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Setting Up Metarooms: Chione   Games   Trell | 8/7/2013  log in to like post  5

Here's the second installment of a series of tutorials for those who need a bit of help setting up the more customizable metarooms!

Hello again luvs! Today we're going to have a look at Chione. Chione is a vast winter wonderland, deliciously customizable with plenty of space for whatever you fancy! However, setting up this icy expanse can seem quite daunting. It's simply enormous!

No need to fret, it's not difficult if you take it bit by bit. I've some handy pointers on how to set it up a bit. Now, let's see what we'll be needing, eh?

*Amai's Magic Words Core
*Magic Words Room Edits
*The Garden Box
*Any other agents you please!

Be warned; you're going to need a lot of Garden boxing here, since there doesn't appear to be any native food yet.

Let's be about it then!

The first thing's first, rooms. Chione has six well sized caves, as well as a pond, and the snowy slopes up above. Before we tackle the rooms, let's deal with that pond area. First off, there's no possible way for your creatures to get into it, so you won't have to worry about drownings. I don't recommend setting you aquatic creatures in there, since there's not a lot of space. However, it is great fun setting up a little aquatic ecosystem in there! It's not necessary, but it's neat to have a little aquarium for decoration. ;)

Now then. The first thing that I like to do is to link up all six caves using Elevines. It makes travel a little easier on the creatures. Don't forget to CA link them!
The next thing you want to do is put a stretch of carrots or mushrooms all throughout the hallway at the very bottom. Make sure you have it set high, I've had many Norns starve in that tunnel.

Since all the caves are of a good, large size, it's best to have a patch of each different food group. Food, fruit, and seed. This helps to give your dear creatures a relatively balanced diet, regardless of which cave they choose to call their home. Go all out! Garden boxing is great fun! They don't have to be huge patches, but it's best to make sure they've got a good amount of food. One thing I like to do is to make each cave have a certain "growing season" to encourage migration between areas. This "growing season" technique is great for wolfling runs, too!

Now, if you like a bit of whimsy in your world like I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy messing about with those lovely grey mountains up on the surface! You can go absolutely bonkers adding patch plants on those mountains. Personally, I like to add Laura's Bouncing Plums to the middle left mountain. Why? Because then they bounce over to the left of the room, filling up the empty space there! Add some seeds and whatever else you fancy and your mountain is set! Just don't make them too big, it can slow your world a great deal. I like to call it "Mount Nom". [nlaugh]

Another fun thing to add to Chione are Garden Box decorations! A bit of archetecture can really make Chione feel much less empty. Make glorious structures to rival the those of the Shee! It's a great way to have more fun with the room. I've seen people get very creative with these!
Just make sure to use Magic Words Room Edits to make your platforms and such usable for your creatures. Just use "dmap", and the "doorr 50" to make your railings safe, and "doord 0" to make your floors tangible! And don't forget to connect them all up with Elevines!

Then all you have to do is make sure you've got enough food on the surface, and of course, don't forget some toys to entertain the poor dears. After that, your Chione is good to go.

I hope this helps make setting up metarooms a bit less daunting! Next up for set up: The Biodome!

KittyTikara | 8/8/2013  log in to like post  3

Some fitting agents for Chione would be the ice flowers and ice crystals, which both fit in perfectly. The fir trees are also perfect.

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