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CAOS Chaos | Requirements and Preparations   Development   Rascii | 8/17/2012  log in to like post  5

The first ever article of AquaShee's Caos Chaos, in which a handy list of tools you'll need can be found.

Welcome to the first ever article of AquaShee's Caos Chaos! I'm AquaShee, and I'm going to guide you through the wonderful world of Creatures development. In this issue, we'll discuss the various tools needed to start making objects! The next issue will be here already, where you can learn how to make a basic object for Creatures 3 and DS.

Here is a handy list of tools you'll need before you can start making objects.

- The game itself:
You will ofcourse need Docking Station or Creatures 3! Some CAOS functions won't work in C3 standalone, so unless you can test your work in C3 standalone, I suggest you try to make DS-only agents. ;)
You can get Docking Station for free here.

- The CAOS Tool:
The CAOS tool isn't required, but it has very helpful syntax highlighting . It can also inject scripts while you run the game so you can easily test your work so far. You can get it here.

- easyPRAY:
This extremely handy tool allows you to package your files into a .agent file, so they are ready to be distributed and iinjected using the Agent injector in the games. Get it here.

It will also need the PRAY builder, the actual program that packages your files and is used by easyPRAY. Before easyPRAY, .agent files had to be made by writing a PRAY file, adding extra complexity to the creation of Creatures stuff. Get it here.

- Sprite Builder:
You'll need this to open, edit and create sprites to use as images for your agents. Get it here.

Other tools such as the CAOS Debugger might also come in handy, but you won't really need them until you start making more complicated stuff.

Good, now that we have our programs, we'll need to organize things so we can easily manage our files and projects.
The best thing to do is to make a new folder in your Documents named something like 'Creatures Projects'. In this folder, you can put some links to the files you often use and make a new folder for each project you start. Also provide links to your DS or C3 folders, for easy access (you'll need them)
If you don't know how to make your own folders, you'd better get some more experience with computers, or ask a friend or parent for help. :)

Also go and get the CAOS Categorical guide. You can get it by running both DS and the CAOS Tool at the same time, and clicking Help -> Categorical Guide. Bookmark this page so you can find it again easily. It's an invaluable resource for any CAOS Coder!

That's it for the first issue! If you've finished reading this, you'll probably be completely clueless about what these programs do and how to use them. Don't worry, this will be explained when needed.

CAOS Chaos is a set of agent tutorials originally written by AquaShee for Edash's Creatures. The articles are currently archived here for the benefit of the Creatures Community.


Updated by Laura on 2/11/2016 - updated download links.
Malkin | 9/10/2018  log in to like post  1

Jagent can largely replace EasyPRAY (with the CAOS2PRAY feature) and SpriteBuilder (with Edos).
SpaceShipRat | 5/21/2016  log in to like post  2

Since it took me a bit to find them, here are the latest links to download the various tools

Pankypie | 5/23/2013  log in to like post

OMG Malkin. Thank you so much! I have been pulling my hair out wondering why I wasn't able to download ANYTHING from CDN. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 1000 times!
AquaShee | 8/17/2012  log in to like post

I hear there are also quite a few alternative tools out there for compiling and developing agents, such as Monk or Jagent. I haven't taken a look at them myself but they might prove very interesting!
Malkin | 8/17/2012  log in to like post  1

Note: To download anything from the official gameware site, you need to copy the download URL into a new window and change to .com. [ngrin]

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