many sprited breeds are in this pack?
Dragoler | 2/27/2019  log in to like post

Noted, i'll look into readjusting starch hunger.

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