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Creatures 3 weather patch   C3   Arnout | 3/30/2018  log in to like post  7

This is an overhaul of the environmental system in Creatures 3. Originally, the game had some machinery to control the weather, but most of it (aside from some stuff in the Norn Terrarium) was entirely decorative. This patch adds light and heat emitters to all Creatures 3 terrariums, and allows you to see noticable changes in the climate when you use the environmental control system. Note that it takes some time for changes to appear. The Norn Terrarium still has the original 'Atmosphere Gizmo' that spawns clouds. All other rooms (even the aquarium) have rain cycles.
Make sure that you follow the installation instructions in the zip file, or else you might end up with multiple weather systems in your world or even twice as much weather.

Some plant life in C3 seems to use the water CA and nutrient CA from raindrops to grow. It seems that it is possible to grow plants on the beach with this patch. Also, reducing the amount of rainfall in the Norn Terrarium can cause the grass and the foxglove to die out. I think the Cacbana also uses water to make flowers.

Everything in this patch is also affected by the in-game seasons. For instance: Summers are warmer, and it rains more during fall. This goes for all metarooms, except for the Jungle. Because Jungles on earth are always warm and dank too.

Now, if only the baseline Creatures in C3DS could sense heat and light and use it for something..

Any feedback to this patch is welcome! Just comment below or send me a message.
Dragoler | 7/14/2018  log in to like post

Have you considered combining the fix for heat transferring through water and underwater heat emitters into something like this?
Arnout | 7/4/2018  log in to like post

I'll be on it soon. :)

Edit: It seems that the main room type in the bridge is just very bad at holding heat. Even after quadrupling the amount of emitted heat I barely noticed any differences in the heat CA.

Reducing the amount of heat/light in the learning room by 10 times did seem to have a small effect, however. So I'm releasing a new patch soon with this and the increased light/heat in the bridge (though the latter seems to be a very minuscule difference).

Done! (1.2)
Dragoler | 7/4/2018  log in to like post  1

The learning room is composed of mostly one big single room so that's probably why. I still think the bridge and engineering corridors could be raised a bit higher, to at least .1? As they stand they hover more around .005 up to around .02 at the highest, with the exception of the corridor between the terrariums which is a pretty reasonable temperature.
Arnout | 7/4/2018  log in to like post

The cold and dark corridors are intentional. I felt that the climate control panels were each meant for a single metaroom. Therefore none of them have any influence on the bridge.

If I recall correctly, the learning room (and the Norn Terrarium) had some working environmental controls already. (Oddly, the learning room also seems to store more warmth by default?) I could look into that either way.
Dragoler | 7/3/2018  log in to like post

I noticed that after turning the heating up to maximum most of the ship is still quite cold while the learning room is very hot. The corridors are still barely above freezing.
Dragoler | 6/13/2018  log in to like post  1

Ah, wonderful and long time in coming! This will be perfect for my genomes if I can only get C3 working again!
Yme | 4/4/2018  log in to like post  1

This is cool! I used these things a lot, when C3 was new. Didn't know they weren't functional, lol <3

Going to try it out later today!
Arnout | 4/2/2018  log in to like post  2

Patch 1.1:
- Light and heat are now properly released into the world.
- Added light and heating to the bridge and engineering area (though it's still cold and dark there).
- Rain drops from the Grendel Jungle should no longer spawn in the Norn Terrarium tunnel.
Arnout | 3/31/2018  log in to like post  1

Hopefully everything works as intended. :P

*facepalms* Edit: I just realised one agent cannot emit multiple CAs at once. I'll likely release a patch later on this week. Now the emitters are only releasing heat into the world.
C-Rex | 3/31/2018  log in to like post  2

Sounds amazing! You've outdone yourself again, Arnout. :)

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