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POLL: How did you find creatures?   1 | 2



1 - My father somehow acquired the games, though I'm not sure if for me or out of coincidence, or where from he got them. Creatures 3, and Playground that is. I really ought to find the boxes again if they still exist.

2 - Plain and simple, Austria.

3 - I was 5 or 6 years old at the time, and had little idea of what I was actually doing.

Not sure if it helps, but a friend in elementary school had Creatures Village. He was one year older than me. I assume his step-father got him the game, given it was installed on his computer.




1. I once find an copy of C1 (around 1997), in a Zellers (this chain don't exist anymore) near my house. It looked like nothing I have view before, so «I» buy it, to play. To this day, I still have the game (and the sequels) but also the original Egg Floppy disc (with the first generation staying intact into it), but also on a USB key.

2. I'm from Québec, Canada.

3. When I discovered the serie I have been (or around) 10 years old. I don't understand all of the things, at first look, but I (and my cousins) we have learned quickly. Good memories, indeed.

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(Meant to reply to this earlier, whoops.)

1. To be honest, a streamer I watch happened to mention it in passing. I found it to be a fascinating concept so I looked into Creatures right away.

2. I'm from the US, specifically Illinois.

3. I was a couple weeks younger than I am now when I learned about Creatures. I don't know if that says something about the Creatures game itself or just something about me.

I can't even begin to imagine what Creatures was like in its heyday. I can't even imagine it having one, to be honest, considering the rather desolate state of the fan base. That's a shame too. I could have easily have gone my whole life never knowing about this game and this community.

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Sorry if my reply is a little late!

1. My mother found the CA game in the discount bin at Ross and decided to pick it up. She also found the second and third game but didn't but the second. We couldn't find it again for years afterwards.

2. My whole family is from Guam, we aren't native but my father and I were born there, but we moved to the states when I was 2. I currently live in Oregon, and that's where we found creatures.

3.So young I can barely remember. It was before we moved so... probably around 5 or so? I started playing C3 when I was that age too, without an instruction manual. What an adventure! I wish I could relive it.


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1. How did you come across the creatures games?
I didn't actually find the main series games right away. I found the Creatures PS1. It wasn't until years later when looking up information about the cute little game I liked so much as a kid that i found out there were PC titles.
2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures?
I'm from Indiana. I found the PS1 game one Friday when my grandparents took my brother and I to Blockbuster to rent games. It was for sale and was the only copy there if I remember right. The cover drew me in with the cute lil critter on it and then reading the back of it about the features and I begged for it. I still have that copy too.
3.How old were you?
I honestly can't remember how old I was but since the copyright date on the game is 2001 I'm going to say I was 10 because I remember it being before Winter and I hadn't had my birthday yet. I was about 14 when I found out about the PC titles and told my grandfather about it. Then I finally really got into playing the games... whenever it was I joined the forums. *checks* When I was 26. Though between all that time I would occasionally doodle norns and things. Bengal Norns were my favorite.

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1. How did you come across the creatures games?

I actually discovered it first when an old friend(rest in peace)was gifted Creatures 1 for the Playstation. Later, I found out that the PC games existed and that's how I also found the community.

2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures?

I'm from Florida, US. I was at my friend's house, his parents bought him the game and I remember we both thought it looked really stupid. But we ended up enjoying it, and while he lost interest, he let me keep the game and I ended up playing the heck out of it.

3.How old were you?

I was either 11 or 12 for sure, definitely before I had internet! I was around 15 or 16 when I found the PC games and the community. This account is really old and boy, how I've changed so much since!

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