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Community News

Breed Bugs


There are some new C3/DS Norn Pack bug fixes on CL's site. Some Norn packs are missing a few body data files. Usually the game engine will use the body data file from another breed and the difference is very hard to spot. Nonetheless, if you have the Treehugger or Hardman norn packs click here!
Spiffy Looks


Creatures is being revamp... again! The spiffy new looks should be up somewhere around this weekend. So check back soon!
New Forum!!


A new forum has opened here at! This one is made in PHP, and graciously hosted by JacketFan. No more Ezboards, no more ads, and this one is much more customizable! Be sure to check it out at Sign up today and post away!
Oasis Is Back!



The fantastic Shady Oasis website is back and being updated! Click here to check it out.
New Agents



TwighlightCat has been making some new agents! Head on over to TwighlightCat's website to check them out.
SCV's Back!!



Sharon's fantastic website Sharon's Creature Village is back with a splendid new revamp.



Is your desktop getting boring? I know mine is! Anyhow, CL made some lovely desktop patterns and they're now available here.
Spiffy Soaker



Looks like Helen of Helen's Bibble Directory has been working on a new agent! It's called the Super Soaker and it's for Creatures 3 and Docking Station.


Well, it seems that the community has been in a lull this past couple weeks. There is some good news, though. Sharon's Creature Village will be back up on the first with a lovely revamp. Also, we now have a forum here at Creatures There are around 12 different forums on it, so check them out. Some of the more interesting ones are Stories, Rings, Strangeo, General, and Teapot. There's also a forum where you can post any kind of news, a poll forum where you make real polls, and a help forum where you can get answers to all kinds of problems. So sign up today and post away!
Christmas Agents


Over at the Norngarden website you download the brand new Xmaspack! It's a special plant pack for people who want to get in the Christmas spirit. There's a Christmas tree that produced alcoholic berries and another pot filled with a surprise! Click here to download them.


A new page has opened here at! It's called the Messages page and it's used to send secret messages to friends. You just make up a password, type your message, and hit encode! Once you've done that, you can email it to a friend, post it on a forum, or give it to them any other way and no one else will be able to read it! Make sure you give them the password that you made up, though, because only people with your password can read your messages.


Over at Creatures Against Norn Abuse (CANA), a new Creatures Community search engine called Foogle is opening. To read more about it, and get your site on it before the launch, click here
Random Closing


Well, I'm sad to announce that Random has decided to close all of his excellent websites. He is may re-open them one day but is currently undecided. Those who would like his sites to come back should let him know.
Color Norns


A new website has just opened! It's called Color Norns. It's a neat website with tons of different color C1 norns. If you're looking for variety this is definitely the place to go. Check it out by clicking here.


Yeah, it's true, I finally found some time to update the older pages! I've added a few new articles to the reviews page. The new site reviews are for Juli's Norn Pad and Albia 2000. You can also read the Angel's Norn Setter review which has been there for a while. If you would like your site, or a site that you know of reviewed, click here! I've also added four adult Toxic Norns to the My Docking Station Norns page. They're all breeders, and one of them is pregnant. So if you're having trouble getting your Toxics to breed these should definately help!
SCV Revamp


Well, it looks as if Sharon's Creature Village is getting another new wardrobe! Hopefully it'll be back up in no time. But until then, you can go stare at the spiffy "Coming Back Soon" page by clicking here.
Mask Bengals!


Jewels's Mask Norns Bengal for C3 and DS (on Geats M) are now available as self-extracting agent files at Creatures Unlimited! You can find this agent in the Creatures 3/Breeds/Jewels Creatures section. For more detailed information on installation check out the English text file included in the download.
It's Here!!


Yes, the Norngarden terrarium is finally available! After much anticipation, it was released today!! Click here to visit the Norngarden's website, and then click on "Downloads" to get it!
12 Days


In an effort to get the community in the Christmas spirit, I'm opening a site called The 12 Days Of Christmas. Despite most people's opinions, the 12 days (the ones mentioned in the popular song) are from Dec 26th thru Jan 6th. During those 12 days, a new download related to Creatures will be available! You can take a look at the site here, but it won't open until Dec 26th. Make sure you check back during those days so you can get every download! But don't worry, they will all be available for a while after. I'm in need of some staff, though, for sprites, agents, and creatures. If you can help in any way please be sure to email me. Your help will be much appreciated!
New Button!


Yes, that's right. I finally found the time to make a new button for! Hope you like it!!

Get In the Spirit!


Sharon's been at it again, creating some more of those spiffy postcards of hers. Her four latest are, you guessed it, for Christmas! Now you you can send your friends some wonderful Creatures postcards! So hop, skip, or click here to get to Sharon's Creature Village!
Heterosis Grendels!


There's a new breed of grendels available at Creatures Unlimited! They're called the Heterosis Grendels. I took a quick peek at some pictures of them and they look very neat! They're made by Kathira and can be found in the Creatures 2/ Breeds section at CU.
Mermaid's Caves


There's a new area that's coming soon to a DS near you! It's called the Mermaid's Cave! It's a lovely place where you can play with underwater norns and crobsters. The first floor is filled with air so regular norns can wander about. The second floor is filled with water and the third floor is used as a garden where you can have plants that will produce food for your norns. Click here to read about the project, take a peek at some nice screenshots, and download the mermaid norns!
GBA Update!


The much anticipated Creatures for Game Boy Advance is going to be released on February 18, 2002 at Their price will be set at $39.99 US. The game has 3 huge, detailed worlds, more than 1 million pixels per world, intuitive, easy-to-learn controls, and more!
Norngarden In 5


Yes, it's coming soon! That's right, the Norngarden for C3/DS will be available in 5 days! Starting today, the team will release more and more everyday about this awesome new project! So head on over to the Norngarden's website to check it out!
CU Updates


There are new C3/DS breed lists which are now available at Creatures Unlimited! First, there is an alphabetical list which mentions all C3 breeds, their slots, and where to get them. Secondly, a slot list with images and more detailed information on each breed. And finally, a new detailed list of genetically engineered C3/DS breeds. Also, Jewel's MaskBruin Norns for C3 and DS are now available as self-extracting agent files! Don't foget, Creatures Unlimited is in German so if you don't know that language, you may want to use Babel Fish to translate.
We're Back!


Sorry about the brief downtime, we were experiencing some slight problems. But those are now fixed, and we're back! Hopefully there won't be anymore downtime for a very long while. Thanks to Julianne of Juli's Norn Pad for discovering the problem that caused to close. Your help is much appreciated!
The Return Of HC


The magnificent HomeCreatures has finally returned! And yes, it does have a wonderfully new look. So make sure you scooch on over there and take a peek. Don't forget to vote on the revamp while you're there!
Toxic Norns


Well, Creature Labs is at it again! They've released yet another lovely norn pack for C3/DS. As you already know, they're called the Toxic Norns. Their unique name is based on the fact that they have some "radically mutated genes which allow them to digest toxins and poisons that would usually kill any other norn." So head on over to The Creature Labs Mall to purchase them!
Blue Creatures!


An awesome, new Creatures site as just opened! It's called Blue Creatures, and the design is very lovely. And the best thing about it is that it's very original, not just another one of those boring websites with only norns to download. There's community news, links, and more! So head on over there and check it out ASAP, you'll definitely be glad that you did!
Brand New Bibble!


Helen's Bibble Directory has gotten a new domain, and a new look! The revamp looks absolutely awesome, and the content is unbelievable! Make sure you take a look at her humor section, it's positively splendid. (Not to mention her infamous COB tutorials). Keep up the great work, Helen, we appreciate it!
Lovely Looks


Well, we've revamped yet again, and we're finally back! I'm happy to announce that this time I'm actually satisfied with the layout. I hope you like it, too! If you have any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism, please feel free to email the webmaster.
Updates At SCV


Sharon's been updating SCV a lot lately! She's added some lovely postcards, fixed her forms, put up some CGBA screenshots, and added a new guestbook! So head on over there and check it out!
A2K Revamp!


Albia 2000 has revamped yet again! It looks better than ever, even though it looked great before. So scooch on over there and have a look for yourself!
New DS Room


Random's been busy lately making a new room for Docking Station! Click here to visit his wonderful site where you can see some screenshots and download it!

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