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Relaxation techniques.   via mlohse on 3/30/2015 | 27 votes
Okay. So I've been really upset lately and wanted to know what you guys do to help not be mad.
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Wingheart | 8/16/2015  log in to like post

also I make bizarre angry noises if it's tech issues (i chat to a friend on a google doc, we both chat to each other a lot) and if i'm talking i tend to yell (i'm bad at keeping a constant volume at the best of times though).
Snails | 8/16/2015  log in to like post

Draw. Draw your emotions onto paper. it's a great way to get what you need out of your system without negatively inflicting it on something else
PHPJavaCFAjaxer | 5/8/2015  log in to like post

I write out a letter venting. Read it a few days or weeks later (to myself) and laugh at myself at the parts that were exaggerated, over the top, etc.
PHPJavaCFAjaxer | 4/20/2015  log in to like post

oh man, I already commented, oops! Sorry! LOL
kushman | 4/13/2015  log in to like post

do some gameing
Rascii | 4/7/2015  log in to like post

Jogging/cardio workout/yoga
Malkin | 4/7/2015  log in to like post  1

It depends on what I'm mad about and why, and if being mad is a reasonable response - if you're sold something that falls apart as soon as you use it, for example. A lot of the time, emotions have a purpose or a reason behind them, we are emotional creatures, but sometimes emotions can become overwhelming or disproportionate. I've found that the Litany against Fear can be helpful in those circumstances - although there are a lot of other good things in that thread. Also, doing something nice randomly for someone without expecting anything in return can feel surprisingly rewarding. Distracting yourself, by reading a book or playing with animals or listening to music or exercising, can be good, too. Looking after yourself (getting enough sleep, eating the right food, exercising and spending time with friends) can make it easier to cope with getting upset when it happens.
TigerCivet | 4/3/2015  log in to like post

A combination of music (genre depends on what you are upset about), talking to friends and playing video games :P
Laura | 3/31/2015  log in to like post

When I feel stressed, I either play some piano, play an immersive video game, have a bath, or take myself off for a nap. :) I hope you feel better soon!
Lunasif | 3/31/2015  log in to like post  1

One of the best ways I personally switch my mood around is with music. ^_^ If I'm going to do something stressful, or had a bad day I usually put on the loudest, heaviest, energy pumping song I can find and just scream my lungs out. XD Its about as violent as I can get without punching something, and usually cheers me up too. It feels good to let it all out in song, though I think I must have very thick walls, or very deaf neighbours... Or maybe very kind understanding neighbours. >.>' Though thats really only when I'm really stressed... (or really bored lol) Otherwise I go on long walks, get on mmo's to get lost in that world and bother people on there, or bother people I know if I havent bothered them away yet. XD Theres also rping, which helps you escape into being someone else, but thats an acquired taste I think... And its getting rarer on the sites I usually go on. >.<'

In case anyones wondering why I need all the de-stressing its following on from a spree of bad relationships, rejection, being constantly jobless, having 3 beloved cats die on me (one being a cat I've had for 18 years, one being about 3 years old that my family nursed back from the brink of death before, and a 2 month old kitten..... All separate things, all long very painful deaths...) ...and then my dad died, also after a lot of suffering. >.> And all in about the space of a year lol... So yeh I needed a lot of de-stressing and screaming. :P What I'd be like without heavy rock I dont even want to know.... If there is a hand out there controlling what happens, I dont like the hand. -.-

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