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Through the Bonds of Friendship   Fanfiction   Trell | 1/21/2013  log in to like post  1

This is the story of two norns named Mizu and Twiglet and their life together aboard the Shee Ark.

This is the story of Mizu and Twiglet, two young Norns and their life together aboard the Shee Ark. Through good times and bad times, they stick together through the inseparable bonds of friendship.

Chapter 1: Under the Apple Tree

Once, there was a time when Norns could roam free on the Ark, without the intervention of the Hand. Eight young Nornlings were hatched and sent out to learn, living there lives freely.

A bright blue Bondi tumbled out of her shell, gazing upon the world for the first time. She looked around the room, and there she saw other Norns of all different kinds. She saw a spunky Magma Norn being dragged out the door by an adventurous Harlequin, a handsome Civet boy already working the lifts up, and a silly Astro Norn trying to show off to a quiet Fallow girl, but ultimately falling on his face.

Then she saw it. A red speckled egg that hadn't hatched yet. She ran up and pushed the egg over, cracking it in two. An earthy green leafy Norn peaked out from the eggshell, before darting away after a skinny Bengal.
"Wait, I onwy want to pway wiff you!" called the Bondi girl.

The little Treehugger payed no attention, but stopped short under the apple tree when the Bengal boy disappeared into a lift.
The Bondi saw her chance and ran up to the Treehugger, snatching the apple right out from her paws. "Hi there!" she said, peering into the girl's big blue eyes.
"Uhm, hello?" whispered the Treehugger, who was obviously frightened. The Bondi stepped back. "Oh, sowwy, I didn't mean to scawe you." She gobbled up the apple she was holding and sat down. "It's okay, I was just lookin' for that stwipy boy. I'm Twiglet." said the Treehugger as she sat down with her. The Bondi Norn giggled and grabbed Twiglet in a big hug. "Twigwet! I'm Mizu, and I wike fwuits."

Just then, the two new friends heard an awful cry as the Astro boy ran past them, bawling. "HOWWY'S GOOOONE!!" he cried as he ascended the lift and ran into the Jungle. They went over to investigate. Mizu stepped back with a gasp, staring at the lifeless body of Hollywood, the little Fallow Norn.
"Silas, come back!" the Civet boy, now a child, called after him. He kicked at the ground as Hollywood disappeared in a shimmery cloud. Twiglet was visibly shaken. "Is she... Is she..?" she stammered.
"Yeah, she's dead..." he mumbled as Twiglet went pale. "Someone had better go find Silas before he gets into trouble..." he stepped into the lift and ascended back up to the hill. "By the way," he called down. "I'm Dave."
Mizu smiled to herself as the two of them made their way back to the apple tree. "Dave... I wike that!"

Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

As time went by, the other Norns grew older wandered away, some returning, yet never staying long. It seemed to the two inseparable friends that they were the only ones sensible enough to stay put, save for Dave, who's love of the hill had earned it the name "Dave's Hill".

"Looks like everyone's growin' up!" exclaimed Mizu as she munched on her fourth apple. "Why are they in such a hurry anyway?"
Twiglet gazed up at the leafy canopy and sighed. "Who knows? They seem anxious to wander too." She picked up a seed and rolled it around in her paw.
Mizu flopped onto the grassy floor, and thought a moment. "I think they're crazy. Why rush? Life's too good to spend hurrying." The orange haired Bondi Norn yawned, stretching her legs out and rolling onto her tummy, swishing her tail lazily back and forth.
Twiglet sat down beside her, gently touching the petals of a pink flower. "Maybe they've found better living conditions there. Maybe it's nicer, has more food in it, you know?" She leaned back on the tree and sighed contentedly, watching the ants march past with the apple cores.
Mizu sat up beside her. "I don't think it would be better there! Did you see Silas when he came back? He couldn't stop sneezing." She said, picking up another apple. "And Theo, he hasn't moved an inch since he got back! They say he's dying."
Twiglet thought a moment, and nodded slowly. "Good point." She watched as Mizu chomped down on the apple, throwing the core off somewhere.

Not a second later, they heard an irritated "Ouch!" come from by the hill. Mizu ran to see what happened, and she ran smack-! Into Dave! "Sorry!" She cried as she stumbled backwards. They both reached down to pick up the apple core. Whack! "Sorry!" moaned Dave after they hit their heads together.
They both got up and dusted themselves off. Dave handed her the apple core and chuckled sheepishly. "Are you okay?" He asked uncertainly.
"Yeah, I'm good." said Mizu, blushing. One moment later and he was back up on Dave's Hill.

Mizu turned to run back to the apple tree and stopped abruptly. Was that a pop she heard? She looked around and saw little white puffs falling about her. Mesmerized, she watched them fall to the ground and become little sprouts. Twiglet ran up beside her and tilted her head. "What are you looking at?"
Mizu grabbed Twiglet's arm and ran through the popping flowers with her. "Look Twiglet, the puffs turn into plants!" exclaimed Mizu. Twiglet giggled, "Those are Pappus plants silly! The pop off their seeds so they can grow everywhere!" Mizu twirled around with Twiglet before falling amongst the puffy seeds, giggling together. Soon, it grew dark outside. Bugs began chirping their dusky song.

Twiglet broke the peaceful silence with her soft voice. "Mizu?"
Mizu rolled over to look at her. "Yeah?"
"You were right, here is better. Let's stay here together."
Mizu grinned. "Yeah! Best friends forever, no matter what!"
Twiglet grinned along with her friend as they locked paws to seal the deal, before they snuggled up and fell asleep in the remaining Pappus seeds.

Chapter 3: Not a Care in the World

Life goes on for the Norns of the Ark. For some, filled with adventure and danger, for others, carefree relaxation and pleasant passings. With everyone growing up and becoming adults and starting families of their own, the two friends enjoy being the slow growers.

With a sneaky look on her face, Mizu crept up behind a sleeping Twiglet, carrying a bunch of Pappus puffs. She leaned in close to her face with a mischievous gleam in her eye... "WAKEY WAKEY, YOU'RE GROWIN' ROOTS!!" shouted Mizu, tossing the puffs in the air. Twiglet awoke with a start. "Wha..?! What!?"
Mizu began pacing around her, trying not to grin. "Yes. You're turning into a plant, I'm afraid. Look, you've already gone to seed!" She pointed at the Pappus seeds as they gently floated down. "Pretty soon, those will sprout up into miniature Twiglings of your own!" Mizu gave Twiglet a gentle pat on the head.
"What? No you silly, I'm a Norn, not a flower! I don't have roots and seeds!" exclaimed Twiglet, standing up and brushing the seeds off her arms. "See?"
Mizu fell to the ground, laughing. "Yeah, but if you slept any longer, you'd have become rooted to the spot! They say I'm they lazy one. Haha!"
Twiglet looked indignant, but then her face spread into a wide grin. "I guess you got me there!"

Sometime later in the day, they heard a loud commotion of excited voices. They ran over to investigate, but were stopped short by Dave. "Did you hear?! Did you hear?! Margaret had an egg just this morning!!" cried Dave, hopping up and down with glee. "Can you believe it? She just left it here to hatch!"
Mizu gazed down and sure enough, there was a creamy egg dusted with red speckles lying on the ground.
Twiglet gasped. "Who's going to take care of the poor thing?"
"I guess I could." shrugged Dave. "I think I'd be good with kids!" Mizu blushed a deep rose color. Twig elbowed her. "Who's the flower now, eh?" They both giggled and watched Dave intently as he surveyed the egg.

Sure enough, the egg moved and cracked, revealing the most adorable baby boy. "Bibble!" exclaimed the silly looking Nornling. The two girls practically melted at the sight. "Awww, he's so sweet!" cooed Twiglet as she tickled his fuzzy head. "You should call him Doodle!" cried Mizu. Dave grinned and watched Doodle take his first steps into the world. "Yeah, I like that." He turned to leave with the new baby Norn, but before he left, he planted a big kiss on Twiglet, much to Mizu's dismay. "Bye girls! See ya later!" called Dave as he zoomed upwards in the lift.

As they were walking back to the apple tree, Mizu blushed furiously. "How come he kissed you and not me?" she cried, flopping down to her usual spot.
"I don't know. I don't even like him that much." said Twiglet. "But I don't think that was an ordinary kiss!" She looked down to her growing tummy. Mizu began jumping up and down. "Twiglet! You're gonna have a baby!! Eeep!!" Mizu began clapping and dancing around in circles. "You're gonna have a baby, you're gonna have a baby! I'm so excited!!" sang the overjoyed Bondi.
"Yeah... I guess I am." said Twiglet with amazement, as she gazed up to where Theo lay, evidently dying...

Chapter 4: Growing Up...

Though still in their youth, the two Norns remain bound by their friendship. Still happy to stay in one place, they continue to learn and grow together, despite the plague evidently ripping through the Ark.

It was a lazy afternoon, Mizu was gorging on apples as usual, but Twiglet decided to take a stroll by the lake. As her pregnancy progressed, she didn't feel quite so well. Twiglet sat down by the edge of the lake and twirled her paw through the crystal clear water, singing a little lullaby tune to herself as she watched the sun glint off the ripples. "Far off in the meadow, high upon the hill... Moonlight on the flowers, peace my love, be still..."
She sighed to herself and stood up. She felt especially strange today, almost sick... Was her egg ready to lay? Yes, she decided, it was! Soon, a deep blue egg with a teal pattern lay in the grass, shining in the sun...

*Crack, crack!* Mizu and Twiglet gasped with delight as a curly haired baby girl tumbled out onto the soft grass. "Eem ga!" cooed the little Nornling. Twiglet picked her up, cradling her softly. "Look Mizu, she likes you!" said Twiglet as her baby reached towards her friend. "Eem coo Mizu!" she babbled, placing her tiny paws on Mizu's smiling face. The two friends looked at each other for a moment before exclaiming in unison; "We'll call her Bessie!"

As more time passed, Twiglet became an adult. This slight difference in age didn't stop the two from being friends however! They spent all their time together. Mizu loved to help Twiglet care for Bessie, but deep down, she wished for her own child. On one dewy morning, Mizu ventured to the base of Dave's hill. She hoped that he would be there..!
Sure enough, there he was, sitting placidly in the lift. He had a sad look in his eyes...

"Dave? Is everything alright?" she asked, sitting down beside him. He looked at her, with tears in his eyes. "My one childhood friend, Cinna..." he gulped a bit, his voice cracking. "He died..." Mizu was shocked, how could someone so strong, so determined, die so young? "How..?" she asked sadly.
"I told him not to go to the Jungle, I told him it was dangerous! He got so sick..." Dave put his face in his hands. "And Doodle... He has no idea... He'll never even know his own father..!" Mizu watched his ears droop as he watched Doodle play with his music box, blissfully unaware. "And Twiglet doesn't even like me..." Mizu fell silent.

After a moments thought, she broke the silence. "You can be his father now. You can take care of him." Dave stared at the ground. "I guess..." he mumbled.
Next thing he knew, Mizu grabbed his shoulders and gave him a kiss. Dave blushed, surprised by her sudden action. She whispered softly, "I'll name it after Cinna." before she ran back beneath the apple tree.

Chapter 5: Changes

Things are always changing aboard the Ark. Some for the better, some for worse. Twists of fate bring both death and new life, but one thing that remains constant, is the burning passion of friendship that held these two Norns together.
As the apparent plague grows stronger, great change is in store for these two carefree friends, starting with the hatching of Mizu's egg.

"Cinnamon love mama!" exclaimed the happy little girl, who was fast becoming a child already. Mizu grinned and tickled her. "And I love you, cutie!" Things were good with the new family in the Norn Terrarium. Dave had made frequent visits, along with Doodle. Doodle and Cinnamon were quickly becoming friends, while Bessie was a devoted Daddy's girl.

One particularly warm afternoon, Twiglet came to Mizu with a worried expression. "Could you watch Bessie for a few days? I want to go and see if I can help Theo." said Twiglet, anxiously waiting for the lift.
"But... But you can't leave! Don't go!" cried Mizu, tears prickling in her eyes. Twiglet grabbed her into a big hug. "I have to make sure he's okay. It won't be for too long, I promise!" She tore away, stepped into the lift, and ascended far up into the trees...

Twiglet gazed all around. She'd never been up here before, and it was more than a little frightening. She felt feverish too, but she ignored the sick feeling and pressed on. She had to find Theo! She heard the lift behind her open. Dave had followed her up, and had left Mizu alone on the ground level. Twiglet stared at him in anger. "What are you doing here?!" she demanded.
"I just wanted to come with you! After all, it is quite romantic up here in the trees." Dave stepped forward. "Isn't it?" Twiglet was very upset with him.
"Are you kidding me?! You should be down there with Mizu! She needs you!!" She marched right up to him and slapped him a few times. He got the message and went back down. Suddenly, Twiglet didn't feel so well. But she had to focus. She had to find Theo!

Moments later, she stumbled upon a great door, and judging by the anti-Grendel defenses placed by it, it led to the Jungle. There in front of the door lay a pale, thin Bengal Norn, moaning. Twiglet ran to him. "Theo!" she shouted. "Theo! Are you okay!?" She ran up and knelt down beside him. He didn't look good... He managed to raise his head and speak. "Twiglet..? Is that really you..?" he asked in a weak voice. Twiglet watched in horror as he moaned in pain again. "Yes, it's me! Please, let me help you!" Theo sat up and stared into her big blue eyes. "Could I please have a seed..?"

As Twiglet ran to grab the nearest seed, Theo tried to stand up. He cried out and fell back down, holding his stomach. "Theo!!" Twiglet sneezed again, and, dropping the seed, ran to his side. His breathing was shallow, but he raised his head anyway, gently planting a kiss on her before he fell back down and breathed his last breath. Twiglet looked on in horror as his body disappeared into the same shimmering cloud as Hollywood... She fell to the ground in tears, mourning the loss of her would be lover.

Back on the ground, Mizu was a mess. She felt she could not live without Twiglet by her side. She languished by the lift button in a sort of depression. As the days went by, and Twiglet had yet to return, Mizu neglected her needs. She only wanted her friend back, nothing else mattered in her eyes...

Chapter 6: Departure...

For Twiglet, the days after her journey into the higher levels of the Terrarium flew by like mere seconds. She tried to head back down, but she couldn't bring herself to face Mizu now. Not like this. Her friend was right, she shouldn't have gone...

As for Mizu, the days she went without her friend felt like years. She didn't eat, she didn't sleep. She refused to do anything without her life long friend. The only thing that gave her joy in the world now was her ever growing daughter, Cinnamon. One sunny afternoon, Cinnamon convinced her to take a trip to the pond. As they sat by the cool water, basking in the warmth of the sun, Mizu heard something that could have stopped her heart. A tiny sneeze, so delicate, that it could only have been from one Norn...
She hopped on the lift and ascended, and there she saw her. Twiglet, her best friend, sitting alone by the drums. Mizu stumbled towards her and sat down.
"I told you, if you continue to sit like that, you'll grow roots..." she said weakly.

In an instant, Twiglet threw her arms around Mizu in a great hug. "Mizu! Oh, I missed you so much!" cried the overjoyed Treehugger. Her wide grin faltered as she noticed Mizu's sickly figure. "Are you okay?" she asked, worried.
"Yeah, I'm good now..." Mizu smiled as Twiglet helped her stand up. Her foot touched a cool metallic gadget, and in a swirl of blue they were transported somewhere on the Ark.

Judging by the look of the place, it was some sort of medical bay. Mizu moaned and clutched her stomach, falling to the ground. Twiglet gasped in horror. This was the very same thing that happened to Theo! "Mizu! Are you okay!?"
"I don't know... I feel faint..." she moaned and closed her eyes in pain...
For the next few days, she remained in this state. Never moving, ever in pain. Twiglet refused to move from her side. Instead, she paced back and forth, trying to find a solution. "Glycotoxin maybe..?" she muttered feverishly to herself. "No... She'd be cold if that were the case..." Twiglet continued to pace, lying down beside Mizu every so often to comfort her.

As the days went by, Mizu grew worse and worse. Twiglet, although already neglecting her own health, began to fear for her friend's life. Suddenly, a thought came to her while she paced. "Twiglet, could I please have a seed..?" She stopped dead in her tracks. "Food! I have to get food!" she exclaimed. But then she thought... What if Mizu died while she was gone? What if she didn't make it back in time? What if she forgot all about her ailing friend while gathering?

Just as Twiglet was about to sink into tears, something fell from above her... She wiped her eyes and stared. Above her, a little girl Norn sat munching on Quirky Cookies. She'd dropped one, perfectly round, covered in pink icing...
Twiglet had a good mind to eat it herself, but she refrained. She had to save Mizu! Feverishly, she sat down in front of her friend, and placed the cookie in front of her, hoping that she would eat it...
Mizu simply moaned and winced in pain. Twiglet pushed the cookie towards her, now crying. "You have to eat it, it's the only way you'll get better!" she begged. "Please, I can't live without you! You're the only friend I've got!" she put her arms around the Bondi's neck and cried into her downy blue fur.
"Far off in the meadow, high upon the hill... Moonlight on the flowers, peace my love, be still..." sniffled the heartbroken Treehugger as she clutched her friend.

Much to Twiglet's surprise, Mizu looked up at her and smiled. Having gotten some nutrients into her system, she'd gotten some of her strength back. "Guess I'm the one growing roots now, eh?" she said, wiping pink cookie crumbs off her nose. She grabbed Twiglet in a surprisingly tight hug, helping her to her feet. "I want to go home, how bout you?"

The two friends, now supporting each others weak frames, started to make their way home. The trouble was, they'd never been outside the Norn Terrarium, and they had no idea how to get back! Twiglet stared at the doors, confused, before she settled for one with a yellow picture beside it. "Maybe home's this way?" she suggested, uncertain. Mizu shrugged as the entered through the doorway. They stumbled into an uncomfortably warm environment, with no food in sight.
"Oh no..." Mizu groaned. "We're lost!" Just then, Twiglet moaned softly and sank to her knees.
"Twiglet!" cried Mizu. "You forgot to get food for yourself!"
Twiglet smiled weakly. "I had to make sure you were okay..." she clutched her belly and moaned again. "I couldn't let you die... I couldn't live without you..."
Mizu felt tears well up in her eyes. "There has to be something I could do..?"
Twiglet only shook her head sadly. "Just... Don't leave me here alone... I can't bare to be alone anymore..."

Mizu nodded slowly, trying to hold back her tears, but with no such luck. She tried to comfort her dying friend as best as she could. She placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, and sang to her the very same lullaby sung to her in her time of need. "... Far off in the meadow... High upon the hill... Moonlight on the flowers... Peace my love... Be still..."

She felt little Twiglet breathe her last breath... As she watched her friend's lifeless body fade away, sorrow finally overcame her. She let out every last ounce of her sadness as sobs wracked her body.
The one true friend she'd had in the world, gone... Gone forever... How could she live without her best friend? She'd never felt so alone in her life...

Chapter 7: As Time Goes On...

For many days after Twiglet's death, Mizu refused to move. She sat in the same spot, crying until she could cry no more. She couldn't believe that her only friend was gone... She stood up, and paced a bit. The little melody still rang inside her head... "Far off in the meadow, high upon the hill... Moonlight on the flowers, peace my love, be still..."

Her quiet remembering was interrupted by a deafening sound. The volcano above her was erupting! Without even thinking, she ran to the lift and pushed the up button. she saw the blazing rocks flying everywhere, making the area intensely hot. She backed up, trying not to get burned. Mizu staggered back into a machine, instantly being teleported back to her home...

As she descended from Dave's Hill, she was greeted by many Norns. Tears still streaming down her face, she pushed through the babbling crowd. Her faithful daughter Cinnamon held back the others as she watched her mother make her way to the apple tree.

Mizu sat down in her favorite spot and gazed longingly where Twiglet used to sit beside her. She leaned back and sighed, remembering all the memories they shared together. She remembered laughing and twirling in the falling Pappus seeds, eating apples and spitting seeds at each other, and those cozy nights spent cuddled up with one another. With a heaviness in her heart, she closed her eyes and lay down, wishing more than ever that she could see her friend, one last time...


When Mizu awoke, she felt as though a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Upon looking around, she realized she wasn't on the Ark anymore. There were no walls, just endless ground filled with trees and bushes laden with all manner of fruits and seeds. She saw countless little Norns playing with each other in falling white Pappus seeds. There was not a cloud in the sky...
Then came a soft voice from behind her... "Hey silly head, get up or you're gonna grow roots!"

Mizu froze. Could it be? Could it really be? "Twiglet!!" Tears of joy streaming down her face, she whipped around and wrapped her arms around the grinning Treehugger. Twiglet hugged her back, crying with sheer happiness. "I'm so glad you came, I missed you Mizu! I missed you so much!" cried Twiglet, overjoyed. Mizu wiped her eyes and smiled. "I missed you too!" To her surprise, a small group of Norns wandered over, tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Hollywood, Cinna, Theo, they were all there.
"You don't have to be alone anymore." said Hollywood, putting a hand on Mizu's shoulder. Twiglet smiled and grabbed Mizu's hand.
"Come on Mizu, we've got catching up to do!" Off they ran, laughing and twirling through the Pappus seeds, eating apples, just like they did when they were younger.
That night, they snuggled up beside each other in the fluffy seeds, happier than they'd ever been before. As they fell asleep they promised each other that they'd never be apart again.

Through the bonds of friendship, the two young Norns found each other once more, free to spend eternity together. Best friends forever, no matter what.


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