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Eggstra! Eggstra! Eggstravaganza!   Laura | 4/19/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  12

Eggstra! Eggstra! Eggstravaganza!The CREATURES CAVES EGGSTRAVAGANZA has finally arrived! :D

Freshly laid in time for Easter, this eggstraordinary Easter egg patch plant is the joint effort of Laura, Mea, Ghosthande and many other Creatures Community members. Everyone brought their own take with some wonderful and inspired designs, which were then hatched into this final release. Perfect for an Easter egg hunt around the Meso with your Norns! They also come in three delicious flavours: Chocolate, caramel and hard boiled.

[Download From Garden Box Central]

To everyone who took part and helped, THANK YOU! You all have a special mention in the in-game Agent Help. If anybody has been missed, please let Laura know so they can receive the proper credit. See the included Readme file for more information and the full agent credits.
Creatures Online: Debug and Eggs!   razander | 4/18/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  1

Creatures Online: Debugging andIn this week's Creatures Online update, the team did some more debugging. A few achievement bugs were fixed, and the splicing machine will no longer mistakenly accept pregnant norns. The team also worked on making the game compatible with Android.
CCSF 2014 Planning   Jessica | 4/10/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  4

It's just about that time of year to start thinking about the CCSF 2014! We've had a great deal of success in gathering survey responses from members of the community to help plan the fundamental aspects of each festival. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and opinions in the following survey. This is only the first of several so we can get an idea of general preferences! The CCSF is a community-run event created for the entire community to enjoy. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help shape this year's event! Thanks for taking the time to help!

Take the CCSF 2014 Basic Survey

Survey Closes April 30, 2014

Creatures Online: Scrollable Splicing!   Malkin | 4/4/2014discuss  5 comments  5  log in to like post  4

Creatures Online: Scrollable Splicing!In this week's Creatures Online update, the team have made the splicing machine easier to use! Now, instead of an arrow to click, the interface has been made scrollable. When splicing, the original gene (the gene that was there before we changed it) is isolated from the rest of the list (see pictured). We'll always have the original gene and the last used gene on the screen. The Zombie Bug seems to have been fixed, and updating issues with the friends list have been fixed.
Creatures Game Help and Solutions   Jessica | 4/4/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post

Creatures Game Help and SolutionsThe Creatures community is a wonderful place, filled with helpful members and resources galore! I found that many new players stumbled across some common questions that weren't put together in a single source, leading to multiple topics about the same issues. Earlier this week, a new section opened up at Discover Albia: Creatures Game Help and Solutions!

I hope that this list of questions and answers will provide a useful resource for new players. Current players might even find a tip or two! Admittedly, the list is very short at the moment. However, should anyone have a question that they feel would be helpful to have on the list, post a comment on the page! Creatures Caves is still the best source of help, yet I hope that this FAQ can aid players with some of the more common problems. Enjoy!
Creatures Online: Zombie Bug and Fixes   Malkin | 3/31/2014discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post

In the last two updates from the Creatures Online team, it has been made easier for people to continue playing their game on many devices, and we can now give gifts to other players when we visit their worlds. Some tips have been added to the loading screen, to help the player learn how to use some features.
There are also some performance improvements underway with regards to the loading of textures.

The teleporters have been fixed to show the last area of Sphericus you went to, not always The Treehouse, and some speech bubbles used to display below the norns, which has been fixed!

An ongoing bug is the Zombie Bug, where sometimes the norn continues to look like they're climbing the ladder when they're on the ground...
Eggstravaganza Update   Laura | 3/25/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post

Today marks just one week before entries for the Creatures Caves Eggstravaganza close on MARCH 31, 2014. Don't miss this final opportunity to have your designs turned into a fun and festive Garden Box patch plant, by sending your Easter eggs to yours truly. No artistic prowess required, anyone can take part!

Choose between Mea's two bases for your design:

Plain: Shaded: Eggxample:

Thank you to everybody who has contributed so far! With the current total being 80 eggs, I wonder if we can we reach a nice, round number of 100 eggs before then? I say challenge eggcepted. ;)
Creatures Games 70% Off at   Jessica | 3/21/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  2

Today through Tuesday, March 25, at 4:59 AM GMT, the entire Creatures series is on sale for an amazing 70% OFF at! That means you can pick up Creatures: The Albian Years, Creatures Exodus, or Creature Village at the bargain bin price of $1.79 each! This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who doesn't yet have these modern versions. They work on many newer Windows operating systems. Grab one or more before this awesome sale ends!
Creatures Online: Debug & The Beach!   Malkin | 3/15/2014discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  2

Creatures Online: Debugging & The Beach!For the last two weeks, the Creatures Online team has been in an intense debugging mode. Lucas has released a picture of two norns lazing about on The Beach, though!
CC Chat Webchat Downtime   Laura | 3/15/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post

Unfortunately, the CC Chat webchat client is experiencing some problems again! However, the server administrators are aware of the issue and will fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, please use this direct link to connect:

We're sorry for any inconvenience! :)
Creatures Online: Shop Pricing   Malkin | 3/1/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  5

Creatures Online: Shop PricingIn this week's Creatures Online update, many glitches were fixed this week. Problems with norns slowing down when they're near objects are less frequent than they were.

Prices of objects in the shop are also being tweaked.

QA tests will start next Monday. QA tests are different from previous playtests because QA tests are mainly about testing the game's main features and reporting bugs.

The Norn pictured stole another Norn's fruit, so Lucas put him in jail!
Get a Norndoll From Alien!   NornenMeister | 2/26/2014discuss  4 comments  4  log in to like post  6

Who want get a Norndoll from Alien?You can get a fabric Norndoll from Alien, for free! Six puppets are still to be given away.

This thread belongs to the Norndolls.

Please sign in to Mummy's Creatures Forum to get a Norn (also English is allowed)!
Custom Color Command   Rascii | 2/25/2014discuss  14 comments  14  log in to like post  5

Thanks to a suggestion from Grendel Man, I have added a new custom color command! This may be useful for those of you who want to customize your signatures more, and especially for those of you enjoy roleplaying with your Creatchi and want it to have it's own unique text color. The command is:

[ color ] XXXXXX [ text ] This is text. [ /color ]

You just need to remove the spaces between the brackets to use it. Please note that this syntax is a bit different from the normal color commands, because you have to add the six digit hex color and then a [ text ] command. If you're unfamiliar with hex colors, please use this handy HTML Color Picker or go to to select the color you want to use. You do not need to include a # before the numbers/letters. Enjoy!
Prepare To Be Egged   Laura | 2/25/2014discuss  29 comments  29  log in to like post  8


A duo of Easter bunnies, namely Laura and Mea, come bearing chocolatey tidings! In the same spirit as the Community Scribble, they're going to create a community-made patch plant, eggsploding with Easter eggs! Download one of Mea's templates from the Sprites Gallery and decorate your very own egg!

Choose between two bases for your design:

Plain: Shaded: Eggxample:

Whether you decide on spots, stripes, patterns, or something completely out of the egg basket, let these blank templates be your canvas. We'd love to see your ideas! Just be sure to e-mail your masterpiece to Laura, by March 31st 2014, for it to be used in the final release at Easter.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get cracking! ;)

[Logo credit: Jessica]
Mummy's Creatures Forum Redesigned   NornenMeister | 2/25/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  3

Mummy's Creatures Forum has been redesigned in NornenMeister's website layout.

Visit Our Forum Today!

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