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2014 creatures community spirit festival
Welcome to Creatures Caves! Your #1 resource for the Creatures artificial life game series, including:
Creatures, Creatures 2, Creatures 3, Docking Station, and the upcoming Creatures Online.
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- win7-Genetic kit prob for C2-C3DS
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CCSF Quirky Cookies (C3DS Food COB)  CCSF Feral Run 3 (Male DS Ettin)  The Basement (C1 Metaroom)

Breeders Beware is moving!   Ghosthande | 11/24/2014discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

Breeders Beware is moving!Breeders Beware will no longer be hosted on Family Gathering, because it's moved to my own domain at!

You can view the new site here.

I've updated the site with a brand new design and several new developers' resources, including a bounding box tutorial,
ATTR/BHVR tutorial
, and the
Docking Station
Creatures Village
CAOS categorical files!
Creatures Games on Sale at   Malkin | 11/13/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  2

Creatures Games on Sale at is offering 50% off a selection of games, including the Creatures series, until November 25, 2014!

Grab Creatures: The Albian Years, Creatures Exodus or Creatures Village for just
$2.99 each! This is a great opportunity to add more of the Creatures series to your collection.
Creatures Online at Zoo Machines!   Malkin | 11/5/2014discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

According to the Official Creatures Online Facebook Page, Creatures Online will be exhibited at the Zoo Machines Festival on Friday November 7.

The Zoo Machines Festival describes itself as "the interdisciplinary event to envision new species of video games".
Website Repairs   Rascii | 11/5/2014discuss  16 comments  16  log in to like post  3

On Monday the server that Creatures Caves uses switched over from PHP 4 to PHP 5. During this process some functionality of the website was disrupted. We're currently in the process of fixing things. If you find anything that doesn't work, please comment on this post or PM me.

Commenting, forum posting and caring for Creatchis should be fixed now. We apologize for any inconvenience.
CCSF 2014 Day 3: A Quirky Day!   KittyTikara | 11/3/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  5

A Quirky Day!Happy Quirky Day! It's a (totally not made up holiday) that is celebrated by eating quirky cookies. It just so happens that one of today's released is a new quirky cookie pack created by Ylukyun! In case you feel like sharing your cookies, you can give savannahs11's spliced Norns a few! There's also a hungry group of Ettins from Mea who would love to help you make the new cookies. They might just steal them though.

Ron's question of the day is sort of related to edible things: Which species of Ettin is named after a type of food? Like all of the questions, the answer can be found on the Wiki!

Community Events:
The main CCSF site has been updated!
The C3 Relaxed Wolfling Run starts tommorow!
Maybe check out this year's contests?

Some new Quirky Cookies from Ylukyun!
A pack of spliced Creatures from Savannahs11!
A pack of Ettins from Mea!
CCSF 2014 Day 2: Planet Feral Run!   KittyTikara | 11/2/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

CCSF 2014 Day 2!It's day two and it's a quieter day then yesterday as far as releases go. There's still plenty of wolfling or feral runs going on in the forums though, including a new one. A new C3 wolfling run, The Relaxed Wolfling Run has been created, and it will start on November 4th! The C1 Mystery Feral Run is full and the Norn's have been revealed! The Random Event Run has also been streamed, check out the highlights if you haven't see them yet!

As for the releases, there is two packs of Creatures from Mea and one short story from Allekha called the "Handish Wonderings Triptych!" One of the Creature packs is a random mix of different genetics and breeds that is sure to spice up your gene pool. The other pack is a group of immortals who were the only survivors of their world. The "Handish" short story is actually three different stories that are loosely related to each other. The first one is called "Plane—" and is about a Hand wondering about the Moon. This naturally got Ron, the mascot interested in the different planets and stars in the Creatures series. So today's question is:

We all know that Creatures 1 takes place on Albia, but what is the name of another Creatures planet, the 3D world from Shee legends?

Community events:
A new wolfling run has started, The Relaxed Wolfling Run, and it starts on November 4th!
The last day to submit entries for the C2 Feral Run is today!

A pack of Creatures from Mea, who have Grendelish personalities!
A pack of survivors from Mea, who survived a doomed feral run!
Part 1 of the "Handish Wonderings" by Allekha!
CCSF 2014 Day 1: A Nornish Halloween!   KittyTikara | 11/1/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  10

CCSF 2014 Day 1!Welcome to this year's CCSF! This year's theme is evolution and natural selection and we've certianly followed it this year, between the sifferent releases and CCSF activities. Much like last year we have some wonderful coloring pages, which were created by Mea for the CCSF! Four forum feral/wolfling runs have also been created just in the for the CCSF. Three can still be entered, the Colortrue Ettins wolfling run and Creatures 2 Feral run. There's also two empty spots in the C1 Mystery Feral Run! If you can't get enough of Creatures events, and I know I can't, then there's also this year's contests!

Which brings me to this year's mascot, who's also a part of a contest. This year's mascot is Ron, a decendant of the first Norns! Each day of the CCSF he's going to have a question for you. If you answer all 14 correctly, then you get to take him home with you at the end! Remember to not share the answers though! Today's question is an easy one, Who was the first Norn?

Community events:
* CCSF contests are open and accepting entries!
* CCSF Random Event Run starts soon today!
* C2 Feral Run will start later tonight!

* A Halloween-themed Tulu showcase by razander!
* A pack of spooky Zombies from Mea!
* A redone Spam Norn breed by Grendel Man!
* A lovely coloring book from Mea!
* And finally some new eggs sprites by me!
Creatures Online: Debug and New Twitch!   Malkin | 11/1/2014discuss  7 comments  7  log in to like post

Creatures Online: Debug and New Twitch!In this week's Creatures Online update, the team debugged various things. Some of them required the modifications of few lines of code, while others took longer…

- Fixed some invisible sprites
- Resized some textures to fix assets compilation
- Fixes related to updates in the light manager (handling the lights in-game)
- Fixed preload called twice

The team also reviewed some item kit products and the descriptions of some chemicals.

Lastly… Lucas is going to have some holidays, from Halloween to the 17th of November, so there will be no weekly update during this time. However, as soon as Lucas is back, Lucas should be able to announce the definitive date about the Twitch session Sophie talked about some weeks ago. As for now, we know it will be during the first week of December. [ngrin]
Reminder: CCSF and Flashmob!   Rascii | 10/31/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

Only about 24 hours left until the event! In honor of the CCSF and Halloween, we will be hosting a Halloween weekend flash mob here on Creatures Caves. Be sure to set a reminder in your phone/calendar!

Basically everyone just logs on to Creatures Caves at the same time and we try to beat the highest record of 22 simultaneous online users.

Please post a reply in the corresponding forum thread if you're interested for headcount purposes, and be sure to log into CC Chat as well as Creatures Caves during the mob!

Also, get excited for the annual Creatures Commuity Spirirt Festival (CCSF) kicking off tomorrow! It will be hosted here and you can view the new site when the flashmob occurs.

Check Your Timzone

02:00pm, Nov. 1st | Los Angeles (PDT)
04:00pm, Nov. 1st | Chicago (CDT)
05:00pm, Nov. 1st | New York (EST)
09:00pm, Nov. 1st | London (GMT)
10:00pm, Nov. 1st | Paris (CET)
06:00am, Nov. 2nd | Tokyo (JST)
08:00am, Nov. 2nd | Sydney (AEDT)
Happy Halloween!   Rascii | 10/29/2014discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post

Well, it's that time of the year again folks. We have quite a few spooky Halloween agents available here at Creatures Caves, so make sure you head over to the downloads section and search for 'Halloween' to download a few!

• Candy Pumpkins new! (C3/DS)
• Halloween Quirky Cookies new! (C3)
• Stinger Candy Corn new! (DS)
view all >>

Additionally, there are two Halloween-themed metarooms. You may also want to check out the Halloween Addons resource article written by Malkin (updated as recently as yesterday!) It's full of links to over 80 Halloween addons throughout the community! Try not to scare your norns too much! ;)
Albian Warp Test: Green Light Go!   cptmashek | 10/27/2014discuss  12 comments  12  log in to like post  12

Albian Warp Test: Green Light Go!Hi everybody!

It's late but it's here! I have compiled a zip file that includes all the barebones requirements to get Docking Station's green light going. This is running a rewritten server and ham5ter's intermediary client.

It isn't pretty, but it gets the job done.

Read more at the blog: Albian Warp pre-1.0 Test Release

Since I have no access to the Albian Warp webserver, I have temporarily hosted the files and instructions over on WizardSpire Games.

Please let us know of any errors you receive. I am sure this will probably break in glorious ways, so it's important that you let us know! [nlaugh]
New Creatchi Feature   Rascii | 10/25/2014discuss  16 comments  16  log in to like post  5

Creatchi PoopA new Creatchi feature has been introduced: Poop. Yes, Creatchis may now use the restroom and it can be cleaned up using the new scoop item. Everyone who currently has a Creatchi should find one free scoop in their inventory, though future scoops must be purchased from the Mart for a special price of 14 coinchi.

Another new feature regarding this aspect of the game will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Creatures Online: MiniNorns and Crawlers   Malkin | 10/20/2014discuss  4 comments  4  log in to like post  1

Creatures Online: MiniNorns and CrawlersIn this week's Creatures Online update, the team mainly fixed bugs.

Crawlers are critters found in the cavern, with a light above their head quite like lanternfishes. Now the light correctly follows the critter’s model while it is walking.

The team reviewed the hitboxes on some agents as they were sometimes hard to select on iPhone.

Finally, the team fixed a bug with mini-Norns. Although funny, it was a frequent bug prone to create some other bugs... With this bug, Norns kept a baby body while ageing. They have the adult head model on top. They walk at the same speed as an adult Norn.
CCSF 2014 Random Event Wolfling Run   kezune | 10/19/2014discuss  4 comments  4  log in to like post  4

CCSF 2014 Random Event Wolfling RunSign up for the Random Event Wolfling Run livestream event starting on the first day of the CCSF!

In this Wolfling Run you get to dream up your perfect creature appearance and watch it compete against others in a C2toDS, Random Event style run.

The winner gets their creature further customized so go sign up! What've you got to lose?

Note: Anyone late to the live videos will still get to watch the recordings, so you won't have to worry about missing out on the fun!
Grab an Early Halloween Treat!   Laura | 10/19/2014discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  4

Grab an Early Halloween Treat!Perfect for Trick or Treating, Laura and Mea's new Stinger Candy Corn agent makes the stinger nests drop a Halloween favourite when they're disturbed by the Hand, or by a creature. [Download for DS]

... But it's not Halloween until next week? Pffft! This just means that your creatures get to stuff themselves silly with candy corn in anticipation. Time to start planning that Halloween party in the Norn Meso! [nskull]

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