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Evo Norns   C3DS   evolnemesis | 9/13/2015  log in to like post  9

typeGenetics Only
Sprites: Civet, Bengal, Magma, Zebra
These are the official Evo breed, with the full CFF genome AND modified brains with some cool new features!:

Their creativity has been amped way up. They have a lot more random thoughts of odd things to try with objects, mess with more objects on their own, have a slightly shorter attention span, and overall are just not so set in their behaviors as other C3 Norns. They act much more like Norns in previous games in how they behave and interact with things, but they are still good learners. Watch out... like the Norns in earlier games, these are very likely to try to mess with bad things they don't know about yet, like weeds and detritus and beasts, at least before they learn better.

Also, Chemical 130 (injected, or found in certain berries) has a special effect on their brains... It makes them see random things... all kinds of phantom objects which keep whizzing around randomly. The effect and strength of the visions varies by dosage... but it completely wears off in a couple of minutes. Given a full dose, they will immediately sit down and start staring, totally obsessed with one particular very stimulating imaginary thing they saw or some weird action, until it starts to wear off, then at lower levels of the chemical they start moving again, but tend to look around a lot, shift attention a lot, and say 'look' a lot. Asking them 'what' they are doing when under the effects can get you some strange answers, like 'push toy' when they are sitting still and there are no toys in sight.
Malkin | 8/25/2017  log in to like post

Just click the picture. :)
CommanderX | 8/25/2017  log in to like post

Where is the download link?
NoxTheNorn | 7/16/2017  log in to like post

Malkin | 7/15/2017  log in to like post

You just need to hatch out a default-genome Magma Norn, that'll install their sprites properly.
NoxTheNorn | 7/15/2017  log in to like post

I gather that you need to have C3 installed in order for these to display properly since they utilize sprites from C3 breeds (Bengal and Civet)...? I tried to use them in DS without C3 and while it looked all right as a child, it began to develop an odd appearance as it matured -- the head remained small and didn't line up properly with the rest of the body.
evolnemesis | 9/15/2015  log in to like post

Nope, they shouldn't... Basically, any crosses will either inherit the creative gene from the Evo, or the normal one from their other parent, and I can't think of any combinations of these inherited genes that would be harmful... Also, these kind of genes don't mutate. You should get a pretty interesting variation in behaviors in the babies depending on what they inherited.

The 4 brain genes involved are pretty close together... so they should be inherited together most of the time. The most interesting scenario I think you'd get with a cross, is one that managed to inherit only the extra creativity in either of the noun or verb lobes, but not the other... Then you'd either have a norn who is pretty much normal in the kind of things it focuses on, but still likes to try all kinds of things with them, or one that just tends to mess with different kinds of objects more often (but usually only thinks of trying more typical things with them, like 'push', 'hit', or 'eat').

Also, it will be quite likely for a cross to inherit immunity to chem 130 from their normal parent, because it could either inherit the normal brain tracts, or it could inherit the normal half-life gene which makes 130 not able to stay in their bodies.
InsanityPrelude | 9/15/2015  log in to like post

Do the brain changes make them incompatible with other breeds?
evolnemesis | 9/13/2015  log in to like post  2

Hmm, given the strength of the chemical effect at maximum levels, it could be a serious problem if they mutate to make a lot of it in their bodies. I think there are only one or two genes that could possibly ever mutate this way, but there's a good chance that it would be fatal if the mutated gene makes huge amounts of 130 faster than it can decay, and they also inherited this vision tract characteristic and the half-life gene that allows the chemical to stay in their bodies. If this happened, they'd probably just be catatonic, and unlikely to concentrate on anything real even for long enough to eat. Lower amounts would probably just affect their concentration but they should be able to function. Haha, I've invented Norns that can literally mutate to be insane...

If someone was interested in using or modding this genome for their creativity, but didn't want the chemical effect on vision and potential side-effect, they could go into the half-lives gene and change the half-life of chemical 130 back to 0... that would effectively disable this reaction without having to go into the brain tract genes.

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