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Welcome to Creatures Caves! Your #1 resource for the Creatures artificial life game series, including:
Creatures, Creatures 2, Creatures 3, Docking Station, and the upcoming Creatures Online.
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Creatures Online: MiniNorns and Crawlers   Malkin | 10/20/2014discuss  4 comments  4  log in to like post  1

Creatures Online: MiniNorns and CrawlersIn this week's Creatures Online update, the team mainly fixed bugs.

Crawlers are critters found in the cavern, with a light above their head quite like lanternfishes. Now the light correctly follows the critter’s model while it is walking.

The team reviewed the hitboxes on some agents as they were sometimes hard to select on iPhone.

Finally, the team fixed a bug with mini-Norns. Although funny, it was a frequent bug prone to create some other bugs... With this bug, Norns kept a baby body while ageing. They have the adult head model on top. They walk at the same speed as an adult Norn.
CCSF 2014 Random Event Wolfling Run   kezombie | 10/19/2014discuss  4 comments  4  log in to like post  3

CCSF 2014 Random Event Wolfling RunSign up for the Random Event Wolfling Run livestream event starting on the first day of the CCSF!

In this Wolfling Run you get to dream up your perfect creature appearance and watch it compete against others in a C2toDS, Random Event style run.

The winner gets their creature further customized so go sign up! What've you got to lose?

Note: Anyone late to the live videos will still get to watch the recordings, so you won't have to worry about missing out on the fun!
Grab an Early Halloween Treat!   Laurarghhh | 10/19/2014discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

Grab an Early Halloween Treat!Perfect for Trick or Treating, Laura and Mea's new Stinger Candy Corn agent makes the stinger nests drop a Halloween favourite when they're disturbed by the Hand, or by a creature. [Download for DS]

... But it's not Halloween until next week? Pffft! This just means that your creatures get to stuff themselves silly with candy corn in anticipation. Time to start planning that Halloween party in the Norn Meso! [nskull]
Halloween/CCSF Weekend Flash Mob   RascOLantern | 10/16/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

In honor of the CCSF and Halloween, we will be hosting a Halloween weekend flash mob here on Creatures Caves.

Since most people are probably busy on Halloween, we're doing it the afternoon/evening of Saturday, Nov. 1st (Americas and Europe)/morning of Sunday, Nov. 2nd (East Asia/Australia). Please see the listing below for exact times.

Basically everyone just logs on to Creatures Caves at the same time and we try to beat the highest record of 22 simultaneous online users.

Please post a reply in the corresponding forum thread if you're interested for headcount purposes. And if anyone has suggestions on what to do once we're online, I'm open to ideas. I'm sure Laura will be suggesting that we all log into CC Chat, so I'll go ahead and put that out there as an option.

Save the Date

02:00pm, Nov. 1st | Los Angeles (PDT)
04:00pm, Nov. 1st | Chicago (CDT)
05:00pm, Nov. 1st | New York (EST)
09:00pm, Nov. 1st | London (GMT)
10:00pm, Nov. 1st | Paris (CET)
06:00am, Nov. 2nd | Tokyo (JST)
08:00am, Nov. 2nd | Sydney (AEDT)
Creatures Online: Special Abilities, XP!   Malkin | 10/13/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

Creatures Online: Special Abilities, XP!In this week's Creatures Online update, the team added the possibility for a spliced norn to have some special "abilities" like repairing the machines faster or being able to get more nutrition out of food, depending on their genes, as a small "extra", not an essential part of the gameplay.

The amount of XP obtained through gameplay has been tweaked to reduce the gap between players playing with a few Norns and those playing with a lot of them - four norns are no longer four times as efficient as one.

The team continued to fix rendering bugs, and finished the handling of inputs on Android.

Pictured you can see four norns helping with testing the XP obtained through gameplay.
Creatures Online: Localization   Malkin | 10/6/2014discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

Creatures Online: LocalizationIn this week's Creatures Online update, the team continued testing and fixed some very old bugs. When they tested, they wrote down small errors they noticed with the text in the game, missing translations, typos, text not fitting on the screen, etc. and used that to update the localization file.

The team also made sure that the Facebook features would work on the Android port, and fixed some rendering bugs. Pictured you can see one of the fixed rendering bugs: the overlays used in the tutorial were not displayed any more. As you can see on the left, they are now present again.
Submissions for CCSF 2014 Now Open!   KittyTikara | 10/1/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

That's right, submissions for CCSF 2014 are now open. Anything Creatures-related is acceptable, anything from drawings to a brand new agent or COB! Check out the submissions thread for more details. Stuck in one place with your project? Try the submissions help thread, or open your own thread in the development forum. The deadline for submissions is October 28th, but late submissions will still be accepted.

Please send any submissions to:!
Creatures Online: New Mojito   Malkin | 9/19/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post

Creatures Online: New Mojito & Bug HuntIn this week's Creatures Online update, the team worked on making sure Creatures Online worked properly on the latest edition of Fishing Cactus's game engine, Mojito. This is required for the game to work on the Android version, and increases the overall performance.

Some crafting recipes have also been added, mostly for decorative objects. This week has mainly been about bug-hunting!

Creatures Online: Altar Machine   Malkin | 9/15/2014discuss  50 comments  50  log in to like post  3

Creatures Online: Altar MachineIn this week's Creatures Online update, the mysterious Altar Machine was introduced.

If you drag and drop a Norn on this machine, a short animation will be triggered and the Norn will disappear forever in an ethereal light. Thus, some genes are dropped which may be used later in the Splicing Machine.

It may be a way to ensure older and dying Norns will leave room for younger ones. Of course, it can rise some ethical questions, like a lot of things in the Creatures series… Norns do not seem to really care though, as they will wave you a last goodbye while standing on the machine.
CCSF Theme and Contest/Activities Poll!   KittyTikara | 9/13/2014discuss  13 comments  13  log in to like post  3

The new poll is here! The time and location of the CCSF 2014 has been decided (two weeks in November, hosted here at Creatures Caves) but there's still a few more things to decide. This poll is more focused on deciding some details like deciding what contest and activities to focus on, what the theme will be, and answering some questions.

Poll ends on September 25th.
Creatures Online: Stock From the Shop!   Malkin | 9/11/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post

Creatures Online: Stock from the Shop!In this week's Creatures Online update, work done last week was mostly some tweaking on game values (shop prices, required levels, etc.) so Lucas told us a bit more about how we will be able to choose whether we put our newly-bought item in the world, or save it for later in an inventory-style box. We will now be able to switch worlds by simply double-tapping the icon of the world, rather than click on it and also click on a 'go to world' button.
Creatures Games on Sale at   Malkin | 9/5/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  5

Creatures Games on Sale at is offering 60% off a selection of games this weekend, including the Creatures series!

Grab Creatures: The Albian Years, Creatures Exodus or Creatures Village for just
$2.39 each! This is a great opportunity to add more of the Creatures series to your collection.
Creatures Online: When to Reward?   Malkin | 9/3/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post

Creatures Online: When to Reward?In this week's Creatures Online update, a problem with when Norns were rewarded for their actions was solved, which will encourage them to try many different activities, not just the one they were doing at the time they got rewarded. A small problem with the reactions was also fixed.

A system for making announcements via the iOS app was implemented.

This week, Marc left Fishing Cactus. He did a lot of bug fixes as well as work with the Norn genome in his time working on Creatures Online. Best of luck in the future, Marc!
CCSF 2014 Planning Poll!   KittyTikara | 8/30/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

It's getting close to the yearly CCSF festival, and this year's CCSF still needs some work! It's missing a time and a theme, as well as some volunteers to help coordinate it. You can help by posting in the forum thread here, or by voting in a new poll here. After this this first poll, another poll will be put up to decide on a theme and to see what the most popular contests or activities are.

Poll ends on September 12th.
Creatures Online - Mesh Issue & Toys   Creepy-Rex | 8/22/2014discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

This week it was discovered that there was an issue with the navigation mesh (the game object allowing the Norns to navigate through the level) in Creatures Online's seashore environment, which has now been fixed.

More progress has been made reviewing the quests to fix some issues with the icons and a few typos, along with implementing some new toys made by the game artists. The team are currently working on a glitch where norns can't pick up the guitar when they play it (pictured).

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