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Fatal Femmes (Click to enlarge)
Fatal Femmes   Art   NornBabbles | 5/19/2017  log in to like post  8

Promised fanart. "Pretty Style" (normal way I draw Norns)

Left: Felicity - Magna Norn (sort of my own Nornsona, she was my favorite)
Right: Uhhh, to be honest I don't think I ever got the name of Norngirl's Nornsona... But she's a Purple Mountain Norn! XD
NornBabbles | 5/20/2017  log in to like post

Thanks you guys, I enjoy drawing in this style, but I felt it wouldn’t fit for the coloring book.
Whoops, was in such a rush I typoed the breed. I meant Magma Norn. And thanks, I'll put Michy for your Nornsona. (edit: umm, looks like I can't I don't have permission to do that or something... oh well)
These pictures are so old who knows what I messed up, haha. If I see her missing the spots I'll fix it before I upload it. In some of these she's wearing different apparel (earrings, bows, ect.) I think you changed Michy's looks overtime. If I'm correct?
I figured we’d all get to the gender thing eventually. I have 'sonas' in equal amounts of male and female to choose from. For instance, my Male Nornsona is Bangles the Astro Norn. But overall Felicity and Bangles were both two of my favorite Norns, one just happened to be female and the other male, that wasn't by my choice. So whatever pronoun you think of me, I don't mind. I prefer that to be anonymous, I find it intriguing to see what people think I am. They tend to talk to me different whether they think I'm a girl or a boy and I like and take advantage of this to my favor. XD
Pilla | 5/19/2017  log in to like post

So pretty! The art style is really nice :D
Norngirl | 5/19/2017  log in to like post

Looks cute!
I see Im posing togheter with a another fellow Norn!
I guess it is my new friend XD

(btwn; The Nornsona is a female,so could that mean?.. I thought you where a guy o.o No offence meant!
Just a bit confussed)

Overall Felicity looks sweet!
She look like a new type of Norn!
(I guess Magna Norn is the new breed of hers perhaps? )
She look flashy in her little glasses and her swirly hairdo!

Nice try on my Norn self! :)
Looks good!(Nice to see some fanart of myself,haha) (only I lost my hip spots)

Also,the Nornsona,simply known as Norngirl the PMN - is me transformed as a Norn.

Nontheless The whole picture looks great!
Just plain cute! Love the poses and look of it in general!:3

The style remind me a bit of a blend of how I sometime used drawed anime Norns before and some of my old cartoon styles - Still, you have you're own style of course!
Just mention what came to my mind. :3
(and with that is not a offence,you did yourself you loved my pictures,so I take it as I must been a insperation )

-would link but my DA links are limited to members -

(Is having a bit hard to comment here on CC,is used on DA as the picture is there allways veiwable while you type - dislike I can't see the pic while I comment as you can on DA - so im not able to comment it as much as wanted T_T' )

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