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2017-m Creatures   C3DS   Arnout | 8/26/2017  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics Only
These are practically the same as the new 2017 genomes that I released some time ago. However, in this pack a bunch of mutation rates in some genes (appearance, facial expression, pigment) have returned to their original states. Also, none of the genomes are naturally resistant against any diseases.
Arnout | 11/14/2017  log in to like post

Well, that's different from being completely immune to antigen 7. I presume wolfmate tags them with a T because their organs are being destroyed, which doesn't have to be lethal instantly. :P
Aliena | 11/13/2017  log in to like post

I'm not raising ettins or grendels currently, just norns. I'm a selective breeder, trying to get these norns to develop their immune systems. Currently, first and second generations just get infected and don't die. Wolfmate just detect them with a (T) and I have to kill them myself.
Arnout | 11/13/2017  log in to like post

Aliena wrote:
Your creatures are immune to antigen 7 and its sub-effects.

I just did testing on some fresh generation 1 (2017) ChiChi Norns in the Grendel Jungle, using an altered bacteria script that only infects Creatures with antigen 7. They are being infected with antigen 7 and are being injured so far.

Were you by any chance seeing this in Ettins? They are always unaffected by antigen 7.
Arnout | 11/13/2017  log in to like post

Thank you! I'll look into it later. :)
Aliena | 11/12/2017  log in to like post  1

Your creatures are immune to antigen 7 and its sub-effects.

I feel like an alpha-tester.
Doringo | 9/13/2017  log in to like post

I don't have any bootstraps in particular that alter creature scripts, try putting the seeds a distance from the creatures though.
Arnout | 9/13/2017  log in to like post

Such strange behaviour. Mine are happily eating anything. I wonder if a bootstrap file could be interfering. :\
Doringo | 9/10/2017  log in to like post  1

I believe I am using New 2017 genomes, but I might have swapped out my DS genomes for 2017-m, however I'm pretty sure I only swapped my C3 standalone ones with that. All my norns are crossbreeds of civet, bruin and bengal which are all 2017s, however I have experienced this problem with generation 1s.

The problem seems to specifically happen the most with starch hunger. Do 2017s properly seek seeds? I've had a norn with really high hunger for starch just sitting infront of loads of justanuts and all he goes for are the carrots. Only rarely do I actually see them notice the seeds.
Arnout | 9/10/2017  log in to like post  1

Hey, thanks for your comment. I feel kind of like a cheater right now because I have to deny seeing any starvation in (the newest) 2017 Creatures. :\

Nevertheless, could you answer a few questions for me?
What version of the 2017 genome were you using while you experienced this? Were they bred with any different Creature types or were they just generation 1 Creatures?
Did starvation occur in any 2017 Creature or were there any particular Norn breeds that you were using?

And, regarding to how they maintain their hunger: Once they start eating a bit they should be able to live up to 5 minutes before they need to eat something again. I felt this was quite realistic as Creatures can now put a certain weight on the food availability in rooms, while also preventing heaps of food from overflowing metarooms.
Doringo | 9/10/2017  log in to like post  1

One of my main complaints recently regarding 2017s are that they tend to starve to death. Very often. Even when there's the respective food around they'd prefer to rest on the floor, even with brainfarter installed. It also feels like they get hungry too fast.

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