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A Whole New Kind of Creature   evolnemesis | 2/8/2015discuss  log in to like post  11

A Whole New Kind of CreatureThere's a new kind of Norn on the block. The Evo Norns. What's so special about them? They are a result of months of work by multiple people fixing many problems with the base C3/DS creatures genomes and any genomes based on them... the CFF genome (see this thread for more details)... They have many fixes and nearly 50 new genes, including a new drive regulation organ that fixes creatures tendency to starve while preoccupied with other drives, and a new brain lobe that regulates their hunger so they will not overeat.

I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions about these Norns, as I think that CFF is just about ready to roll out on all the official Norn breeds (the Evo are based on ChiChis). If anyone can think of any other fixes I can add to them or changes to make them better (keep in mind these should be generic fixes that could apply to all breeds) please let me know in reply here or in the dev thread.
evolnemesis | 4/28/2015  log in to like post

Yeah, these are based on CFF Chichis which are an extension of Vampess' CFE Chichi genome... Because of her brain fixes and some game scripts, any genome based on CFE genomes tend to talk about their feelings a lot, because they are the only ones that can actually remember their feelings for more than a few minutes...

non-CFE forget everything they learned (including a lot of instinct learning) and all their likes/dislikes every time they sleep, so they tend to have a lot less to say on the subject.
Miles | 4/28/2015  log in to like post  1

I played with these guys for a while and jeez they are so noisy. They all tend to express their love for the hand a lot. Oh man I raised a grendel separately with a bunch of love and care, and then introduced him to this big group of evos. His name was Desibo. As soon as he got dropped in the norn meso, just about every norn there liked him. But then when he expressed anger, the norns told him to hit grendel... that's a little racist guys come on be a little more polite.
evolnemesis | 4/9/2015  log in to like post

Yep, looks like CFF is pretty close to ready to roll out to all the breed genomes... Now I just have to streamline the conversion process so it actually works when I want and doesn't randomly corrupt the genome or caption files...

As it is, the only CFF that are mostly converted and seem like I could roll them out into breeds soon are the ChiChi and Hardman... I have my work cut out for me to do all the other conversions now... Especially because I have to do the Treehuggers and Bondi all over again (treehuggers caption file is corrupt, and the bondi's genome is corrupt), along with all the other breeds.
kezune | 4/7/2015  log in to like post  1

Of all breeds, I'm actually most excited to see the "basic" genome finished. I don't know why, but I really want to see finished CFF Bruin norns. I love this project!
evolnemesis | 4/7/2015  log in to like post

There is a new version of these up in adoption downloads... based on the latest CFF 0.8: Janeway & Picard. I think these new ones are pretty much finished CFF, with all fixes there, well-tested and balanced.
evolnemesis | 3/19/2015  log in to like post

She seemed to have her anger under control, I think she figured out that pushing/being pushed lowers anger also, because I didn't see her even complain about it.
Doringo | 3/19/2015  log in to like post

That's hilarious, I wonder what would've happened if you had a grendel walk down there....
evolnemesis | 3/17/2015  log in to like post  1

yeah, norns in general tend to love staying in places where they know they can fulfill multiple drives like that... those are getting hunger for protein, hunger for starch, boredom, loneliness, all fulfilled in one place. I had one of my early CFE librarian Norns, a hardman female, who in a C12DS world, figured out she could just lie down right on top of the pile of food by the fridge and get everything she needed with other Norns around... she would just tell all the other norns to 'rest food' if they ever complained of hunger or tiredness or even boredom, and they would come up to the food or to lie down and rest, and then she would push on them and mate with them... she didn't even have to move, she got food, company, entertainment, hugs, just by deciding to 'rest food' and sitting there being queen Norn telling everyone else to do that too, in the one spot where everyone had to come to her.
Doringo | 3/17/2015  log in to like post

Ah, that also makes sense because I had trouble getting my evo norns to live in the same area (the lower floor) because one of them would get crowded and head up the elevator as high as it can go (They were gen1s).

The flowers were from Hausmouse's C2 trumpet flowers, incase you were curious (they also provide "fruit" )
evolnemesis | 3/16/2015  log in to like post  1

The stims for pushing bugs, critters, and plants/flowers is in most norns' genomes lowers loneliness a little, and possibly a little boredom... these just have a slight idea of that fact, and will sometimes try it on their own. This means that if they like the stim (and these are based on ChiChi so they do, they get a small drop in loneliness and boredom for most of these) you can occasionally get a norn who won't go out of its way to seek out other norns as long as there are flowers and plants or bugs or critters around to play with.

Things like those are not close to as effective as approaching or interacting with other norns though, so the norn will still make a decision, 'close thing that's not so good at helping my loneliness, or far thing that is better...', they tend to always weigh how satisfying they learn something is with how hard it is to get to... but, flowers can be a decent substitute sometimes (let's say you are wandering alone somewhere, and there are no other norns around... or, the other norns are feeling crowded and aren't being very nice... you can eventually realize that 'push flower' instead of 'approach norn' is a faster way to satisfy loneliness and less likely to get you smacked).

They do tend to want to spread out sometimes, partially because they can explore and find things that satisfy loneliness without always coming back home to other norns every minute or so, and also because they have an instinct where they especially don't want to be around their own parents when they grow up (they have a strong instinct that kicks in at adolescence telling them that approaching their parents is crowding... it can be overcome by experience, if they are made to live in close proximity, but given a choice they should always try to move away, preferably to somewhere the parents are out of eyesight).

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