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Correct BHVR, No Script?  on 11/13/2013

     What happens if I set a bhvr that allows an agent to be interacted with, but I don't give that agent a corresponding interaction script? What does the creature experience when they interact with such an agent?
- Malkin

Dear Malkin,
     It depends on the script in question. A C3/DS agent cannot have a BHVR that includes edibility but no eat script, for example: the agent will error when the user attempts to inject it, well before any creature could try to interact with it.

It may not seem that way, but this is true for all script types; I actually discussed this with AquaShee a while back and he was able to determine that scripts that appear to be optional, such as the pickup script, only appear to function that way because the game has a hidden "global default" pickup script that it uses if there is no pickup script for a specific agent.

So really, there is never not a script to match an agent's BHVR, either because it causes an error or because there really is a script involved. A creature that interacts with a "scriptless" agent experiences whatever stimulus exists in the default script.

The only time I can think of when a creature might receive literally no stimulus for an action is if an agent's creator does write a script for a certain interaction, but does not include any stimulus. CFE breeds appear to feel disappointment and/or boredom when an action provides no feedback and will eventually give up, but non-CFE breeds don't have this feature and may continue to try to perform the same action until they exhaust themselves.
- Ghosthande
evolnemesis | 4/11/2014  log in to like post

yeah in general for a creature to feel disappointment, the agent needs to actually stim them with it.. a null stim won't do anything to learning, either to discourage or encourage the action... (for example, 'played with toy' effectively gives a null stim to grendels because they have no stimulus genes for it... if they have nothing better to do, and you have them push a toy, they are likely to keep trying it... they don't get disappointment, it's just not really fun for them) However, non-CFEs tend to forget which actions are effective and can continue to do random stuff just because they can't think of anything better...

CFE eventually figure out a good action that does stim them with something desirable, and they will almost always remember they can try it if something else doesn't seem as good... if nothing is around that they know will help them better, then they might keep trying random stuff for a bit, but after a while some other drive will start to take precedence, shifting their attention to something they DO know what to do about.

So it's not really that CFE react to a null response differently, it's just that they are better at remembering the good responses, and so, instead of just having no idea what to try, they are more likely to know about something else they think might work better once they get a weak or null response from something.
Malkin | 11/15/2013  log in to like post

Thanks! :)
Ghosthande | 11/14/2013  log in to like post

Or simply because they don't get a response telling them they've just done something... I'm not certain if non-CFE breeds experience disappointment for "null" actions at all; what I've read in the past suggests that they might not, in which case I guess it would be more like they're "numb" to their own interactions with the agent. Either they feel disappointment but forget, or there just might not be anything to forget in the firstplace. Vampess's CFE documentation might clear things up a bit.
Malkin | 11/14/2013  log in to like post

Thanks! :D I thought that the CFE breeds may learn and remember more effectively from the disappointment stim, but the non-CFEs experience the disappointment but forget what they have learned and keep on trying, due to their stronger reliance on instincts?

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