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Halloween Addons   Games   Laura | 5/9/2015  log in to like post  3

Some spooky addons to help your creatures celebrate Halloween! Recovered from Malkin's original list.

Creatures 1

*Black Cat by Darcie
*Bouncing Eyeball by SteerPike
*Breaded Hatchling Norn by Mokus
*Candle by Author Unknown
*Candy Norn and Grendel by Matthew Hayes
*Dancin' Alien by Ramses 5000
*Evil Homer by Rachel
*Friendly Ghost by Ping
*Frog by Helen
*Frog by Daniel Smallman
*Grendel Head by the Grey Knight
*Grendel Statue by Matthew Hayes
*Grenpop by Rudedog
*Happy Halloween COB Pack by Darcie
*Head Cheese by Rudedog
*Jack 'O' Lantern by SteerPike
*Jack-O-Lantern by Spotling
*Jack O Lantern by Ping
*Jack O Lantern (2 Varieties) by Spirit
*Nightshade Vendor by SteerPike
*Pumpkin COB by Freya
*Pumpkin Pie by Spotling
*Spider Web by Stefan Kuske
*Wax Grendel by Ping

Creatures 2

*'99 Halloween Jack O Lantern by Spirit
*Candy Dispenser by Monika
*Creatures 2 Hallowe'en Pack by Cyberlife
*Edible-Jack by Monika
*Fire Keese by AquaShee
*Fire Log by Spirit
*Frogs Life Kit 2 (Direct Download) by Cyberlife
*Halloween Doll (Halloween-Puppe) by Mummy
*Halloween Pack by Spirit
*Jack-O-Lantern by SteerPike
*Meat Vine by GimmeCat
*Violet Walking Vine by Amy

*Albian Bat Norns by Norngirl
*SkeleNorns by FeralChicken
*Wolfina (Female Werewolf Norn) by Johannes Dams and Pupsy

Creatures 3 and Docking Station

*Airanhas by Ylukyun
*Albian Autumn by Ghosthande
*Amber Stump by TwilightCat and Bug
*Blackbird by Ghosthande and AquaShee
*Bone Fish by TwilightCat
*Bone Totem by Trollop and ub1111
*Bone Toy by Trollop and TwilightCat
*Bottomless Cauldron by Arnout
*Bouncing Eyeball (from the 'Terra Nornia Toy Pack') by SteerPike, converted to DS by Clohse
*C1 Cauldron by Clohse
*C2 Walking Tendril by Clohse
*C2toDS Halloween Pack by Moe and Liam
*Candy Pumpkins by Laura and Mea
*Chocolate Bats by Monika
*Corpse Remains by Vermidia
*C3 Crypt for Garden Box by c1anddsaddict
*Cyan Witch Doll by Trix
*Death of Rats by TwilightCat and Bug
*Dreameater by Tomtchek
*DS Nighttime by Clucky
*Elvis Doll by TwilightCat and Bug
*Frogs by Clohse and Embri
*Garden Box Halloween Pack by c1anddsaddict
*Gargoyle by Geek2Nurse
*Garlic by Helen and Mizigwir
*Griffin Statue by Geek2Nurse
*Halloween Agent Pack by KittyTikara and Spykkie
*Halloween Decorations by Ali
*HalloweenPack: Includes Corpse & Zombor, Ghosts and Pumpkin Jack by TwilightCat and Bug
*HalloweenPack2: Includes Corpse Candle, Jack o Lanterns and Halloween Tree by TwilightCat and Bug
*Halloween Pack by Mkid
*Halloween Pumpkin by Rascii and edash
*Halloween Quirky Cookies by Ylukyun
*Halloween Spider by TwilightCat and Bug
*Head Ball by Mark Ashton
*Head Toy by Uttar
*Jackpinpot by Tomtschek
*Knux Goth Doll by Trix
*Mushy Fruit Tree by TwilightCat and Yurtra
*Nightshade Vendor by SteerPike, converted to C3/DS by Silverpelt
*Purple Dragon Carrot Seed Box by Andrettin
*Sans' Hot Dog Shack by clohse and mlohse
*C1 Scarecrow For Garden Box by c1anddsaddict
*Seasons for Protective Hub by c1anddsaddict
*Shrunken Head by TwilightCat and Bug
*Snape Doll by Laura and Mea
*Spooky and AntiSpooky by TwilightCat and Bug
*Stinger Candy Corn by Laura and Mea
*Temporal Graveyard by Ylukyun
*The Reaper / The Reaper DS - JayD and Shadowveil, compiled by TreeSprite
*Vampyre Bat Toy by Trix
*Vampyre Bunny Vendor by Trix
*Vampyre Haunted Castle by Trix
*Voodoo Doll (TP2DS) by Liam
*Warptek Alien Vendor by Trix
*Weeny Spider by angelneko
*Zombie Project Pack by Papriko

*Alien Norns by Alien
*Autumn Norns by Marcus K
*Bat Norns by Anaisa
*Dark Banechi Grendels by Riptokus
*Deep Norn Pack by Ghosthande
*Draconian Norns by TwilightCat, Bug and pagan-gerbil
*Gargoyle Norns by Alien
*Ghost Norns by Pharoah
*Ghostly Norns by Spykkie
*Graveyard Gargoyles by KittyTikara
*Halloween Norns by Jewels
*Salamander Norns by C-Rex
*TWB Vampire Norns by Dragoler
*Vampyre Grendels by Trix
*Werewolf Norns by Angelneko

*Deep Abyss by Grendel Man and Mea
*Devil's Reef by Ghosthande
*Nornhulu by Zareb
*Tulu by Ghosthande
*Zaharo by Zareb


Updated by Malkin on 5/9/2015 - updating tulu link.
Updated by Laura on 5/10/2015 - fixed Tulu link.
Updated by Laura on 5/10/2015 - Albian Autumn.
Updated by Malkin on 5/20/2015 - + Scarecrow and Crypt GB decorations by c1anddsaddict.
Updated by Laura on 5/31/2015 - Airanhas.
Updated by KittyTikara on 10/25/2015 - added bone totem and bone toy.
Updated by KittyTikara on 10/25/2015 - messed up a link.
Updated by Laura on 10/27/2015 - Wolfina & Garden Box Halloween Pack.
Updated by Malkin on 10/27/2015 - update C2 Life Kit link and SteerPike's C1 COB links..
Updated by Malkin on 10/27/2015 - + Evil Homer.
Updated by Laurarghhhhhh on 10/31/2015 - DS Nighttime.
Updated by Laurarghhhhhh on 10/31/2015 - C1 and C3/DS Nightshade Vendor.
Updated by Laura on 11/2/2015 - Devil's Reef and Deep Abyss.
Updated by Laura on 11/2/2015 - Dark Banechi Grendels.
Updated by Malkin on 11/10/2015 - Grendel Statue.
Updated by Laura on 12/3/2015 - Spykkie's Ghostly Norns.
Updated by Malkin on 12/15/2015 - Sans Hot Dog Shack.
Updated by Laura on 1/19/2016 - Snape Doll.
Updated by Malkin on 4/9/2016 - Grendel Head.
Updated by Malkin on 4/9/2016 - update link to head ball.
Updated by Malkin on 4/24/2016 - meat vine.
Updated by Malkin on 9/21/2016 - walking vines.
Updated by Malkin on 10/30/2016 - KittyTikara and Spykkie's halloween pack, Graveyard Gargoyles.
Updated by Malkin on 10/30/2016 - link fixing.
Updated by Malkin on 11/3/2016 - Bat Norn.
Updated by Malkin on 10/1/2017 - bottomless cauldron.
Updated by ylukyun on 11/9/2017 - Fixing Universe of Ettins links.
Updated by Malkin on 11/23/2017 - edible-jack.
Updated by Laura on 1/5/2018 - Corpse Remains.
Updated by Laura on 2/3/2018 - Seasons for Protective Hub.
Updated by Malkin on 10/14/2021 - TWB vampire norns .
Updated by Malkin on 10/15/2021 - Update chocolate bats link.

NornBreeder | 11/19/2016  log in to like post

Malkin | 10/27/2015  log in to like post  2

It looks like the link to SteerPike's C2 Jack O Lantern is down, and I can't readily find a replacement. :(
Laura | 10/27/2015  log in to like post  2

Thanks, I've added it to the list. :)
DisasterMaster | 10/27/2015  log in to like post  2

Laura | 5/10/2015  log in to like post  2

That'll be because Tulu has moved to Ghosthande's new domain. The link should be fixed now. Thanks for the feedback! :)

Edit: Looks like Malkin and I both had the same idea. :P
Jesseth | 5/9/2015  log in to like post

It looks to me like the Tulu link is down! A shame I have a weakness for hoarding metarooms c'x -either way this is a great list regardless<3
Malkin | 5/9/2015  log in to like post  2

Oh yeah. Thanks for reposting. :)
Laura | 5/9/2015  log in to like post  2

Yeah, remember? I hope you don't mind, but I just thought it best to start afresh. :) I've credited you for the original list in the article description.
Malkin | 5/9/2015  log in to like post  2

Did a bug happen to my original list?

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