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Getting Started with C2: A Basic Guide   Games   GimmeCat | 6/12/2015  log in to like post  2

The must-do's and must-have's for beginners to Creatures 2.

This is a copy of a Tumblr conversation I recently had with someone about Creatures 2. In it, I post several links and tips to getting the game setup with all the bugfixes and tweaks necessary to make it an enjoyable, stable experience!

Note: This doesn't address specific technical issues you may encounter when running the game on later Windows versions, such as 8. The game runs as smooth as silk for me on Windows 7, but your mileage may vary.


Creatures 2 was a disaster at launch. That's why it's been so historically unpopular. However, it's my favourite of the entire series, now that patches and cobs and fixed genetics have made it into the game it SHOULD have been all along. I was a huge C1 fan too, but C2 takes first prize in my heart now. It’s everything C1 was, and more. It’s also everything C3 isn’t: beautiful, simple, and focused on being a natural ecosystem for your Norns to inhabit.

I'm not sure of the specifics, but The Albian Years games come pre-patched with the latest official fixes. However, this only covers a small amount of bugs. It has always been left to the community to fix the rest. So, you will need to inject several COBs to fix some other important things.

1. Genomes

Most importantly, you will need to download a 'Canny' genome, which fixes the infamous "One Hour Stupidity Syndrome” that is undoubtedly why your Norns always died so soon. There are several versions of the Canny genome floating around, but I highly recommend using JayD’s tweaked version. So far, it appears to be the best available! It even properly fixes the "wallbumping" issue, something even Lis Morris struggled to correct.

There are many other genetic (and sprite) breeds available. Go to SeeYou7 and CreaturesCaves for many options.

2. Script Fixes

When you first launch C2, the Injector Kit will already have a few fixes you can inject into the game. I highly recommend injecting the following:

* Bees Update
* Death Update
* Drinking Update
* Fishing Rod Update
* Fungi Update

DO NOT INJECT “Sleep Update”, as it’s actually bad for Norns.

Once these are injected, download and inject Albian Updates v1.1 - a vital set of updated scripts, see description in the linked page for info.

3. World/Room Fixes

Grab it here: Better Albia

I've spent many hours tweaking the rooms and floors of the world, fixing all the little bugs and annoyances I've ever encountered. You'll need to install the Room Editor application to apply this. Installation requires a serial key, but I've got you covered. Enter this information during installation:


Trust me, you'll want it!

4. Misc

Any other COBs are up to your discretion. I highly recommend QuickPower to activate all of the Kits without having to go exploring for them, and PowerupRemover to get rid of the vestigal icons after using QuickPower.

I also highly recommend the following COBs:

* Ugly Mushroom Remover - Gets rid of poisonous mushrooms that grow in the Ettin area
* Various object removers - Take a browse, these are mostly intended for experienced C2 players
* Ettin and Grendel Mother Removers - In worlds where I don't want these cloned intruders to exist, removing their spawning machines is necessary to prevent them coming back.
* Garden Spade - For digging up the Cacti above the Hatchery and wiping out those poisonous weeds once and for all! This is powerful; be careful where you use it. It will dig up any kind of plant.

Go ahead and explore all of the websites I’ve been linking for more great cobs, too! I’ve even made a few myself, which you can find on Creatures Caves under the author ‘GimmeCat’. :)

Hope this helps! And if you get stuck with anything, I’ll be glad to lend a hand.



Updated by Laura on 6/15/2015 - added serial key info per GimmeCat's request.
Updated by ylukyun on 4/11/2016 - Removed potentially infected link.

skerit | 2/10/2018  log in to like post

I also had problems with the RoomEditor serial. You have to use "GamewareDev" as both name & company.

If it then still doesn't work: type everything in manually. I copied some invisible character.
GimmeCat | 9/11/2016  log in to like post

The download link is still working as of 11 Sept '16.
Yme | 9/11/2016  log in to like post

The Room editor isnt available at that link anymore. Is there anywhere I can find it?
GimmeCat | 9/4/2016  log in to like post

@Missmysterics, you must enter both the company name and the serial, not just the serial. It should work.
Missmysterics | 9/4/2016  log in to like post  1

That serial isn't working for me
ylukyun | 4/11/2016  log in to like post

I removed that link. It seems to be just that page that was infected, although there is a squatter at the domain now.
C-Rex | 4/11/2016  log in to like post

An excellent article, but some of the links appear to have died, and the first link to JayD's Canny Norns appears to be virus infected.

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