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successfully raised Emerald   Grendelchi   male   Jodie | born 7/28/2014  log in to like post  2

spouseSky-fire Manonoa
offspringKog Maw
Flamefang Manonoa
Emerald's RP text is GREEN

Emerald is a green Grendelchi with white stripes that hatched from a white egg. He loves to explore and to adventure.

Emerald gets lonely rather easily and often seeks the companionship of other Cretechi and often tries to tame small animals to be his pets, such as birds and bats. Emerald doesn't like to hunt and prefers to eat fruits, roots and cheese.

Even though Emerald appears to be a normal Grendelchi, deep in his genetics is Dragonchi, though he is unaware of this and is unable to transform into a dragon form... He does however have an obsession with bright and shiny things and loves to collect them, making his own little hoard in his burrow.
VioletGrendel | 8/23/2014  log in to like post

An elderly Sky-Fire lies down on Emerald's grave. Shee herself has only a few more hours of life left. "I'll be seeing you again soon." She murmurs into the earth. She becomes a dragon one last time, and curls around Emerald's little gravestone. She will die with him.
Melody | 8/22/2014  log in to like post

Kog'Maw laid a half-eaten flower on Emerald's grave, sniffling. He struggled to comprehend why his father had left this world so soon. This shouldn't have had to be his final 'Goodbye'.
Jodie | 8/8/2014  log in to like post

Emerald watches as Ember starts walking away "W-What's wrong?" he squeaked worriedly, following after Ember.
evolnemesis | 8/8/2014  log in to like post

Ember seems to feel uneasy around the two all of a sudden, says "Welp, it's been nice... I better be getting home..." then turns around and walks away quickly...
VioletGrendel | 8/8/2014  log in to like post

Sky-Fire gives Emerald a carrot.
Jodie | 8/5/2014  log in to like post

Yeah ^^
Sorry for the late response.

Emerald stared at Sky-Fire, and backed away a little timidly "H-Hi" he squeaked, then saw the cheese and took it "T-thank you" he meeped
evolnemesis | 8/5/2014  log in to like post

Ember sniffs the air and looks at Sky-Fire... "You smell like the burning rock... " Then she looks apprehensively at Emerald as if realizing something fearful... "Like Emerald..." She fumbles a bit and quickly pulls out a few pieces of cheese, offering them to Emerald and Sky-Fire... "You hungry?"
VioletGrendel | 8/4/2014  log in to like post

Do you think Sky-Fire and Emerald could breed, when they're old enough?
VioletGrendel | 8/4/2014  log in to like post

As Emerald and Ember search amongst the ettin's many possessions, Sky-Fire watches them from the trees. She watches them, and suddenly she draws in her breath sharply. Below her, sneaking towards them on its belly, is a leopard, its dappled fur hiding it perfectly as it sneaks towards the two unsuspecting creatchi.
Sky-Fire feels a strange stretching feeling come over her, and suddenly she is crashing down through the branches, huge wings beating on her back. She roars loudly and lightning flickers from her jaws. It hits the leopard, who flees with a squeal of fright. Sky-Fire snorts contentedly and flys towards the two creatchis who are crouching, transfixed with fear. She lands, folds her wings, and again becomes a grendelchi. "Sorry for scaring you." She grins sheepishly.
evolnemesis | 8/2/2014  log in to like post

Ember brightens right up, "Hooray!" She leads Emerald down a path for short ways, then goes off of it, straight through a little patch of woods, and then they get to a big clearing, and right in the middle is a huge and very messy looking pile of junk...

As they get closer, Emerald can see that it has sort of the shape of a house. It has a broken refrigerator door with a huge crack in it kind of laying at an angle in the front, a porthole for one window, and a metal grate for another, and there are also holes in the ground and piles of dirt in the field all around it...

Ember swivels her ears, sniffs the air, and looks around for a minute... "Good! He's not around... Did you say you ever lost anything shiny? If you did, it's probably somewhere here. We can look together."

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