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C3/DS Breed Making   Development   Malkin | 8/27/2012  log in to like post  4

A list of resources for how to make Creatures breeds - mostly for C3/DS.

Some breed-making resources, most are applicable to C3/DS.

CDN genetics tutorials (Direct download, PDF) - a series of 12 tutorials which walk through some interesting effects that can be achieved through gengineering.

I am Ron's Brain - by Steve Grand, an introduction to how brains work in Creatures.

RatBoy's Brain Tutorials - some information on the brain.

Handbuch der digitalen Genetik fur Creatures 3/Docking Station und altere Versionen - a comprehensive German resource covering digital DNA.

CFE tutorial - A guide to implementing Vampess's CFE genome.

Gencompare - Gizmo Norn and Chichi - a gendiff between a normal norn and one of Darcie's Gizmo Norns.

liveGMS - a fully-fledged, platform independent genetics editor.

easyGMS - a platform independent genetics editor, allows you to change some basic attributes of your creatures.

Stimuli Notes - listing all the known stimuli and a general list of effects on a Civet Norn.

Full Genome of a Civet Norn - a full assay of all the genes in a Creatures 3 Civet Norn.

Comparison of a Civet Norn and a Grendel - a comparison between the genes of a Civet Norn and a Grendel.

[b]Sprites and Body Data[/b]
Poly Modelling A Norn Head - By Moe - A tutorial by Moe showing how to poly model a norn head (the most difficult part) in 3D Studio Max.

Images and Attachments - a CDN article detailing the formula used when creating image files (sprites) and attachments for brained-creatures.

Understanding and Editing ATTs - a tutorial by Ghosthande which covers how to understand and edit body data files.

The Universe of Ettins Tutorials - covers breed making with some information for C1, C2 and C3.

Flugel fur eine C3-Nornrasse (Wings for a C3 Norn Breed) - a German-only tutorial on how to sprite a winged creature for C3/DS realistically.

Using Spritesheets in Spritebuilder - how to use a function called the 'sprite sheet' in Spritebuilder to edit many different sprites easily.

What is Green Spew? - A tutorial by Ghosthande, explaining how to avoid a common problem in spriting breeds.

How to make clothes for C3/DS - A tutorial by Ghosthande on how to make clothes for your Creatures.

[b]Egg Agents[/b]
Egg Agent Tutorial - this tutorial by RedDragon of Creature City teaches you how to make an egg agent from a genome.

Making Eggs for Docking Station and Docked worlds. - From the CDN, another egg agent tutorial.

PRAY Source to Agent Files by Don - explains how to convert PRAY files to agent files, using the example of an egg agent.

PRAYEgger by Ghosthande - This Javascript tool automatically generates PRAY code for an egg agent, so you can skip the tedium of writing long sprite lists. Just answer a few questions, like the name and sprite slot of your breed, and PRAYEgger will write the entire code for you.


Updated by Malkin on 8/27/2012 - reorganise into 3 main parts.
Updated by Malkin on 8/27/2012 - add in Green Spew.
Updated by Malkin on 8/27/2012 - stimuli and clothes.
Updated by Malkin on 9/2/2012 - Gene Compares.
Updated by Malkin on 4/18/2013 - PRAYEgger.
Updated by Malkin on 4/19/2015 - update url for PRAYEgger.
Updated by Malkin on 5/12/2015 - updating liveGMS/easyGMS links.
Updated by KittyTikara on 5/14/2015 - updated Ghosthande's links.
Updated by Malkin on 9/9/2015 - update to Gameware Europe.
Updated by Malkin on 9/27/2015 - updating prayegger url.

| 9/27/2015  log in to like post  edit post

Thanks for pointing this out! :)
| 9/27/2015  log in to like post  1  edit post

The link to the PRAYEgger is giving me a 404 error.
| 5/12/2015  log in to like post  edit post

Thanks for pointing this out! I've changed the links to go to the original server for liveGMS and EasyGMS, they should work now. :)
| 5/12/2015  log in to like post  1  edit post

Does liveGMS/easyGMS load for anyone else? If it doesn't I'll remove it from the list.
| 12/15/2014  log in to like post  edit post

When the dash bug is fixed, this resource needs to be updated with a link to the new URL for PRAYEgger.

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