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New 2017 Creatures   C3DS   Arnout | 7/3/2017  log in to like post  10

typeGenetics Only
This is an overhaul of the 2017 CFF genomes that I released some time ago. Some changes were based on my own observations and others on comments that I read here on Creaturescaves. In the zip file you'll find new Creatures 3 and Docking Station starter parents, as well as two folders that either let you replace the genomes of the 2017 egg agents, or the genomes of the original C3/DS Creature breeds. Changes are below:

*The following changes were made to improve survivability:
- Norns will now feel lonely less quickly. However, lonely Norns should now also be more likely to look out for one another.
- 2017 Creatures will now only eat what is complementary to their highest hunger drive. They'll require a somewhat more varied diet and will overeat less than the original CFF Creatures. Overall hunger gain has also been increased slightly for every single breed.
- Norns will now only dance under the influence of the Sex Drive chemical. In older genomes this used to be the Arousal Potential chemical; this caused (mostly female) Creatures to practically dance at all times, which made travelling really long. Now they'll only dance near potential partners.
- Libido Lowerer has a somewhat faster half-life now, which means that breeding these Creatures is easier now.
- Each breed now has the "Underwater panic gene": This gene increases up drive as long as the (terrestrial) Creature remains in water for some time. They'll either start wanting to use an elevator to get out of the water (In the C3 Aquarium or Norngarden 4 for instance), or they'll get out of the water to use an elevator. (C3 Norn Terrarium or C3 Desert.) This gene first appeared in my earlier Frost Norns.
- Additional instincts were added, like retreating from beasts when scared or drinking potions when feeling sick - which is indicated by feeling hot or cold sometimes. Other instincts were added to add more flavour to particular species. For example Grendels like to hit things and ChiChi Norns (and derivatives) are interested in gadgets.

*The following changes were made to improve crossbreeding between 2017 Creatures, mainly the mall breeds:
- Every single breed now has a progesterone half life of 56: this prevents all Treehugger Norn crossbreeds from getting stuck pregnancies where they don't make enough progesterone to lay an egg.
- The overwhelming fear drive organ no longer reduces hunger. This prevents Creatures that are easy to scare from starving all the time. (Mainly Hardman Norn crossbreeds.)

There were some other changes as well that I can't precisely recall. I think they were mostly CFF things that I put back after accidentally removing them from the 2017 genomes. :$

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about this, but you'll have to overwrite either the genomes of the original 2017 egg agents, or the genomes of the original Creatures 3 and Docking Station breeds.

If you have any questions, observations or remarks about these: Feel free to comment here or send me a message. You're also free to use any of these genomes for your own breed projects; you don't have to ask me for permission. :)

Kirel | 4/12/2018  log in to like post

Would you consider these to be the "best" genomes out there for C3/DS right now? Would you consider these to be superior to the CFE/CFF genomes in terms of "fixes" for the official breeds? Thanks.
Arnout | 3/12/2018  log in to like post

Hey, thanks for your comment. :)

I've been playing with these genomes for a few months now, and I must say that the Creatures 3 Grendel is the one Grendel breed that I like the least when they're near my Norns (except for fully grown Banshee Grendels). I tried to stay as true to their original behaviour patterns as I could, so they're still likely to be aggressive towards other Creatures. Like the originals, they can get angry in 2 ways:
1: They're hit by another Creature.
2: Adults become angry from Norn Smell.
These two conditions don't sound very problematic at first, just keep them away from your Norns. There's just one problem: The Jungle Grendel gets lonely quickly, and will always go after Norns when feeling lonely. So unless you're breeding Norns that can fight them off with ease (like the Hardman Norn) I wouldn't put my bets on a succesful wolfing run with these.
One big difference between Creatures that run these genomes and Creatures that run the original genomes, is that these are very good at learning and remembering stuff. I had some Jungle Grendels that found their meaning in life by smashing gadgets instead of Norns. Finding ways to distract them might just help keeping most of your Norns alive. All Creatures in this pack are also less focused on their inherited instincts, so the Grendels are a bit less aggressive and less likely to hit other Creatures either way.
Yme | 3/12/2018  log in to like post  1

How are the grendels with this genome? I'd like to have some grendels, but I find the original grendels that came with the game, are so sloppily made that they just go kill all the Norns, and don't really do anything else...

How does their mood work? Will they get angry for anything, then just go kill Norns? Or are they safe for wolflingruns?
Arnout | 8/26/2017  log in to like post

Download links are sometimes found right under "author" or activated by pressing the image of the COB/Breed/Creature/Room that you wish to download. :)
CommanderX | 8/25/2017  log in to like post  1

How come I don't see any download links to anything anywhere on this website?

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