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Other Lone Shee's Ark (Click to enlarge)
Other Lone Shee's Ark   DS   Pilla | 2/19/2017  5 comments  5  log in to like post  11

This is the ark of the Other Lone Shee - v0.5
It features a volcano, desert, jungle, ice cave and greenhouse.
Even though this is an alpha release there shouldn't be any bugs, so if you get one please contact me on here.
If you upgrade from an earlier version, you may have to remove the earlier ols_help.catalogue files prior to injecting.

This metaroom does not work in C3 standalone.

Some images (click for bigger size):

This is the first metaroom I've ever developed, so if you have any comments/suggestions/critique, please shoot! :)

Last update: 26/04/2017: added moisture / nutrient emitters
Spriglysium Nebula Party Pack (Click to enlarge)
Spriglysium Nebula Party Pack   C2   Satsuma | 6/29/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

authorAlastair Maggs (Ali)
zip file[download]
A minor extension for the Spriglysium Nebula rooms. It adds lights, cake, a radio, and some other accessories to the Atlantis/deep ocean area provided by the first pack.

From the original read-me included in the zip:

Atlantis redecorated ready for a party!

Music System: Playing some music to dance to - heck, play it for long enough and you'll see your Norns dance.

Hooch: Some drink which'll get your Norns drunk, maybe even dancing!

Cake: Celebrate in style and enjoy the food!

Air switch: Pump air into the ocean to allow air breathing Norns into Atlantis rather than water breathing Norns. And switch it back if you change your mind!

Like the original, 'Ocean Expansion Pack' can be used with this, but the rooms will overlap.

Note: in the .ZIP there is an empty folder called 'sound'. I don't know why it's empty but I haven't noticed any issues with it so far.

Thanks to Mea for help in recovering the file.
Spriglysium Nebula (Click to enlarge)
Spriglysium Nebula   C2   Satsuma | 6/29/2016  comment  log in to like post

authorAlastair Maggs (Ali)
zip file[download]
Adds several rooms to Albia including a large cloud strip in the skies and an underwater room in the deep ocean.

From the original read-me included in the zip:

Cloud 9 : This is the garden in the skies! Ideal for growing fresh fruit and veg for your Norns!

Atlantis : The underwater room! Ideal for water-surviving Norns!
Treehouse : The bulk of the pack. Extends from the tree of life to the temple!

Temple Platform : Now your Norns can visit the bell!


Included in part 1:

Happy Juice Vendor : Keep your Norns happy by giving 'em a drink of the good stuff!

Building Blocks : Let your Norns play!

Beelcanth : A plant that existed in Albia before the volcanic erruption. Grows on Cloud 9.

Zapper Gun : Teleports your Norns to Cloud 9

Arkle Berries : Grow on the treehouse. Give the plant a push to release a berry which can then be plucked from the bush!

Lift : A new mover taking your Norns from Cloud 9 down to Atlantis

You can inject both this and 'Ocean Expansion Pack' at the same time, but the rooms will overlap.

Thanks to Mea for help in recovering the file.
Dragon Nornior (Click to enlarge)
Dragon Nornior   C2   DisasterMaster | 1/15/2016  comment  log in to like post

authorSee text
Dragon Nornior (also known as Project Erdrick) is an alternative world for Creatures 2. It is designed around the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest roleplaying game, and perhaps inspired by the fabled Secret Adventure Mode. It was created by Jcarrcwalk, with assistance from JayD and Brad Fermanich, and released on 1 April 1999.
Little World (Click to enlarge)
Little World   C2   DisasterMaster | 1/14/2016  2 comments  2  log in to like post

authorDarcie Clements
Little World is a stripped down version of Albia. Some things, such as the radioactivity, Grendel and Ettins and more were removed. This world is very stable. It is especially recommended for slow computers.
Desert Ruins (Click to enlarge)
Desert Ruins   DS   Laura | 12/14/2015  4 comments  4  log in to like post  7

authorAllekha, Mea
In the ruins of an old civilization, strange objects hide and crystals grow. Outside, the heat and dry makes life difficult, but life still finds a way. Inspired in part by the flora and fauna of the Atacama desert, Desert Ruins features a day/night cycle and a few seasonal surprises.

Graphics by Mea and Allekha, coding by Allekha.

Released during the CCSF 2015.
Better Albia v1.2 (Click to enlarge)
Better Albia v1.2   C2   GimmeCat | 6/13/2015  15 comments  15  log in to like post

The default world, only... better!

Download here

This is a Room Editor template. It attempts to fix almost every major complaint and bug that exists in the original world, including:

* Steep walking surfaces that babies/crawlers struggle with
* Rooms incorrectly visible through some solid floors
* Narrow elevator shafts causing enormous pain to lift riders
* Fenced cliff edges incorrectly allowing creatures to fall great heights and become injured

A full list of edits is included in the zip.

This file requires the Room Editor, which can be found here. Please check this post for the registration information needed to install this app.

Recommended: To further prevent creatures getting stuck on doors by the volcano and terrarium, inject the 'Two Door Update' from the Bunch Stuff pack found here.

Includes some image examples of specific areas of improvement.

Update 1.1: An outdated version was included in the original upload, which may have some odd room boundaries. These have been fixed. You can update an existing world by re-downloading this file and following the same install procedure as before.

Update 1.2: Some minor additional fixes. You probably won't notice any difference.
Geat Metaroom (Click to enlarge)
Geat Metaroom   DS   ylukyun | 1/22/2015  5 comments  5  log in to like post  3

authorElle Simons
A simple metaroom designed for Geats. Comes with its own special flora, which are designed to grow in the absence of CAs. This metaroom is currently in beta.
Artemia Sea (Click to enlarge)
Artemia Sea   C3DS   KittyTikara | 12/12/2014  9 comments  9  log in to like post  12

authorGrendel Man, Mea
zip file[download]
Grendel Man says: "Artemia Sea is a large saltwater metaroom based upon the tank from the Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys inspired by similar efforts by Nornenmeister and Clohse. Despite its base it's not much of a Sea Monkeys room at all; it's more of a place for swimming creatures to call home and hopefully has everything they need to live happy lives. Much of the flora and fauna within comes from Creatures 1, Creatures 2, or the Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys, though there's also a few unique organisms swimming around in there...."

Submitted by Grendel Man and Mea for CCSF 2014.
The Basement (Click to enlarge)
The Basement   C1   Laura | 9/1/2014  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

A complete work over for the bottom-most layer of Albia. One large room stretches from the ocean tunnel, through the shower, under the house and garden to a cave on the right of the temple. It uses a compilation of the following COBs: Ocean Tunnel Opener, Passageway 2, Temple Cave, Temple Water Platform and Underground Raft Remover.
Xandra (Click to enlarge)
Xandra   C1   Kett | 5/1/2014  2 comments  2  log in to like post  2

A new Terra Nornia variant, this world will feel eerily familiar to anyone (which should be everyone!) that has ever played Terra Nornia. One immediately notable difference is the moon, inhabited by a protective T-Rex and his pet grubs.

Make sure you have Terra Nornia installed first, and have fun. :)
Olympia V2 (Cloud 10) (Click to enlarge)
Olympia V2 (Cloud 10)   C1   Laura | 12/5/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post

Inspired by Cloud 9, Olympia V2 (or 'Cloud 10') is one of Muppetboy's most ambitious COBbling projects. This second cloud room has a marble table laid with goblets of nectar, which bring much happiness to the drinker and can be refilled from the fountain. A fluffy cloud also serves edible pearls of ambrosia, which cures all ills.

Seraphs, Cherubs and Angels live here too; download them all separately from here! The serpent-like Seraphs are the guardians of Olympia, and will not allow entry to any Ettins or Shee. They also hate Grendels so much that any who dare to trespass are viciously attacked. Cherubs are playful and cute beings, that mainly float around and enjoy being held by Norns. Angels are the teachers, passing on their divine knowledge willingly.

The bright glowing radiant controls whether the Norns in Cloud 9 and 10 are made immortal or not. It can be switched modes by the Hand only. One of the clouds can be activated to cause rain or lightning, while an anvil creates one-shot lightning bolt toys. Music is provided by a golden harp.

Finally, there is a carrier cloud that transports Norns between Cloud 10 and the tree house. It will not transport Grendels.
The Roofgarden V2 (Click to enlarge)
The Roofgarden V2   C1   Laura | 12/5/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

This adds food to the garden above the music room, so that it can live up to its name:

* Lycopersicum, Acornium and Banana Tree by Muppetboy

* Grape Wine by Stefan Kuske

* Sunflowers by Freya
The House Refurb (Click to enlarge)
The House Refurb   C1   Laura | 12/5/2013  comment  log in to like post

Muppetboy gives the house a makeover by adding the following compilation of COBs to the kitchen and learning computer area:

* Shief V2, Ikle Treehouse, Super Norn Cloner, Map Locator V2 and Lemon Fridge by Muppetboy

* TV & Video, Strawberry Milkshake Vendor and Cooking Pot V2 by Stefan Kuske

* Working Oven by Freya
The Music Room (Click to enlarge)
The Music Room   C1   Laura | 12/5/2013  comment  log in to like post

A replacement/update of The Vast Passageway, the Music Room adds the following:

* Trumpet by Joe Fowler

* Saxophone, Congas and Bong by SteerPike

* Catnip Ball and Shitake Mushroom Log by Slink

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